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(Author's Note: I've noticed that Japanese bukkake is quite effective for us facial fans, in part because it seems that nearly every guy in the videos shoots a pretty big load (onto truly beautiful women). That suggests to me that the male participants are screened ahead of time, to make sure they've got enough spunk. I figured the screening process would make the basis for a great story.)

Felicia Johnson was thrilled when the recruiter from Japan Automotive hired her right out of her San Francisco art school to work at the company's advertising department, in Tokyo. As a graphics designer and photographer she was more than anxious to begin shooting pictures of sleek cars and sexy people. High res digital cameras meant no more darkroom chemicals. Now, everything happened in real time, in the studio. She had only a few days to arrange her move. She packed her bags, her cameras, computers, and art supplies. Her roommate, Susan, was happy for the extra space Felicia's departure would provide (though not thrilled about the additional rent). Felicia said hasty good-byes to her family and friends (but no steady boy friend), and before it all had fully sunk in, she was on the plane to Tokyo. Business class seating on the plane wasn't too uncomfortable, but she knew she'd have to work hard to get her "upgrade" in the company hierarchy.

She was met at the airport by a young Japanese woman named Mariko. Mariko spotted Felicia, immediately. Japan Auto's HR department had emailed to Mariko's I-Phone, a photograph and description of their newest employee: "Young Caucasian American female, about 25 years old, shoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks, brown eyes, full lips. Very attractive." Mariko's first glimpse of Felicia confirmed all this, and more. Felicia had large, beautiful breasts, slender waist, lovely rounded hips. This was one sexy girl. Mariko smiled. Her superiors would be pleased. For her part, Felicia was equally impressed with Mariko. The young Japanese woman was slender, with silky long black hair and ivory skin. Stunningly beautiful. Felicia had learned some Japanese in high school, but Mariko called out to Felicia in English. "Ms. Johnson? My name is Mariko. I'm your supervisor's Personal Assistant. Please come with me."

After retrieving Felicia's baggage, they were picked up by one of dozens of Japan Auto's company cars, and driven to downtown Tokyo. Threading his way through the tangled streets and incredible traffic, the driver delivered them to Felicia's new apartment. It proved to be a comfortable but very modest studio apartment. Tiny by American standards, quite ordinary for Tokyo. It was comfortable and furnished, and the view wasn't bad. Felicia thought to herself, "This will do for now, but I know I can do better." After unpacking, she grabbed a quick shower while Mariko waited in the main room. Mariko offered to take her out to dinner, at company expense, of course. The sushi was wonderful! But Felicia couldn't help noticing that during dinner, Mariko seemed to be eying her intently. She'd seen that look before, in the eyes of most of the men she knew. It seemed that Mariko was mentally undressing her. Felicia was surprised. Shocked, perhaps. Flattered.

The next day, Felicia took the subway to her employer's advertising division, and was directed to the studio where she would be working. The studio was located on ground level so that the company's vehicles could be driven in for photo shoots. The work proved to be as exciting as she'd hoped. The cars, the lighting, the fashion models all conspired to give her days a relentless, erotically charged glamor. Mariko, aside from her PA role, was also one of the models. In every shot she exuded a sexual intensity, whether or not her nipples could be seen through her clinging satin blouse.

As the days turned to weeks, Felicia was absolutely loving her job. She and Mariko were growing closer. She was also getting to know her supervisor, Mr. Miki Sakura. He was a Japanese man of around fifty years of age. He was quite good looking, youthful and fit, and fairly tall, around 1.8 meters in height. The Japanese social stratification being what it was, she and Mr. Sakura could not exactly be friends, but she enjoyed his and Mariko's company, in a process of group camaraderie known in Japan as "social lubrication." They would frequently all go out together for dinner, after work. Felicia found that she was growing increasingly attracted to Sakura. The social lubrication was evolving into another kind that often left her seat wet, when they left the restaurant.

