Trying something different after the Adelle's Girls series. The inspiration for this story was an interview with an adult actress that I happened to watch where she talked about how she ended up in the adult industry. Guess which one!

"Yeah I understand that, but your name isn't on the list, I'm sorry," Rick said, putting his hand lightly on the guy's arm, attempting to move him along.

"Man, why you gotta be like that. Maybe...?" the guy asked, flashing a folded twenty-dollar bill in his palm.

"Sorry, not on the list," Rick said firmly, now rather forcefully pushing him out of the way. There wasn't any list, not tonight anyway, but the guy and his two friends weren't making the dress code for the night. That dress code being: nothing short of Armani or Dolce. Plus you generally don't let in three guys without female accompaniment. And besides, Rick thought, anything less than a fifty isn't much of a bribe. "You two, go right in," Rick said, opening the velvet rope for the two young women behind Mr. Bribey. The shorter girl flashed him a quick smile before heading in to the club.

It was Friday night outside of Eden, one of the most popular clubs in Miami, and Rick was taking his shift manning the door. He looked out at the line of people desperate to get in: A long line of hipsters, aspiring models and various other boring, superficial dickheads. While he might be the guy at the velvet rope, that didn't mean that this was Rick's scene at all. He generally preferred a quiet place where you could enjoy a drink and actually talk to someone, not have to shout over a 100,000 watt sound system and be judged by what kind of watch you were wearing. But a job is a job, and Rick managed to do this one quite well, being not just a bouncer but in fact the head of security.

After letting another group in, Rick handed off the door duties to Tony and headed into the club, quickly slipping his earplugs in as the pounding bass line enveloped him. The earplugs may have muffled it, but he could still feel the music making his heart tremble. People paid for this? God.

Rick made a quick circuit, making sure no one was fucking behind the speakers by the bathrooms (a common one), same for the men's room. While he couldn't check the ladies room, the bartenders usually took care of that for him whenever they found themselves in there. And as Rick made his way over to the bar to check in, he thought about the bartenders. Like most of your hot dance clubs, especially in Miami, Eden did everything it could to have the hottest bartenders in the city, and as he made my way over to the bar, he did his best not to stare at one in particular.

Daisy had been working at Eden for a few months, but you could already see that she was the most popular bartender, and with good reason. In a club full of beautiful women, Daisy was the most beautiful by far. There was one word to describe her: exotic. Her skin was the color of light coffee, perfectly clear, with large brown eyes that dominated a beautiful face framed by straight black hair. Short, barely topping five two, but delightfully curvy, with proud breasts she invariably had thrust up and out of her brief top. She favored tight, low riding pants, the better to show off her toned tummy and plump rump. Even now, as she dug under the bar for ice, Rick couldn't help but admire the small tattoo of a daisy just above her round butt. Trashy? Maybe. Hot? Definitely.

"Hey Sarah," Rick shouted at another one of the girls. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything's fine!" she shouted back, handing him an ice water. Rick drank it quickly: between the summer evening outside and the club full of sweating dancers inside, you could get overheated pretty easily. "Hey! Daze said she needed to talk to you about something!"

"Oh word?" Rick asked, trying to stay cool. Rick couldn't deny it: He, like every other man who saw her, had a thing for Daisy. Unlike apparently every other man who saw her, though, he didn't hit on her. Rick tried to maintain a professional distance with all the bartenders and shot girls that worked at Eden. Not only did he take his father's advice about "dipping your pen in the company ink" to heart, but he also knew first hand that these girls spent every single minute of their job getting hit on by guys, they didn't need him joining in the scrum. "Hey Daze! Daisy!"

"Hey Rick, what's up?' she shouted, dropping a wad of bills in the tip jar as she came over. Rick glanced at the tip jar and wondered: did she make my whole salary in tips in one night? She might. Looking back at her, he almost forgot what he was going to say as she blinded him with a big perfect smile.

"You tell me. Sarah told me you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Oh yeah! Um," she glanced around quickly. "After work? Can I give you a ride home?"

"Sure, no problem," Rick replied, nodding as she got back to the shouting horde of drink seekers. Rick usually walked home after work, seeing as he only lived a bit more than a mile away. And walking at dawn can be very relaxing, allowing him to unwind a bit before getting home and crashing.

