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Quality or Quantity of Fucks



This is a long story. There's lots to say about the subject so I don't apologise for the length. Also I don't apologise for the slow build up at times and the lack of 'wham, bang, thank you etc.'

My style is not everyone's cup of tea so, If you don't like it, don't read it.

This is quite a heartfelt story, the astute amongst you will work out why. If you manage to get through the story and would like to discuss it why not mail me. I promise to reply to all mails ann if they are particularly interesting I will send s photo.




The Characters


It was the third time they had fucked that afternoon and evening. They had gone to his rather grubby bedsit in Bethnal Green after a long session in the pub with their mates. He'd drunk pints of beer, Peroni in those long tall glasses, she'd drank vodka with a touch of water. They were both pleasantly pissed. But for that it was unlikely she would have accepted his invitation to 'come back to my place for some pasta and a fuck.' It was also unlikely he would have asked her if he hadn't been half drunk. They lived in the same block and that was how they had met and become friends, but until today, not lovers.

Sammi was the tastiest bird in the group of twelve that met most Wednesday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes in The Crown in Bethnal Green Road, quite near to the central line station. It was an old fashioned pub that sold good beer and lousy food, had no canned music or one arm bandits, but had a darts board and a pool table. I suited the crowd down to the ground. Urban rumour had it that it was a favourite of the Krays back in the sixties, but then everywhere around the east end of London has such rumours.

Jack was just an ordinary bloke. Averagely good looking with a reasonably personality, he was well liked, got on ok with nearly everyone and pulled his fair share of birds. Alright, it may be that the ones he got tended to be fat or plain or both and were rarely of the class of Sammi, but he was a pretty good fuck. He had bags of stamina and his recovery powers were awesome, often being ready again almost before he pulled out of the girl's pussy. This more than compensated for his lack of finesse and patience. This had become folk lore almost amongst the small gang. Although generally they didn't fuck each other some of the girls knew other girls who had been 'sorted out' by Jack, they passed it on and he was held in some esteem by them.

"You really up for a fuck?" he asked as they wandered arms around each along Roman Road towards their homes. Sammi alternated between the bed sit in Roman Road and living with her mum at a palatial pile in Chigwell, Essex.

This wasn't a normal sort of exchange for either of them. However, in their near drunk states it seemed perfectly reasonable for him to ask that and for her to giggle that she was.

Jack pulled the long, blonde haired, blue eyed beauty into a narrow alleyway. He pushed her up against a wall and kissed her.

"You sure?" He asked cupping one of her B cup boobs. He couldn't really believe his luck.

"Totally" she replied letting her hand fall down between them so it brushed across his erection.

Although Sammi had been with a few extremely virile guys with whom she'd fucked several times in an afternoon, evening or night, that hadn't happened for some time and currently she didn't have boy friend. Apart from being a little tipsy that was why she accepted Jack's original invitation to 'pasta and a fuck' and her confirmation as they walked home. After all they were fully paid up members of the 'now' generation and they could do anything!

He kissed her, hard and squirmingly, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth and pressing his hard-on right into her belly. She pushed back with her pubic mound and took the tip of his tongue between her teeth and sucked on it. Reaching down, Jack grabbed the hem of her white tee shirt that she was wearing outside her tight, blues jeans with rips in them. He pulled that and the covering pale blue, vee necked cashmere sweater up baring her tits. As most of the group, knew she rarely bothered with a bra. She didn't really need the support for her B cup tits were pert and still retained their youthful firmness.

"How about doing it right here."

"Fuck off I need a bed."

He laughed. "Come on then let's find one."

The first fuck was quick, urgent, quite dirty and very satisfying for both of them, but it wasn't in or even on a bed. It was with Sammi bent over and Jack fucking her from behind.

Once inside his 'studio apartment,' he grabbed her, they kissed and quickly were pulling each other's tops off. He had a hairy chest that Sammi loved and she had exquisitely pert B cup tits with deliciously pink, quite prominent nipples. Once he had her top off and her tits were bare he turned her and positioned in front of a floor to ceiling loft mirror. With both of them following the action in the mirror, Jack squeezed and cupped Sammi's tits and pinched and pulled on her nipples. Slowly he moved his hands downwards, fiddling his fingers just inside the waistband of her jeans before cupping and rubbing her mound. She watched fascinated as he slid her zip down and got his hand inside. That made her grab her own tits exciting both her and Jack.

