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Pushing the Limits


The red circle on the calendar caught my attention as I drank my morning cup of tea. Seven pm was scrawled in big red letters across the box in Scott's boxy printing. Today. He had wanted a special date night, and we had both waited for the day for the last two weeks. I turned away from the calendar and per our agreement, I began my Friday in front of the computer, searching out the hottest, most erotic bondage stories I could find. "To get me in that frame of mind." Most of the smut was a total turn off to me, a few I found were ok, but I could have written them better. One was hot. I read it over and over again and then sent it to him at work.

"What do you think of this one?" I typed. Satisfied that I fulfilled my part of the agreement, I signed off and went to go shower. The hot water spraying my back tickled my senses and tingled my core. My back and shoulders were always sensitive. I stood under the spray, feeling the water dance along my skin, shivering ever so slightly at the sensations. Carefully I shaved everything, enjoying the gliding strokes of the razor along my tender skin. I always loved the sensation of being smooth, and carefully ran the pads of my fingers over my mound to check for any stray hairs. I moved on to my long curly hair, shampooing the flowery scent into my scalp, rinsing and repeating. Once I had rinsed out the suds, I deep conditioned my hair. Having thick, long curls, just hair care alone was time consuming. Before the water got cold, I quickly squirted my favorite scented shower gel onto a poofy sponge and suds from my neck down. I loved the feeling of the silky bubbles sliding down my wet skin. Satisfied I was squeaky clean from head to toes, I turned off the rapidly cooling water and stepped out into the steam filled room.

Wrapped snuggly in a fluffy towel, I sat back at the computer to check my messages. Scott wrote, "Hot...I want you to go shopping for something sexy at the sex shop and wear it tonight."

I smiled and typed a quick message, "Looking forward to this." I went to my room and applied a generous amount of my favorite lotion all over my skin, slowly rubbing it in, admiring my body, running my hands up and down every inch, wishing it were his hands.

I dressed, matching black lace lingerie, my favorite pair of jeans, and a cute black and purple blouse. I rand a pick through my hair air and let it dry into tight ringlets, as I applied some make up. Satisfied I looked presentable enough to spend a day shopping, I left the house and headed to the nearest adult store.

I had been in once or twice with Scott, but I had never purchased anything myself. The shop was large, and tastefully arranged. I walked directly to the side of the store with the clothes and ignored the rest. The sales lady came up within minutes to ask if I needed help with anything.

"I'm looking for something for tonight. My husband is taking me out to a special dinner and asked me to wear something sexy."

"Did you have anything in mind?" She asked. She seemed totally comfortable in the store, not embarrassed in the slightest to work in such a place.

"Not really." I mumbled, feeling my cheeks flush when the guy over by the movies noticed me.

"That's ok...I can help you find something you will both enjoy. Do you prefer the feeling of lace or silk?"

"Both really...but silk is nice." I tried on several of her choices before we finally settled on a black caged corset teddy. The back was mostly open, save for a few strategically placed pieces of string, criss crossing my back and lifting my bum. The front was tastefully both revealing and covered just enough, cupping my breasts, and leaving my waist and ribs bare. Essentially the front was a corset style laced three-inch wide strip of fabric going down my torso to between my legs. The bottom part was crotch less, which I felt odd in, but I knew Scott would love.

"This looks great on you!" The sales lady said.

"I like it too."

"Do you have a dress to go with it?"

"Not yet. That's my next stop."

She rang up my purchase and gave me a little wink as I walked out. I blushed, but smiled. She was nice.

I found a nice little clingy red and black cocktail dress at the next store that accentuated my bust but didn't make me look too hippy. With straps in strategic places and a full back, when I wore it, there gave no hint at what was underneath, so the teddy would be a surprise.

I was both excited and nervous on my way home. The shopping had eaten up most of my day and it wouldn't be too long before Scott would return home. I spent the rest of the afternoon restless, constantly watching the clock. I tried to read, but threw the book across the room. Eventually it was time to get dressed and I took my packages to the bedroom and dressed carefully, as to not tear the expensive fabrics.

I twirled around in the mirror a few times and giggled. Just wearing the outfit made me feel bold and daring.

"Hi sexy lady." Scott came up behind me and nuzzled my neck. I hadn't even heard him come home.

