Purple Panties


"Her mouth now next to his ear, she said, almost whispering "Look at her. She is a woman who has experienced and given more pleasure than you could ever conceive."

Linda began to unbutton her dress exposing her deep cleavage.

"Those full breasts have suckled men for years," whispered Ellen "with her nipples hardening to their tongues."

The dress fell from Linda's shoulders exposing a massive white bra which held back her gargantuan mammaries. Her belly had a roll to it but there was something sensuous in the way it stretched her large white panties tightly to her mound.

"Those hips have felt the strong grip of masculine hands as her sex controlled the ebb and flow of passions you have never felt, and squeezed out of men what they thought they were incapable of."

David's body tensed again, and again the stroking stopped. Linda began to walk around the table towards them. His cock throbbed. His eyes riveted to Linda as she seemed to float towards him.

"And you" the monologue continued "callously cast her aside, in favor of purple panties telling her all she has left are memories and her own devices, that she will never again be able to coax the rapture from a man, or feel the pulsing of their desire or the perspiration of their exertions."

Linda stood before him. Gazing at him with her eyes locked on his, she reached behind her and deftly released the hooks of her bra. David gasped and his cock twitched as she shook it from her shoulders freeing her massive pendulous breasts. Their heaviness caused them to sag and spread apart slightly, but the areolas were large and the visibly hardened nipples were upturned.

"She wanted nothing more than to again stoke the fires of lust in a man and to let it feed the flames of her own passion, but you doused those desires every time she saw that red light go out."

Ellen's hand was no longer on his cock, but he still felt the impending explosion at the base of his cock now slick with pre-cum as it continued to roll intermittently from the bulbous head. As she whispered in his ear from behind, he felt her hands travel the length of his arms. He was slightly aware of something being wrapped around his wrist and he felt the tautness and restriction as his arms were pulled slightly behind him and immobilized. He was only slightly aware of this though as his eyes remained riveted to Linda's form as she moved her hands firmly over her breasts. She slowly slid her hands down her belly, her fingers pointing towards the clearly growing dampness at the cleft of her creamy thighs. As the fingers passed over the waistband of the panties, the index fingers passed inside then her hands slid outward along her hips. As Linda drew the white satin over her hips and legs, David felt his cock twitch and throb in earnest, now convinced that a mere touch would send him over the edge.

"Look at her." came the whisper again "Look at the passion you cast aside. Now show her you're sorry. Look at her and imagine what she could do for you. A few quick strokes with those long fingers, a swirl with that tongue."

Linda knelt in front of him and began to lean forward her mouth growing ever closer to his straining cock.

"Think of it, that warm tongue gliding up the bottom side of your cock. It swirls around the head and then you are suddenly drawn into the warm slickness, it retreats and you feel the coolness of her saliva, then it draws you in again. David strained in his chair, Linda's mouth just millimeters from the head of his pulsing cock.

"Think of it."

Warm breath blew across the hypersensitive tip. His cock twitched and pulsed, his hips bucked. He felt the eruption build from deep inside, racing up the throbbing base and exploding from the head. The first stream caught Linda on her cheek and the second below her chin. The subsequent blasts were caught between her breasts as she had grabbed the chair behind David's shoulders and pulled herself half-standing over him.

Spent, he closed his eyes to gather himself. He couldn't believe it. It had been coaxed from him without a pussy, without a mouth, without so much as a touch from her hand.

"That's how you show you're sorry young man."

"Yes mistress."

"Well done" came the whisper again "now close your eyes."

When he had complied, he felt a blindfold being placed over his eyes and being secured behind his head.

"Rest up," whispered Ellen. "It's almost time for the purple panties."

David could hear the whispers of the three women again and as he waited for whatever was in store for him next, he tried to go over in his mind how he had ended up in this predicament, if that was indeed what it was. The intensity of what had just happened to him was too much though for him, and the thoughts dissipated as soon as he had formed them.

With the blind fold, it was impossible for David to tell how long he had been asleep.

It was the whisper that had woken him.

"I said, are you ready?"

"Yes My Lady" he replied. "I don't know why you're so attracted to the purple bra and panties, but we've decided that if you promise to apologize to my mother as well as you did Linda, not only will you get to see the bra and panties again, you get to fuck what's underneath them."

