tagRomancePush Me Ch. 03

Push Me Ch. 03


** Author's Note: This is part three of a series. I recommend you read parts one and two first. I love getting comments, so if you have a moment, please let me know what you think. Thank you to everyone who has rated the other parts of this series so highly, and for all the comments so far. Special thanks to SlySubmissive for the editing assistance. Also, this is just the beginning between Craig and Moira, not the end of their story, so there's more to come. Enjoy!


I felt much less drained this Saturday than I had last week, with no alcohol-fueled romp from which to recover. My foot felt well enough both to fit into and tolerate a shoe, so I slipped free from Moira, threw on some clothes and made a quick trip to a bakery down the street. Croissants and muffins in hand, I returned home.

"Craig?" I heard from the bedroom, as I closed the front door.

I set the pastry box down on the kitchen counter. "Yes, Moira?"

"Will you come here, please?"

"Nothing would please me more."

She was sitting up in my bed, her hair a wild mass of enticing curls. She held the sheet to her chest with one hand. The way it draped over her luscious curves stopped me dead, my eyes almost escaping their sockets.

"I woke up and you were gone and I was cold," she said sadly. She noticed my bug-eyed expression and gave me a curious look. "It's nothing you haven't seen," she said with a little smile.

"And something I'll never tire of seeing," I replied.

She gave me a smoky look and dropped the sheet with a casual flourish. It puddled in her lap as she thrust her chest toward me. I saw red. My hands itched and clenched. I growled a rumble so deep-throated and primal that it startled her. 'Must Have!' was written in letters of fire across my brain -- I was incapable of any other thoughts. I took two steps in her direction without realizing I had moved, still growling. She yanked the sheet up over her chest, wide-eyed. I took two more steps, almost to the bed. She threw up a hand and flinched away from me. The fear on her face shocked me to my senses. I staggered like I'd been kicked in the head, and then crumpled to my knees.

"Oh Moira, oh fuck, I'm so sorry." I struggled for words, trying to tell her it was OK, that I was me again, that I wouldn't hurt her, and that she was safe, even though I'd damn near put the lie to that just now, but all I could manage was, "I'm so sorry I scared you." I dropped my head and took a few ragged, gasping breaths, trying to collect my wits. When I looked up, she still held the sheet to her chest, but the fear was gone, replaced by a mix of concern and shame.

"It's my fault. After everything we said last night, I teased you like that," she said quietly. "You were right to turn me down last night. I understand if you've ... changed your mind." My heart broke. Moira was amazing, but there was a streak of self-loathing in her that I didn't understand. She knew how other people saw her. When she allowed herself to believe them, she sparkled, but she didn't understand why they thought what they did, and could only rarely credit their opinions.

"Moira, no, not at all." I reached out to cup her chin in my hand and pull her eyes up to mine. "I know how attracted I am to you, but I had no idea how much control you could exert over me. That has never happened to me before."

"No one's ever made you feel like that?" she asked, a shy smile blooming on her face.

"No one, ever," I confirmed.

She threw her arms around me and pulled herself tightly against me. I sat beside her on the bed and squeezed her as hard as I could. I might have been hurting her, but she never complained. It took us both a few minutes to calm down. When she finally relaxed, she pulled back and kissed me, softly and quickly.

"That's for wanting me so badly." She inched her face toward mine, stopping just before our lips met. "And this is for controlling it." She inched her face slowly toward mine, pressing our lips together. Then, she just kept pushing, leaning me backwards and eventually flat onto the bed. She pressed further, crushing her lips against mine, Her tongue darted out to press further still. She grabbed my hands and yanked them to her breasts, moaning into my mouth as her tongue attacked me. I cupped her satiny globes in my hands, squeezing gently as she pressed herself into my palms. I felt her nipples tighten against my palms as I kneaded them while I lost myself in the delicious kiss, relishing her enthusiasm and aggression. She nipped at my lips, and then broke away to give me a hungry stare before resuming her powerful kiss. I captured both nipples between a thumb and forefinger, and she whimpered into my mouth.

She was rubbing her thighs against my thoroughly engorged member through my shorts, her groin a supernova on top of my leg. Her hand shot down into my clothes and gripped my hard cock firmly. "Ohhhh fuck, Moira," I moaned around her tongue. She pulled back, smiling at me.