"Hi, you like?" I asked, turning around a few times for him to see.

"Oh yeah..." He smiled. He hooked his finger and motioned for me to come to him again. I stepped into his arms and he kissed me, soft and gentle at first, then harder and more demanding, until we were both gasping for air.

"I picked up a little something at the store today myself." He said, separating us. There was a bag at his feet.

"Let me see!" I said excitedly. I sat down on the bed and peeked in the bag. I couldn't tell what it was, so I dumped it out on the bed. It was a package of black straps and pink cuffs. He bought restraints, a small toy and a large bottle of lube. I knew in an instant what he wanted for tonight. I glanced up at him. "I'm not sure about this." I said softly.

He knelt in front of me and took my hands. "I know you're nervous. That's ok...but please, for me, can you try it tonight? I promise I won't hurt you."

I took a deep breath and looked back at him. I loved those eyes...so gentle and passionate. For him, I would try. I nodded. "Ok, I'll try." My voice was shaky. He smiled and gently took my face in his hands and kissed me again. "That's all I ask."

We went to dinner at our favorite Italian place. It was a small building, but tastefully decorated and cozy. The food was wonderful. We laughed and talked, teased and flirted with each other. Throughout the night, Scott kept his hand on my leg, gently caressing my knee and lower thigh, right where the bottom of the dress lay against my skin. I could feel my skin getting hotter at his touch, and wishing he would sneak his hand a bit higher.

By the end of the dinner, my pussy ached to be touched by his roaming hand, and I think he knew it. We walked out of the restaurant and I breathed a contented sigh. The cool night air felt wonderful on my hot skin, and the breeze went up my skirt to tickle my bare flesh.

Once we got in the car, he kissed me, forcing my mouth to open under his probing tongue. I couldn't resist pulling him to me more, my fingers raking through his hair. He kissed the shell of my ear, and nipped at my earlobe. I shivered a bit and pulled his head down to my breasts. He bit through the material and snagged a nipple with his teeth. I moaned when he scrapped it against his teeth and sucked hard, leaving a wet spot on my dress. A wave of desire pooled in my womb and my breath hitched. I could feel myself getting wetter against the leather seat. His hand roamed lower, back to my thigh. Impatiently he pushed my dress up and saw my dripping pussy, uncovered and swollen with arousal.

"Oh my god! That's so hot!" Scott kissed me hard, and teased my pussy with his finger, rubbing in circles gently, running his finger up and down to gather my juices. I moaned and lifted my hips to his hands. His finger found my clit peeking out and pressed and rubbed until I nearly screamed, right on the edge of an orgasm. Just one more touch would have done it, but he moved his hand away quickly, and I almost came anyway. I was panting, holding onto his shoulders, leaning against him.

"Baby, please..." I whispered in the dark of the car. "Let's go home."

"When we get home, you're mine!" He growled in my ear.

All the way home, I hand my hand on his cock, rubbing and squeezing gently. I could feel him pulse and harden under my fingers, to the point where I could hardly get my hand all the way around him. He was dripping wet through his slacks. At the stop light before our house, he groaned, deep and low and pulled my hand away.

"Honey, you're going to make me cum." He whispered, kissing my palm. "Tonight is supposed to be about you."

"I want to touch you." I said, pouting.

"You will...another time." He said.

We barely got inside the house before he slammed me up against the door and kissed me, pulling my dress up to expose part of my outfit and my wet pussy. He pulled at my clit, making me gasp and moan, and slid one finger deep inside me. I moaned, waiting for him to move his finger. Instead he pulled it out and tasted it.

"Yum." He winked at me. "Tonight, you're my dessert." He stripped the dress off, pulling it over my head, until I stood in the teddy, fully aware of his gaze moving up and down.

"I like it." He said. "How do I get it off of you?" He growled against my lips, his large hand roaming over my back and bottom.

"I don't know. Leave it on." I suggested. I kissed him, rubbing my hands along his crotch, until I cupped his balls, and squeezed gently. He pulled my hand away, picked me up and kissed me over and over on the way to our room. Gently he deposited me on the bed, and rolled me over to my stomach, so that he could fully appreciate the openness of the back of my outfit.

