tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 02

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 02


In the day's that followed my first assignment I really did a lot to change my life. I had just lost my virginity to a man, and for money none the less, there was neither love nor any consideration for me. It was all for the clients excitement, but I was paid very well, in fact I knew that I would never earn that much money again for an assignment. Even at that age with no real world experience, I somehow knew that a virgin escort must have been extremely rare.

I found a room that I could rent from an older couple, it was basically a converted old garage that had been made into a mother-in-law suite. The room was small, but it did have a private bathroom with a sink, toilet and standing shower. The wall paper was a dark pink with an old time print. The border that surrounded the top of the walls was a floral print. There was no closet, only a small wardrobe and a dresser, both made of a wicker material. Cheap to say the least, but it was mine. The rent was not bad, only $ 500 a month. I paid three months up front, which was all the couple seemed to be interested in.

I was able to cut the small college I was attending a check for $ 6,500 to cover my spring semester, which still left me with $ 2,000 from my first assignment, more money than I had ever had in my life. Kevin and I spoke on a daily basis, he knew I needed a few days to get my life in order, so he did not talk business, he was only checking in with me to see if everything was alright. He did make it a point though, to make sure that I purchased a cell phone, he even helped me get on a plan, since I had no credit history.

Finally with my life in order; a reliable roof over my head, school paid for, and a cell phone I was ready to continue with my new career. I knew that I would need the money, and wow it seemed so easy, I could make more in a few hours than I could working a week full time. The idea that I would have plenty of time to focus on my school work was something that Kevin reminded me on a continual basis.

It was Saturday morning when I received an early call from Kevin on my new cell phone, I was startled out of a deep sleep. Kevin told me that he had a gentleman in town that day who would like me to accompany him around the city that evening. I was told that I would make $ 1,500 for the evening, and if he decided that he would like me to stay the night, my share would increase to $ 2,500. I was still in shock over the amount of money that was being thrown in my direction, so it took me a minute to process everything before telling Kevin that I agree.

Kevin filled me in on the itinerary for the evening, I would meet the gentleman who would go by the name of Mr. Johnson. We would attend a function that evening at the city art gallery, then we would go to a nice local restaurant, finally back to his hotel were I would "model for him".

I went out that day and did some shopping, I figured that I could use some new clothes, something that I could be seen in that evening. Not wanting to spend a whole lot of money, I found a sale at a department store in the mall, and purchased several dress shirts and two pairs of dress pants, one black one brown, and two new pairs of dress shoes the same color. I wanted to look good, to present a good image. I can still not believe how nonchalantly I was taking this new "career".

I meant Mr. Johnson that evening at the art gallery in center city, it was a little function that they were staging for their members. There were drinks, mostly champagne and white wine for the guests, as well as a jazz band. The patrons wondered around the gallery until they finally opened the section that had brought in everyone that night, it was the unveiling of a new exhibit of Latin American Art. Mr. Johnson and I walked through in the first group, he talked a lot about the paintings, trying I guess to show me his knowledge of the art world. I pointed out the main difference that I saw, which was that Latin American Art (which of course focused very much on religion) seemed to be happy, whereas the European Art from the same time period (especially the Italian) seemed very cold or harsh. Kind of like the difference between those that preach a loving god versus fire and brimstone. This impressed him, and seemed to put him more at ease for some reason.

After the gallery we went to the Restaurant only a few blocks away from the art gallery, the restaurant was named after the famous Dutch Painter Rembrandt. The place was nice and Mr. Johnson ordered an expensive dish, being new to this and not knowing what was expected of me, I ordered a simple chicken dish, one of the cheapest things on the menu. Dinner was nice, and Mr. Johnson had a few glasses of wine and even gave me a glass, no one was watching but he had to be careful as I was not of legal drinking age.

He wanted a stroll after dinner, and on the way to his hotel he asked me if I would mind extending our date for the entire night, for an extra $ 1,000 of course I said yes. We wandered through a small park near his hotel, and that is when he grabbed hold of me for the first time. He took my hand in his as we walked through the park, and every time we were shielded by the darkness he would let go and touch me, either squeezing my ass or brushing his hand over my cock.

We reached his hotel room just after 8 pm, and Mr. Johnson started to act just a bit nervous, he was no where near as dominate as Mr. Deverson had been. I could tell that this was a treat for Mr. Johnson whereas Mr. Deverson was acting out a dominate sexual fantasy. Mr. Johnson sat down on the edge of the bed, and asked me to slowly strip out of my clothes for him. I did so in a manner that resembled a stripper, not knowing if a man was supposed to do it differently, but I could tell by his actions that he was enjoying himself.

When I was nude Mr. Johnson lifted his butt off the bed, just enough to remove his pants and lower them to his ankles. At his request I untied his shoes and removed his pants and underwear the rest of the way. While I did that he removed his shirt, undershirt and watch. We were now both nude, facing one another, and then I saw that his cock had sprung to life. Mr. Johnson was an average sized man, his cock was about the same size as mine, maybe a little bigger. He reached out and placed his hand upon my shoulder and gently signaled for me to drop to my knees.

I knew what he wanted, but unlike with Mr. Deverson I was in control. I slowly took Mr. Johnson's cock into my mouth and started to suck up and down on it. It was nice to be in control of my actions, and not have someone trying to ram his cock down my throat. Mr. Johnson asked me to take my time, that he really enjoyed oral, and that unfortunately his wife thought it was a disgusting act. Wow two assignments, two married men, I had a hard time believing it.

