tagGroup SexPussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 06

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 06



I thought back for an instant, over the events of the evening, the party, meeting Ingrid, Dorothy, and Angela, and the subsequent chemistry, leading up to Ingrid's urgently barked request; it was sort of peculiar, kinky in an awkward sort of way, but heartfelt, and it certainly sent me over the edge.

I was standing in the center of the room, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent; I was keenly aware of the subtle piquancy of Angela's perfume, mixed with her own womanly scent, the delicious sensation of her tongue gliding over mine, the pressure of her calves braced agains my own, the supple strength of her body cantilevered from mine, the provocative touch of her nipples against my chest, and the exquisite sensation of her cunt muscles, milking the last spurts of my orgasm from my cock, deep up inside her. I kissed her with renewed passion.

Wow, this is some party, I thought.

After a long, lingering kiss, I lowered her to the ground. Over to the side, Dorothy had removed a cushion from the couch, so that she might lay out flat, her legs dangling over the edge. She was smiling up at Ingrid, spreading her legs wantonly and allowing the fingers of one hand to roam lazily over her clit. Ingrid stood above her, gently pinching her own nipples and licking her lips with anticipation.

I took Angela by the hand and led her to the couch. She sat down near Dorothy, and I sat in the armchair. I opened the remaining bottle of champagne and poured glasses for Angela and myself.

Now Dorothy was sort of purring and groaning and touching herself all over, as Ingrid sucked Dorothy's toes. It looked like Ingrid was really preparing to give her the treatment. As Dorothy's voice grew louder, Ingrid approached her splayed thighs, and bent to press one of her nipples into Dorothy's wet and swollen pussy; then she moved up on the couch, offering the nipple to Dorothy's mouth. Dorothy moaned and sucked it. Then Ingrid repeated the process with her other nipple.

I caught Angela's eye. She was sitting on the couch, with her knees up against her breasts. Looking at me, she smiled and parted them, offering me a tantalizing view of her cunt. I smiled approvingly, and reached my champagne glass over and clinked it against hers.

Dorothy was playfully rubbing her foot against Ingrid's pussy. Ingrid bent her legs to allow Dorothy to push two toes inside, and then closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. Dorothy then withdrew them and offered them to Ingrid to be sucked.

Ingrid sucked at them greedily, and the taste seemed to overwhelm her. She dropped again to her knees, seized Dorothy's thighs, and buried her face in Dorothy's pussy.

Dorothy began cumming almost immediately, very noisily. Ingrid continued to eat her voraciously, her face bathed by Dorothy's eruption. Dorothy then gasped and seized Angela's hand, whispering her name.

Angela bent shyly to kiss Dorothy. Dorothy returned her kiss urgently, then broke off to gasp, "No! Angela! No, I need your pussy on my mouth!"

Awkwardly, Angela straddled Dorothy's face, facing Ingrid. But when she lowered her cunt to Dorothy's mouth, Angela seemed galvanized as her most intimate parts came into contact with Dorothy's lips and tongue. Her eyes rolled up for an instant, and her face broke into an ecstatic, breathless smile, as she began to rub herself against Dorothy's face.

This was quite a sight. My cock was completely hard again. I drained my champagne glass, listening to Dorothy cry out in another orgasm. Then I positioned myself behind Ingrid.

I began to rub the head of my cock along her drenched pussy slit, nuzzling her clit with it. She thrust her ass upwards to offer me better access, pushing against me, try to capture my cock with her cunt. I teased her, rubbing myself over her slick opening, tickling her clit.

Suddenly Ingrid spun around, taking my head in her hands and pulling it to her breast. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it, nibbling it, tasting Dorothy's juices on it, while rubbing her other nipple between my thumb and fingers. She groaned in pleasure. Then she lowered herself once again and began rubbing her face on my cock and balls.

As she did this, I glanced up to see that Angela had taken advantage of Ingrid's distraction, and had buried her face between Dorothy's thighs. Dorothy and Angela were consumed with pleasure from that most exciting position, the 69.

And then I felt Ingrid's mouth on my cock. That wide, hungry mouth, so exciting to kiss, was now devouring me; she took all of my cock, effortlessly, and sucked it so wetly and passionately that I felt another orgasm approaching. Thrusting my hips, I cried, "I'm going to cum!"

In her thick and enchanting Spanish accent, Ingrid said, "Fock me, darling," and turned around once again, lifting her ass skyward. I found her pussy opening, and slipped my cock slowly, slowly inside her, as she cried out in excitement. I pushed it in to the hilt, and began to move; she came before I had thrust 4 times, and before I could cum myself, she had spun around again and sucked me deep into her mouth. That was it. I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of semen into her throat as she swallowed hungrily.

I looked up and saw the eyes of Dorothy and Angela upon me; they were sitting on the couch together, watching and smiling. I caught my breath for a moment, sitting once again in the armchair. Then Dorothy, who seemed never to slow down, approached me, saying, "I want to make you cum again."

Three times was a lot for me; I was skeptical about going for four. But I kept my skepticism to myself. Kneeling before me, Dorothy was rubbing her big tits with those big, rough nipples, all over my crotch, and sure enough, my cock sprang to life. Grinning wickedly, she took it into her mouth, soon making it very hard and wet, and then rubbed her tits against it some more. She had my full attention now. She told me to lie on the floor. I obeyed.

She paused for a moment, squatting above my face, and then lowered her pussy to my mouth. God, she tasted good. She had cum lord knows how many times, her pussy was very swollen, and the juice was overflowing. Then she pulled away as I cried out in disappointment, only to swiftly mount my cock.

Her pussy was paradise. She moved it expertly as I thrust my hips up to meet her, and her big breasts rubbed against my chest. Then she sat upright, continuing to fuck me, smiling down at me, knowing what she was doing to me. I saw Angela take up a position behind her, her hands on Dorothy's breasts.

Then I lost sight of them, because Ingrid was leaning down and kissing me deeply, her tongue invading every corner of my mouth. Then she broke off her kiss, smiling and speaking to me in intimate tones, "Do you want to comb, darling?" I knew what she meant to say. "Yes, I want to cum! Help me, Ingrid!"

I was in fact very close to cumming, but not there yet. I said urgently to Ingrid, "Let me taste your pussy!"

Teasingly, she replied, "Do you like my poossy?"

"Yes, I love your pussy!" I gasped. "Put it on my face!"

She grinned wickedly. "Do you want to leek my poossy?"

"Yes, please!" I said desperately. I was right on the edge of orgasm. I could feel Dorothy's cunt contracting powerfully around my cock as she rode me up and down.

Ingrid squatted above my face, just out of reach, rubbing her cunt voluptuously. Loudly, she said, "Do you want to SOCK my poossy?"

"Oh, god, let me suck it!" I cried. She dipped her hand inside, and offered it to me, allowing me to suck her juice from her fingers.

"Does my poossy taste goood?" Before I could answer, she lowered her cunt to my mouth. I opened wide, taking in all of her vulva, shoving my tongue deep inside her before whirling it around and around her clit. She immediately began cumming copiously into my mouth, sending me over the edge; I thrust my cock upward, deep into the wet heaven of Dorothy's cunt, and erupted.

I went home with Angela that night, and we spent all of the next morning making love, getting to know each other very, very well. I think that Dorothy and Ingrid may have done the same. There will be another party soon.

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