Punked Off



"She was reported missing two plus years ago," Jack Galvan, my regular PI, ex-cop and old friend told me over the phone Wednesday afternoon.

"Little Miss rich girl, was not quite sixteen when she ran, old man's a big shot lawyer, worth millions. Apparently he and the wife reported it to the cops a couple of weeks after she'd left."


"She's a brain, Already had skipped a year. Number one in her class at one of Chi towns best private schools. Good athlete. Popular. Just got up and left one day."

"Drugs?" I asked.

"Not according to any of her friends. Nor boys. She went out a bit, at that age you know, but nothing serious."

"What'd the cops think?"

"They did look at it a bit Rod, you know how it works...rich guy and all, they had to try. Couldn't find anything. They were pretty sure though there was no foul play, finally decided she'd just done a runner. She just turned eighteen last month so they've now officially closed the file."

"Strange," I muttered.

"I did talk to the lead guy on it though," Jack added, "me being ex-cop and all he told me things he might not have told someone else. It was just a feeling he had, no real evidence, just a cop's instincts. Understand?"

"Yeah. What'd he think?"

"He just didn't like the way the parents acted. Knew they weren't giving him the full story...he thought maybe the old man had been doing something with the daughter, sex stuff...and maybe the mother knew about it."

"Jesus!" I swore.


"She's nice, she's good," Jill told me Thursday afternoon. "Ya did good with this one boss."

"So do we hire her full time?"

"Yup. You should talk to her tomorrow, tell her what you're going to pay her, give her a pep talk."

"You're her immediate boss, you should do it."

"Oh no Rod, the big boss should do it. Besides she worships the ground you walk on."

"You're crazy," I said blushing. "I thought you said she was the dangerous one, that she'd break my heart."

"I was wrong. And you better be nice to that little girl Rod. And where's she going to live? She can't stay in that little room forever."

"She'll be like anyone else. She's eighteen, she's got a job, she'll have to go out and find a place."

"But rents are so expensive, and she doesn't have any friends here...can't you put her up for a while?"

"Are you crazy? You put her up if you're so concerned."

"Huhhh," she said as she flounced off.


"Jill tells me I was a genius for hiring you," I told Jacqui the next night as we sat in my office after work.

"She did?"

"And Mrs. Nesbitt said she could help you get your GED in a year if you're willing to work hard. In fact, said you're quite a brain. Your test results were off the scale."

"I told you," Jacqui preened.

"And my detective reported that you don't seem to be wanted by any police force in the country."

"What else did he say? About...my parents...are people looking for me?"

"He says you were reported as a missing person over two years ago. That your parents posted a reward."

"They did? You won't tell?"

"Well, since you are apparently really eighteen, the Chicago Police Department now regards you as an adult and has no further interest in you."


"So, what do you think? Do you want to stay? We'd all be happy if you decide to join us permanently."



"How much anyway?"

We argued playfully over money and hours and benefits for a while but our hearts really weren't in it. She would've taken nothing and I would have paid her three times market value.

"What about my room? I can't stay there forever."

"Well, I expect with the wonderful salary I'm paying you you'll be able to get a nice place. If you need a reference or help with the upfront money, no problem, we'll help."

"I have no furniture. Jill says you have lots of room upstairs. She says you have three or four bedrooms that haven't been used in five years."

"Did she?"

"I'd pay rent."

"I don't think I need the money."

"C'mon Rod, at least let's discuss it over dinner. It's on me. I can spend some of my hard earned cash."

"No, lets discuss your schooling...and I'll pay."

"Okay," she sang, a smile in her voice.


"I don't want to sleep with you, promise," she declaimed as we ate in a small Cuban restaurant on Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), the heart of Spanish Miami. "We'll be roommates, that's all."

"I didn't ask."

"Huh, that's what all you old guys say," she answered with a sweet little grin on her face. "At first, anyway."

"You look very pretty tonight," I countered, "Is this dress one of my models outfits?"

"Yes. You don't mind do you? Jill said"

"It's fine. You look beautiful in it."

"I do?" she asked as she sat up straighter in her seat and arched her back so that her chest seemed to leap towards me. "Better than your sexy models?"

"Within a week or two you'll have five or six handsome Latinos chasing you everywhere," I parried.

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend."

"How come? You're young and beautiful. Go and have some fun while you can."

