Purity Lost


God, my girl thought about what would make her pussy sexier. I guess she really was all grown up. My cock was throbbing just from looking at her and I was well on my way to being fully hard again. That was fine, because I planned to take my time enjoying Emily's body before I entered her.

I joined my daughter on the bed and fell into her arms. She really liked it when I nibbled on her neck, but I kept working my way down, kissing across her shoulders and then down between her breasts before I focused solely on them. I teased one breast and then the other, working back and forth, licking her nipples and then gently pulling them with my teeth. Emily went crazy, twisting and turning on the bed, trying to cram her little breasts into my mouth and digging her nails painfully into my scalp. She was also very loud, whimpering my name or just crying out when I sucked hard on her nipple. God, knowing what it was doing to her I could have played with those cute breasts all night.

When I cupped Emily's cunt I found her drenched. I was still flicking a nipple with my tongue and my fingers easily slipped between her lips. I pushed my fingertips shallowly into her and swept up toward her clit. "Daddddyyyy," Emily cried when I rubbed her clit and I think she might have been cumming. It's poor form to ask, so I just kept going. I was not ready to let up on her yet. I shifted lower on the bed, kissing down Emily's tummy and crawling between her legs.

"Are you going to kiss me down there?" Emily asked.

"I can't wait to. Why, hasn't anyone done this before?"

"No Daddy. I never let any boy get my pants off before. I told you I was keeping my purity."

I was so proud of my girl.

Placing her legs over my shoulders, I inhaled deeply. I loved her fresh, almost floral scent. Her red, engorged pussy looked good enough to eat, so I did not resist. I traced all around her lips with the tip of my tongue before plunging it into her, which had my pretty little girl losing her mind.

"Daddy, stop teasing me!" She cried.

"Doesn't it feel good?" I smirked and worked my tongue into her.

"It feels too good. You're going to make me lose it again!"

I wanted to make Emily cum as much as I could, so that only encouraged me to keep going. Knowing that I was the first guy ever down there made it special. She seemed extra fresh, but I know that was all in my head. I dug my tongue deeply inside her, flicking in and out like I was fucking her and then I focused on her clit, first licking it and then sucking on it. Emily lifted her hips off the bed, thrusting at my mouth and threw her head back and forth while painfully pulling my hair.

"Ohhh Dadddyyy! Dadddyyyy!" She screamed.

Emily gushed into my mouth and I swallowed her nectar. If she liked that so much she was going to love the next trick up my sleeve. I held her ass in both hands and lifted it, spread her cheeks as I tilted her ass up. Looking right into her little rosebud I kissed it.

"What are you doing, Daddy?" Emily gasped, sounding unsure.

I answered by shoving my tongue into her rosebud. I rimmed her all around and then forced the tip of my tongue into her. Emily shrieked, closing her thighs around my head. Emily was so loud I thought the neighbors were going to bang on the wall. She screamed and screamed and her cunt juice ran down her taint to where I could use it to lube her ass and get my tongue deeper. Emily went taut with a keening cry and then slowly, slowly relaxed, pushing me away from her.

"Too much...too much..." She whimpered.

"Are you okay, Em?" I asked, laying beside her and stroking her hair.

"Oh my God, Daddy, I didn't know anything could feel so good. I've never cum so hard in my life."

"So you have cum before? You know what it's like?" I asked naively.

"With my hand, and my hairbrush. But no guy ever made me feel like that. I'm ready, Daddy. I'm so wet down there."

"You're sure about this?"

She looked very serious all of the sudden. "Make love to me, Daddy."

I rolled over and thank God I still had condoms in the nightstand drawer. A quick check told me they weren't expired yet and I slipped one on. When I move on top of Emily she grasped my cock and guided it to her. There was no fear in her face, only excitement and encouragement. I could see in her eyes how much she wanted this. I wanted her more than anything, too.

"I'll go slowly, honey, but this might hurt."

"I trust you, Daddy."

I pushed in slowly and felt her clinging to me. Damn she was tight. It was a good thing she's already cum a couple times because her wetness helped a lot. Emily was so tense beneath me and pushed up with her hips, trying to get me to go deeper. She was so impatient, but I still took my time. There were a moment of resistance and Emily gasped and shed a single tear, but my brave girl laid there and took it. I kept going until I was buried in her and Emily clung to me in every way possible. I held Emily tightly and felt her throbbing around my shaft. We kissed and she started moving her hips, encouraging me to get moving.

I went slowly at first and we built a rhythm together. We did not go particularly quickly, but our bodies moved together perfectly. Emily rose off the bed to meet my every thrust and moaned when I ground into her. She hooked a leg around my waist to make sure I didn't get away and as she got closer to cumming again she found it hard to keep in rhythm with me. Instead I pinned her down to the bed and drove my cock down into her.


"My beautiful, sexy girl..."

God she was tight and it was so hard to hold out, but I was not going to finish until she was ready.

