Quality or Quantity of Fucks


"Wow that's some change" Bob said as she walked into his office.

He thought she looked great, but had imagined she'd still be in her gym gear and the thought of her arse in the thin, stretched lycra had kept him semi hard since he'd returned to his office. He was even more relieved now that Amanda was at the meeting for he would have difficulty explaining why this 'sex on legs' was in his office.

Sammi explained that tonight was pub night so she left her car at home and was getting the tube From Grange Hill to Bethnal Green. "We generally have a darts match, boys versus the girls" she explained, taking the cup of coffee he had poured from the espresso machine on a credenza in the corner.

They talked for twenty minutes or so, Bob becoming more and more attracted to Sammi all the time. He could see the movement of her boobs under the tee and guessed she was braless and couldn't help trying to get sly glances up her skirt even though she was wearing quite thick tights that would stop her flashing her panties. Despite that, the very short skirt was, he found, extremely sexy and he imagined sliding his hand up and cupping her mound. That made him nearly shudder.

"Look Bob" Sammi said leaning forward, putting her cup on his desk and affording him a clear look right down her tee shirt. "I have to go, we meet at nine and I have to get the bus to the station and then the tube. Thanks for the coffee" she said standing up and smoothing her skirt down by rubbing her hands down her stomach and upper thighs, a gesture that was instant hard on material.

"I'll give you a lift?"

"That's ok."

"You can't rely on buses Sammi. It's no problem I was about to finish up here in any case."

She beamed him a smile of gratitude. "Ok Bob thanks that would be great."

She was impressed by Bob's new Jag and by his rather old world, but nevertheless charming manner of opening her door for her before going round the car and getting in the driver's side. It was dark now and they had to drive through a few miles of poorly lit country lane before reaching the main road that they would follow to the Central Line station.

Bob was nervy and edgy. He fancied the young woman so much, but knew she was unattainable. Why would any twenty four year old stunner like her fancy an old sod like me, he asked himself, wishing he could think of an answer? He managed to glance at her a few times and could just make out the outline of her slim legs and the ridiculously short, but incredibly exciting skirt. When he stopped the car at a couple of traffic lights he looked at her and she smiled. 'Fuck her face is so Lolita like sexy' he thought taking in her features and her great lips that, naturally he imagined kissing, but also visualised closed round his cock that once more was rock hard. He badly needed a fuck and knew that his journey home this evening would be via a massage parlour.

Looking side on to him as he drove, Sammi thought that he was actually quite handsome, albeit in an older person's sort of way, 'like Berlusconi the Italian President' she thought.

He pulled up outside the station.

"Thanks Bob, that was kind of you" Sammi was saying as she opened her door.

"I'll check the next train" Bob replied not wanting the time with her alone to end.

They both got out.

"That's ok" Sammi said.

"If it's twenty minutes or so you'd be better off sitting in the warmth of the car than on a drafty platform" he said hoping the train would be that long as he walked round the front of the car and stood facing her. They both heard the approaching train at the same time.

"Bugger it" Bob muttered.


"I was hoping it would be longer so oh never mind."

"Now, now Mister Roberts" Sammi jokingly admonished him.

"I know" he smiled back. "Just the ramblings of an old man."

"Not so old" she said softly as she stood on tip toe, kissed him on the cheek and said.

"Must run the train's here."


The Build Up

They had chatted easily at the pub with neither mentioning Sunday until they were walking home when he said.

"I don't have any pasta Sammi."

"Sorry?" She replied, but then recalled that on Sunday he'd asked her if she fancied some pasta and a fuck. Laughing she said. "I get you."


"I never eat pasta this time of night."

He put his arm round her as she said that. Sammi stayed the night in Jack's bedsit.

They again fucked three times. Twice before they slept and once the next morning. The sex was ok, not great, a bit rushed, little real foreplay and no oral, but those deficiencies were made by his stamina and recovery powers. The second fuck was less than half hour after the first and both times he was in her shagging her for probably twenty minutes.

She only had five orgasms this time!

What amazed her even more than Jack's sexual attributes was that the second time he fucked her, Bob's face came into her mind as she climaxed. That confused her.