"I'll be too busy. Going to school...working for a demanding boss... no place to live...I don't like sex..."




Sunday I moved her in upstairs. "It's just for a couple of months, until you get organized," I warned.

"Don't worry, I won't get in your way," she countered. "You can bring your skinny, blond girlfriends home and I won't say a word."


It was strange; all of a sudden I didn't particularly want to go out partying. Didn't want to attend the openings, the 'in' events, the dinners, the fashion shows, all the things that I, Miami's hottest photographer, had always done. Just wanted to stay home with my roommate.

Jacqui didn't seem interested in going out either, my gentle prodding that maybe she should go out and have some fun was simply met by shrugs.

We ended up spending most of our nights together, usually on the couch, Jacqui studying while I either read or worked on the shots I'd done that day. There was an easy intimacy between us as we worked. I was happy.

I knew I was falling in love. Fuck, I was thirty-eight, more than twice her age.

Couldn't help but wonder about her comment that she didn't like sex. Remembered what the Chicago cops had thought.


I woke up one Saturday morning and she was curled against me.


"What?" Jacqui mumbled.

"You seem somehow to have ended in my bed Miss Brown."

"I was scared. The thunder," she said with a nervous smile, nestling even tighter into me. "The lightning. I hate being alone..."

"You're naked."

"So are you...it feels good...you're not mad are you?" she asked shyly.

"This isn't going to become a habit I hope?"

"You were hard...before..." she countered, ignoring my question.

"What?" I said even as I could feel myself harden against her stomach.

"Like that," she giggled, and then slipped her small, soft hand between us. "I woke up...about an hour ago...you were poking me"

"I'm sorry Miss Brown, I didn't know you were going to be joining me...oh sweetie, no, no honey," I moaned as her hand started to pump my cock. "Stop!" I cried as I tried to pull away.

"Let me...please let me make you happy Rod."

"We can't," I tried to insist but finally lay back, and just watched as her two small hands worked my cock and balls until I exploded, watched as my sperm spurted upward in long arcs that landed on my stomach, my legs, Jacqui's chest...

"You're so big...I've never seen one so large," she whispered as one hand continued to pump me, while the other rubbed my white sauce over and into her firm breasts.

I cupped the back of her head in my hand and slowly drew her towards my lips.

"I don't," she started but was stopped by my hungry lips.

"No...No Daddy...don't...pleasssse," she suddenly cried when I tried to penetrate her mouth with my tongue, her body suddenly tense under my roving hands.

"NO, NOOOOOOO pleasssse. Don't!"

"Its okay, its okay sweetie...Jesus, you're okay, I won't do anything to hurt you...never," I promised as I moved away from her on the bed.

She lay crying next to me for minutes,

"I'm scared...I can't...I'm sorry," she finally sobbed.

"It's okay," I continued, trying to calm her as I lightly caressed her hair.

Minutes passed as she trembled in my arms. "So, are you going to cook my breakfast or am I going to have to do it myself?" I finally asked.

"You're not mad?"

"Yes, I'm starving."

"I mean, about"

"Go on, I'm going to shave and shower, I want my coffee waiting the second"

"Yes sir," she said as she jumped from the bed, a smile growing on her face even as she rubbed the tears from her eyes.

What the fuck, I asked myself as I stood under the shower.


"Are you too busy or can we talk?" she asked as she nestled herself against me on the sofa, pushing aside the Miami Herald section I was reading.

"It's the Sports Section, can't it wait," I complained teasingly as I put my arm around her.

"I'm not as experienced as you might have thought...about sex and all that I mean," she started tentatively.

"You mean you weren't having wild Goth sex at all those all-night raves you were always going to, using that pierced tongue in weird punk sexual rituals? Not dancing topless on Ecstasy highs?"

"Stop teasing...you're bad...I really haven't had much sex since I left home...not vaginal intercourse anyway...well, maybe once or twice...but that was...well two boys forced me once in Boston...and once I..."

"I'm sorry honey."

"That wasn't that bad...I was half drunk...it hurt but...Anyway, I was always scared...almost every night I was on the road."

"We don't have to make love Jacqui...you don't owe me anything honey"

"I want to...its just I can't...I'm so scared...so unhappy," she sobbed as she trembled in my arms.

