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Punk Beauty

byhopeless romantic©

Hey! Whoever's reading this, I'm Jeff, and this my story. Well, actually it's not my whole story, that could take a while. Let's just say this is a really interesting chapter from my story. If you want the rest of it, you'll have to wait for someone to write a biography about me someday when I'm rich and famous... like that'll ever happen right? Anyways, I was 16 when this happened. I was at the mall with a few of my friends, namely Mike, Michaela and Katie. It was around 5:30, and we were waiting for a few more of our friends to arrive so that we could go get a bite to eat at Eastside Mario's before our movie started at 7:30.

Now, I have to tell you something about my friends, especially Mike and Michaela. They have to have the weirdest relationship of any two people I've met in my life. Now Mike, has been desperately in love with Michaela for God knows how long. But Michaela has only had one relationship before, and has never even kissed a guy (which earned her the nickname "The Nun"). Now what makes this even more surprising is that she is drop dead gorgeous. Tall, thin, beautiful blonde hair with dark roots she would love to get rid of, but most everyone else liked. Anyways, there are so many guys who wanted her, but were too intimidated to ask. Mike was not one of them. Despite asking her out four times, and her turning him down each time, they're still good friends. Although occasionally there'll be a week here or there where they won't talk to each other and I, being the middle friend would have to negotiate between them. You gotta love highschool.

Now Katie, she was kinda disconnected from the whole scenario, but certainly not to be overlooked. Her and Michaela had been best friends for almost forever, so whether she wanted to or not, she was dragged right into the middle of it. Hey, just like me. But, I digress, this isn't what my story is really about.

As we were waiting in the food court of the mall, having nothing better to do than stare around wonderingly at the locals. Which had a wide variety of types, from hicks, to skaters, to seniors, to the little white kids who want to be black kids, you know the kind, and everything in between. But, this time, one girl really caught my eye. Now I know what you're thinking. Tall, blonde, plastic surgery material, legs that stretch to the heavens...

*buzzer sound* wrong my friend. This girl was different, and somehow much much better. She was standing with a group of guys, the only girl of the pack, and it looked like she didn't mind. It was plain to see she wasn't "with" any of them, she kinda stood alone at one side of the circle while the guys repeatedly hit on her. Now, why was she different do you ask? Well, let's start from the floor and work our way up shall we? First off, most girls I know around here where one of two things, platform black shoes, or white running shoes. Very little variation on either of the two. But this girl wore dull black army boots. What a statement, and it goes with the rest of her let me tell you. Let's keep going shall we? next we move to the pants. At first glance, normal every day jeans, right? Well on closer inspection they were covered from front to back, side to side, cuff to waist with drawing and writing in so many different colours and styles I don't know where to begin. Somebody put a lot of time into those babies.

Next, as we move up, the shirt. Now, this I really love. You know those old, black t-shirts with the multicoloured writing they used for the whole D.A.R.E. program thing? Yeah, that's her. And honestly, if I saw anyone else wearing it, I would've laughed. But somehow with her, it seemed to fit all too well. And speaking of fit, as we move upwards a little farther we notice how tight that shirt is around her large, shapely breasts (hey, I'm a guy, what do you expect me to comment on, the colour of her nailpolish? Which was silver by the way). Now, in addition to the shirt, and this one really got me, she had a pair of black, nylon arm warmers safety pinned to the sleeves of the t-shirt. Very goth, I liked it. Now, I have to say the next part really got to me.

Around her neck was the most beautiful choker I'd ever seen. It looked antique, but very stunning. A silver rose right in the middle of her neck, with black onyx beads all the way around, and one dangly off the bottom of the rose. Wow. That was cool. Now onto the face. Now fellas, here's some man to man talk. I know a lot of guys will go out with a girl if she has a nice body, even if she has an ugly face. Now that's fine if you're just looking for a fuck-and-chuck, but if you're looking for anything more, look no further than the face. Now don't get me wrong, this girl looked like she had a fabulous body, but I nearly fainted when I looked at her face. She had these small pouty lips and the most gorgeous smile I've seen in my life. I swear, that smile was so bright it was blinding! She had this cute little nose which fit perfectly in the middle of her oval face. But my friends, from here my memory begins to fade because I was so captivated by the next site I swear I must have blacked out. Here eyes were too perfect for words. Looking into them was like looking into her soul. They were so dark and inviting I couldn't help but be drawn in by them. It was like I was lost in a maze, and I could see the exit right in front of me, but it just felt so right being there that I had to turn back and only go deeper. And then, as if the complete the image of a Punk Rock Goddess, her hair was long and purple in the front and the back was black and spiked with 2 devil horns. I was down for the count.

Now by now you've probably guessed this is a story concerning myself and this girl. But you're probably thinking, how could 'I', a 5'9" tall, 143 lb loser with a ponytail who still get the majority of his clothes from Zellers have any chance with a woman that perfect. And honestly, I'd tell you if I knew.