He played with the strings, rubbing his fingers along the lines, tugging here and there, sliding his fingers under each one, pulling up on them and letting them snap back down, the entire time, kissing and nibbling my shoulders, back and butt, until I was wiggling for more. He wouldn't let me turn over. Instead he pulled out the straps and began putting them on me.

"Scott...I don't know if I like this." I said, pulling my arm away.

"Trust me, you will LOVE this." He smiled. "I'll go slow and gentle." He promised. He held out his hand, waiting for me to offer my wrist to him to shackle. For one long moment, I considered refusing, but I saw the look in his eyes...the hope, the love. I was scared, but at the same time, I NEEDED to do this, for both of us. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out, and gave him my hand. He kissed my palm as he buckled the Velcro around my wrist. "Thank you." He whispered.

"Don't hurt me." I said softly, trembling slightly. I let him tie my other hand.

"I won't." He promised. "Relax." I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, evenly, in and out, until my body stilled under his touch. He pulled my legs wide and moved me where he wanted me before he secured the straps.

I found myself strapped to our bed, on my stomach, my wrists strapped in front of me so that I could lean forward on my elbows and my legs pulled wide, on my knees, my ankles shackled.

Stripped from my dress, Scott got the full view of my sexy back and behind wrapped for him like a present. In that revealing position, my pussy was in full view and still wet and dripping. I could feel the heat of his gaze on my skin. He moved so that I was in a position to watch him undress, his eyes burning into mine as he carefully unbuttoned his shirt, one slow movement at a time.

"You look so sexy baby, all spread out for me like that." He said, dropping his shirt from his wide shoulders. "How do you feel?"

"I'm ok." I said softly, pulling at the restraints a little.

"No...tell me how you feel about being tied...what do you feel." He demanded.

I thought about it for a second. "I'm a little nervous. I feel kind of light headed, but not in a bad way."

He nodded. "Why are you nervous?" He removed his pants and boxers. I took in a sharp breath when I saw how large and aroused he already was.

"Because I don't know what you're going to do." I said simply. "You know how I feel about this." I said. He knew what my ex had done, how he had hurt me.

"Do you trust me?"

"You know I do, or I wouldn't have let you do this." I said, wiggling the restraints.

"Then you have nothing to fear."

Scott crawled on to the bed and came up behind me. I could feel the heat of his body radiating against my skin as he knelt over me. The front of his thighs rested against the back of mine as he leaned forward, gently pressing my shoulders and head down into the mattress, which pulled on the leg restraints when my butt lifted farther into the air.

"Relax baby...I'll make you feel good." He whispered against my back, one hand snaking around to play and tease my nipples. The familiar heat ran through my body as my nipples hardened against his hands. I could feel the heavy length of his arousal against my bottom, and for and instant, I stiffened. He felt my muscles bunch under him and he sighed.

"I'm not him, sweetie...please trust me." He kissed the back of my neck, and slowly moved his lips down my spine, kissing and licking, until I relaxed against him. Only then did he pinch my nipples again, and I moaned. He moved so that he was up on his knees behind me, his hands roaming over my overly sensitive shoulders, down the center of my back, over my ribs, and down my hips. His hands gently caressed my ass, kneading the soft flesh, pulling them apart and squeezing them back together again. His fingers trailed over the back of my thighs, down to my knees. I wiggled. He knew how ticklish they were. I shivered. Slowly his hands worked over all my muscles, relaxing me. His fingers skimmed the undersides of my breasts, tickling and teasing the sensitive spots around my ribs as he worked his hands lower. He circled my bellybutton, moving his hands to the crease between my fleshy mound and my hips.

I gasped at the tickling sensation so close to where I wanted his hands, and arched back a bit, hoping his fingers would go to my throbbing clit. He chuckled, and palmed my mound, grinding his hand against me. "That's it baby, go with it." I rocked back against his hand as much as I could in the restraints, loving the friction. I was getting wet pressing my clit against his fingers. Slowly he adjusted his hand so that first one, then two fingers slid inside me the next time I rocked back, his thumb settling over my clit. I moaned at the stretching sensation and held still for a moment, my head hanging down.

Slowly he circled my clit, flicking it from side to side, until I cried out and squeezed his fingers inside me. After all the teasing in the car, and his roaming hands, I was close. I could feel the delicious tension gathering in my center, and I gasped and arched back, driving his fingers deep. Suddenly he moved, taking his fingers away.