"He started when I was thirteen...my birthday present, he said," she finally whispered, "I was so scared...mommy didn't stop him....I'm dirty, so dirty, he said I was just a little slut."

"Oh honey, you did nothing wrong Jacqui, you're innocent...he was wrong, so wrong to do"

"But I liked it Rod, I liked it when he came into my bed...I was excited...I tried to please him...he bought me presents," she wailed.

"He'll never hurt you again," I promised.


I tried to get her to see someone, a therapist, psychiatrist, anyone who might help...

"I'll talk to you, only you. You'll help me," she'd reply furiously.

She took to coming into my bed every night after I'd fallen asleep, then after a couple of days simply joined me when I went to bed. She finally admitted one morning as we lay face to face, "He'd never stay all night. He never slept with me...he always went back to mommie...I like it like this...your warmth..."

We never kissed! Never made proper love!

I'd wake to her hands fondling me...or her tongue lapping eagerly...or her mouth devouring me...and then hungrily swallowing my sperm when I finally exploded.

"You like that, don't you?" she always ask as she'd nestle against me afterwards. "I want to make you happy."

I could touch her breasts, she'd even become a moaning, thrashing wildcat as I sucked her fat, puffy nipples into my mouth. No deep kisses. No penetration. Lots of hugs.


"I just can't Rod," she cried one morning.

"That's okay my love."

"You don't mind."

"No, no, it's alright."


"I've got my other girlfriends for that."

"What girlfriends. No you don't. You haven't slept with anyone since...have you?"


"Jill said you're lying!" she accused as we sat together on the couch that night. "She knows you and she said"

"I shouldn't have said anything...I didn't think you'd mind. I mean you and I aren't"

"Aren't what? I love you!....Who is she?"

"I've never loved anyone as much as you."

"Is she a model?"


That night in bed, "What if I can't? Ever?"

"We'll just have to live one of those platonic relationships for the next thirty years."

"What? And you out sleeping with every model that goes by. No thanks."

I ate her for the first time that night. She was trembling as I licked my way from her breasts slowly across her stomach, her fingers locked in my hair when my tongue found her slit. She was moaning and thrashing as my lips nibbled her clit.

"He never did that. No one ever has...touched me like that...you're"

"Was it okay?"


"You taste yummy yourself," I said as I lightly caressed her hair covered mound.

"Do you think I should shave...down there," she asked as her hands moved across her stomach to her red pubic hair.

"I could pull them out one by one," I laughed as I quickly jerked one curling red hair from her groin.


"You look fine just as you are honey."

"But it might be nice...I mean if you ever decided you'd like to do what you did before...you know, lick me...anyway, you wouldn't get any hair caught in your teeth," she said grinning. "Will you?"


"Shave me," she laughed as she jumped from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom, reappearing minutes later with my razor, shaving cream, hot water, cloth, towel...

"These little, curly hairs are so beautiful," I complained as I applied a hot, wet cloth to her mound. "Are you sure?"

"I can always grow them back."

I took my time, shaving slowly, baring my loves sex with careful strokes. "You look like a ten year old," I teased when I'd finished.

"I don't," she insisted as she rushed to the large wall mirror. "Gosh, I'm bald! You can see everything," she giggled as she danced naked in front of the mirror, her fingers holding her pussy apart. "Do you like?" she asked as she pranced back towards me on the bed.

"Come here," I ordered, "maybe I just better taste you again."


The days passed, then weeks; we spent our days working together, the laughing, funny, freckled redhead always at my elbow. At least half my customers wanted to hire her as a model after just minutes in her presence.

"Should I?" she asked one day after another director wanted her to work for him.

"It pays well."

"I prefer staying with you," she said shaking her head. "Besides," my redhead added, "I'm not blond and thin like them...and my breasts are nicer, bigger."

"You're far too smart to be a model anyway," I laughed.

"That's for sure!"

We spent our nights entwined; Jacqui still didn't want vaginal penetration, still almost panicked the odd time our mouths hungrily met. But in every other way we enjoyed the others body.

Oral sex became our main pleasure. A girl unwilling to have my tongue in her mouth, she delighted in taking my hard, thick cock between her lips, licking and sucking me to orgasm after orgasm, milking and swallowing spurt after spurt of my saucy cum.