So far it had all been slow and smooth, measured and calm, but almost immediately he found and pressed her clit they both seemed to explode. Her jeans came down, his hands plunged into her panties, he pushed his jeans down and pressed his hard, fully erect cock hard against her arse. Jack pushed her forward and Sammi bent at the waist, supported herself with her hands on the mirror and watched fascinated as he pulled her thong down so it was tight around her thighs, six inches or so beneath her pussy. She was relieved to see him take a condom from his jeans that were rumpled round his ankles and put it on his respectably solid cock. With little further ado he pressed his cock right on her lips before plunging through them and surging deep into her cunt.

It didn't take long before she was writhing against his cock and he was ready to shoot his load into the condom. That they were able to create a mutual orgasm was more due to the wantonness of the situation than anything else, but they ended up with her face down on the carpet, her bum in the air with his cock buried deep in her cunt.

It hadn't been much longer before they were both completely naked lying on the bed. Jack was between Sammi' legs, which were drawn up, wide open and wrapped round his waist. He was slamming himself into her loving both the depth of his penetration and the feel of her legs around him.

The third time a couple of hours later after they'd had a cup of tea, some pasta and a couple of large vodkas each, wasn't really a fuck. It was more her wanking him as he sucked her tits and finger fucked her.

They did it once more when they woke up in the middle of the night. This time they were on their sides and he fucked her from behind squeezing and pinching her tits and rubbing her clit.

Shrugging into her jeans, tee shirt and sweater, but not bothering with her thong, around three in the morning, Sammi went to the door leaving Jack in bed.

"I guess I'll see you Wednesday at the pub" she said as she slipped out of the door.



"Sammi, it's Samantha Cannock isn't it?"

It was the following Wednesday. Sammi was at home with her mum in Essex. She spent about half her time at the small flat in Bethnal Green rather slumming it compared to the near mansion her mum had got as part of her recent divorce settlement from Sammi's dad, where she spent the other half of her time.

She was in her local gym when she'd heard a man's voice call out her name. Turning she saw a guy in a suit staring at her. She didn't recognise him until he moved closer and said. "Hi Samantha, you were Jane's friend, Jane Roberts."

"Oh yes" she replied recognising him as the father of a girl she had been friendly with when she was at school. "Mister Roberts, how are you?"

"I'm fine Sammi and you?" He asked shaking her hand.

"Great thanks, how's Jane?"

"She lives in New York, she's fine."

"Yes I heard that from her Facebook."

"And your parents Sammi, how are they?"

"Well unfortunately there's been lots of problems there Mister Roberts."

"Bob Sammi please. Mister makes me feel even older than the advanced years I am."

Sammi laughed. "Bob then."

"Oh dear, I'm sorry."

"It happens I guess, they are getting divorced, dad lives in Spain."

"Is your mum still in Chigwell?" He asked recalling Sammi's mother who he and his wife had got to know through school functions. As most men did he particularly remembered her splendid pair of tits.

"Yes I live with her most of the time, but also have a little flat in Bethnal Green, where I stay most weekends."

"That sounds a good arrangement."

"It works for me and mum, we love each other of course but two women need their own space. Anyway what are you doing here at a gym in a suit?"

"I work for the group that owns the gyms and have to visit them from time to time, but not much longer."


"Well I retire in a couple of month's time."

"So what do you do Mister er Bob" she smiled.

"I'm a regional director."

"Wow, big time tycoon" Sammi said smiling and recalling that when she was friendly with Jane he was always travelling.

"Not really, just a small cog in a very big machine. I'm setting up the regional head quarters here as my last job really before I work on my golf handicap. Look, how about popping into my office and having a coffee or a glass of wine so we can catch up," Bob asked not really thinking of the consequences or what his PA would think.

"Sure when, now or after my work out?"

"Up to you."

"Well let's do it after I've worked out a bit, I doubt I would be up to a work out after a coffee or a glass of wine."

"Great, just come through that door up the stairs and I am the second door on the left."

