tagIncest/TabooPusher Ch. 03

Pusher Ch. 03


I slept like the dead that night, having emptied myself three times, once onto my mother's luscious chest, and twice with little Kim. I remember strange, echoing dreams of caves and shadows, dark corners and unearthly words. It woke up with a start just after five am.

The world was in the first staged of grayness as the sun began thinking about coming up. I could already feel the blood in me moving, needing. I could feel my mother a few doors down, and her shadow was very dark, feeling like it was full of dark cloud. I assumed it was because she was asleep.

I need my son I sent.

I need to feel him in my mouth again

I live for his pleasure. I thirst for his come. There was no rebounding, no crashing, and it felt like, with the dark clouds there, maybe there wouldn't be even if I pushed crazy thoughts. At the same time, though, it was like pushing through thick foam. I was straining from the effort and it left my head pulsing and my body a little sore. I felt her cloud lighten a little, but it stayed dark. She had not woken up. I closed my eyes and laid back on my pillow, breathing hard.

When I woke again, it was to the slow, delightful stroking of my mother's hand on my hard cock. Her hand was twisting slightly as she stroked me, polishing the knob. I kept my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep, and simply enjoyed the sensation. Her hand was warm, and had just the right pressure as it pulled on me.

"Oh, yes...," I heard her whisper. A moment later, I felt a long tongue stroke up the bottom of my dick and then the wonderful, warm sensation of her mouth engulfing my cockhead. Her hand began to stroke me more forcefully as her mouth slid up and down.

I peeked. She was wearing her silken red robe again, and her hair was in a little disarray, the flowing waves of auburn tumbling all around her head, making it difficult to see her delicious mouth pumping me. The robe was totally open and her other hand was fondling one of her heavy, hanging breasts, occasionally teasing the nipples with long, red-painted fingernails as she sucked me. Each time she would pull her taut nipple, her mouth would tighten slightly around me.

I moaned involuntarily as I felt the tip of my cock move past her tongue and into her throat.

She swept her hair back over an ear so that I could see her, looking back at me as she swallowed my hardness again and again. Her eyes were afire. She pulled her mouth off me for a moment.

"Tell me I'm good," she whispered, bobbing her mouth over me once, "Tell me I'm a good little cocksucker for you." Another slow down and up of her wet mouth on me. "Tell your mommy she sucks your cock good...'

"MMm... yes. You are so good. Such a good cocksucker."

"Good boy," she whispered, licking her full lips.

Her eyes closed and she went back to work in earnest, her tongue swirling around me now with each bob. She was moving faster now, her head bobbing up and down in time with her hand, and I could feel my balls beginning to boil. I came, my cock twitching, and she drank me down, her throat working to swallow each load as it erupted. Her fingers were twisting her own nipple hard as I came, and from the tenseness in her, I wondered if maybe she was coming too.

She kept me in her mouth for a moment more, until the very last had subsided, and then released me. She stood up, running a hand down her torso, over her large breasts as she looked me in the eye.

"Good morning," she said, and turned and left to get ready for work.

- - - - -

Samantha was still getting ready for work when I left for school and found that Kimberly wasn't in class. I worried what might have happened to her, and vowed to give her a call a little later. I spent the time staring at the back of Amanda Whitmore's legs and thinking what other trouble I could get into.

I want to check out the guy behind me. Something about the size of the cave made it easy, like it didn't have to fill so much space to be heard or something.

Amanda turned around, looking me over. For the rest of the class I tried little pushes with her, and found it surprisingly easy. By the time class was done, I was sure that she was primed and ready. Everyone got up and started heading out. I tapped her on the shoulder and sent I want to take him somewhere and fuck him I knew it would hurt... and it didn't. It was a little bouncy, but no real rebound.

"Why don't we go home to your place?" she asked. One eyebrow was raised, and there was a saucy smile on her pouty lips. Wow, just that easy. I wasn't really ready for it.

"Well, I..., um, sure." Smooth.

We took off for my place and got there, just as my mother was going out. She had on a smart business attire which showed off a fantastic expanse of cleavage. Her lips were done in a lustrous red and she was wearing the faintest hint of eye shadow. She smelled fantastic.

"Hi, mom, this is Amanda. Amanda, my mom, Samantha." Amanda looked her over and smiled. They shook hands in a dainty girl sort of way.

I bet he's going to fuck her I slid into my mother's shadow. God, I wish I could watch... or join I felt that one jerk suddenly and then slide in slowly, with pressure.

"Well, have fun kids," mom said, and moved on towards the car. As I closed the door behind Amanda and I, I saw her looking back at us, car-keys in hand.