While she loved her job, Felicia found that her budget remained very tight. The salary the company was paying her had seemed quite generous when she'd accepted their employment offer. But the cost of living in Tokyo was extraordinarily high. She had very little money left over after her basic living expenses were paid. And while she enjoyed the group gatherings paid for by the company, she was becoming increasingly frustrated by her inability to do much on her own in the huge Tokyo megalopolis. She simply couldn't afford it.

And so she was pleased when, early one Tuesday morning, Mr. Sakura called her into his office. He said to Felicia, in nearly perfect English, "Ms. Johnson, it has come to my attention that while you are doing excellent work for our firm, your salary is not leaving you much discretionary income, here in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to increase your salary at this time, though in my opinion, you certainly deserve a raise. However, I do have a special project that might be of interest to you, and would provide a substantial improvement in your monetary situation. Would you be interested?" Felicia was, of course, interested. But there was a curious glitter in Sakura's eyes as he raised this new opportunity?

"Ms. Johnson, you surely have noted that Japan Automotive is a highly competitive force in the industrial world. Even during economic downturns, our company has always remained profitable. We have achieved this by diversifying our activities. We don't just make cars and trucks. We have other operations, other revenue sources. We hope to involve you in one of these."

"And what would that be, Mr. Sakura?" Felicia asked with a mixture of curiosity and nervous anticipation.

"Well, Ms. Johnson, to be perfectly frank, we have found that there is always, through good times and bad, a market for the artistic expression of human sexuality. We produce high quality erotic materials: photographs, literature, and especially, videos. We do this under the umbrella of a subsidiary of ours that cannot be connected publicl to Japan Automotive."

Felicia was startled. And intrigued. She'd occasionally taken some sensual photographs while at art school. This would simply be a move further (much further!) in that direction. "Well, Mr. Sakura, I love taking photographs. I'd be interested in expanding the range of my work."

"I appreciate your enthusiasm, Ms. Johnson. But I need to clarify what we have in mind. One of our most popular erotic video lines is our bukkake product. Are you familiar with that term?" Felicia swallowed hard, and nodded. "We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality and most explicit bukkake on the market, today. And now I will be blunt. A large part of our success in this area is the result of truly stellar production values. Our lighting, cameras, and music scores are state-of-the art. The women appearing in these videos are exceptionally beautiful. And we make sure that every man can consistently ejaculate copious amounts of semen onto these women. And that is where you come in. We would like you to serve as our new Quality Control Assistant, not as our photographer. It will be your task to measure the amount of sperm every prospective male participant can produce, to make sure he measures up to our high standards."

Felicia could scarcely believe her ears. Mr. Sakura couldn't possibly mean any of this. "Mr. Sakura, forgive me for saying this, but you can't be serious!"

He replied, "Ms. Johnson, of course I am serious. Pornography is a multi-trillion Yen industry. No successful company can afford to turn away from such a lucrative activity. I understand your shock and surprise, but let me tell you what your participation would mean to you, personally. I will get right to the point. We will pay you the equivalent, in Yen, of five hundred US dollars, every time a prospective male participant ejaculates in your presence. In addition, we will pay you an additional $100 finder's bonus if his ejaculate level meets or exceeds our minimum standard. Given that our typical bukkake productions feature twenty or more men, you can expect to earn nearly $12,000 per session, and each session won't last more than two hours. There are even more generous incentives available, under certain circumstances."

Felicia found herself asking (as if her voice belonged to a stranger), "What circumstances are those?"

Sakura replied, "If you participate actively. In any case, we have a release form for you to sign, indicating that if you choose to become involved in this operation, you do so voluntarily. It also stipulates the financial arrangements"

Felicia was furious. "You bastard! You set me up! You knew my regular salary would be barely enough for me to live on, so that I'd consider your...'project.'" She thought for a moment. "Still, I think we can work something out. This 'other revenue source' is worth trillions of Yen, yes? Then I want a bigger part of the action. But I'm not greedy. I'll do it, for a thousand dollars a 'pop,' along with the incentives you've already mentioned. Make the change in the release agreement, and I'll sign." And soon it was done. Sakura gave her the address of a video production facility located several miles away. "See you tomorrow morning. 10:00 am. Wear something...attractive."