Bob went to his office and slumped into his big, black leather chair. His mind went back to the days when Jane and Sammi would come to his house. As many fathers of teenage girls do, he had had wild thoughts of Sammi. Even back then she'd been ravishingly pretty in a blonde haired blue, eyed way whilst his daughter Jane with her dark hair, green eyes and voluptuous figure had been sultrily attractive. He was ashamed of the feelings he'd had for Sammi, but more so when he recalled the times he had masturbated thinking of his daughter with her friend and with him in a perverted threesome.

Those thoughts, or so he had believed, were well behind him as were any ideas of anything happening with Sammi. But seeing her in her tight, black gym gear had rekindled them. Her white singlet under the tracky top with a black sports bra moulded to her small breasts, her lycra, mid-calf, cropped pants clinging to her bum and thighs very tightly accentuated the roundness of her pubic mound and the symmetrical pertness of her gorgeous arse, had brought the lecherous, wanton thoughts that had occupied his mind all those years ago bubbling to the surface. He sat behind his desk pleased that Amanda, his PA, was at a meeting at the gym in Chelmsford for he had an absolute raging hard on. And at fifty nine such things didn't happen that often without some significant stimulation and young Sammi Cannock had certainly provided that.

Bob was at a crossroads in many ways. Obviously his impending retirement was the main one, but also the state of his marriage was up there in the levels of significance and importance.

Sammi worked out with a range of stretching exercises, then running for twenty minutes and finishing on the rowing machine. As she did her mind went back to her schooldays and to Jane and her family. She and Jane had been close friends and they'd had good times together. Bob had been around a lot when she was at the house and had often given them a lift somewhere and a few times her alone a ride home. He had never said or done anything at all out of line. That wasn't because he hadn't had thoughts, but then most middle age men do, he imagined, it was because like most men he was scared of being rejected and frightened of the repercussions. He and Philipa had still been in love at the time and the family, Jane and two brothers had been close knit. Things had changed when Jane had moved to the US with her derivative trader position with a Swiss bank and the two boys had left home. Although they were still very close Phil's sexual appetite and her interest had declined in the past few years being replaced so it seemed to Bob by golf. He often wondered if there was more to her close friendship with her 'golfing girls' than simply the sport! Unlike her, Bob was unable to go without. He was sorry to say, he had started looking elsewhere and had visited a couple of massage parlours. He still had a strong sex drive and appetite and almost permanently felt frustrated and up for it. He knew that if the right opportunity came along he would take it and an affair was more of an inevitability than a possibility.

'Oh my fucking lord' he said as he walked through the gym, ostensibly on an inspection tour, something he did several times a day. In reality that was only part of the reason. The other reason generally was to check out the talent and the specific reason today was to check out Sammi who he had just seen on a cross trainer. He stood against a wall out of her sight line off to one side and behind her and simply ogled the great sight.

She had put her golden blonde hair up into a pony tail. That was flying around bouncing off each shoulder and occasionally snaking round her neck and dropping down to rub one or another of her tits. Sometimes it snuggled between them, making Bob imagine it was his cock. Her boobs were bouncing up and down with each stride she took, the soft flesh jiggling and wobbling most wonderfully inside the black bra and white top. She was wearing the singlet, which was like an athlete's vest, outside her lycra pants. As she ran the singlet kept riding up giving him wonderful flashes of her tanned skin just above her waist. It was her arse though, that was the main feature. With the black lycra moulding itself to her twin, rounded orbs like a second skin and with those swaying and rolling around, it was a sight that really should have been censored, he thought smiling to himself. And then he felt a belt to his groin when he realised he couldn't see a VPL. 'Fuck a pound to a penny she's naked under that' he thought as his cock started to harden again. Wow twice in half and hour he realised joking to himself 'I'm becoming a stud,'

It was then that Sammi for no reason glanced over her shoulder and saw him. Bob quickly turned and made out he was examining a piece of equipment, but Sammi knew, as women always do, that the only piece of equipment he was examining was her arse. Why the hell that made her emphasise the rolling, swaying undulations of her pert butt she didn't know, but she did.