"Daddyyyy...Dddadddyyyy...dddoonn'ttt ssstoppp..."


"Daaaadddyyy!" Emily cried and clamped down around me. I just knew she was cumming and I let go too, filling that condom with my dangerous seed. That was one thing I could never give to my daughter.

We stayed locked together until my shaft shrank and slipped out of her. I was very careful to make sure the condom stayed on until I could roll away and go to the bathroom. I quickly washed up down there and returned to my bedroom to find my daughter under the sheets. She was glowing and held out her arms for me.

"That was so incredible, Daddy. It was just like I knew it would be."

"Sounds like you've thought about this night a lot." I still couldn't believe my daughter actively sought me to take her virginity.

"I've been planning this since I was sixteen, ever since the first time I was really with a guy. It was so frustrating to have to stop, but I knew I couldn't break my pledge to you. You're the most important man in my life and I always thought you were sexy."


"It's true, Daddy. Charlotte thinks so, too. She told me. Anyway, I knew I wanted you to be my first, because I could trust you not to take advantage of me, but I also knew I had to wait till I was legal."

"I appreciate that." I really did. I couldn't conceive of fucking my daughter when she was just sixteen, but then I never would have thought I would be doing it now. I hope I would have been able to resist. "So what happens now? Now that you're not a virgin anymore do you plan on running off and finding some guy to bed you?"

Emily giggled and hit me in the stomach. Her head was on my chest. "No, Daddy. I mean, I am curious about other guys, but I made a lot of that up just to convince you. I was hoping this wouldn't be our only time. I want you to teach me everything I need to know in bed."

"So you can get some boy off better?" I was surprised by my jealousy. How could I be jealous? Emily was not mine, not like that. I was only normal she would want to sleep with guys her age. Still, I did not want her to start sleeping around recklessly. As for teaching her, I was more than happy to keep my daughter in my bed for as long as possible.

"No, Daddy, so I can do everything you like." Emily rolled on top of me and kissed me sensually. "I don't want to make love to anyone but you."

"Good, that just what I want to hear."

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"You can't sleep anywhere else, honey."

Emily stayed in my bed that night, although we did not make love again until the morning. I woke up my sleepyhead by going down on her and then we tried some different positions. Except for showering and eating Emily and I spent that whole weekend in bed. She decided she liked it best from behind, while I loved to watch her riding me. We also both loved to sixty-nine, although Emily couldn't keep her concentration on pleasing me when I licked her.

That first weekend set our pattern for the rest of Emily's senior year and even the summer. I found couldn't wait for my weekends with Emily. From Friday night until she went back to her mother's on Sunday afternoon I screwed my daughter every way possible. I even took her ass by the end of the summer, something her mother never let me do. Emily loved my tongue back there so much she wanted to know what my cock would feel like, but that's another story from our secret affair. And it did remain a secret. I made her promise not to talk to Charlotte about it and I trust Emily to keep her word to me. The next time I saw Steve we exchanged knowing glances, but never spoke of what we'd done. I had no idea if he went on fucking his daughter after the first time.

We were both crushed when Emily had to leave for school in the fall. She promised to come back as many weekends as she could, but I knew not to except to see her. I knew our magical time was over, but I planned to cherish it for the rest of our lives. I was right that things would never be the same, but I had the reasons wrong.

Late in September I received a surprise call from Emily in the middle of the day. She sounded very upset and asked if I was alone. I closed my office door.

"Emily, calm down. Tell me what's wrong."

"I don't know how to, Daddy." I could tell she was on the verge of tears.

"There isn't anything you can't tell me, honey. Just get it out and I can help you."

I heard her take a deep breath and she said, "I'm pregnant."

I was stunned. I didn't say anything. I didn't react at all. I was so quiet Emily asked if I was still there. "I am. I'm sorry, Em. I don't know what to say." I didn't even have to ask. I was sure the baby was mine. Emily wasn't the type of girl to start screwing some guy she barely knew. She hadn't even been at school for a month. We always used protection, but of course condoms are not perfect. That's why it had been so important to me for Emily to remain chaste until marriage. How could I have guessed that I would be the one to knock up my little girl?

"What are we going to do, Daddy?"

"We will figure it out. I promise."

What we figured out was that she moved in with me at the end of that semester. She told her mother, and everyone else, that she had a one night stand at school and had no idea who the father was. Emily was ashamed at first, because she was sure everyone thought she was a slut, but we both knew it would be far worse if the truth came out. My ex didn't understand why Emily didn't want to live with her, but since she was of age she could decide where to live.

When the baby is born we will raise it together. We maintain a bedroom for Emily for show, but we live as a couple now, behind closed doors. We've even discussed moving away after the baby is born, where no one knows us, somewhere we can live together openly as a couple. That's a dream, of course. Right now I'm just happy to have my girl with me every night. The future will take care of itself.

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Leaking or no condoms

After our son was born, my wife insisted no sex without a condom. I used a condom for several years but no more babies. Thank God.

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