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Purple Socks


I heard my sister's boyfriend's car pull up into the driveway. I was in the house alone watching some DVDs while my sister was gone. Our parents happen to be away for the weekend on their second honeymoon. I couldn't focus on the movie because I was worried about my sister. Ten minutes went by and she still hadn't entered the house. I got kind of curious as to why she didn't come in yet since I didn't hear the car pull out of the driveway. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to go outside and check.

As I walked outside, I noticed that the car was still in the driveway and rocking like there was no tomorrow. The windows were steamed up, and I just couldn't believe my sister was fucking in our driveway.

My sister Tammy is perhaps the hottest girl in our school. She is 19 and I am 18. We are both in our senior year of high school. Tammy has the figure of a supermodel but could probably never make it due to the excess baggage she's carrying on her chest. Her 46DDD's are the hottest and biggest pair of breasts around our town. No one else in our family comes close to having Tammy's chest. Our mother said she was gifted and I agreed. Her chest wasn't the only thing sexy about my sister.

She has long, smooth legs that sometimes, I wish, were wrapped around me. Her ass was big and firm, and jiggled in her tight high-cut shorts and spandex tights that she wore during cheerleading. But most of all and this may sound kind of weird, I was attracted to my sister's feet. She wore size 10 1/2 shoes. Some pretty big feet for a female. But it wasn't actually her feet that turned me on, it was her special colored socks that she wore. Her purple socks. Every time she wore those warm, cotton socks, she would be getting fucked that night. I called them her fucking socks.

Just last week, she and her boyfriend were fucking in her room while our parents were away. I couldn't stand the moaning and screaming my sister was putting out. I started to jerk off to her sounds of bliss and pain. Then I got curious and wanted to see some action. I left my room and followed the noises to her room. Luckily for me, the door was open wide enough for me to see something. Her moans and screams only got louder as I approached her room.

I took a peak inside and only saw her purple sock-covered feet, dangling outside her sheets. How I wanted to slide my cock up and down the arches of her feet, run my balls along side the heels of her feet, and spray my white gooey milk all over her purple socks.

Her feet were rubbing together rapidly as her boyfriend impaled her harder with his cock. His big, bare feet soon came into view and started rubbing against my sister's clothed feet. I followed the way his big toes were moving up and down the bottoms of her feet. Her toes would curl up inside her socks and spread back out when she hit a high note in her voice from him pounding her guts out.

Just remembering that day made my cock go extremely hard. I approached the rocking car and started to peak in through the back. A large blanket was over the back window. Luckily the side windows were still available. I peaked through the window and her feet came bumping across the window. This was the closest I have ever been to my sister's feet. I had always teased her about her enormous feet. Now I lusted after them.

Her bulky boyfriend was drilling between her legs and her feet, from time to time, would bounce off his jiggling buttocks. She soon spread her legs out, and her toes curled up inside her fuzzy purple socks.

I pulled my cock out and started stroking it. The sounds of my sister and her boyfriend fucking like jackrabbits really got me going. My eyes continued to follow her feet as they dangled in the air and bumped against the seats and window. She left foot imprints on the window, and I couldn't help myself, licking the prints, thinking they were my sister's feet.

I heard the two of them reaching their climaxes, and I jetted away from the car and back inside the house.

Five minutes later, my bubbly sister came in and stared at me.

"What have you been doing while I was gone?" Tammy asked me.

"Oh nothing. Just watching some movies. None of my friends are home right now. Did you have fun on your date?" I asked her with a huge grin on my face.

"Of course, I always have fun, but I'm very tired so I'm going to bed right now. I'll see you in the morning," Tammy said followed by a deep yawn.

"Goodnight, sis."


Tammy headed upstairs and, as soon as she reached the top, I pulled my cock out and finished my jerking off, rapidly milking my cock and spilling my own cum in my hands. After I finished, I cleaned myself off and headed upstairs to bed.

3:15 AM and I couldn't get to sleep yet. Her purple socks kept running through my mind, the way they fondled her boyfriend's cock underneath tables at fast food places. I would pretend I had dropped some ketchup, only to see my sister's purple sock-covered feet massaging her boyfriend's crotch. My eyes followed the way her toes encased his cock and started to jerk him off.

Her boyfriend would then get kinkier and unzip his fly, letting his big hard cock out. My sister's feet could jerk him off, the softness of her purple cotton socks running up and down his shaft. His cock would grow larger against the fabric of her socks. She would jerk him off for five more minutes with her feet until his gooey milk gushed out across her socks. His pee-hole would spit massive loads all over her purple socks, and I would watch her rub the cum into the fabric and smooth his cock with it. I felt like I was ready to explode while watching.