I closed the door behind us.

"So... what now?" Amanda asked.

"Do you want to... you know, make out?" I hated the words as soon as I said them.

"With you? Look... I'm just here to make my boyfriend mad. I wouldn't...."

I shouldn't say that. Her mouth snapped shut. He's not unattractive. That thought felt a little resistance, but it went through. Doing him would really make my boyfriend mad. My boyfriend is an asshole. I'm gonna fuck this guy. Each thought was easy.

"Well, maybe a litte...," Amanda looked at me from beneath her long lashes, moving a little closer.

I'm gonna make this the fuck of my life. I'm getting so hot.

Amanda slammed into me, pushing me up against the door with a ferocious kiss. I felt her teeth sink into my lower lip. Her hands reached down and grabbed my hands, sliding them up underneath her shirt. No bra. Her breasts were small, but firm and with large, pointy nipples that were rapidly hardening. She massaged her breasts with my hands, groaning and beginning to grind against me as we kissed. Her tongue slid over mine.

I want him to come for me I saw her eyes light up. She was so receptive... might as well keep going. I want his come on my face, like those porn stars. I want to be his cum-doll

She pulled away, her blond hair bouncing and her hands still covering mine on her pert breasts. "You know what I love?" she asked.

She slid down me, looking up at me and licking her lips.

"I love a man's cum on my face," she said, her hands unbuckling my belt as she slid to her knees. She reached inside my pants and pulled out my cock, jacking it with one hand.

I love cock

"God I love cock," Amanda purred. "I can't wait to feel your hot load on my lips." Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back. "This is so good." The head of my cock disappeared between her wet lips again.

"That's right, Amanda. Suck it. Suck me off."

I love it when he talks to me like that. Her small hand slid up and down my saliva coated cock.

"Oh god, Amanda, your hand feels good. But I want you to take me in your mouth again," I said. This is turning me on so much. Amanda was flushed with excitement. She gave me a wicked smile and her fingers took the waistband of my pants and underwear and pulled them down, pooling them at my feet.

I felt her tongue begin to rim my enflamed dick and I swept her blonde hair back out of her face so that I could watch my cock disappear into her tiny mouth. Amanda finished her tongue bath and started some serious sucking. She wasn't doing anything incredible, but it felt great.

"I've got to have your cum," she whispered. She spat on my cock again and continued working her fist.

"Amanda, yes. You're doing so well. Such a good girl." God I want him to cum

She ran the side of her face slowly up my wet cock . Her eyes were closed and her breath ragged. She was getting off from the feeling of my hardness against her face. Her mouth slid back over me and she kissed it tenderly before opening her mouth wide and diving down on to me, sucking my cock.

"Yes, Amanda!"

As she sucked, her hand slipped down under her short skirt. I could see the motion of her hand as she stroked her pussy. She was moaning around my cock as she desperately tried to bring me to climax.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

Samantha was standing in the entrance to the kitchen, looking smoulderingly good in her dark red business jacket, black, tight skirt and patent leather black heels. A beautiful expanse of cleavage showed, straining the jacket in just the right way. Her lips were bright red and her hair was pulled back into a bun. Eyeglasses and a hint of eyeshadow finished the ensemble. She must have gone all the way around the house and come in the kitchen door.

Amber started and stopped, freezing for a second.

I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth back down over my cock. I have to continue. I want to please him. Whoever that is doesn't matter She closed her eyes and slowly slid her lips back down my shaft, her tiny hands still gripping the base of my hardness.

"Dedicated, I see!" mom said, with just a hint of danger in her voice. "She doesn't look like she much knows what she's doing, though." She was unbuttoning the jacket, underneath, her large tits moved more freely under the sheer black blouse. She walked over right behind Amanda, who continued to suck me with long strokes meant to sustain rather than finish the job.

Samantha, reached down and ran her hands through Amanda's hair, pulling her hair back so that she could see my cock slide between Amanda's pouty lips.

This is turning me on. He wants this, so I want this. This pleases him. I sent to Amanda. She looked up at Samantha and I, still continuing to bob on me. I heard only the barest hint of a moan from her.

My mother knelt behind Amanda, sliding her hands up over Amanda's pert breasts.

"She doesn't have much to offer," Samantha said, looking up at me evilly. "What's her name?"

"Amanda," I breathed, watching my mother's fingers play over Amanda's hard nipples through her shirt.

