tagLoving WivesPunishing a Husband

Punishing a Husband


My husband was a cheater and I knew this. That's why every month I took myself to the clinic and got myself checked for STD's. It had been a few years ago before we got married but a girl can never be too careful and I made him get checked regularly as well. Though he cheated on me, I knew it was because he couldn't get enough sex. He couldn't say no. He was a good looking man and women were hitting on him all the time. It had been before we got married and we went to counseling and I never brought it up again but we did sign a prenup. If he cheated, I got virtually everything and with his family money, that was a good bit. But to avoid this, I never told him no and I made sure things were always spiced up by doing anything he wanted to try and even bringing women into our bed occasionally -- I was very open minded. I enjoyed it and so far it had worked out well for us.

At the clinic is where I ran into Sandy. She's the instructor at the stripper classes I was taking. She was awesome. One of the nicest people I had ever met, fun and absolutely gorgeous. I was a little jealous even though I never hurt for attention either. We were walking out of different offices and ran into each other in the hall. I felt awkward but it didn't seem to bother her so it put me a little at ease. After talking for a few minutes she suggested we grab lunch together and maybe down a few margaritas. It sounded perfect to me.

At lunch she explained that she was very, very active sexually. Possibly borderline sex addict. She didn't grab random men off the street to have sex with them, but she wasn't above having sex with someone she just met either. Usually she was safe, but occasionally she wasn't prepared for an encounter. Because of this she got checked every month. I thought I was open minded but apparently there was nothing this girl wouldn't try I soon found out when she was telling me some of the things she's done. I was a little surprised, since she was the most innocent looking person you would meet. She had big blue eyes that when they looked up at you, said she was naïve and innocent. I jokingly suggested we car pool every month. She seemed completely at ease telling me this very personal stuff about her so I told her why I went. Surprising myself I admitted that the worst part is wondering when he would cheat again. I was realistic and figured it was coming but I didn't know when. Part of my open mindedness was that if there was someone he met that he wanted to have sex with he came to me before he slept with her and I got to watch. It could be out in the open where she knew or he videoed it and I watched after. Like I said, I'm very open minded and I loved him that much.

"Why don't you test him and see if he'll cheat. Maybe he'll surprise you and not do it, and if he does, you're not waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's a win, win situation." Oddly, it made complete sense. Having quite a few drinks, we hatched a plan together. By the time I headed home, I was very excited to put this plan in action and very turned on. Tomorrow would be the day to see how my man behaved when the gorgeous Sandy came on to him and didn't take no for an answer.

The next morning Brad went to work as normal. I found myself hoping that the man failed the little test that I had in place for his fidelity. Last night we found an internet ad of his online for the car dealership he worked at and she made arrangements to be up there to test drive some cars today. After meeting Brad, we got together for more drinks and she let me know how it went. I had desperately wanted to watch but couldn't chance being seen.

They went out on a test drive and she flirted shamelessly with him the whole time. Before heading back to the dealership she asked if he wanted to grab a bite to eat together while they discussed her car options and he agreed. That's when she turned up the heat. Getting back into the car she just stretched across her seat and kissed him. He didn't stop until her she was undoing his belt and buttons to her jeans. He stopped telling her he couldn't do it because he was married. When she told him HE wasn't doing anything and it was just HER that wanted to suck on his hard cock, he gave in. From there she apparently straddled him in his seat, grinding her pantiless crotch against him until he again half-heartedly protested. She suggested that maybe he could put just the head of his cock in her, so she could feel it while she masturbated. She just needed a little help to cum. That was certainly ok wasn't it? He agreed and the head was soon snuggled into her while she masturbated. Except that wasn't good enough. Soon she was inching her way lower and lower on to his erection and she never heard another protest. Soon he was buried in to her wet, eager walls riding him like there was no tomorrow. She thanked me since he did help her cum and it was one of her best ones ever. A bonus was that while she was riding up and down on him, he managed to cum too. They both had a great time and I was the one to thank.

Since he slept with her like I knew he would, it meant that we would be putting phase 2 into play. But that wouldn't be till the following day when she would call and beg him to come by her house because she couldn't quit thinking about her. Of course he would.

That night when he came home, I was my normal cheerful self, never letting on I knew anything and he did his part by acting like his normal self, never letting on that his day was anything out of the ordinary. He seemed a little more enthusiastic during our love making that night before going to bed -- and when I had my orgasm it was one of the strongest ever since I was thinking about how this was just getting started -- and tomorrow was the big day.

