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Janet stared wistfully out the window as she finished up the prep dishes. Her husband Tony was out in the driveway, telling one of his stories and making a drunken fool of himself again. It was their annual 4th of July bar-b-que and a couple dozen friends and family were there. Tony always put the grill in the driveway with a couple picnic tables, set up buffet style. Most people grabbed their food and then went to the back yard to visit and play in the pool.

Tony spent most of his time at the grill, talking and drinking. The majority of their guests were just fine with that arraignment. They had heard his jokes and stories and seen him get drunk many times, they were more interested in visiting with others than seeing the Tony show again. There were a couple die-hard buddies that stayed with him and told dirty jokes and got as drunk as he did. It was like two separate parties that overlapped borders. A drunken boys party and a neighborhood bar-b-que. Janet sighed as she realized, with the way Tony was drinking, she wasn't getting laid again tonight

"Mrs. Biggs, where do you keep your trash can? Under the sink?"

Janet jumped as her thoughts of whether to use her dildo or shower massage tonite were interrupted by Kevin, the 18 year old son of her best friend, Carla. He was home from college and had joined his parents for the party. This was usually her alone in the house, away from people, part of the festivities.

"There's a big trash can in the drive, Kevin." She answered, bothered that he had disturbed her alone time.

"Oh. I didn't see it." He was holding a couple messy paper plates.

Janet moved a bit to the side so she could open the door for the space under the sink. She wondered if everyone had a trash can in there, under the sink.

"Since you're already here, stick it in here." She answered.

"Hey hon." Tony called through the window.

"What." Janet answered, another disturbance.

"Hurry up and get your ass out here."

"Just a couple more trays to do and I'll be out." She replied, impatiently. Why can't she get a few minutes to herself?

Kevin was standing behind her. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Even though he wasn't touching her, she could feel the heat from his body on her bare legs. Then she smelled him. It was a subtle combination of cinnamon and man sweat. It caused her neglected nipples to get erect. She decided to use her vibrator. Maybe before tonight.

"Mr. Biggs really has a good time at these things, doesn't he?" Kevin said in her ear.

He was close behind her, looking over her shoulder, out the window. Janet felt his hips press against her ass as the boy leaned forward to watch Tony. She felt his breath on her neck. It was hot and tickled the hairs on the back of her neck. She had known Kevin all his life and he was almost a son to her. She had never entertained the idea that he had a cock. She now realized he did and it was pressing into the soft flesh of her right asscheek. It throbbed and the housewife gasped.

Little Kevin had an erection and from the feel of it, the name 'little' was no longer appropriate. Her knees wobbled a bit. He seemed unaware of the contact. He backed up and moved to dump his plate in the can. As he bent over, Janet became very aware of her choice of clothing.

It was typical for her to wear her thin, nylon shortie shorts in the summer. She has several pair and was wearing the powder blue today. She had great legs and loved to show them off. The shorts weren't so short that her ass cheeks hung out, they ended about an inch below where the curve of her ass met her thighs. So standing, she was fine, but if she bent over too far, well. Or if someone was bending over looking up. They were designed like a bathing suit and had the netting inside, so she seldom wore panties with them. Today she wished she had.

Kevin seemed to be taking a long time throwing away the plates. She glanced down and saw the boy's head just below the leg of her shorts and though he was reaching to put the plates in the can, his head was turned and staring up at her crotch. Her nipples got harder and began to make bumps in the material of her halter. Janet knew he could see where her pussy was cradled in the see-thru net lining of the shorts. She was about to scold him and ask him what the hell he thought he was looking at, when Tony called her again.


"What?" She snapped through the window.

What happened next surprised Janet. She couldn't have been more surprised if Jesus Christ himself suddenly appeared on the kitchen table, wearing a crotchless pink tutu, with a chicken on his head, asking if he could stick his penis in the toaster, while her husband bent over and Madonna crawled out of his asshole.

First, she felt the breath on her thigh. Hot and moist. Like a dog panting. Then she felt cooler air on her ass and pussy. Before she could move, because she was distracted talking to Tony, Kevin grabbed each leg of her shorts and in one motion jerked them to her ankles. She was naked from the waist down. Janet looked down and saw the boy kneeling behind her, his face level with her bare ass, eyes wide as saucers. His hot breath tickled the fine hairs on her cheeks.