Now, as I was staring across the food court, gape mouthed, looking like a complete idiot, she happens to turn around and see me. Now at this point, I freak out, turn away, and walk right into a support pillar in the middle of the food court. Smooth Jeff, really smooth. I turn back around and she's laughing of course, as anyone would, but not one of those cruel "Look at that geek!" kind of laughs, one that was friendly and inviting, and she was still looking at me! I could feel those dark eyes pressing into my soul, and I have to say I felt a bit uncomfortable. At this point I decided to take a seat next to Mike and just stare at the table floor, so I couldn't embarrass myself further.

After about 10 more minutes I finally looked up to see that our other friends were here, and it was time to go eat. Luckily Eastside Mario's was attached to the mall, I was starved and needed a distraction. Luckily, that girl and her guy friends weren't around anymore, they must've walked off while I was hiding.

The restaurant was packed. That'll teach us for trying to get in at 6 o'clock on a Friday night. But right before we entered we saw a group of guys leave. They looked like the ones with that girl, but where was she? I slapped myself in the face and tried not to think about her. "She's out of your league man, let her go." I kept thinking. Anyways, when we got up to the top of the line the waiter said, "I'm sorry, there's a 35 minute wait on tables..." but then, a french fry came flying out of nowhere and hit the waiter in the face! He turned around, and low and behold, the girl from the food court was sitting in a booth while a gigantic smile on her face.

"Hey Kevin, they're with me, get back to work!" she called out, the waiter laughed and let us in. Holy shit. I was gonna be eating dinner with her! "Calm down Jeff, she was just being friendly, she probably does this all the time. Get a grip."

We walked over and everyone thanked her for saving us seats. "We'd probably end up missing our movie if we'd had to wait that long. You sure you don't mind sitting with us?"

"Not at all, as long as this handsome guy sits beside me." she said with a smile.

"Well, looks like you got an admirer Mike." I said, she must've meant him. He was taller, dressed better, the majority of girls would say looked better...

"I meant you silly, now sit." she said, and grabbed my arm and pulled me down.

"Uh... um... bah... wha?" that was pretty much all I could manage to say.

"That's an interesting language, Swahili?" she said laughing.

"No thanks, I don't drink." I said out of nowhere. And she actually laughed! My god I made her laugh! Jeff - 1, nervousness - ZERO!

And to my absolute shock and surprise, I was smart and witty and charming throughout the whole meal. I didn't know I had it in me!

"Why aren't you having anything?" I asked her as my pasta arrived. I would have had ribs, but finger food is a no no when you're trying to impress someone.

"Oh, I had a small salad before you guys got here." she said, sipping on her Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper she convinced her friend to let her sneak in.

"You girls and your diets, I swear. Even the most beautiful woman in the world thinks she's fat." I said shaking my head.

"Who's that?" she said.



"Uh... Dushku.. Eliza Dushku."

"Oh my god! Isn't she amazing? I love Eliza!"

"Get out! She's my favourite actress! Buffy the Vampire Slayer has gone DOWN HILL since she left!"

"Yeah, and did you see her in Bring it On? Okay, I don't like the whole cheerleader look personally, but wow!"

"Yes! I love that movie if only because of her."

And so it went. We all finished up our meals with about 15 minutes to spare before the movie started.

"Hey... uh... you know I don't even know your name yet." I said embarrassingly.

"Hehe, it's Erika." she said. Beautiful name, it fit her smile to a T.

"Well Erika, I'm Jeff and I was wondering if you'd like to come to the movies with us?" I said. Wow, where'd I get the guts to do that? I'm full of surprises tonight.

"Aww, I wish I could but I have to get home." she said.

Rejection hit me like a sack of bricks. "I understand, well, I guess I'll..." But before I could turn away she grabbed my hand and put her other hand in my pocket, coming out with my red Sharpie permanent marker. I looked at her curiously.

"I saw you fiddling with it in the food court. Don't you love Sharpie?" she said, and began writing on the back of my hand. When I took it back I saw a some really weird numbers and an even weirder signature. She giggled and said, "Sorry, I write backwards from time to time, it's a habit, you should be able to make it out in the mirror though. It's my phone number. Call me tomorrow and we can go to a movie some time next week."

All I could think about was those English soccer announcers... "GGGGGGGGOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!"

"Wow, absolutely, I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said and hurried off with my friends. That's when Mike patted me on the back and said, "Way to go kid, way to go."

Now you probably don't wanna hear the boring details of the rest of the night so I'll just fast forward to the next week. Erika and I were set up to go see a movie at 7, but we were going to go shopping first. We both agreed that I needed new clothes. When I got to the mall at around 5:30, I saw Erika sitting in the food court, with her Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper and several bags. As I approached she smiled at me and lifted the bags.

"For you." she said with a smile. Now that was too much.

"Oh no! You did not buy me clothes!" I said.

"Of course I did, wasn't that why we were coming here?"