As she sucked I'd have her tight little butt in my hands, holding her bald pussy hard against my tongue.

Only rarely during hose weeks did Jacqui talk about her past, just once in a while would she let something out:

"He'd beat me sometimes," she'd whisper, or

"He'd tie me up...to the four corners of the..."

"Mommy did whatever he said..."

She'd never really wanted to discuss these incidents...would just curl against me as I held her tightly.

I was frustrated. In love. Worried about this innocent young girl. Wondered if being with me was good for her. Didn't care, knew I had to have her. Knew it was just a matter of time.


"Will you marry me?" I asked her in early December, on my knees in front of her.

"What? Are you crazy? Get up," she ordered.

I said nothing. Just offered the ring.

"Why would you want to?"

"Mrs. Jacqueline Ann Scouries, that doesn't sound so bad," I begged.

"It could never last," she predicted.

"If we marry before New Years I'll get a tax deduction," I said smiling.


Two weeks later, on a clear, sunny late December day, in a small beachfront church, in front of a small group of my friends, and dressed simply in a long, white, silk gown that only highlighted her red hair and radiant face, Jacqui agreed to become my wife.


We made love for the first time at midnight on a moonlit beach on an almost deserted island in French Polynesia. Our honeymoon!

We hadn't talked about it before it happened. She simply pulled my head upwards as I lay lapping between her legs, insistently pulled me up her body until our lips were just inches apart.

"How come you never want to kiss me anyway," she demanded.

"I'm a little peculiar that way Mrs. Scouries," I said with a growl. "Besides you got that weird pierced tongue...yuck..."

"Shutup!" she ordered as her mouth opened and our tongues met. We had already done so much together, knew every inch of the others body, had repeatedly brought the other to so many orgasms; this shouldn't have been anything special. But it was!

"Hurry...please hurry," she pled when our lips finally separated. "HURRY!" she ordered again as her hand found my throbbing snake.

"Are you sure?"

"Pleasssssse," she whimpered just before I thrust into her, pounding deep into her sticky, slippery, grasping cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh," she screamed as I filled her.


"Don't stop... More... Harder," she groaned, her hands circling my neck as her legs locked around my back.

I was like a teenage virgin, my cock jerking my cum prematurely in my excitement at having finally penetrated my love.

"I'll do better next time," I laughed, my prick still hard inside her.

"I love you," she whispered as I started to move my hips, "and you'd better."

I rode her hard, thrusting again and again in long, slow strokes, stretching her slippery cunt to its utmost each time I pushed in. She came twice before I finally spurted my thick sauce in her.

"You're so big," she murmured as I slowly pulled my softening python from her and then she tenderly held me in her hand as she dipped her head.

"He's hard again," she exclaimed in fake surprise after she'd spent five minutes licking and sucking my thickening lance.

"Miracles do happen," I joked.

After she straddled me and then slowly positioned her oozing slit over my straining cockhead, she begged, "Fuck me...fill me...hard.

"Ride me baby, ride your big Rod," I ordered as she slipped her distended, dripping pussy lips down my shaft.

Then we did it doggie style! Then we...

"I thought you didn't like sex?" I finally asked.

"You're not tired already?"

Laughing I lifted her and then ran down the beach and deposited her unceremoniously in he breaking surf.

"That wasn't fair," she accused sputtering, beads of water flying from her breasts as we hugged. while the white capped waves broke against us.

We made love on the sand as the surf broke over us.

"I'm going to bed," I finally gasped.

"Already?" she complained as we walked arm in arm towards our beach house.


I woke the next morning to her mouth hungrily sucking me.

"God, what time is it," I complained.

"You sleep too much," she laughed as she slid up my body.

"Good morning my love."

"I love you," she whispered as my cock pushed up into her hot and eager cunt.


We lived together happily for the next two years. When you're closing in on forty and you find love again, a love you'd feared was never going to come again, you have a much greater appreciation of what you have than when you were younger.

Sleeping every night with the same person, the person you love more than anyone, is perhaps the best thing that can happen to a man.

She was happy too. She finished her high school easily and even took some courses at the University the second year. Worked with me...we traveled some, Jamaica, London, Paris, New York...made love endlessly...

But we didn't talk about the future much. Or she didn't. I wanted her to have my child...she was more interested in what she'd do with her life...talked about going to med school...

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