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i run my tongue across your lips
you press them tightly together, not letting me taste your tongue
i run my nails lightly down your neck, before biting into it
you turn staring into my eyes
quickly i stop, and await instruction
your hand lowers slightly and i kneel before you
your bring your hand to your waist
and i proceed to remove your belt, handing it to you, gazing down
you twirl your finger in a circle
and i crawl around facing away from you,
pushing my ass up into the air,
pushing it better into your reach…
*slap* the belt comes down across both of my cheeks at once
i shiver but am careful not to make a sound
you move around me slightly, bringing it down again
vertically on one cheek and then the other
1. *slap* Thank you, Sir 2. *slap* Thank…
after twenty per side, you turn again,
cracking it across both at once
1, *moan* Thank you, Sir, 2… 3…
4… 5… tears start coming to my eyes
after another ten, you kneel down in front of me,
Thank you, Sir
thank you for what?
Thank you, Sir for correcting my error.
I should not have bitten you without permission.
Good girl.
I smile through my tears, because that one phrase
those two simple words let me know that you are still proud of me
that you are only teaching me to serve
that you are punishing me to help me grow
and i have pleased you in taking my punishment.
You place a hand to your waist again.
I undress you, and welcome you into my mouth
as my reward for taking my punishment well.
I grow wet as you grow harder…
without warning, you spin me around on my knees
press my face to the ground
shoving your cock hard into my pussy without warning.
my ass raises up towards your body instinctually
as you fuck me relentlessly
i beg you to cum
i beg you to let me cum for you
so that you may feel my gratitude on your hard cock
No. You will wait for me.
You start fucking me faster,
i start screaming for the release you continue to deny me.
i dig my nails into the floor
trying to relieve the tension of my impending orgasm
Finally, i feel the hot wet nectar from your cock inside me
it is not permission, it is a command,
and i do
i cum so hard i think the floor is shaking beneath me
i cum so hard my back arches even with you atop me,
pushing you up by your shoulders
my screams are so intense, they curl my own toes
my shivering and flailing so intense
that though you try to pin me to the floor
i raise your body with an unlikely ease
as my shivers subside
and i fall to the floor again
you whisper in my ear
good girl.
you are proud of me again
and this pleases me infinitely more than any orgasm could.

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