Without warning, I attacked. I grabbed her ass with one hand, placed other in the middle of her back, and lifted her chest to my mouth as I sat up, bending her over backwards and preparing to devour her. I placed sucking kisses from her collar bone down her sternum, along the bottom of her ribs and up her sides, my beard barely tickling her breasts. I rubbed my lips is the soft peach fuzz that covered her belly, kissing concentric circles around her navel. Her fingers kneaded my scalp as I explored her smooth skin. Satisfied I had thoroughly covered her torso, I cupped one breast with both hands, squeezing it between my fingers until the nipple protruded far enough to be easily accessible. I gently placed my teeth on the jutting bud and drew them up the length of it. An urgent whimper leaped from her throat. I wrapped my lips around that puckered flesh and sucked it into my mouth, bathing it with my tongue, while I tugged and pinched the other. She began to furiously grind her wet pussy against my leg. I threw her down onto her back and yanked off her thong.

"Yes! Please! Do it! I don't care! I need it!" she screamed at me, completely wild with lust. I couldn't do that, not yet, not today.

I buried my face in apex of her thighs, lapping wildly before thrusting my tongue into her. Desperate with ecstasy, she gripped my head and thrust her pussy into my face. I luxuriated in the taste of her for a moment, filling my mouth with her honey before licking my way to her clit and swirling my tongue around it. Her hips bucked wildly. I slid a finger into her, and captured her inner labia between the two adjacent fingers, tugging and kneading them as I penetrated her. I tapped the roof of her smooth channel with my finger, flicking my tongue over her clit with the same beat. The dancer in her took over, and she began thrust her hips onto my hand in time.

"Oh fuck, what are you doing to me?" she groaned. I picked up the pace. After two beats, we were synchronized again. Her hands knotted in the sheets and she began to whimper constantly. Her legs knotted together behind my head. I sped up again, dragging my tongue from the ridge beneath her clit right over top of it rapidly.

"Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh AHHhhhhhh!" she screamed as she came. Her legs clamped down on my head, and her back arched. I lowered the beat, pressing my tongue flat against her clit and rolling it in slow circles as my finger pumped in and out of her at the same speed. She slowly relaxed and sank back to the bed. I withdrew my fingers gently and untangled her legs, freeing my head. I sat on the bed beside her, idling caressing one leg while she panted.

I took advantage of her moment of bliss to memorize every inch of her, but I could have stared at her for a lifetime. Every part of her was tone, but lush - curvy, like a woman should be. I covered her thighs, hips and stomach with kisses, not trying to tease her or excite her, just for the sheer joy I felt when my lips touched her skin.

I spent a few moments lost in her flesh. Then I heard, "Hey, you, come here." I looked up to see Moira crooking a finger at me. I laid down beside her on my side, lazily drawing shapes on her stomach.

"Hi there." I smiled down at her.

"That wasn't how that was supposed to go," she informed me severely.

"Seemed like it went pretty well to me," I replied.

She studied me for a moment. "You mean that, don't you?" she asked.

"Wouldn't say it if I didn't." She shook her head in disbelief. "You don't believe me?"

"No I do," she said quickly. "I'm just...surprised that I can."

"Well, I'm glad you can believe me."

She shot me a dazzling smile. "Thank you for...for not having sex with me."

"I told you. I choose the place and time. Quit trying to screw up my timeline," I warned her with mock anger. That dazzling smile transitioned smoothly to evil.

"Then shut up and stop distracting me," she replied, pushing me back onto the bed. She climbed down me, and then yanked off my shorts and boxers in one tug. Then she straddled my thighs, sitting back on her heels. My excitement had abated from earlier while I was enjoying my leisurely explorations, but when she grasped my turgid shaft and rubbed the sensitive underside of the head against her nipple, I was fully upright in no time. Using the hand not holding my erection, she lifted her nipple as high as she could, and then snaked out an impossibly long tongue to taste me on her.

"Hhhhhholy fffuck that's hot," I stammered.

She smirked at her entertaining discovery, and then, excruciatingly slowly, lowered her mouth to my throbbing cock. She swallowed as much as she could with one smooth push, and then drew back with one long suck that seemed to take an hour, catching just the head in her mouth at the end.

"Unnggg," I groaned, muscles all throughout my body shuddering. She swirled her tongue around the head, and then bobbed again as deeply as she could several times. She repeated the swirl and suck technique until I was clenching my abs on every down-stroke. "Oh fuck, Moira." She took that as her cue to suck me deeply, and then bob rapidly on my dick, sucking firmly and working her tongue on my shaft. She was the puppet master now, and I danced for her, powerless to do otherwise. In a moment, I gripped the sheets, thrusting into her face as I came.