"What the hell?" She half yelled - half whispered.

She didn't want to alert her very jealous, drunken husband to a problem for a couple reasons. First, he would beat the boy senseless. Second, he would accuse her of teasing the boy with what she was wearing, as he had done on several other occasions where his friends were around. And third, he would beat the boy senseless, again.

Janet had been told by several people that she looked like Courtney Thorne Smith, and she had even dyed her hair blond to make it more so. Though her tits were smaller, they were a B cup, her ass was nicer. She had no trouble getting attention from men when she went out.

"Jan." Tony yelled.

"What?" She yelled back.

Janet was in trouble. Should she make a scene and get Kevin in trouble and possible beat up? Should she pretend nothing was going on, answer Tony as quickly as possible, and then deal with the boy herself? She flushed at the thought of Kevin looking at her trimmed bush. He now knew she wasn't a natural blond. Tony was the only man who had ever seen her pussy. Now here she was with a teenage boy looking at her intimately, while her husband talked to her through the window.

"Are you listening to me?" Tony was not letting up.

"Yes. I'm listening. Make it quick." She didn't know why, but she stood on her toes and leaned closer to the window. This caused her beautiful ass to stick out even more and gave the boy a perfect view of her hairlined pussy lips from behind.

"Bret, was wondering ..."

"Oh god, no."

"I didn't even tell you yet." Tony thought she was talking to him.

Janet was really talking to Kevin, who had taken her lack of reaction and her leaning forward as permission. Janet felt the boy slide his hand up the inside of her thigh and push two fingers into her snatch. Janet was surprised at how easily his digits slipped into her. Then she realized, she was very wet down there. It had been a while since Tony had done his husbandly duty and she was ready. Her pussy didn't care who's fingers were saying hi, it said hello back. In fact, it was so willing, Kevin met no resistance as he slipped his long fingers into her, past the second knuckle. He wiggled them back and forth like you do to show someone walking, only faster. Running?

There was thunder rumbling in Janet's brain as the blood rushed through her ears to her face. She saw Tony outside and his mouth was moving but she couldn't hear through the thunder.

"Oh Christ. Stop that."

She whispered quietly as Kevin started finger banging her. It felt good. Real good. He was pumping his fingers like pistons in and out of her lonely pussy. Her pussy appreciated the attention and secreted more lubricant to make the boy's action easier. She didn't know what he was paying for college but he was certainly educated about how to finger a married woman's snatch. Did they teach that? She reached down to push the boy's hand away but her knees buckled, her hips dropped, and suddenly, Kevin had his fingers as deep as they could get. His pinkie brushed over her clit.

Janet grabbed the sink to keep from falling over. She heard a squishy sound as he worked her cunt. She was breathing heavier. Her hips moved back and forth, in response to his actions. It was less than a minute and Janet was having a real tough time not screaming out in pleasure. All of a sudden, the housewife felt the foreign fingers leave her and she had a chance to catch her breath.

"... if we can get the time, then he and Grace will ..."

She was able to hear Tony's words again, but that ended and the thunder started again when she felt Kevin's hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. The hot moist breath was back and tickled her asshole just micro-seconds before his tongue parted her pussy lips from behind. She jumped from the contact.

"Holy shit. That's good." She uttered in surprise, unable to hide her enjoyment in the shock of what the boy was doing.

"I thought you'd like that idea." Tony answered.

Janet could hear soft, sloppy moans from the face licking her. She spread her legs wider and leaned forward more so that her face was almost touching the window screen. She knew it was wrong. Oh so wrong, but he was oh so good at doing something so wrong. His tongue stabbed into her hole and he tongue fucked her needy cunt. It had been way too long since Tony had done that to her. She purred deep in her throat.

"Oh goddamn." Janet called out as Kevin used the tip of his tongue to batter her aroused clit.

"Okay, Don't get all tense." Tony answered. "We can rent a room if you don't want to camp."

"What ... ever ... you .... say."

Janet smiled and moaned softly. If only her husband knew that her outcry was not about being in a tent, but because her best friend's son had stopped licking her pussy and was now working his tongue around her little pink rosebud asshole while he pushed three fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. It was called a ... a ... a rim job. Janet nodded as she remembered the correct term. She had never had one and quite enjoyed what the boy was doing. It was erotic and so dirty.

