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Pushing Limits


This is my story, my version of events Alana has written about in the past. Relaxing one day, Alana asked me, as a voyeur, just what had turned me on most, what I would like to see, how far into fantasies I would like to delve.

She allowed my mind to drift, as she recounted snippets from our exploits so far.

My very vivid visualisation was the first time someone had touched her intimately in my presence. That was Rob, when the double massage she was receiving slowly drifted through sensuality to eroticism.

I reminisced how I felt when the massage was drawing to a sensual end; she was on her back and we were squatting each side of her, massaging her calves and thighs, her knees slightly raised and slightly spread.

We were still fully clothed, and to date the massage had been only slightly erotic a couple of times; when we massaged her bottom, our hand movements would occasionally coincide and spread her cheeks enough for a glimpse of her lips.

Now, in tandem we moved upwards along her inner thighs, we allowed her knees to drop onto our legs as we ventured higher. This left her in a really vulnerable position, but Alana must have been totally relaxed, and seemed oblivious that she was stark naked, spread legged on her back, her moist pussy fully visible, even opening slightly at the end of a stroke.

I remember feeling nervous; this hadn't been in the plans, and while we had played with fantasies during love making, we hadn’t really discussed a serious liaison with another guy. But I was curious to see how far Rob and I would be allowed to venture before she realised her situation. I also remembered wondering how far I thought I would let Rob go; so far he had not strayed to close, he was non-threatening, allowing me to show Alana to him. She did have a nice pussy, especially when shaven, the slit nicely closed unless I "accidentally" moved the lips apart. Rob seemed transfixed by it; his gaze rarely left the area, apart from the occasional glance to see if Alana was still OK, and the occasional thankful smile in my direction.

As desire to journey into the unknown became stronger than my nervousness, I traced a finger along her lips, just venturing inside, encouraging her to move her knees a little wider. On one stroke, my left hand pulled back the hood to reveal her pleasure button. Her lovely pussy was open and available. I winked at Rob, and silently invited him to become more intimate. Following my lead, Rob stroked her inner thighs, heading towards her pussy.

I remembered felling very nervous; my heart was in my mouth, as his palms spread Alana’s lips, pausing to hold them open for a moment. Adrenalin overriding my nerves, I continued playing with her bud while he explored her opening, even inserting one or two fingers right inside her. Alana seemed oblivious to how vulnerable she was, still totally relaxed as we gently prodded and poked and stimulated her bud and flowing pussy.

But I felt safe, as we were still fully clothed, hey, it’s nothing more than a bit of erotic stimulation for Alana, some naughty pleasure for Rob, and a bit of voyeurism for me.

That’s when Alana must have had a reality check, her eyes opened, and for a moment she just stared blankly at us, blinking in the soft light, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings; her legs spread and a mass of fingers exploring her. I had thought that that would be the end, as we had already gone much further than we had ever imagined. Rob & I paused, expecting an end to our fun, me somewhat relieved, excited, but unsure if I could handle another man inside Alana. Rob I think was disappointed that he may not be able to venture further. I put myself in his position, and knew I would have loved to have “gone the distance.”

Then Alana broke the silence, “Hey, how come I’m the only one naked”

Obeying without thinking, Rob and I stripped, and obediently squatted back beside Alana, both of us wondering for different reasons what would happen now. Then Alana reached for us, and proudly held a penis in each hand, like trophies. It felt like I was there, but not there, watching as Alana squeezed and played with our cocks; I felt mine twitch as I noticed Rob’s growing larger by the moment. She rolled slightly to lick the pre cum from his tip, running her tongue around his knob, then made him shudder as the point of her tongue stimulated the “eye of the snake.”

Already he had firmed considerably. Slowly, she allowed her lips to take in his complete knob; I knew from blowjobs I had received that she would be sucking what she could from his tip. I gasped as she proceeded to swallow his hardening penis, occasionally pulling her head back slowly, stretching his length. I felt my cock twinge again, then a pang of jealousy; wow, was I really witnessing this? A real live blue movie, and with my wife as the star.

But I was excited as well, laying beside them, propped on my elbow, being the voyeur as Alana tongued his balls, licked his length, kissing and sucking, bringing him to full size.