My cock was extremely hard again, and I figured my sister would be asleep. I got up and headed to her room. Her door was slightly ajar, and I could hear her small snores. I pushed her door open slightly and entered her room. I saw her fucking socks lying on the floor. I felt my cock grow another inch just by looking at them.

I started crawling slowly on her floor, so that I could get up close to her socks. Once they were right in front of me, I stared in awe at the large, fuzzy mits that went on my sister's oversized feet.

I started sniffing her socks and took a big gasp of her smelly aroma. The sweat from her feet made the socks very moist giving off a stinky odor. To me it was all very exotic. I felt like I was in heaven.

I got closer to her socks and starting licking one of them, tasting the wet moist surface and picturing her feet banging against the footboards from her boyfriend's fucking. I picked her socks up and started rubbing them against my face, smelling the dirty scent of her socks and feeling the cotton making love to my skin. My dick felt like it was ready to explode in my pajama pants.

Suddenly, a freaky idea hit me. I unbuttoned my pj bottoms and pulled out my hard prick. I took one of her socks and started wrapping it around my dick. The feel of her sock against my hard cock sent chills throughout my body. I plunged my big hard piece of wood into her sock like the boy from "American Pie" did. My entire cock fit inside her sock because her sock only went up a few inches above her ankle.

I walked around her room with her sock around my cock. I started stroking my cock with her sock attached to it. I tried to keep my moans quiet, but I couldn't help it because of the wonderful feeling of her cotton sock moving up and down my shaft.

"What are you doing?" I heard a voice say.

I knew it had to be my sister, and she would probably kill me if she saw me like this. I had no choice but to face the music and confront my sister about my obsession with her purple socks.

I turned around startled, and there she was, sitting up in her bed with her blond hair all wildly out and wearing an oversize shirt with a Christmas bear stretched across her enormous breasts. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra because her huge tits were hanging down from her chest and sloped out like two huge watermelons.

The sight of her like that made my cock grow enormously. I saw my sister's eyes bug out as she looked down at my cock, still inside one of her fucking socks. The other sock was balled up in my hand.

"Brad!" my sister said in a shocking tone.

"Yes, sis?" I responded unsurely.

"How did you get such a huge cock?" Tammy asked me in awe.

I was surprise at my sister's reaction to me, walking around with a purple sock around my dick.

"The same way you got those big tits. I was gifted," I replied.

"I see you like my purple socks, don't you?" Tammy said in a teasing voice.

I nodded my head.

"My other boyfriends did the same thing you are doing. Those socks are my lucky fucking socks, you know. I have never had sex or fucked anybody without them. The only time I won't wear them is to bed, in the shower, at school, or just about anywhere I'm not about to have sex," Tammy explained. "My first boyfriend gave them that name. The fucking socks. I wore them all 14 times we had sex. He was so much in love with them that I would let him jerk off inside them, and then I would put them back on my feet and wiggle my toes in his gooey milk. I would walk around his room so he could hear the squishing noises my feet made with his cum in my socks. Would you like to hear?"

I stood there, shocked and surprised. I nodded my head yes knowing that my sister and I were about to commit incest.

"Come here and let me jack you off," my sister ordered.

I went over to her, and she sat at the edge of her bed with her gigantic melons swaying and bobbing slightly inside her shirt. My sister gripped the bottom of my huge cock where the fabric of her sock started. She started stroking my cock lightly, rubbing the texture of her sock against my hard shaft.

"You're much bigger then any of my boyfriends," Tammy said softly while stroking lightly.

I just stood there looking down at her having her way with my sock-covered cock. She started to speed up her jerking which was causing her ample jugs to sway beneath her shirt. I couldn't help but watch her breasts move back and forth. Small moans started to exit my mouth, and I could hear Tammy moaning as well.

"Wow. Your entire cock fit my whole sock," Tammy said smiling. "Most of the time my other boyfriends would leave space in between, not getting the front part of my sock all the way up their shafts. It would just hang down and sway."

I felt her hands tighten around my cock and start to rapidly stroke me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to thrust my cock in her hands to match her stroking.

"Mmmm Brad. Keep it coming," Tammy urged me.

I felt my balls getting heavier and heavier with every stroke and thrust my sister and I were making. Beads of sweat started rolling down my forehead, and I could feel the heat between us. Her pendulous titties were moving wildly beneath her shirt as she stroked me faster and faster. Her cotton sock became moist and was pressed tightly against my cock.

"I'm going to cum," I told my sister while breathing heavy.

She cupped my hairy sack in one of her hands and started massaging them.