After the kiss on his cheek and watching Sammi's arse in the short skirt vanish into the station, Bob felt enormously horny. He knew his wife would be unlikely to put out for him so after returning to the office and clearing up a few things he left for the evening and went to a massage parlour he'd used a few times.

He had a choice of three masseuses and picked Sofi for her slight similarity to Sammi, well blonde hair at least. The receptionist told her that Sofi was Latvian and that she had a thirty six double d, twenty five thirty seven inch figure. When she came into the 'viewing ' room Bob saw she wasn't exaggerating.

After being shown to a room that was quite nicely appointed including having a bed and not a narrow massage table, she came in. She was wearing a white coat that came to mid thigh with a couple of buttons too many undone so that she flashed most of her tits, which were nicely full and round. The coat ended mid thigh and showed that she was wearing white stockings. She asked if he would like a shower. Returning to the room after the shower with a towel wrapped round him he waited a few minutes for Sofi.

"Lay on your front please" she told him, looking him up and down.

Bob pulled the towel away from him and quite enjoyed standing naked before the attractive girl who he thought was probably in her late twenties. Not huge, but well-endowed, he was pleased when she nodded at his cock, smiled and said. "Big boy."

"Old boy more like it" he replied as he did as she asked.

"Men are never too old" she quipped back. "Oil or powder?"

"Neither, just your soft, sexy fingertips please."

She was good. She took her time, lightly massaging all over his back and shoulders and even his head, which was particularly pleasant. She moved downwards and starting on his legs she stroked and caressed his feet, then his calf muscles and eventually his thighs. He opened his legs a little more as on her soft upward strokes she went ever nearer to his bum and balls. At last after several near misses she let her fingers go all the way and she touched that so sensitive patch between his bum and scrotum. The sensation was gorgeous and Bob grunted and his body jerked. She moved her fingers away and continued the silky massage of his inner thighs until once more they overshot right onto that patch again. This time they didn't move away, but instead pushed on more so that her fingernails scratched softly on his balls. He started to harden so he spread his legs more and drew one knee up so that his erection could grow. Sofi saw what he was doing, but then it was her job to notice such things. Gently squeezing and rubbing his balls and that patch of skin with one hand, she stroked the cheeks of his bum with the other. Moving that one up to his waist she slid it down and then under him a little, just enough for her fingertips to touch the end of his cock. Bob groaned with pleasure and lifted himself up a bit so that she could slide her hand fully under him and grip his cock.

"Oh god yes" he sighed as she softly stroked his full hard on.

"Want to turn over Bob?" Sofi asked.

She was quite enjoying massaging him as he was expressive and sort of joined in. That always made it better for her and coaxed a better performance from her as did older guys who seemed much more appreciative and understanding than younger blokes.

He rolled over and was surprised, but hugely pleased to see that Sofi had undone all the buttons on the coat. Her big boobs looked very natural and were capped by deep pink areola and nipples that looked to be hard. She was wearing a white thong and lacy top, holdup stockings. She looked awesome.

"Mmmm you are a big boy aren't you" she said smiling and taking hold of his cock again.

"You like that do you?" Bob asked as she sat beside him.

"Yes I like big cocks," she replied as he slid his arm round her waist.

"What extras do you want Bob?"

"I want to fuck you" he replied.

"That will be eighty pounds, ok?"

"I'm sure you'll be cheap at twice the price" he laughed as she stood up shrugged the coat off and elegantly and hugely sexily took her thong off. She lay down beside him and he went to kiss, but she moved her face away. Instead she took his hand and covered her breast with it. He squeezed, it was natural. He pinched the nipple and it was hard.

"Suck it Bob, suck my nipple" she said genuinely wanting him to do that.

As Sofi leaned over him dangling her tits on his face she was also slowly masturbating him. He held both her big boobs and caressed them before sucking her nipple into his mouth.

"Oh shit" he suddenly groaned.

"What is it" Sofi asked feeling concerned.

"I'm gonna cum."

"Oh no" she said regretting it as she had been looking forward to him shagging her.