That night, Felicia found it hard to sleep. She thought to herself, "I must have been crazy to agree to do this porn thing! What was I thinking?" But a deeper part of her knew. With no boyfriend in her bed for the last few months, and no time or money to find one in the lonely crowds of Tokyo, she was aching for sex. Now she had the chance to have a lot of it, and make a ton of money at the same time.

The next morning, Felicia took the subway train to the video studio. Mariko met her at the employees' entrance and waved her through the security gate. Felicia followed her down a corridor to Studio 2. It was a large room, with stage, a couch, lighting, cameras, microphones on boom stands and other technical gear. Mariko instructed her to stand beneath the stage lighting for a photo. "Smile! Look sexy!" Mariko's camera whirred through a series of photos. She uploaded the photo batch to a computer, picked a shot that suggested a smoky eroticism, and began printing dozens of 8x10 copies of the photo.

"Why all these pics of me?" Felicia asked.

"This is how it all works. As Mr. Sakura explained, when we do a bukkake, we want to make sure that every guy in the video can shoot a serious load. So we actually measure how much sperm each one squirts. That's where the photos come it. Each guy is going to cum on your picture. Then we'll weigh the picture with the cum on an electronic scale. Since we know how much the picture weighs on its own, the extra weight is the guy's spunk!"

"You're joking!"

"No, I'm quite serious. An average guy shoots about 3 ml of cum. Every guy in our videos has to shoot at least 5." Mariko grinned. "We convert the measure from weight to volume, of course." Mariko pointed to a door opening on the far side of the studio. "We're ready to start."

About three dozen men, all in their underwear, filed into the room. Nearly all of them were native Japanese, but there were a few Caucasians as well. Mariko addressed the group, speaking in Japanese. "Gentlemen, please be seated." The men sat cross-legged on the floor. "My name is Mariko. It's my pleasure to welcome you to our latest bukkake screening. This is Felicia, a new addition to our production staff." She turned to Felicia, holding up the stack of photos. In English she said "I'll have these ready for you when the time comes." Turning back to the men, she continued. "Felicia is here for your pleasure. She will maximize your enjoyment, so as to maximize your ejaculations. Please cum on her picture. When you are finished, hand it to me, and tell me your name. I will weigh the photograph, in that way measuring how much semen you produced. Those of you who produce enough will be invited back to participate in a regular bukkake session. We thank you for your participation, and hope you enjoy your experience, here." Felicia, fascinated, watched the erotic scenario unfolding. She could feel the men's lust building. She could smell it in the air. She saw cocks, still restrained in their briefs, beginning to rise. She suddenly realized that these men would shoot more cum—and she would make more money—if she brought them to climax herself, rather than letting them simply masturbate onto her photo. She wanted to do it. She wanted to stroke their cocks. And taste their cocks. She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, to reveal a substantial amount of cleavage. The men stared at her. They began rubbing their cocks. Erections sprang up everywhere, as the men pulled down their confining briefs.

Felicia felt her own desire rising in response. She began a kind of slow erotic dance, undoing the remaining buttons on her blouse, one by one, eventually completely exposing her tits. Her nipples tightened, hardened. Mariko then signaled the men to stand, and remove their briefs. They gathered around Felicia, offering their now throbbing phalluses to her. She dropped to her knees, and began stroking them, one after another in turn. The pre-cum began dripping from the tips, running down onto her hands. One cock after another she slipped into her mouth, marveling at the variety of shapes and tastes. She began to picture jet after jet of jizz splashing onto her picture. It was like being the object of lust for every adolescent boy who ever jerked off looking at a skin mag. It turned her on.