"Moiraaaaaaaa!" I roared as I erupted in her mouth. She sucked until I slumped against the bed, swallowing everything I offered.

She slunk up beside me, pressed herself against my side and whispered in my ear, "That's how it was supposed to go." Then she grabbed my arm and rolled away from me, pulling me around her and up against her, that glorious ass pressed against my still half-hard cock. I pulled her tightly against me, burying my face in her hair as I enveloped her with my arms. A blissful sleep took us.

When I woke up, I spent a few moments basking in Moira's warmth and softness. Eventually she stirred, pressing her hips against mine. The taunt muscles under the silken skin of her ass massaged my manhood.

"Oh Moira, please, as much as I hate myself for saying this, please stop doing that."

"You owe me," she said, levelly. She spun around to face me with a sad look of disappointment on her face. "I woke up alone." I clutched her to me.

"Every second I was gone was hellish torture. I promise; however, I hope you'll allow me to make amends for my earlier reprehensible behavior." I kissed her tenderly for a long moment. "Good morning, Moira." She purred with satisfaction and snuggled into my chest.

Eventually she asked, "Where did you go, anyway?"

"It's a surprise, which you'll get as soon as you're up and dressed."

"So, my choices are stay in bed naked with you, or get a surprise. Seems pretty clear to me." She leaned up to kiss me. Right before our lips met, she levered herself off the bed and started rummaging through my clothes for something to wear.

'Oh, I'm gonna get her for that,' I thought. I pulled on my shorts. Then, I took a generous pinch of her flawless ass, plus a yelp and a swat from her as I scuttled past into the living area. A few moments later, coffee was steeping as I pulled plates and mugs from the cabinets.

"Ooohhhh!" I heard from Moira right behind me. I turned to see her exploring the contents of the bakery box. I poured the coffee while she deliberated. Selecting a pumpkin cranberry muffin, she went about a meticulous process of disassembling it into bite-sized pieces before examining each one using some tenebrous criteria which totally escaped me. Satisfied, she arranged each piece into one of three categories before finally popping one into her mouth.

She noticed my raised eyebrow and amused look. "I hate when all the good stuff is in one spot in a muffin," she explained.

"'Nough said," I replied, holding up my hands. I pulled a croissant out of the box and proceeded to disassemble it, though I ate each liberated part as soon as it was free. We munched on pastries and coffee, chatting lightheartedly, for an hour or so before she told me she had to go. It was getting close to the time for her usual Saturday phone call with her parents, which made me realize something.

"Moira, next Saturday is the dinner."

She frowned. "I hadn't thought about that."

"Is there a problem skipping a week, or calling them a different day?" I asked.

"No, but, it's telling them why."

"Gotcha. 'Flying to Chicago with a handsome stranger' isn't going to cut it?"

She giggled. "You're not a stranger, but, no, it won't. They'd be even more freaked out worrying about me, but I don't want to lie to them." She sighed. "I'll think of something. There's no way I'm canceling," she said, distracted at first, but fixing me with a pointed stare after a second.

"I wouldn't dream of suggesting such a thing. I do need to tell you that I'll probably be really busy all of next week. I'm off on Friday to take care of a few things before we leave, but I'll be pretty swamped until then." That was total bullshit. I just didn't want to risk anything screwing up this trip or my plans for Moira, or how Moira felt about me -- anything named Shelly. I was pretty sure Moira wasn't upset about Nurse Shelly, but she had offered me something very special. I felt like, at least between now and then, I owed it to her to be faithful to her.

"Oh," Moira said dejectedly. I was torn in half. I was trying to protect Moira by protecting myself from Shelly. I'd seen the two together. If Moira knew that wasn't true, Shelly would know too. Then she'd wonder why I lied. It would only get worse from there. I wasn't going to tell Shelly about Moira's decision to give her virginity to me, but I wasn't sure what I would tell her to deflect the inevitable questions.

"I know. I'm disappointed too, but I promise I will make it up to you in Chicago. OK?" She nodded, tight-lipped, but then a wave of excitement hit her and she leaped into my arms, kissing me.