I groaned, whipping my head around. "Where are you going?" I demanded.

"You'll see." Was all he said. I lay with my head down on the bed. A minute later I felt him behind me. He spread my legs wider, and without warning, his hot tongue danced on my clit, sucking and pulling, circling and stabbing. He must be on his back...my last coherent thought before I shuddered and cried out my pleasure, arching my back. He sucked once, twice, and I came hard, gushing and pulsing on his tongue. Usually he let me calm down but this time he never stopped. Scott wrapped both hands around my hips to hold me still and continued to tease me. I could do nothing to squirm away. I was at his mercy, and he had none...the storm build up fast inside me, and I came again as the waves crested and crashed over me. I moaned, long and low, shaking.

Before I became fully aware of myself, I heard the buzzing noise and felt a massive jolt against my bare pussy. "OH...OH GOD!" He put the toy against my oversensitive clit and held my hips still. I arched and bucked and screamed at the powerful sensation dancing on my clit. I wiggled, panting and growling until he pulled the toy away and licked up my juices. I gasped and moaned, feeling him lick one long rasp up and back down again. My pussy ached from the pleasure and I knew I was more than ready for him, and told him so.

"Not yet baby...I'm not done with you yet." He chuckled. He put the toy against my clit again, just for a second and then took it back. I gasped and wiggled. Over and over he put the toy against me, and took it away again...teasing me higher, but never quite enough to climax.

"Oh...Scott...please...no more." I begged, when he hit my clit again, this time circling the toy over it slowly. He never removed it, and pressed in when I tried to buck it away. The pleasure was so intense, pulling at me, that it almost hurt. "Oh...nononono...not again!" I cried. Electricity boiled through me. I threw my head back and groaned and hissed, my whole body shook with the force of the orgasm ripping through my body as I pulled against the restraints to get away. I rode the wave and screamed once, sharply as I came against the toy. I was trapped. I moaned repeatedly, my legs and arms shaking uncontrollably as the buzzing continued. Finally he pulled the toy away, and I was able to take a deep, shuddering breath.

"Baby...talk to me...are you ok?" His hands caressed my bottom, and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy.

"Uh huh." I gasped. I couldn't speak.

He licked me slowly, and brought one finger to my little ass, tickling all around it. I squirmed instinctively. "Relax honey...don't resist me." He whispered. Slowly I felt him press inward, my juices more than enough lubrication for his finger. He held his finger still, just pressing there, circling, until I relaxed against him, and his finger slipped inside a little, just enough to feel the pressure.

"How does that feel baby?" He asked, he licked my slit up over my clit and back down, pushing his tongue inside me as he wiggled his finger a little. I moaned.

"Use your words." He said. "Tell me."

"Good...it feels good." I gasped.

He pushed his finger in a little, then back out, over and over, while he licked my clit, and sucked, swirling his tongue. I bucked and cried out. The pressure felt different, but not painful, and somehow enhanced what he did with his tongue. I rocked on his finger, shuddering and whimpering at the sensations all in the same area.

He brought the toy up again, and held it against my ass, right between where my pussy and ass met. That was all it took. I exploded on his face, shrieking, my cries muffled by a pillow. Before I realized it, he had lubed the small toy and began inserting it into my ass. It was a small toy, so I felt the pressure of it, but no real pain as it slid inside. I was still coming down from my massive orgasm when he slid one finger inside my pussy and I could feel both sensations at once.

"Fuck!" I growled, squeezing my ass tight around the toy. Every muscle was trembling, and I felt dizzy and light headed. In and out his finger moved, pressing his finger upward. I moaned, squeezing him tight. Slowly he began to move both the vibrator in my ass and his fingers. The feeling was amazing! I began to shake harder...my whole body overwhelmed with sensation after sensation, my cries getting louder and sharper, until tears rolled down my face. I gasped and panted, shaking. He pushed me farther, moving his fingers harder inside me, pressing rhythmically up against me. I howled, long and loud and squirted, pushing his fingers out of me. Immediately he latched onto my clit and rasped it with his tongue, sucking rhythmically as the massive orgasm rode from peak to peak. He moved the vibrator in and out of my ass as I rocked back helplessly, my mind gone, but my body begging for more.

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