I must have been lost in this myriad of emotions and visualisations, enhanced by the obvious effects of a few wines and a few joints. I watched, totally mesmerised as she pushed him backwards, still holding his cock with one hand. She lay on her side between his legs, casually stroking his length, watching Rob’s expressions change as she teased; her head turned towards me, our eyes met, she was smiling as she suggestively ran her tongue around her lips.

I blew a kiss her way, stroked my erection, raised my eyebrows and winked, a subtle message to let her know that all was well. Keeping eye contact with me, she reached her tongue towards his eye, flickering it over and around his knob for a while, before proceeding to swallow as much of him as she could. (she told me later that knowing that I was watching added to her pleasure)

Rob seemed blissfully unaware of the interaction between Alana & me, lost in the pleasure of my wife expertly bringing him to a peak; I did wonder if my presence enhanced his pleasure as well; it would for me I thought, if I was lucky enough to get a head job from a mates wife.

All a sudden, Alana stopped abruptly, and with a quick kiss to his knob muttered “not yet” and crawled up his body to straddle him, her pussy squashing his erection against his stomach. After a few hip gyrations to moisten his pole she dropped her mouth to Rob’s ear and whispered something to him. It wasn’t hard to work out what she had whispered; as she raised her self and reached between her legs for his cock, his hands pulled her cheeks apart allowing me to watch her hand place his knob at her entrance, the tip just resting inside.

I recall thinking what an erotic scene I was witnessing, until I became aware of Alana looking at me. She was looking for a “go ahead” sign I guess, waiting for my OK before venturing further. Her body was arched at 45 degrees; a perfect angle to take Rob I thought, watching as he tried to push himself inside, and he was marginally succeeding, as from time to time, he managed to get his knob in before Alana lifted herself again.

Alana brought me back to reality “does my voyeur husband want more”

I too had a firm erection, and was stroking myself as I answered, “Yes, No, Yes; wow, it turns me on, but I’m not sure if my trembling is excitement, fear, jealousy or what.”

She smiled, “But I’ve already given him oral”, and right now he’s partly inside my pussy, what’s another inch or so matter.”

“Strange”, I thought, having a conversation with my wife, while she straddles a virtual stranger, his cock knocking at her entrance. She lent forward, obviously whispering in Rob’s ear. I wasn’t left wondering for too long; Rob’s hands slowly stroked down her back, across her bottom till his fingers were lined up along the crease. Then he slowly pulled her cheeks wide apart, allowing his knob to slip inside slightly more.

This time they both looked my way, as though bit by bit they were testing me, seeing how far they could take it before I begged them to stop.

I thought, “The bastards, they are deliberately slowing the pace down”

They were extending that moment of uncertainty. His knob by now was more in than out, and I know she was giving him a pussy muscle massage; my cock twitched in my hand with that thought; Alana works those muscles well. It must have got too much for Rob, he pushed upwards, managing to get half way in. Alana held him there for what seemed to be an eternity but in reality was probably only a moment. She didn’t wait for my OK, and dropped a little more, then, with a smile and a moan, impaled herself on him, his full length disappearing inside her.

She sat still for a moment, feeling his firmness filling her.

“Come and kiss me” she demanded. We locked in a passionate kiss.

She whispered, “I can feel his cock pulsing, can I take him, he won’t last long” and started rocking her hips, searching for the right angle.

“Only if I can watch” I said, as I broke away, and squatted at Rob’s feet, a perfect view of his tight balls, all that I could see, until she got into a slow rhythm, raising and lowering her butt. As she would lift, his exiting cock dragged her lips with it, almost allowing him to pop out, would pause for a second, then sink onto him again, forcing the lips back inside, massaging his length as she did so.

Sometimes, on her upward movement, he would thrust upwards, his cock unwilling to lose contact with her nice warm and moist pussy. I could see his ball sack shrinking, and knew he was preparing to cum. Another pang, the boundaries were continually being shifted.

New territory was being discovered moment by moment, I was fascinated watching my wife’s pussy take on Rob’s length, but did I really want him to cum inside her?

Well, I knew he would want to cum; I definitely would if I had his opportunity.