Around 1, I got the text message letting me know he would be there in 30 minutes and I headed out. When he got there, she would let him in and leave the door unlocked for me to enter quietly a few minutes later. By the time I got there, she already had their clothes off and she was laid back on the bed with my husband's face buried in her pussy. She saw me but never let on to Brad. I watched them for a few minutes feeling myself get very wet. I had never been more turned in than at that moment. Finally I quietly spoke up. "So you're the one fucking my husband". Startled, his head jerked up and tried explaining. Sandy was a wonderful actress acting surprised. I walked further in the room letting him know I didn't want to hear his excuses but by all means, don't let me interrupt them. They could finish. Though they tried declining I put it all out on the table. "Brad, she deserves to be punished for the little whore she is and you're going to help me or I'll take everything and leave you. I know you've been sleeping with her you both needed to be punished. I'm going to enjoy this." He looked scared.

When I asked Sandy if she liked my husband's hard cock she replied yes, so I told her to go ahead and pleasure him with her mouth while I watched. Acting hesitant, she got on her knees in front of him where he stood. Brad looked a little stressed but I didn't worry about it too much. She glanced at me and began sucking his cock. After a few short moments it was obvious they were both enjoying it. I bent down and pulled her head back slightly by her hair and said "You're such a little whore, I bet you like something in you while your mouth is being filled with my husband." I abruptly inserted 2 fingers into her very wet pussy. My fingers flew in and out of her hard and fast. "You are not allowed to cum. Do you hear me? If you do you will be punished more. Do you understand?" "mpshdmmffgh" was the response I got. Brad, eyes wide watched us both. I made him stop and instructed her to get on the bed.

"Let me see what is so special about that little pussy of yours that has my husband going to you. While I'm down there tasting you, Brad is going to use your mouth again. Except this time Brad, I don't want you using it like a mouth. I want to see you going in and out of her mouth hard and fast like it's this warm wet hole that I'll be tasting. Since you'll be standing by the bed there that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish." He looked hesitant but I reminded him she was just a dirty little whore and that's what she would be treated like. I bent over her while he entered her mouth again. I waited but he was still being too generous with her. "Harder" I instructed harshly. In a moment he was using her mouth hard and bent over her body, I took one of her perfect tits and sucked like a babe while I massaged the other one. I reminded them both that they weren't to cum unless I allowed it and moved my mouth down to her warm wetness. I gingerly licked her clit and got my first taste. She was delicious. She was the best tasting woman that I ever had in mouth. I used my tongue like a battering ram, thrusting it into her. When I would look up, Brad was doing as instructed, pumping hard and fast in her mouth. I wasn't sure how she kept from gagging but she did good. Then I would lick her clit, changing the tempo, gently then faster and my fingers going in her hole. My fingers found the way to the tight little hole of her ass. I stroked the hole gently before inserting it into her. It was so tight. My finger slid in and out of her tight hole faster and faster while my tongue assaulted her clit. She was grinding against my face and I couldn't get enough. My face was buried in her. Before too long she was cumming and my hand and tongue worked harder and faster as she moaned loudly. I didn't stop until she was done cumming.

I looked up just as Brad was filling her mouth with his cum, groaning loudly. "I told you both not to cum didn't?" "Yes" they said meekly.

"What? Don't you mean yes ma'am?"

"Yes ma'am" was heard in unison.

"I told you what would happen didn't I? Now I need to punish you even more. You need to learn you lesson and you need to listen to me. After you've been screwing each other behind my back, I can't allow you both to think that you can continue doing whatever you want. Now I have your juices all over my face and you have my husband's cum in your mouth. I bet you like that." I stretched my way up to her and began kissing her. Tasting Brad and her mixed together was so hot. It was a long passionate kiss that got me even hornier and wetter than I already was. I was ready for a release but I had to role play and I was taking it seriously.

I instructed Brad to a nearby chair letting him know that she was going to be punished for cumming and he was not to interrupt until I told him. Turning to Sandy I told her "I'm going to let Brad enter your tight virgin ass. When I was down there I felt how tight it was and no one has been in there have they?" She shook her head no with her eyes wide. I knew that wasn't the truth but no need for Brad to know. "I brought some toys with me today but no lube. So he's going to enter that tight hole without any lube and you're going to take it. Don't even think of screaming out in pain, or I'll make sure it's worse. Since I'm not a cruel person, I'm going to go back down there and get your hole nice and wet with my tongue. After that, when Brad goes in, you'd better hope that your pussy is wet, because the only other lube you're getting is going to be putting his hard cock into that wet hole before pushing in your ass." She did a good job looking scared and nodded her head obediently.