"Ohhhh God!" I cried out as my sister was feeling my bare balls.

Tammy soon ducked her head underneath my throbbing cock and took both my balls into her warm mouth. Her tongue beat against my balls as they moved from side to side in her mouth. I saw her cheeks inhaling as she suckled my balls. Both her hands were now furiously jerking my ready-to-explode cock.

I gripped her shoulders harder as my cum rushed through my shaft and exploded inside her purple sock, filling it up with my hot milk. Her tongue continued to lick and probe my tightened balls while they emptied into her sock. My cum surrounded my cock inside her sock.

"Don't empty all your cum into that one sock just yet. It's time for the other one," my sister teased me with an evil grin.

She slowly pulled that purple sock off my cock and the gooey slobbery cum was all over my cock and inside the sock. She quickly put her dry purple sock around my cock and I resumed emptying what I had left inside of it. It didn't get as much as the first one, but her toes would still get gooey.

I stepped backwards after she took the sock off my cock. She smiled at me as she proceeded to slide both socks over her large feet. I could hear the squishy sounds her feet were making while sliding down inside the socks. I saw her toes curl up and move around inside her cum-filled socks.

"Mmmm ,my God, Brad, your cum is so hot and squishy. I love the way your cum feels between my toes," Tammy moaned.

Tammy got up and started walking around in her purple socks, making squishy sounds. My big gooey dick started getting hard again just watching my sister move about in her purple socks that were filled with my cum.

"Seems like we're not done yet," my sister mentioned to me, looking down at my hardened cock. "Get on the bed and spread your legs, brother."

I followed her instructions and got on the bed, spreading my legs. She climbed back into bed and sat facing me.

"Before we get started, why don't I remove my shirt," Tammy said.

"No sis," I suddenly said opposing her. "I rather watch them jiggling and wobbling inside your shirt for now."

"Anything you want, little brother," Tammy said with a smile.

Tammy started shaking her huge 46DDD tits at me inside her shirt. Watching her breasts sway from side to side inside her shirt was making my cock harder then it had ever been. Tammy started bouncing her big boobs up and down like pogo sticks. I could see her tits hitting against each other inside her stretched t-shirt. Her tits bobbed wildly on her chest and my eyes couldn't stop watching them.

While Tammy bounced her tits at me, her sock-covered feet wrapped around my pulsing cock and started stroking it. Her toes were wiggling along the sides of my thick shaft. I took hold of her by her ankles and started moving her feet up and down my cock. The heels of Tammy's feet were rubbing at my heavy balls in circular motions.

I started moaning hard and heavy, and I could see the _expression on my sister's face that she was enjoying herself as well.

Tammy took both feet off my dick and planted one below my balls. The tops of her toes started bouncing my balls lightly. Her other foot pressed it's big toe against my swollen cockhead. She started moving her big toe around my cockhead, brushing over my pee-hole and the ridges of the head. Some pre-cum had escaped on to her sock.

Her toes pressed into my balls and started wiggling. During my moans I couldn't help but laugh as well. My sister had a big smile on her face knowing that she was pleasuring her brother with her fantastic feet inside her fucking socks.

"I think your cock is ready to unload, younger brother," Tammy said as she moved the soles of her feet up and down my shaft.

She sandwiched my big cock between her feet. She started pulling and jerking at it swiftly. I lifted my ass off the bed and started thrusting my cock between her feet. My big balls bounced against the soft fuzzy heels of her socks.

I was at the mercy of my sister's fucking socks as she moved her feet from the base of my cock to the head. I matched her stroking with my thrusts as I moaned and groaned my heart out.

"Oh yesss!" Tammy moaned as she watched my flushed face in pleasure.

I watched her leg muscles tighten up as she jerking my hard prick. I gripped her bed sheets and felt an orgasm rush through my body. My balls were heavily filled with cum and ready to unload on my sister's sexy socks.

Her feet pumped my big cock harder and harder, slapping her fuzzy heels against my balls and bouncing her big toes against my cockhead. Finally gushes of hot cum shot out from my pee-hole and landed all over her socks. Another massive load soon followed, and my sister's purple socks were stained and drenched in my milk.

She released my cock from between her feet and I hovered over her feet with my cock and started slapping it against her feet. My cum was still spurting out, and I made sure the toe areas were soaked in my cum.

Our heavy breathing eased, and I crawled up by my sister and rested my head upon one of her enormous breasts. We lay in bed staring at her cum-covered socks as she wiggled her toes and moved her feet on top of one another. I fell asleep satiated and mesmerized by this vision of my sister's purple socks.

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