Pursuit of Happiness 01


Lyssa glances in the side view mirror. Cops. Damn. They did not need this.

"What do I do?"

"Stay calm. No fast moves. Do as they ask."

The officer sits behind them for a couple of minutes. Joanna watches in the rearview mirror. "What's he doing?"

"Checking to see if the car is stolen. Take it easy. Sit still."

Joanna watches as he exits the patrol car and puts on his hat. "Here he comes."

"Roll down the window then put your hands on the steering wheel."

He was tall and really had to lean down to look in the window. "Do you have any idea why I've pulled you over?"

A breeze blows in the window and both Lyssa and Joanna's nostrils flare. The officer was another werewolf.

"Ladies? Where were you going in such a hurry?"

Joanna squeaks, "Severn?"

He smiles at them. "Nathan Severn, at your service. I've never seen either of you before, although," an inhale, "somebody smells rather familiar."

Joanna looks into big blue eyes, dumbstruck. Close. He was so close.

Lyssa smiles. "Our driver is Joanna Wyeth. My name is Lyssa Forester."

His eyes shift to her. "Ah. That's it. Alpha Wyeth had us looking for you a couple of years ago. I thought I recognized the scent."

"I... what?"

"And the Alpha's daughter. It's a pleasure."

Joanna sits, hands frozen to the wheel, just staring.

He touches her forearm, lightly. "Slow down, Joanna. Have a pleasant day, ladies."

Joanna watches the side mirror as he walks back to the police car, removes his hat, and climbs back in.

The lights go off and the car pulls around them and takes off.

Joanna continues to sit there, frozen, working on hyperventilating.


Her head whips to the side. "Huh?"

Lyssa laughs. "Sweetie, we can go to the store now."

"Oh. Uh. Yeah. Alright."

Lyssa had to admit, he was a hottie. She had to make sure he wasn't mated and get him invited to Joanna's party. She'd ask Emmett if he knew anything about him. Since his name was Severn he had to be blood relation to the Alpha. It was a match her parents would likely approve of.

She drives the rest of the way rather quietly, sniffs her arm a couple of times.

It took a few minutes for her to get into looking for fabrics with colors she liked but, once

she got started, she got right back into the spirit of things. Thinking about a dress she wanted to wear, decorations, desserts.

They buy two bolts of cloth. One, a spring green with speckles of pale blue, yellow, and pink. The other deeper, a rosy fuschia color.

And, so, the primary colors were chosen.

On the way back, Lyssa ventures the question. "How would he know what I smell like?"

"You mean, nobody ever told you?"

"Huh, uh."

"After you guys left, some of the males tracked Emmett to the edge of the range. Then they talked to some pack members that lived off that way."

"Once you got off our range you were in Severn territory and a lot of them are cops. Dad gave them your description and some clothes so they could get your scent."

"But,.. did they find us? Emmett never said anything."

"No, not really. They did give us the clue to finding you, though."

"What clue?"

"A security camera at the gas station showed which way you were going. Erich happened to pass the car as a farmer was hauling it down the road. He's the one who found you."

Lyssa is quiet a few moments. "I'm really sorry I shot you."

"We scared you. You thought we were going to kill you. And, you said it was an accident."

"It was!"

"Hey. Not accusing. You didn't have claws then."

"I still need to work on my fighting."

"I don't know, you do pretty good."

"But, I want to do better. Just in case."

"Just in case? What do you think is going to happen?"

"Anything can happen." Lyssa's voice goes quieter. "Everything can change in an instant." Her voice is haunted, her eyes far away, focusing on memories of loss.

They drive in silence for a time. Joanna, unsure of what to say; Lyssa, lost in thought.

Her eyes brighten and she shakes herself from her melancholy.

Joanna is looking out the window. "Mmm. A run would be great right about now."

"Don't you have class this afternoon?"

"Yes. But I've got time for a run if I don't spend a lot of time at lunch. Wanna come?"

"Actually, I think I will." [Hey, Emmett.]

[Lyssa, what's up?] The send is warm, gentle.

[Jo wants to go for a run; I'm going to go with her.]

[Wish I could come, too. Have fun.]

[Love you.]

Lyssa parks the car and they get out, relinquishing the keys to Paul. Their purchases were unloaded and taken to Joanna's room.

They meet back outside, a cream colored wolf and a larger, chestnut colored one.

They then took off, running into the green, gravid woodlands.

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