"I can't believe...well... all this!" she squealed, bubbling with excitement. I thumbed her cheek, soaking in the delicate texture of her skin. Her smile flipped a switch in me. I realized why I was so addicted to her. She was just so alive. The spark of life in her was ten thousand suns -- mine had all but gone out in my dreary, monotonous existence. I suddenly craved more life around me. I clutched her against me and buried my face in her neck, breathing deeply. I shuddered.

"Are you OK?" she asked, concerned.

"I have to go a week without you. This has to last me," I replied quietly. After a few more breaths, I kissed her neck, and her cheek and then her succulent lips for a long moment.

"I'll miss you too." Moira said. She touched my cheek. Then, she left.

I got to work. I had one week to plan a super date in a city about which I knew almost nothing. Thank God for the internet. Fortunately, I already had a theme. The charity dinner was the penultimate event, so I focused mostly on support activities for that. I spent a few hours doing research online, amassing an agenda while I examined the possibilities. Solid plan in hand, I placed an order for various things in vases, and then called our hotel, where I had booked rooms the same day I ordered the tickets for the dinner. I scheduled some of the hotel's services, and also advised them to direct several deliveries to my room when they arrived on Saturday, and let them in if I wasn't there. Now, I needed info from Moira. I shot her a text.

Me: Do you have a dress for Saturday?

Moira: Not really. :(

Me: Good. Keep it that way.

Moira: Naked charity?

Me: HA! No. Trust me?

Moira: Of course. Can I go lingerie shopping?

Me: I can't imagine why I would object to that.

Moira: Maybe I'll get something objectionable.

Me: I hope so. :D

Moira: Hehehe.

I hadn't thought about lingerie at all. Thank you, Moira. I took a moment to daydream about Moira trying on lingerie, and then finished up what I could of my plans.

I then went on to suffer through the longest week of my life. Ensuring that I wouldn't be busy the coming weekend had mostly resulted in me not being busy this week at all. The days crawled by. Monday, I went shopping for something for Moira, which was at least enjoyable. Tuesday, I spent one hour on a video conference, and the seven subsequent hours answering e-mails from my phone while I played video games. It was still hellishly slow and frustrating. The picture text I got from Moira didn't help. It was a store receipt. "Victoria's Secret" was visible along the top, and a tiny triangle of white lace was visible at the edge of the picture, covering part of the receipt. She wore a white bra and thong that first night. The memory shot a shudder through me."Waiting...", read the accompanying text.

Me: Waiting sucks!

Moira: For me too. See you Friday!

Our flight touched down in Chicago around 4:30 PM Friday - late, but not significantly, and I had planned this evening to have some bumper time.

We took a cab to the hotel and checked in. Moira wandered around the lobby while I waited for our room keys, swiped plastic and signed papers. I watched her dance distractedly from place to place, soaking in the art and architecture, as well as the people. I took the keys from the desk clerk. Then, I stood to the side and enjoyed looking at her for a moment. Her gauzy red sundress flowed around her as she glided from place to place. She noticed me watching her and made her way back to me.

"You could have waved or something to get my attention," she told me.

"You were enjoying yourself. I was enjoying myself. There didn't seem to be a need."

"Enjoying yourself? But you were just..." She blushed, and I pulled her to me. We pressed against each other on our way to the elevator, made out on the way up, and snuggled again on our way down the hall. I stopped at room 2312, and opened the door, ushering Moira inside.

It was a nice, but not extravagant, modern hotel room. A loveseat sat in a small lounge area that also contained a desk. A king-sized bed sat in a modern bedroom area beyond. Moira put her suitcase to the side as she explored the room. I took a deep breath. I was worried about having this conversation.

"I hope you like it. My room is right next door," I informed her. She spun to face me as sorrow took over her expression.

"Your room?" she asked sadly. I held out my hands, captured hers, and guided her to the loveseat.

"Moira, when I booked this trip, I wasn't sure who would be coming with me. I booked two rooms just in case I brought someone who was more like a friend. I would love for you to spend tonight, and every night, in my room, but, there will be a point tomorrow when you'll need a room, and I won't be able to let you into mine. That's the only time I plan to be away from you."

"You promise?"

To answer, I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder, and marched out of the room with her giggling hysterically. I went to room 2313 and opened the door. Once we were inside, I dropped her down and cradled her against my chest, still giggling, and carried her to the bed. I climbed to the center on my knees and laid her gently against the pillows. I stood back, eyed her appraisingly, and then shifted some pillows minutely.

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