Sammi and Bob 'bumped' into each other several times over the next few weeks. That wasn't a coincidence for Bob had checked the computer records that showed when a member checked in and out of the club and he saw that she tended to visit on Saturday mornings and Monday and Wednesday late afternoons. He made sure he was there particularly on the Wednesdays when he gave her lift to the station.

He knew that she was becoming an obsession and that he would have to take care not to make a total fool of himself. That said he felt so strongly that he didn't feel that he could just let it go. There was always that outside chance, that one in a million bet that somehow she would agree. But agree to what? In his mind Bob would have been happy if she just agreed to spend more time with him, maybe the occasional dinner or letting him see her body, ogle it and touch and stroke it. There didn't have to be full sex, he'd had plenty of that over the years and just a few fucks with her didn't seem that essential. Seeing and feeling her young body did though!

Sammi didn't work out that he planned their 'bumping' into each other, why would she? After all he worked there so why wouldn't he be there? It didn't bother or even intrigue her much, but the lifts to the station did. They were alone then, completely alone and usually in the dark. They would sit outside the station until they heard the train coming and then both would get out, she'd kiss him on the cheek, then run into the station.

They talked a lot in the car. About her parents break up, him and Phillipa, Jane and a few other mutual acquaintances. They chatted about his job and her studying at acting school, she didn't mention her part time work of glamour photographic modelling. He told about his pending retirement and how he had no idea how he was going to fill his time.

"Why don't you and Philipa travel more, go and see Jane and travel round America."

"It's not that easy."

"It is, just book the tickets and go."

"Phil has lots of other interests, golf, tennis, some ladies clubs that sort of thing."

"I'm sure she'd be pleased if toym whisked her off her feet."

No she wouldn't Sammi, things aren't too good between us."

He didn't expand on that and Sammi didn't want to pry so they left it with her assuming his marriage wasn't too good.

Sammi was surprised how easy it was to chat to a man some thirty six years older than her. But then she shouldn't have been really for with many of her clients there was a similar age gap. They, though, paid for her to undress as they took photos of her, Bob was just a friend. 'Fuck I have a friend who's nearly sixty' she mused to herself knowing ddep down that he wasn't really a friend, more a suitor.

Bob was as amazed as he was pleased and excited at the time he spent with her. As it happens so was Sofi, for each Wednesday after dropping Sammi at the station he went to see her and most Wednesdays he fucked her. Sometimes, though, she sucked him to conclusion, now not using a rubber, but understandably not letting him cum in her mouth; it was almost as good for Bob though to do it onto her full tits. She also now let him kiss her and that was also nearly as good as a fuck. He often wondered what it was he was after with Sofi, for it certainly wasn't just the sex; affection, intimacy, just being with woman maybe?

He also knew that he was contriving to meet Sammi and give her a lift to the station. On the one hand that made him feel rather foolish and he often thought 'no fool like an old fool.' On the other hand it excited him. Just seeing her did that and being with her when they occasionally chatted in the gym and always when she was in his car did it even more. Not only was he contriving to give her the lift, even cancelling meetings so he was there early Wednesday evenings, but whenever she was in the gym he found reasons to wander through and take surreptitious peeps at her gorgeous bottom and small pert tits swaying and bouncing on the running machine or the cross trainer. Even her friendliness was attractive and exciting and he was beginning to feel she was becoming a little flirty, or was he kidding himself? 'Was she feeling something?' He continually asked himself, torn between the absolute fascination he had for her and the natural reservations of a man of his age about a girl of hers. He wanted to make a move, try it on, ask her to go out with him, well more to the point to go to bed with him. He desperately wanted to fuck her as he fucked the masseuse each Wednesday making out the body under his or the one bent over as he took her doggy style from behind was Sammi. But his concern at being rejected or, worse laughed at by the girl who he sometimes thought may have no idea of his traumas, were stronger. Not only would the embarrassment he would feel if she told him to fuck off and not be a dirty old man be terrible, the concern that she would tell his daughter who in turn would pass it onto Phillipa, was just too much to contemplate. So he did nothing, well nothing overt, but it didn't stop him thinking and wishing and using the masseuse whore as a surrogate Sammi.