"Uh huh." She half said, half groaned.

Tony thought the head nod and the uh huh was for him, so he kept talking, even though his wife still could not hear a word over the roaring in her ears..

"And we can get everything at a discount." Tony said

Then suddenly, Janet could hear him again because the thunder, to her disappointment, had stopped again. She felt Kevin grab her hips. He pulled her backward slightly and pushed his hips forward and up.

"No. No." She said.

Janet reached back to push the boy away but when his stiff cock bumped against her cunt, and her knees wobbled again, she needed to grab the window sill for stability or fall on the floor. That would surely bring Tony running. The older woman bit her lip to keep from crying out as she felt the boy's cock split her pussy and slide between the lips. The thick tip of his pecker poked against her hole. A couple jabs and he was in.

"Hey, you still listening?" Tony asked.

"Oh yes, baby. You bet. Every....thing. All of it." She answered, trying to keep the passion out of her voice.

Christ almighty. What was he shoving in her. She could feel her cunt lips part to accommodate the large penis head. And then, felt her lips tighten around the narrower shaft. Kevin pushed himself all the way up her in one quick thrust. .


Janet had the wind pushed out of her. Well, she had asked for it. The blood was rushing to another part of her body and she could once again hear her husband talk to her while this teenager violated the pussy that previously had experienced only his cock.

"Are you alright in there?" Tony asked.

"Fine. Oh honey. I'm good. Real good."

Janet answered as Kevin started his motion. He pushed in deep and then pulled back to where half the head was out, and then back in. A shock went through her each time her clit was rubbed by the ridge of the boy's cockhead. His rhythm increased and so did her building orgasm.

'Oh god, he's gonna make me cum while my husband watches.' she realized.

Janet knew it was only possible to see a couple feet into the kitchen and Kevin was back far enough as to be invisible from outside. Her passion was heightened with the knowledge she was getting rammed by a strange cock while she stared into her husband's face not 4 feet away.

"Are you going to come out soon?"

"Yes sweetie. I'll be cumming soon. Real ... soon. Just ... let ... me ... finish." Her words were broken because she was trying not to moan. "Now go - oh - away."

"Okay." Tony answered. He turned and went back to the grill.

"Oh G-g-g-g-god Kev--in. Y-y-you-ou-ou ha-ha-have t-t-t-to st-st-st-op."

Janet begged, as she lowered her head below the window level. She gripped the sill tighter. The boy, full of teenage energy only fucked her faster. He pounded so hard he lifted her feet off the floor. His hand slipped under her loose halter and squeezed her tit and pulled her nipple as his hips jack hammered against her ass.

"Oh no. Huh huh. Pleassssse stop. Uunnng."

She turned her head to look at him. She knew this boy was going to bring her to orgasm right there in her kitchen with her yard full of guests.

He palmed her tit and squeezed it. He caught her erect nipple between two fingers and pinched and tugged it. No other man had even kissed her, let alone felt her naked tit or put his cock in her since she got married. It was just too nasty to deny. It had been too long since she was filled with cock and he was very good. Janet groaned as she watched the boy's hips pound against her.

"Oh fuck me, Kevin. Huh huh." Janet panted from his driving thrusts. She needed to cum so bad. Giving in to her passion, she begged. "Fuck me faster. Make me cum. Please make me cum."

"Oh, your pussy is so tight." Kevin moaned.

Up to this point he had not said a word. Hearing his voice in her ear and knowing that this hard, throbbing cock ravaging her from behind, belonged to the son of her best friend. A boy she had watched grow up. Made her even more aroused. She raised her head and looked at her husband. If he could see her now. Janet felt Kevin's cock get thicker and knew he was going to cum. She felt his explosion inside her. She could feel his cock spurting his load in her. That was the bursting point for the housewife. She turned to look at him again.

"Ooooohhhh ssssshhit. Oohh. Oohh. Ooooohhh. Kev---innnnn." She moaned as she came. Her hips twitched and her head rolled back and forth.

"Ung. Ung. Ung. Aaauuugh." Kevin cried out as he spasmed and shot his load into Mrs. Biggs' pussy.