I went down to her warm pussy again, starting there to get another yummy taste before going further. My tongue repeated it's movements from a few moments ago. Then I moved to her ass and glided my tongue around her hole as I stroked the rim gently. When my tongue went into her rear her breath caught as she grabbed my hair. I shouldn't be enjoying this but I was. I loved feeling how tight she was around my tongue. I used my left hand to stroke her clit as my tongue went in and out of her rear and around and around her rim. I lapped at her like a dog until there was saliva going down my chin and I still didn't stop. Brad not listening came up behind me and started rubbing my ass cheeks. He was timid at first not knowing how I would react but got a little more daring, inserting a finger into my very wet, very aching box. I couldn't help myself and found my hips pushing into his hand. When I felt his erection rubbing against me and she was about to cum again, I stopped and pulled away from Brad. "I told you not to interrupt until it was time".

I got up with her juices smeared all over my face. I could still smell her. "Now it's my turn. I want to see how talented that little whore mouth of yours. While I'm laying here and you eat me, Brad will go in your ass. Don't stop taking care of me while he's back there in you. If you do, we'll continue using you, never allowing you to cum until you can't take it." She simply nodded again while I lay on the bed and she took her place between my legs -- with her rear high in the air, ready for Brad.

I could see why Brad liked her mouth. She was amazing. Brad was very good at oral sex but she had him beat. I could feel her tongue repeating everything I had already done to her. I looked over her shoulder at Brad. He was going in. When he entered her I could tell. Her mouth pulled back from me just slightly but she never stopped stroking me. Brad didn't look like he was going to last 30 seconds in her tight hole.

"Harder. She needs to be punished for what she's done. She's a filthy little whore and needs to be treated like it. If you don't, I'll take the rest of the punishment out on you." He pushed in harder. Every time he pounded into her I could feel her face being pushed further into me. She was moaning into my pussy as he was pounding her. Soon he was going so hard and so fast, I didn't think she'd be able to sit the next day, but she never let up her assault on me. "I want to taste myself, come here" I instructed her. Brad pulled out as she stretched up to me, smiling where Brad couldn't see and began kissing me. She was on top and Brad was in her again within seconds. But a moment later he had pulled out of her and entered into my warm wetness. I almost came in that instant. He bent my legs back and had her in between me on her knees. After a few thrusts, he was out of my cunt and entering my rear. Between my juices and Sandy, I was plenty wet and no lube was needed. Again, he pounded me for a few moments and pulled out again. This time going back in to Sandy's tight ass. He had our holes lined up and was going in and out of one to the other. Just as I was close to cumming he'd pull out and be in another hole.

I was so close to a release and I just wanted to cross that line and be there already. He stopped what he was doing and roughly instructed Sandy on to her back and for me to sit on her face. I was supposed to be the one giving the instructions but I just went with it. Soon her tongue was in me again and I knew it would be mere moments before I came. A moment later, Brad was straddling her chest and came up behind me, entering that aching pussy of mine. While Sandy was stroking my clit, he was ramming me from behind like he may never be allowed to have sex again. Her tongue would stop stroking my clit and I would feel her tongue running along his shaft as he pulled out of me. Then she would return to me and back to him. Finally I could take no more and came harder than I ever had in my life. And still he pounded in me and her tongue stroked me. I could barely move but I was conscious that she may have problems breathing and lifted off her face just a little. At that moment, Brad pulled out of me exploded all over her face. She just opened her mouth and tried to catch some in her mouth.

We took a few moments to catch our breath and I got mine and Brad's things together and told him we were leaving. As we were leaving I told her that I hoped she learned her lesson about fucking another woman's husband and gave her a wink where Brad couldn't see. We left and headed home and as promised, I didn't bring it up to him. We left with him never knowing it had been a plan and that Sandy and I had our own date tomorrow to discuss today's events. To top it off, we had some of the best mind blowing sex ever and he would think twice before cheating again. Now I only had to figure out a way to get her in our bed again without letting him know he'd been setup.

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by bayernpeter103/05/18

What an idiotic bunch of crap!!!

If she has sex with others then her husband she also is a cheating slut. So the prenup is obsolete. So whats the problem? Throw the slut out and go on with a happy life!

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