tagNonConsent/ReluctancePure Bliss Ch. 07

Pure Bliss Ch. 07


He stood there staring me down for several minutes before shoving off the wall and walking backwards. He snorted at the fear he'd seen in my eyes. I went and sat back down beside Chance. He looked even worse than before and was still losing a lot of blood. Sam nudged Shane and pointed to a sound he'd heard outside.

"Sounds like a car don't it?" He asked. Shane looked at him and shrugged.

"Dunno. Maybe." He said softly. He seemed still offended that Sam had yelled at him. I cocked my head to one side and listened intently. It did sound like tires crunching gravel. I looked up hopefully. Maybe it was Nathan coming to make these morons let us go. Sam walked out onto the porch blocking my view. He didn't speak at first.

Then he turned and looked at me and then smiled widely. But his smile was cold. Colder than the air coming through the doorway.

"Look who decided to grace us with her presence?" He said cheerfully. But still the cold look remained in his eyes. I looked past him at my younger sister-in-law. Her flaming red hair peppered with snowflakes. Her green eyes flashing with rage. She glared at Sam with so much hatred he frowned. He turned around and looked at me and Chance. I stared him down. Hating him. He smiled.

"Nathan how nice of you to join us." He said and mockingly bowed. "Shane bow down in the presence of a lady. What the hell's the matter with you?" He snapped. Nathan glared at him.

"I brought the damn tapes now let my brother go."

"What about his wife?" Sam asked straightening up.

"Her too. Jesus Sam your crazy." Nathan put her hands on her hips and her nostrils flared. She narrowed her eyes at him.

Sam smirked unaffected by her show of bravado. He sized her up for a few minutes then turned back to me.

"Stand Chance up." He said sharply. I glared at him.

"I can't asshole he weighs more than I do!" I snapped tiredly.

"Stand him up." Sam shouted. I looked at Nathan helplessly. She lowered her eyes to the floor looking completely defeated and she had been here maybe two minutes.

"I can't!" I wailed near tears. He inhaled sharply and strode across the room in two long steps grabbing me by the hair and dragging me screaming and kicking across the floor.

"When I tell you to do something you do it you stupid little bitch. I still could kill you at any moment." He shouted over my screams. I fought desperately to be freed but he jerked my hair harder until I heard the roots popping he threw me out the door and I tumbled down the porch steps like a rag doll landing face first in the snow. I screamed and tried to get up and run. Seeing my intentions Sam roared and charged for me tackling me so that I slid face first through the snow. It went into my mouth up my nose and into my eyes. I gasped from the cold. He hauled me to my feet keeping a tight grip on me and dragging me back toward the porch.

"NO! Let me go you bastard let go! Let go!" I screamed frantically. He punched me in the stomach so hard I lost my breath and doubled over. He threw me across the porch into the doorway where I struck my head against the frame. Nathan stood just inside the door staring at me like I was a rare creature she was seeing for the first time. I glared at her.

"Why don't you do something?" I demanded. She shook her head lightly. Her hair falling into her eyes. She looked down at Chance sprawled on the floor and sighed heavily.

"Don't fight him Piper he will kill you. He really doesn't care about anything. Or anyone." She whispered frantically. I stared up at her. "He isn't....right in the head Piper please don't fight him I don't want to watch you die." She added. Sam came up behind me and hauled me to my feet pressing his lower abdomen against mine and breathing hard.

I froze and forced myself to breathe. He buried his head into my neck and sniffed me. Then laughed.

"I can smell your fear. It smells much better than you ever could. The best smell in the world is a fearful woman who is damn near broken and almost willing to do anything to stay alive just a few more minutes." He said he carried me back into the cabin and slammed the door hard behind us. He shoved me to my knees and stared down at me for a few seconds then that cold smile returned. "Open wide bitch. Say ahh." He commanded I looked up at him in confusion he grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked as hard as he could. I screamed.

"Hmm. Nice." He let go of me and dropped his pants. He looked down at me again and took down his boxers. "Open your mouth!" He commanded again. I looked at Nathan. She refused to meet my eyes. I saw no way out of it so I opened my mouth. As I expected he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged. He laughed.

"Suck my dick. I'm sure you know how." He commanded. I tried to shove back he held my head in an iron grip so I did as he asked. He jerked and moaned at the same time and I wanted to puke. He started guiding my head up and down his shaft. I started to cry. Tears fell down my cheeks. If he noticed he said nothing. His moaning got louder as he neared his climax. The salty hot liquid jetted into my mouth and slid slowly down my throat. I choked. "Swallow it baby. Hmm. Good girl." He grinned at me. I shoved backward he held me in place while his cock twitched and pulsed in my mouth until he was done shooting his load down my throat. When he finished he shoved me backward onto the floor and pulled up his boxers and pants. He zipped them up while I coughed and sputtered trying to get rid of the salty taste of his seed. His sick laughter filled my ears.

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