A couple final thrusts and he was done. He rested across her heaving back until he felt her move. He pulled his pecker out and tucked it back in his pants. Janet turned and faced the boy. She slapped him hard across the face. The stunned look in his eyes surprised her. What did he expect?

"Why did you slap me?" He asked.

"What?" Janet said, reaching down and pulling up her shorts. She felt his jiz begin to dribble down her leg. "What made you think you could do what you did?"

"Bob Marshall." Kevin answered. Bob was another neighborhood boy about Kevin's age

"What the hell does that little shit have to do with this?"

"He said you let him fuck you last summer when he mowed your lawn."

"That lying bastard."

"You didn't?"

"Kevin don't be an idiot. I wouldn't let Bob kiss me for a million dollars much less let him f...... do that."

"Oh Mrs Biggs. I'm so sorry. You're not gonna tell my mom, are you? I thought when you pointed to your crotch, and say put it in here, that you were......"

"I was pointing to the trash can, not my ... oh my god. Get out of here. And don't you ever tell anyone."

Janet glared at him. Kevin became the fumbling teenager again and not the expert cocksman that had just given her one of the best orgasms of her life. He stumbled to the door, his head hung down. Janet actually felt sorry for him. The sensation, when her still erect and tender nipple brushed against her top and the tingling in her pussy made her say.

"You know Kevin, I'll need some help with the lights this year so when you come home for Christmas, maybe you could stop by."

Janet wasn't sure but she thought 6 months from now she might need a tune-up and the boy had just the tool for the job. He left smiling and nodding his head. Janet went to clean up before she joined the party.

the blackmail no. 1

Janet was coming into the livingroom, heading to the kitchen, to go out to the yard. She had washed her twat and changed her shorts. Her body was still vibrating a little from her intense orgasm. She would have to be careful to not be alone with Kevin while she was still feeling the afterglow, or she might do something else she'd regret. She touched two fingers to her lips.

"So is free pussy the only thing available at this party or can a fella get his cock sucked too?"

Janet stopped in her tracks. The voice belonged to Jeff, one of Tony's drinking buddies. Jeff made Janet feel uncomfortable and she always made sure Tony wasn't too far away when he was around her. He gave her the kinda looks that told her, if he had the chance he would fuck her whether she was willing or not. Now she was alone with him and he seemed to know something. Janet shivered as she turned to face him.

Jeff was sitting on the couch with his legs obscenely splayed open. He smiled wickedly. His right hand was holding the tab of his zipper.

"You know." Jeff started. "I snuck in when I saw you heading for the house. I love the way your ass looks in those shorts and I was hoping to get a little sneaky peekie if you bent over."

He lifted his left hand and was holding his cell phone.

"My wife wanted me to get one with all the bells and whistles. I don't really care and almost never use it for anything but calls."

He flipped it open.

"So I'm hiding, hoping to get a look at that tight, round ass of yours and imagine my surprise when not only do I see your naked ass and puss puss when some kid pulls down your pants, I also get to see him poke his fingers in your cunt and finger bang you. But the biggest surprise? You don't stop him."

He held up two fingers of the hand holding the phone and made a jabbing motion.

"And then he pulls out his cock and spears your cunt from behind and another surprise, you not only let him, you beg him, 'Fuck me Kev-innn. Make me ca-ca-cum.' So, the kid proceeds to doggie slam-fuck your sweet pussy, which by the way, looks very sexy with a cock pounding it, and he does indeed make you ca-ca-cum. I got so hard I was gonna jerk off right here on the couch, but I thought of something else."

He shook the phone at her.

"God bless my wife, if not for her I never, never would have gotten a phone that takes pictures. Who needs that? Guess what? I needed it and thanks to her, I had it. I only wish it had sound. Wanna see?"

She shook her head no. Janet felt her knees wobble, much the same as when Kevin touched her pussy but she also felt like she was going to throw up. She was in it now. She was in the shit and it was about to cover her completely. She just stared as Jeff motioned for her to come and sit beside him.

"Don't be shy, Janet."

As if in a trance, the housewife moved to the couch and sat where Jeff was patting the cushion. He held the phone in front of her. She stared blankly as she watched the slide show of pictures. There was a shot of Kevin kneeling behind her with his fingers in her pussy and a shot of him holding her ass apart with his tongue in her pussy. A shot of her getting fucked from behind and another shot of the same action with her head below the window line.

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