Leaving the bar, Rick continued on his circuit around the club, moving around crowds of dancing people to do a quick check of the VIP area. If the club wasn't his scene, then the VIP area was the epitome of places he wouldn't want to hang out: expensive, pretentious, and just plain not fun. Rick shook his head, not understanding some people.

As he made his way back to the front door, Rick sensed a bit of a dust-up happening at the edge of the dance floor. Two guys were shouting at each other with a girl behind one of them instigating the whole thing. Rick saw this kind of thing all the time, where the girl starts something that her boyfriend ends up finishing. And then getting in trouble for. Rick quickly made his way over to them, just as one of the guys shoved the other one.

"Hey!" Rick bellowed as he approached, and everyone turned to look at him. The two guys were typical for the Miami club scene: tanned, muscular, too much gel in their hair. While each of them clearly spent many hours in the gym, Rick did manage to make an impression. Rick was enormous, pushing six foot three and packing almost two hundred and forty pounds of muscle. Rick had played rugby in college, and he knew his physique was what got him hired as a bouncer in the first place. "If y'all can't play nice I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

"Ugh, what an asshole," the girl said, looking at him like he was some sort of lake creature.

"Ay man, fuck off," her boyfriend said. "I don't need your minimum wage ass telling-," he said, shoving against Rick's chest. He didn't get to finish his sentence because Rick twisted his arm around his back and started leading him out of the club. One of Rick's rules: Any customer who touches an employee or bouncer is out, period.

"Hey, hey! Get your fucking hands off of him!" the girlfriend shouted, chasing after them. They were halfway to the front door when she got the bright idea to start beating Rick on the back of the head with her purse. Rick ignored her, signaling Marco, one of the inside guys. Marco quickly grabbed her by the upper arms, picking her up bodily and following Rick into the cooler outside.

"You fucking assholes! You'll wish you never-"

"Thanks for joining us this evening ma'am," Rick said, releasing her thoroughly embarrassed boyfriend and patting him on the back. "Would you like us to call the police? If you continue to make a scene in public I will have you arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct." This seemed to shut her up for a moment. "Please come again." Rick watched closely as the pair headed down the street, still shouting... But at each other. And who cared about that?

"I think you like this job too much, sometimes," Marco said as he headed back in the front door.

"Not really. But it has its moments."


Last call was at 2am, but with stragglers and the business of shutting the place down for the night, it was closer to 4am before everyone was heading home. Rick was in the parking lot chatting with a bunch of the guys when Daisy tapped him on the shoulder.

"Ready to go?" she asked. Her hair was back in a tight ponytail and she had taken off most of her make up. She was wearing her clunky, librarian style glasses. Rick thought she looked even sexier like this.

"Uh, yeah. I'll catch you guys tomorrow? Marco, remember you've got my Battlestar DVDs. I ain't fucking Netflix, right?"

"Right boss," Marco said, giving Rick a funny look as he followed Daisy to her car. Marco and the other guys shared a look. "Where are those two going?" Marco asked once Rick had walked out of hearing.

Rick trailed a few steps behind Daisy as they approached her car, watching her trim hips sway back and forth as she walked. Does she even realize she does that? he wondered, trying and failing not to stare. They reached her car, a rather reasonable sedan, and she popped the locks. Rick climbed into the passenger seat, instantly finding himself with nowhere to put his legs.

"God, I'm sorry. The only person who ever sits there is my kid sister. You're probably four feet taller than her."

"Noted," Rick grunted as he groped under the chair for the release lever, breathing a sigh of relief once the seat slid back, allowing him to stretch out a little. "Much better. So what's going on?"

"Well... Where do you live again?" Daisy asked, backing out of her spot and waving goodbye to people as she pulled on to the main road.

"220 Paulson, just off Biscayne," Rick said as he pointed to the left. They drove in silence for a few seconds. "Daisy? Is something wrong?"

"No, I... Okay. First of all I need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone. Even if you say no you have to keep it a secret. Promise me."

"Say no to what? I... Okay, sure. I promise."

"Swear on your mother's life."

"She's already passed, so I don't think that works. I could give you my word as a Spaniard?"

Daisy laughed. "No good. I've known too many Spaniards."

"Don't worry Daze, your secret's safe with me. Whatever it is," Rick said earnestly. "So what's up?"