Alana must have realised he was close, and stopped her movements, lying on his chest, calming him. It was a lovely sight, I thought, Alana laying on Rob, his cock half inside her, and what was outside her pussy, was glistening with her juices.

Rob looked towards me, first time we had had eye contact for some time, maybe he was a little embarrassed with me watching my wife fuck him, while I had avoided eye contact, afraid of seeing him have too much pleasure with my wife.

His hands stroked down her back, resting momentarily on her bottom, then he gently spread her cheeks, giving me not only a better view of her pussy being half filled, but her cute little “button hole” was also visible. I crept forward and took over stroking her bottom, moistened a finger and pressed it at the entrance.

I heard her say, “Please, not there”

I knew she didn’t like anal sex, so continued massaging her back and thighs, watching as her bottom clenched from time to time, knowing she was using her pussy muscles to massage & milk Rob’s cock. My jealousy was overcoming my excitement, knowing the pleasure he would be receiving. Enough, I wanted to be the one getting that sort of treatment, not the guest.

But I couldn’t ask him to stop; that probably wouldn’t be cool. Then a weird thought hit me, I wondered if it was possible for her pussy to take two cocks at the same time. As she was still lying on Rob, the angle was possible.

I pulled her cheeks apart slightly, and inserted a finger, then ran it down Rob’s cock to his balls. I had never touched another man’s private parts, so took the opportunity to fondle him. I rested a hand on her back, and the other guided my erection towards her pussy.

I rested my tip on Robs cock, right at her entrance. The first push failed, and slipped out of position, the second attempt was successful, and felt my knob slip inside her extremely tight hole. This was a strange feeling, I’d never felt a pussy so tight, and the pleasure experienced by the sensitive underside of my cock resting along Rob’s length was indescribable. We couldn’t move to much, difficult to stay “in touch”, but Alana somehow reached between her legs, finding our ball sacks, holding them together; my cock twitched, and I’m sure I felt Rob’s twitch in response, it really was quite comfortable.

I could see it was getting too much for Rob, his eye’s were closed, his mouth open, gasping, as he started to come;, I could feel his cock, squashed hard against mine, pulsing as he came.

I thought, “You bastard, you weren’t supposed to do that” as his warm jism filled what little space there was in her pussy, then my orgasm overwhelmed me; I pushed hard into Alana, forcing her off Rob’s cock, (and that was no accident, I wanted his cock OUT of my wife.) before grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto my lap, holding her against me as I came.

It was such a powerful orgasm; I forgave myself for letting things go as far as they had.

After we disentangled, Rob went to fix some drinks.

He returned to find me laying back on a cushion with Alana sucking me back to size. Although we Rob & I had both ejaculated, Alana it seemed, was only just beginning. He made himself comfortable on a cushion at our feet, obviously a perfect vantage point to watch Alana, who by now was fully aware of her surroundings and obviously seeking more frolics. She moved onto her knees, leaving herself wide open so that he could view her creamy pussy.

I was amazed at the depravity we had unleashed. Alana, although she played imaginary bedroom games with me, had never really expressed a desire to actually perform; now here she was, having savored the pleasure of two men inside her at the same time, performing oral on me, and virtually offering Rob an open invitation to take her from behind. He appeared to be in no hurry, sitting a meter or so behind Alana; I guess he was just enjoying the view.

Alana must have been impatient, and as Rob was quite content watching, she reached a hand underneath her body and began playing with herself, I suppose to entice Rob, although I cannot imagine he needed a more personal invite. She twitched when she felt his hands caressing her bottom, his fingers spreading her cheeks, then he proceed to play with her pussy, sticking first one, then two, then who knows how many fingers inside her. I watched intently as he hands spread her cheeks as wide as possible, and though I couldn’t see clearly, new he was about to focus on her anus.

Rob was providing an excellent digital workout for her, and as I had by now reached full size again, she just held my length in her hands and pushed back onto his fingers. With is other hand he smeared the mix of cum and juices all over her cheeks; Alana was quietly moaning in pleasure, eyes closed, allowing Rob to explore her totally. At times like this, I thought, that I should have had a camera to record these events that were mostly hidden to me.

By now, Rob had grown to full size again, positioned himself behind her.