"We were coming here for you to help pick out clothes for me to buy! I have to pay you back for these." I insisted.

"Okay, but not now, you can just owe me."

"Oh yeah? And what will I owe you?" I said, trying to make a sly voice.

"Why spoil the surprise?" she said with a devilish smile. "Now open up the bags and see what I got you.

Now this is what I needed. First of all, a decent pair of jeans. And not just decent, they were JNCO's. A brand name I'd never heard of in my vast ignorance of style. She insisted she got them for $30 but I highly doubted it. They were great. Also, two stylish button up shirts. I like that kinda stuff. one was white with two guys fighting on the front... kinda looked like a He-Man remake. Then the other one, dark blue with Venom staring out, his mouth open, his long tounge dripping green saliva. A Marvel fan's dream. She was too good to be true.

"I'm REALLY gonna have to owe you for this..." I said.

"Hehe, I'm looking forward to it." she said with a wink. We kept shopping, this time I paid for my own stuff. I ended up getting a few white and a few black tank tops. She insisted that they'd go good under the button up shirts. Also a big blue sweater by Big Dogs and a yellow sweater with a skull on the front. Not too shabby. And man I was having a blast!

We still had some spare time before the movie started so we sat down in the food court and talked for a while.

"So, what made you decide you wanted to come here with me? I mean look at me, I'm not exactly the biggest fish in the sea. You could get a thousand other guys much better than I am." I said.

"Noooooo I couldn't. I'm too chubby." Here's another lesson for you guys. Chubby with girls means anywhere from about 10 lbs underweight to 2 lbs overweight. "And besides, you're really hot!"

"Psh! Yeah right, that's a new one."

"I'm serious! You have great lips, I love the hair, it's really original. You have really deep, mezmerizing eyes and I have to say, you have the perfect guy eyebrows ever!"

"HAHA!!! Okay stop, I'm not used to so many compliments at once. Usually when I get compliments it's one or two followed by a barage of insults."

"Oh c'mon, what could people possibly insult you about?"

"Well as much as you may think I'm good looking that's not exactly a concensus. I'm really clumsy as you could tell by the whole pillar incident. I have a big mouth, I'm always talking about stuff I'm not supposed to. You know like telling people's secrets. I'm not very athletic... there's a bunch anyways. The point is, I can't see why someone as... well perfect... as you would want anything to do with me. I mean I've been shunned by girls way less attractive and much less interesting than you."

"Well then they must have been a lot dumber than me too to not notice what a great guy you are."

"Hehe, I give up. Arguing with you just isn't possible."

"And why is that?"

"I don't know. There's just this sense about you, that you're always right. That it's useless to even try to convince otherwise when you have your mind set on something."

"Well the last part is true. I have an iron will. I need it to keep off all those extra pounds."

"Whatever, you look great. I wouldn't say you had an ounce of fat on you, besides your breasts of course. Hehe."

"I was wondering when you'd make a comment about them. Most guys do within the first 5 minutes, you actually lasted 4 days, I'm so proud of you."

"Well I can see why, it looks like you're about to burst open there."

"HAHA! Well, okay it may look good now but I think my breasts are ugly when you seem them with no bra."

"Oh really? Maybe I should give you a second opinion. What do ya say?"

"Haha. Mayyyyybe."


"Someday, we'll see. But for now, the movie is about to start."

If you asked me today, I couldn't even tell ya what movie it was that we watched. All I can remember is that halfway through the movie, I got up the nerve to put my hand on top of hers. And she didn't pull it away! In fact, she leant over and put her head on my shoulder! My god, at that moment I was the luckiest man alive.

After the movie was out, we sat outside on the curb for our parents to pick us up. We sat the same way we did in the movie. My hand on top of hers, her head on my shoulder.

"I don't even have to say it but I had a great time today." I said.

"Hmmmm... so did I. Too bad it's over." she replied.

"Yeah, but don't worry, we'll have many many more to come."

Then she looked up at me and said. "Yeah?"

"I promise."


"Yeah, I promise."

"Do you really promise?"

"Yes, I really promise!"

"That's three times a promise." she said smiling.

"I should have known. Fight Club." I said smiling back.

At that moment, everything felt perfect. The gentle breeze, the night air, her smell, like baby powder, her gorgeous smile. I suppose she inspired bravery in me. I leaned down and kissed her once softly on the lips. It felt like electricity coursing through me. To be honest, before then I'd never had a girlfriend for longer than a few days. But I felt something then I'd never felt before... I think I loved her.

"So how much do I still owe you?" I said with a laugh.

"Oh, don't you worry about that. I have a feeling it'll all be paid off in time. But not tonight." and she stood up and walked to a car I didn't notice pull up. She smiled that perfect smile one more time before getting in and driving away.

Well, that's it for my story folks. I know I know, you wanna know what happens next? Sorry, that's a whole new chapter in the book of Jeff. And like I said, if you want to you can wait till I'm rich and famous and read my biography... but I wouldn't hold your breath.

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