Daisy sighed. "Okay. So, um, I was out the other night with some girl friends and, you know, we're doing our thing and stuff." Rick imagined that Daisy doing her thing amounted to driving every guy in sight wild, so he did in fact know what she meant. "Anyway, I get talking to this guy, and he thinks I'd be great for this series he's working on."

"That's cool..." Rick said, not quite seeing where this was going.

"He's a porn producer," Daisy said very matter-of-factly.

"Um... Okay," Rick said, determined not to judge. But it was pretty hard. "So... You want to do porn then." It was a half-statement, leaning towards question.

"Well it wasn't a career goal or anything, but yeah. He said that they'd pay twenty two hundred for one scene. One scene! More than a month's pay for like an hours work!" Rick couldn't really argue with that. "So I made a booking for Sunday-"

"This Sunday? The day after tomorrow, you mean?"
"That's right."

"Okay. Your sure?"

"I think so. You know that girl Vicki? The shot girl?" Rick nodded, picturing the tattooed blonde. "She's done porn."

"No fucking way!" Rick said, shocked. He didn't know her well or anything, but Rick didn't think she was the type.

"She's done four scenes with this company," Daisy said, grinning. "You can't tell anyone that either. But I talked to her about it, she says it's not much of a big deal."

"Who is it? Which company?"

"Slambros? I don't get the name, but-" Rick laughed aloud. "You know them?"

"They're huge. They have seriously dozens of sites. They do all their stuff based in Miami."

"How do you know about them?"

Rick looked right at her, refusing to be embarrassed. "Because I use Internet porn. I'm a man. We're all disgusting like that. You're going to be on the website, haven't you even looked at it?"

Daisy frowned. "I haven't. I should do that, right?"

"Which site are you going to be on?"

"I think he said 'Fresh Face Facials.' So facials? Cum on the face right?"

"Uh, well, it's new girls, girls who haven't done porn before, getting fucked and taking a load on their face," Rick said, trying to shock her a little bit.

Daisy grinned. "Okay, that's not too bad."

"Can I just say one thing, ask a question?"


"Are you okay with the idea of everyone you know seeing you get fucked senseless? It'll be on the Internet forever. Your boyfriend, ex-boyfriends, boss, coworkers, sister, ..."

"Counter argument," Daisy offered, raising a finger. "I understand: video of me getting fucked silly will be on the Internet. However, at this point, it's a fucking eyedropper in the ocean. My one video will be off the main page inside of a week. I know people will find out about it, but I don't think it's gonna hound me for the rest of my life or some shit. I wasn't planning on running for office or anything."

"What if it's more than one movie? You know how strippers stick with that shit for years for the money. You do a bunch of videos and maybe..."

"I didn't bring you to fucking lecture me, Rick," she said firmly.

"Daze, easy, I'm not judging you. I'm not. It's just... I don't think I'd be much of a friend to you if I didn't try to talk you out of this at least a little, right?" Daisy smiled a little at that. "It's your body, do what you want with it. You know me, I'm all pro choice and shit."

Daisy laughed. "Nice."

"Wait, so where do I come in to this?" Rick asked. Daisy was watching the road, but Rick was watching Daisy. She was just wearing a t-shirt, and Rick was entranced by her nipples. They were always hard, always, and were absolutely enormous. You could see that the right one had a piercing, and the rumor was that it was only one of several.

"Oh, right. I don't want to go to the shoot alone. If it's... I dunno, like four dudes and me, like alone in a house? I just wouldn't feel comfortable, y'know?"

"Why not bring Vicki? She's done this before you said."

"Vicki can't kick the shit out of four guys."

"Ah." Everything became a little clearer.

Almost four months ago Rick was just another one of the bouncers at Eden. One night, Rick found two guys attacking a girl in the parking lot. They had knocked her down by the time Rick charged in, heedless of his own safety. He knocked the first one down with an overhand right, but the second guy pulled a knife and jumped him. Alex not only disarmed him, but also broke his arm in two places. His second blow, an elbow to the jaw, knocked out three of the guy's teeth, and his face hitting the pavement knocked him out cold. His buddy, looking on in horror, immediately surrendered as Rick called the police.