David's cock stirred again. As he tried to shift his position a bit for a little more comfort, he felt the dried cum on his chest and stomach cracking and he could see Linda standing over him again with his cum dripping off her pendulous breasts. His cock was now throbbing again.

"Do you promise?"

"Yes My Lady, I'll apologize to Madam as well as I apologized to my Mistress."

"Then imagine the objects of you desires." said Ellen her voice coming from in front of him now. "Those perfect heavy tits wrapped in that silky purple satin, yearning to be touched, to be cupped, and caressed."

David's cock strained and throbbed.

"Think about the mound covered by those purple silk panties, growing darker with dampness in anticipation of being pummeled by your prick. Imagine the touch of the silk being wrapped around you cock, stroking you, seconds before you enter that pussy you've dreamed about."

The words cascaded upon him and brought him to a level of excitement he though unattainable let alone twice in the same day.

"Have you imagined it?"

"Yes My Lady." And he had, not that he needed to. He had visualized relentlessly ravaging this haughty bitch for over a week and now he was going to get his chance.

"Then prepare yourself, it waits before you."

He strained at his bonds, his cock twitching and bobbing in front of him. He felt a hand working the blindfold, and tugging at his arms.

"Are you ready to ravish you fantasy?"

"Yes, Yes my Lady I'm ready."

"Then do it. Release him."

He felt the bindings drop from his wrists and he swung his arms forward reaching and the blindfold was pulled away.

Before him was not Ellen, but her mother, standing before him, feet spread and her arms out, beckoning him. Her huge breasts were perfectly encased in a larger version of the same purple bra her daughter sported. Even though he hadn't anticipated this and foolishly let his lust for Ellen carry him down this path, he saw the apprehension in Maggie's eyes and knew he couldn't hesitate for even a second. He fell forward to his knees and wrapped his arms around her generous hips as he buried his face in her stomach. His hands explored her back as his mouth began working his way up to that silken restraint. He felt Maggie's hands on the back of his head as he greedily sucked the silky orb into his mouth. His hands slipped lower, and although the panties were purple silk like her daughters, they were not G-string and his ands glided over the seemingly massive expanse of silk covering her voluminous ass.

In explicably, he felt his cock throb and twitch at full capacity between them. Her hand grabbed it and she whispered in his ear "I don't need the tenderness and respect, I need this, quickly."

He dropped back to his knees, with Maggie following suit. Still suckling her through the purple silk, he maneuvered her to her back on the carpet. Positioned between her legs, he raised himself up on his knees and reached for the waistband of the panties.

"Just do it." She pleaded. Her chest was heaving and her tummy rippled. She squeezed him with her legs in a vain attempt to mash her thighs together. "Just pull them aside and do it..hard."

With one hand, he pulled the crotch of her panties aside and balancing with his other hand he lowered himself to her probing with his cock head. He felt Maggie's hand grab his cock and guide him to her. He released the panties, and supported his full weight with his arms as he drove into her. Maggie gasped as he bottomed into her and thrust her hips up to meet him. He gathered speed, thrusting harder and harder into her and she continued to match his force. She would arch her back and raise her hips and as they came together, those massive purple clad breasts bounced in unison and ripples ran up her belly.

"That's it" she moaned. "That's what I needed. Oh yes, OH YES, That's it Oh Yes."

She continued to match his speed and force, arching her back, thrusting her hips and screaming out to him for more. She was unmistakably the best fuck he had ever had and he was approaching his culminating point.

"I'm sorry Madam, you're too much, I'm going to cum."

"DO IT." She screamed "Do it HARD and cum all over me. Cum all over my tits and this bra."

It was more than he could take. He hammered into her harder and faster than he had ever fucked in his life and as he felt the cum boiling up in the base of his cock, he pulled out, slid himself forward. His cum arced out oh his prick and landed perfectly across her right tit, the second fell a bit short across her belly, but he third and remaining blasts literally drenched the bra over her right tit before he collapsed in a sweating heap by her side. As he lay there semi-comatose, he saw Maggie out of the corner of his eye mouth the words "Thank you" towards Linda.

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