Sammi and Jack were now constant lovers. Each Wednesday and most Sundays they would fuck. Yes fuck not make love for with neither of them was there any pretence; they were fuckbuddies, no more and no less. And it was good. Jack was still rather poor at foreplay and didn't seem to have any interest in oral, but boy could he fuck. He was sometimes as hard as rock for a couple of hours fucking Sammi to orgasm two or three times before he came. And even after that he was ready again very quickly and during a late Wednesday evening and night or a Sunday afternoon and evening he would usually fuck her three or four times.

Sammi had never 'been serviced' like this. She'd had a few longer-term boy friends and a couple of them had similar, but not as powerful recovery powers as Jack. She had never regularly been fucked six or seven time a week and, although she was often a little sore, she was enjoying it, although she was disappointed at Jack's lack of subtlety and his seeming aversion to oral for she loved both giving and receiving that. But whenever she tried he managed to change it so they did something else.

Despite her having absolutely no reason for feeling frustrated she sometimes did. Not for wanting more sex, that may well have been impossible, but for wanting different sex. A gentler, relaxed and languid sex that might include soft massages, maybe candles, bathing together and revelling in the joy of having a man's head between her spreaded thighs. And she was happily more than prepared to return the pleasure by having a man's cock buried deep in her mouth. In some ways worryingly to her, but in others very arousing for her when she imagined holding a dick and wrapping her lips round it, it was Bob's body that was on the end of the cock and not Jack's.

She was totally confused with herself and her attitude. Sexually more satisfied than she had ever been in sexually active life, with a young virile lover, she had persistent thoughts of being naked and having sex of some form or other with a man older than her father.


"Bloody rain, why not sit in here until the train arrives?" Bob said a couple of weeks later.

"Good idea and don't you get out and get wet" Sammi replied.

"And what, miss my kiss?"

"I am capable of kissing in a car" She smiled.

That meant they could talk more and he loved it. She even let a couple of trains go without getting out saying. "It's early." Then she would peck him on the cheek and get out his eyes taking in every wiggle and wobble of her pert bum as she ran the few yards into the station.

This also became a habit. Leaving earlier than she used to they sat in the car sometimes letting three or four trains go by. Tonight was no exception. He had taken to parking just past the station in a side road. That was darker than the main road and didn't have double yellow lines.

They had let several trains go by when they heard the rumble of another.

"Ah well I'd better go" she said turning and looking at Bob. He also turned and leaned across the centre console stretching his left arm along the back of seat, his hand falling onto her right shoulder. She was wearing a long sleeved, vee necked top and a sleeveless cashmere sweater. Sammi also leaned forward. They faces were close and he was about to brush his lips against her cheek when something came over him. The combination of the feel of the luxuriant material and Sammi's closeness was too much of a heady cocktail for the older man to handle. Burying his hand in her golden locks he pulled her face towards him and kissed her full on the lips.

Sammi's first reaction was to pull back and she did a little, but did not completely break the kiss. His lips felt good on hers and his tongue rubbing against her upper lip sent shivers through her. It was Bob that broke it.

"I'm sorry Sammi" he said as her head slumped against his chest.

"It's ok" she whispered.

"Really?" He asked surprised and very pleased.

"Yes, but I had better go, there's another train."

Sammi had to get away from him. She was worried about the kiss, both that he had done it, but more that she liked it. As the tube train went through Essex and into the East End of London, she acknowledged that she had been hoping he would take the initiative and she had to leave for she was not sure that she would be able to resist him going further with her.

During the next week when she again had sex with Jack several times and Bob visited Sofi twice, they hardly spoke, not even in his Jag on the way to the station the following Wednesday. They were both apprehensive and edgy when Bob pulled up in the dark road next to the station.


The Seduction

Both had thought long and hard about the kiss. What did it mean? Was it the start of something? Did they want more and if so what? Or were they both just being silly? Such things didn't happen between a couple with such an age difference, did they? Why not? What was different, they were still just a man and a woman and from seeing Bob in the pool, Sammi knew that other than his face he could be any age. 'The old paper bag over the face job' she smiled.

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