Rick didn't like to broadcast it all the time, but he had been studying martial arts for several years. Ever since hurting his knee playing rugby, Rick had been training in aikido almost exclusively, although lately he had also been training in Brazilian jiu jitzu. Rick was quickly promoted to head of security. His valiant efforts had made him a bit of hero to all the girls in the club, and he'd become a bit of a local legend.

"So you want me to provide security? If you don't trust these guys, maybe you shouldn't be doing this."

"It's just this one time. It's just so I feel comfortable, like, safe. You know, so I can perform well," she said. "I'll pay you if that's-"

"Daisy that's not it at all. You're asking me to come with you to a porn studio. I'd be a fool to turn you down!" Rick joked. "Take me out for dinner sometime if you feel you have to but, uh, if it'll make you feel safer I'll go with you." Even as he said it he was kicking himself. Rick, he shouted at himself, you are the biggest pushover on earth!

Daisy smiled. "Thanks Rick. I appreciate it. Really, I do."

"Not a problem," Rick said, laughing a little. "Uh, so on Sunday, I'm going to be watching you have sex."

"Uh, yeah," Daisy said, giving him a kind of goofy smile. "Your stop," she said, pointing out the window.

"Okay. But business," Rick said, sitting up straight. "On Sunday I'll come pick you up at your place and drive you over there."

"Got it."

"You're sure about doing it though?"

Daisy shrugged. "If I chicken out I'll call you. Sleep tight Rick."

They quickly exchanged numbers before Rick got out of the car. He was about to walk away when a thought occurred to him.

"Hey," he said as he leaned into the window, "what's your porn star name?"

"Oh, well it's the street you grew up on plus your first pet's name or something, right?" Rick nodded. "So that way I'm Seventh PJ."

"That's not much of a porn star name."

"I thought Daisy was already a pretty good porn stare name. Daisy PJ?"

"Daisy BJ, maybe," Rick joked. "You had a pet named PJ?"

"My dad was weird."

Rick shrugged. "Come up with a cute last name then. Daisy Blossom or something like that."

Daisy laughed. "You're good at this. Thanks again Rick."

Entering his apartment, Rick quickly got ready for bed. Going to bed at dawn was tough sometimes, and he felt more wired than usual. Things like this don't happen, Rick thought, not to real people.

Showering the stink of the club off of him, Rick couldn't help but think of Daisy. Of the scene she would be shooting. But this time it was his cock she was sucking, staring up at him with those huge dark eyes as she took him to the base... Rick came quickly, jetting against the shower wall.


The next night at the club, Tony was the first one to ask.

"Yo what's up with you and Daisy?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't fuck with me. You rode off with her last night? What the fuck, you holding out on me man?"

"Nothing's going on dude, don't sweat it," Rick said, remembering Daisy wanting to keep it a secret.

"Yo is it true? Is her clit pierced?"

"Dude," Rick said, shaking his head. "It's not like that at all. She asked me to work security for some party she's throwing."

"Oh. She paying you?"

Rick turned sheepish. "Uh, not really."

"Pushover. You're supposed to get the pussy before you let it whip you, you know?" Tony walked away, shaking his head in mock disgust.

Within a few hours five different guys asked Rick if he was fucking Daisy. Daisy had never dated any of her coworkers or any of the customers at the club, so this was seen as a major development. Rick was asked about the state of her piercings, specifically if her clit hood was pierced. Did she give good head? This was assumed, since she had a tongue stud. The state of her pubic hair was also in debate: Did she shave totally, have a landing strip, what?

Rick gave nothing away, sticking to his story: Daisy had half-tricked him into working some shitty party of hers for no money. He sent Daisy a text message with the cover story. She loved it, quickly taking to it herself when she got to work.

While they avoided each other most of the day, they kept in touch with texts, sometimes even when they were in the same room. Daisy thought it was hilarious while Rick was mostly annoyed with all the attention. The night itself was uneventful, with a good crowd and no fights. At the end of the night Daisy texted to ask if she could give him a ride home again.

Rick responded: "Will walk as usual, pick me up at sandwich shop around the corner."

"So I checked out that website like you said," Daisy said as Rick climbed in the car a half hour later, sandwich in hand. "It doesn't seem that bad! Just don't get it in your eyes, right?"

Rick avoided choking to death on his mouthful of sandwich. "Yeah, that's a pro tip, definitely." Daisy laughed as they drove off, Rick quickly looking around to make sure a coworker hadn't spotted them.

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