I continued sucking his cock in and out of my mouth, taking time to work around the head, for some reason I was really enjoying doing a good job for Mr. Johnson. I took him out of my mouth, and remembering a scene from a porno movie that I once saw, I licked up and down his shaft using just the tip of my tongue. The reaction that I was getting for Mr. Johnson told me that I was a natural. I had never thought of myself as gay, yet I found myself with no reservations regarding my actions that night in his hotel room.

I next concentrated on his head, then kissed my way down his shaft, and tongued him at the base just before his balls. I then licked all around his balls, finishing by taking each one individually into my mouth and sucking on them very gently. I put his cock back in my mouth and worked on it some more. I had an idea next and took it out of my mouth and started pumping it with my hand as I looked up at him and asked what he wanted next. With a pleading look, he asked me to finish him, I could tell my actions had just brought him to the edge. Putting his cock back in my mouth, I started to suck it in as far as I was comfortable doing so, when suddenly he burst, unloading a very large load which I swallowed down with some effort.

Mr. Johnson just lay back on the bed and told me how great that was, he was thanking me for the greatest blow job he had ever received. I took a minute to get my legs back under me, then I climbed on the bed next to him. Mr. Johnson reached over and started to stroke my very erect cock, but he did not bring me off. After a few minutes, he told me it would take him a while to be ready again, but since I was there to model. He took out a digital camera, and I "modeled" as asked for the next half hour. He seemed to like pictures of my face, and with me bending over. He asked me to masturbate for him, and he got it all on film. I finished as he asked on my chest, then he finished his photo shoot by having me scoop it up in my fingers and eat it. I was hesitant since it was my own, not sure why as I had just swallowed his and he was a stranger. I did so, as he took his final pictures, and this brought his cock back to life.

Mr. Johnson guided me onto my back, then got off the bed and retrieved a bottle of lube. He placed some on his right middle finger and worked it into my ass. He moved his finger in and out to open me up a little, then globed some on his cock. He crawled up to me and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He placed his cock at the opening to my ass and entered me slowly, much more gentle than Mr. Deverson had. He soon built up to a moderate pace, and then suddenly came.

Mr. Johnson looked a bit embarrassed but did not remove himself from me, instead he tried his best to remain hard and started to pump in and out of me some more. Soon his cock was as hard as could be and he then fucked me for a good ten minutes, with his second wind he was able to really go. Mr. Johnson grabbed me around my waist and at one point had me resting on the back of my neck, almost pile driving his cock into me as he finished for the second time in my well fucked ass. Not knowing otherwise, when he pulled out and rested, I immediately moved down and took him into my mouth to clean him off like Mr. Deverson had demanded. This took Mr. Johnson by surprise, and I guess his cock was a little oversensitive at this point as he momentarily stopped me. I then proceeded after a moment gently, until his cock was clean.

Mr. Johnson then raved about how great a kid I was and told me that I was the best fuck he had ever had. There it was, I was just a fuck, this was strictly business, not that I was looking to fall in love with someone old enough to be my own father much less a man. He asked me then to cuddle up with him and soon he was asleep with me firmly within his grasp.

Unbeknownst to me he had set his alarm, and he woke up three hours later. This time Mr. Johnson mounted me from behind and did not feel he needed to use any lube. He grabbed a hold of my hips and pounded me more forcibly than before. He lasted a good 3 to 4 minutes, I heard him grunting, trying to me make feel every penetrating plunge (which I did). He pulled out just before he was to finish and quickly asked me to turn around. He then came on my face, around my mouth and a little bit crossed my eyes. Lick it up, he asked, and I did so. We then went back to sleep.

The next morning we awoke at 6am sharp, thanks to a wake up call. Mr. Johnson had me go into the bathroom with him. He said he would like to do something now that he had never been able to do to his wife. I got into the shower and got down on my knees as he asked. He then pissed on me, not directly into my face, no all over my body. He was spraying me like a male animal marking his territory. He then showered, as I washed his entire body, finishing with his cock.

Naturally I took his cock into my mouth, as I told him (at his direction) how much I wanted to clean his pipes for him. This time I sucked down with more intent than the first time, I was not going slow as this one was strictly for results. Mr. Johnson helped out and put his hands around my head and started to fuck my mouth. I could tell he wanted to fuck my face a little harder than he started out, so I just looked up at him and said "harder". Well it did the trick, a few hard pumps although I almost chocked, and I was swallowing Mr. Johnson for the third time.

That was where our adventure ended, as Mr. Johnson had somewhere to be, and my time was up, it was of course the next day. On the way out though, he surprised me by taking me into his arms with a sudden motion, and kissed me hard. I had never been kissed like this by a man before and it took me a moment to settle down. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, then pushed his hand down into my pants and started to stroke my cock. Well I did need the relief as my entire time up to then had been on focusing on the client. He finished me inside my pants, then without giving me a chance to clean up, sent me on my way.

I felt funny walking back to my train that morning, trying to avoid anyone's direct glace as my underwear was soaked with my own cum. I went home that morning, showered, changed and ate breakfast. Then without missing a beat, Kevin called to tell me that he received great feedback on my services and that Mr. Johnson had given me a very high recommendation. We made an appointment for later that day when I could drop by and pick up my money. Kevin also took the time to ask me just what in fact was I comfortable with, as he had a clientele with "diverse" interests and that some of their "interests" he could charge a higher price for. I could not answer only to tell him that I would have to discuss each request with him. Not the answer he wanted I guess, but one that did not displease him.

Please send me your feedback to part two at and I will work on part three. RobXXX

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