After seeing Bob letching her, Sammi's mind, for some unfathomable reason, turned to the coming evening when she would be going to Bethnal Green to the pub and would see Jack. They hadn't spoken since Sunday and she wondered how things would be between them. They certainly weren't in love or anything like that, but they really had got it on big time on Sunday and, she had to admit it was bloody good. But she had no more idea what he would want from the 'relationship' than she did. Perhaps we'll become fuckbuddies she smiled. Then for some daft reason she found herself trying to recall how many times he had made her cum on Sunday. She always found running on a training machine hellishly boring and she needed something to occupy her mind and remembering orgasms certainly took her mind off the tedium of running.

She remembered that the first time he fucked her she was still partially dressed. They hadn't messed around much before he was in her so she only had one climax, but it was a big one. The next time when they were naked on the bed he'd made her cum very quickly after entering her and then again when he exploded. Later in the evening after they had eaten, sobered up and then got half pissed again on vodka, they had started kissing and he undid the tie on the dressing gown he'd lent her. He opened it and started caressing and then kissing her tits. Sammi found his cock under the towel he'd wrapped himself in. He was reassuringly hard and she pulled the towel away, but they left his tee shirt on. As she stroked him so Jack licked and sucked her nipples and found her clit with his finger. Rubbing that sent such powerfully sexy feelings through her that it made her cum. They stopped for a while as they sipped their vodkas and then rolled together on the floor squirming their bodies together. Jack rubbed Sammi's clit again and then shoved two or three fingers up her and started to use them as a surrogate cock by finger fucking her. She responded by rubbing his cock harder and faster. She remembered him muttering. "Fuck that's lovely Sam. You know sometimes that's just as good as a fuck, is it for you?"

When she said that it was, Jack wiggled himself into a kneeling position beside her and continued finger fucking her. Sammi didn't realise at first why he was kneeling as she lay on her back her legs open still masturbating him.

"Are you near Sam?"

"Mmm very," she moaned back at him loving the feelings roaring through her body. "You?"

"Fucking near. Can I?"

"Can you what?" She asked opening her eyes and looking at him. The look in them told her why he was kneeling. She smiled and nodded as her orgasm broke and as his cock spurted his cum all over her tits.

Feeling quite aroused as she finished her run with the number seven being her orgasm count, Sammi stopped the machine and got off. She walked from the gym to the changing room, removed her training gear and slipped into a black one piece swim suit; she didn't wear a bikini at the gym pool. She did her dozen or so lengths, spent ten minutes in first the steam and then the sauna. Her mind still kept swinging back to Sunday and forward to tonight, but occasionally as the perspiration poured off her Bob came into her mind.

She had liked him when she was younger, but not in a fanciable or sexual way. Meeting him had been a surprise and she had tried to work out how old he must be and reckoned mid fifties, the same as her dad. Her mum was younger being in her mid forties; she had given birth to Sam just after her twenty first birthday. Sam was now nearly twenty four!

When they had chatted she thought she had seen that something in her eyes that most attractive women frequently see. Lust. Sammi hadn't thought much of it for she looked on him as one of her mate's dads and a bit of ogling at young bits of stuff was human nature she thought. But then when she had seen him at the back of the gym staring at her bum, she began to firm up on the idea that he fancied her. Sammi didn't know whether to feel flattered or shocked.

He was a reasonably good looking guy, although balding. He was around five feet ten, slim and seemed to have a good body. His quite, but not ridiculously, long, tawny coloured hair was flecked with grey and was neatly cut. He had a thin face, with a square chin, nicely full, sort of kissable she had thought, lips and piercing, stunningly blue eyes. She remembered when she was at school some of the girls calling him tasty.

Sammi showered, dried herself and then got dressed ready to go to the pub. She wore a fairly low cut, blue and white hooped tee shirt that had wide, three-quarter length sleeves. Not bothering with a bra for the tee was quite thick, but in any case she was wearing a dark blue sleeveless top, a bit like a man's waistcoat over it and that covered her nipples and boobs. 'Shouldn't be any embarrassing moments there' she thought slipping into a pretty, black, lacy thong and dark blue, nearly black leggings. She stepped into a denim micro skirt that hardly covered her bum and put on a pair of black mid-height heels. Thinking of keeping her hair in the pony tail as she did her make up, just eye liner and a touch of lippy, she changed her mind and instead pleated it into a pigtail.

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