I watched him as he stroked his cock, smearing juices from Alana allover his length, then holding the tip at her entrance, pushed inside, quickly getting into a rhythm. Alana wasn’t comfortable, and asked if we could move onto the bed; We broke apart; Rob led the way into his bedroom, and flopped backwards, landing in the middle of the bed. “My turn for some more wonderful oral Alana” he pleaded, and surprisingly, Alana obeyed, kneeled between his legs, and dropped her head, taking him in her mouth once again.

I stood watching Alana’s head bobbing up and down, noticed Rob smiling smugly as he gave me the thumbs up sign. Again, the pang of jealousy made my cock snap back to attention. Without asking, I moved in behind her, grabbed her hips, positioned myself at her entrance, and pushed myself in fully, an easy task seeing how wet she was.

After I came in her, she rolled sideways, ending up on her back; she raised her knees and dropped them outwards, revealing her bald, cum filled pussy.

“It’s yours if you want it Rob” she said calmly. “Last ride for the night, so make it good” In our fantasy talk, I had always said that another guy doing her missionary position would make me most jealous, and watching her opening herself for him, then grabbing his bottom, drawing him inwards, her legs wrapping around him started to set me off, but once again, erotically.

Intently watching him driving into her, (I was still standing at the end of the bed) I felt I had made it through all my perceived inhibitions, and Alana did not seem to have too many problems, well, that’s judging by the way she had totally abandoned herself into enjoying this pleasurable mixture of fantasy and reality. Now, I was a bit curious; I had already had some contact with Rob’s cock & balls and didn’t see the harm in having a further feel.

I reached for him, one hand resting on his lower back, the other fondling his balls. This took Rob by surprise, his bottom clenched, and he seemed to drive fully into Alana, forcing a moan from her lips.

After the initial shock, he relaxed, even spreading his legs for me, so that I could adventure further. I felt his sack tightening, and knew I could enhance his orgasm; well, I didn’t want this to go on for to long, he was enjoying it too much. Still rolling his balls with one hand, I traced a finger along the ridge to his anus, just resting there, increasing and decreasing the pressure on his entrance in time with his ball squeezing; He started mumbling, his bottom was clenching, then a few rapid thrusts, till one final mighty push, locking himself all the way in as he emptied himself deep inside her.

Alana & I were snuggling, taking time out to regain our composure, while Rob arranged more refreshments and a joint.

Squatting at the foot of the bed; and having finished his drink, Rob was absentmindedly massaging Alana’s toes. Then, the strangest thing happened,,, Rob had added some toe sucking to the foot massage, which Alana loved, then he started kissing along her legs, upwards along her inner thighs.

Alana had not yet had a chance to ‘freshen up” after our fun and games and gave me a wide eyed surprised look, mouthing, “what’s he doing”

As Rob’s nose nuzzled her pussy lips, I lent sideways to kiss her, and whispered, “I think he’s about to go down on you”

Watching Rob tonguing his way to her pussy had spun me out a little; Alana had received at least four loads of cum, so must have been full and squishy, but he didn’t seem to mind. When his tongue found her lips, Alana, at first, tried to stop him by pushing down on his shoulders and moving her knees back together, obviously feeling a little embarrassed, but Rob persevered, his hands holding her knees wide apart, he refused to be pushed away

Alana smiled nervously towards me, “Is this OK” she asked, now fully aware of Rob’s intentions. “I’ll take it as the ultimate thank you from Rob” I proudly declared, “He’s had such a great time with us, he’s offering to do the cleaning up. I’m honoured that he’s going to taste my cum”

Meanwhile, our friend had earnestly proceeded to lick at the juices around her pleasure dome. His tongue worked on her groin and lips for ages, with us just cuddling, watching Rob’s head busy between Alana’s thighs, whispering to each other about our decadance, till eventually, his tongue found and worked on her clit. This brought our whispering to an end; She was over her initial embarrassment, and was relaxing into being pleasured yet again. He flickered it rapidly up and down, around and around; It became too much for Alana, her clit was far too sensitive for this sort of treatment. She gently put her hands on his head, attempting to push him downwards, away from her button. He responded as requested, and ran his tongue downwards along her wet slit. She spread her legs wider, inviting him to continue. I thought, “wow, she’s actually going along with this, she’s going to let Rob lick her pussy clean”

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