"Amanda, let me show you, dear." She scooted forward so that her face was next to Amanda's, her red-lipsticked lips making the teen girl's look pale in comparison. She took her glasses off and put them aside. Her hazel eyes seemed brighter, and the eyeshadow made her look a little drunk with lust. Then she slowly slipped her lips around me, sliding me down into the throat I was beginning to love so much.

One slow up and down and she pulled back. She turned and looked at Amanda, who had a strange, almost blank expression on her face. Mom reached out and took Amanda's hand in hers, wrapping Amanda's small fingers around me. Mom started jacking me off with Amanda's hand, twisting around my knob.

"Good," mom whispered in Amanda's ear. She took her hand off Amanda's and put it on the back of Amanda's head, slowly pushing Amanda's face down onto my dick. The blonde girl parted her lips as I came close, taking my cock in between her lips.

"Keep the pressure with your lips and fingers. Keep stroking him," mom whispered to Amanda. Her other hand was on Amanda's breasts now, as she watched Amanda fellate me. "Move your tongue around him... taste him... savor his delicious cock." Mom's hand continued to control Amanda's head, moving it up and down in perfect time. He other hand slipped under Amanda's shirt, feeling her small breasts, cupping and squeezing them.

Amanda moaned as she bobbed on my dick. The feeling was a whole world of difference. Mom's few instructions were amazing.

Mom looked up at me. "Does my little boy want to come?" Her hands roamed over Amanda's small chest. I saw her fingers dancing over the blonde girls hard nipples under her shirt. Amanda moaned, almost a whimper.

I nodded. The pressure was building rapidly.

"Does he want to come in his new cum-toy's mouth?" She pushed a little harder, and Amanda deep throated me for a moment, choking. Amanda tried to cough and sputter, my mom's hand on the back of her head kept her mouth on me. Amanda's eyes went wide, but she continued to suck me, and jack me off with her small hand.

"Because his mommy wants his come. Her little boy's, come." mom said, licking her lips. Mom slid off her jacket, leaving only her huge tits under the black silky material of her blouse. I could see them perfectly, nipples erect.

She followed my gaze. "You want to come on mommy's titties, don't you?" She ran her hands over her full chest through the sheer material. "You want to cover her with your come, don't you?" She looked for a moment at Amanda's small breasts. "Come on mommy instead."

She let down her hair, shaking it out with one hand as her other wrapped itself in Amanda's blonde hair again and continued to guide Amanda's head up and down on me in an ever more demanding tempo. When her hair was down, she put her red mouth next to Amanda's, pulling Amanda's mouth of off me with a pop, and slurping my cock between her lips. She laid on vigorously, her red-nailed hand taking over from Amanda's and her sucking mouth never missing a beat. She jacked me for a moment, her lips making the perfect suction then pulled off me, raising her mouth over my lipstick-smeared, spit-slick tip and let a long dollop of saliva fall onto my knob. Her hand slid up and down over me as her lips massaged the crown of my dick. Soon she slowly slid off my cock until only the tip was between her lips. Her hand gripped my shaft and began jacking me off as she began corkscrewing her lips up and down on me.

"Mommy, yes!" I moaned.

She continued mouth-fucking me, as Amanda stared, her face still right next to mom's. Mom's red lips slid up and down my shaft and her hand worked me like a pro. Amanda was almost panting, her mouth was open and she was very close.

I started coming, and Samantha let my cock out of her mouth. Ropes of jism splattered her mouth and face, into her hair and spattered her cleavage and the black fabric of her blouse. A few drops covered Amanda's cheek. Her blue eyes were wide.

"Good boy. Give mommy your come. Come for me!" She continued to pump me, milking each drop of pleasure from my pulsing member. Her eyes were looking up at me, adoring, afire. Her long-nailed fingers began scooping up the come from her face and blouse, spooning it into her mouth as she looked at me. Then she turned and, one hand still on my cock, kissed Amanda full on the mouth.

I'm coming I shoved into Amanda. As my mother's come-filled mouth met hers, she began to shake in an uncontrollable orgasm. I watched my semen dribble out between their lips as they kissed, their tongues dancing around each other. My mother's soft hands still stroked my limp dick.

Amanda's small hands were on my mother's tits, covered in come, feeling them as if they were the greatest things on earth.

Which I kinda thought they were.

- - - - -

It had been no big thing to put Amanda into a sort of daze. Her mind was shallow and easy to move, and I found that even putting full memories into her head was not difficult. She remembered going home with me and giving me a fantastic blowjob, then having to get home.

She had walked out in a stupor, but I was sure she'd be ok by the time she got home.

Mom had showered, redressed, and gone off to work finally. I was supposed to meet her for lunch. I needed a rest. The day wasn't over yet.

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