She closed her tits around one cock after another; the pre-cum lubrication let them slide easily, forward and back. She was awash in lust, her own and that of all these men who wanted nothing more than to give her their spunk. They were surprisingly courteous. There was no pushing or crowding in their efforts to get Felicia's hands, or tits, or mouth, wrapped around their throbbing, pulsating dicks. They took turns. Those waiting for her attention were content to stroke themselves until Felicia was able to give them a few seconds of her attention. She she sank deeper and deeper into her role—a goddess, not of love, but of sex.

Mariko, who had been watching all this activity with a mixture of desire and amusement came over to Felicia, helped her to her feet, and led her over to the couch. Once Felicia was comfortable, she handed her a penis-shaped vibrator. "Here! Take this. You're going to need it!" Felicia immediately turned it on and slid it into her sopping pussy. Then Mariko spoke loudly enough for all the men to hear over all the groaning and gasping. "Gentlemen! I'm sure you are all getting close to cumming. We want to make sure you finish on the beautiful Felicia's photograph. I'll hold a copy of the photo for each of you while you cum. The gift of your semen is the highest possible compliment you can pay to this beautiful woman, this glorious cum slut!"

And so a natural rhythm developed immediately. Felicia sucked and stroked each cock until she could feel its owner was about to cum. She'd finish him off with her hand, as the jizz splattered her photo. Mariko would take a few seconds to weigh the pic, and enter the number next to the man's name. The first ejaculation was amazing. Spurt after spurt rained down on the photo, drenching it. Felicia could almost feel it on her face as she watched her likeness covered in sperm. The next guy's pop wasn't quite as big, but it glistened as the beautiful silvery, ropey strands adorned the photo. With all of this going on, the vibrator in Felicia's cunt was having the desired effect. Wave after orgasmic wave washed over her. She made little, gasping cries as she jerked one guy after another, working cock after cock, staring as they to shot their hot splattering loads all over her likeness.

It was all perfect, except for one thing: Felicia wanted her real face covered with cum. There were still dozens of cocks ready to shoot gallons of sperm. She was actually becoming jealous of her photograph! She whimpered to Mariko, "Please...please...I want cum on my face! My own face! I want it on my tits and in my hair. Please can I have it?" She was desperate, pleading.

Mariko smiled. "I knew you wouldn't last long with this. You'll be happy to know that most of these men are actually bukkake regulars. And you've already jerked off the guys who are trying out for the team. The rest of the cum is for you!" Now the crowd of men moved in on her. They gently but quickly slipped her clothes off of her. They wanted full access. She wanted them to have it. Felicia had a seemingly endless number of cocks in her hands, rubbing slippery pre-cum on her face, shooting sperm into her mouth, on her tits, into her hair, her cunt. Mariko held the vibrator against Felicia's clit while the men plunged in and out of her. Felicia was in a world of pleasure beyond anything she had ever imagined. Mariko then slipped the vibrator into Felicia's cunt, and began sucking and stroking the men herself. She opened her own blouse and rubbed cocks against her smaller but exquisitely shaped tits, until they were shiny with pre-cum. And she slid them into her own mouth, fellating each one to maximum arousal, the veins bulging along each shaft. This was all for Felicia's benefit. They would have that much more spunk to shoot onto her face. Then one after another, Mariko jerked them off, splashing Felicia with unbelievable amounts of sperm. Felicia was lost to this world, driven into an erotic universe comprised of nothing but spurting cocks. She screamed as the orgasms rolled over her, drowning in a sea of cum.

Gradually, after it was all over, Felicia's mind returned to this reality. Mariko helped her to her feet. The men all applauded and bowed, and filed out through the same door by which they had entered. Mariko told Felicia, "You did quite well." She brought Felicia through another door to a shower room where they could both clean up. As the hot water splashed them clean, Felicia said, "That was...amazing. I had no idea it could be like that."

Mariko pressed her body against Felicia's, their breasts rubbing together. "It doesn't have to be over," she said.

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