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Queen Bee


Justin and Anjie Southwick were born and raised in Pottsville. Pennsylvania. Their families were devout Quakers. Both attended the University of Pennsylvania, Reading, as day students. In fact, they commuted together. Now graduated, married, and settled in their own home in Pottsville, Justin was an assistant manager for the local branch of the Pottsville National Credit Union.

Everything was perfect? Well, not really. These were two kids that were never allowed to let their hair down and hoot and holler. One night, just over a year after they were married, Justin was laying on Anjie with his cock in her. "Want too hear about my fantasy?" He ventured cautiously.

"Of course."

"I have never seen any woman other then you naked. I have the most powerful urge to be with another woman to feel her body and see another woman's breasts."

There was a long silence. Justin pushed himself up so that he could see Anjie's face. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Then she opened them. A smile played on her face.

"Justin, I have wanted to sleep with several men lately. I just put it out of my mind because I never dreamed that you had the same thoughts. Just yesterday, I was having lunch with Joan Cozzy and Karen Maple. Joan's husband had heard of a group of swingers in Harrisburg. Joan commented that she did not think that she could ever do that. Karen replied that Joan should not be so sure because if it was the right guy, Karen thought any woman would give it a try. I didn't say anything, but I pictured in my mind having a chance to go to bed with some of the guys that we used to see at the library. Justin, I got wet thinking about it."

Justin just looked at her lovely face. This was a new program for him. It was one thing for him to fantasize about having sex with others, but he had to think about Angie having another cock in her. His thoughts were brought into focus when Angie said, "Why don't you look into that Harrisburg Swingers club. Joan said they have a e-mail address; Harrisburg Pleasure@ aol.com."

Justin laughed as he said, "You remembered their e-mail address?"

"A girl can fantasize just like you can, you know."

Two weeks later, after trading several e-mails with a Liz Borden, of the swingers club, Justin and Anjie had their first meeting in Harrisburg. Liz and John Borden had supper with them at the Outback. Since there was a mutual attraction they retired to the Borden's home. Once there, Liz and Justin went to the bedroom off the den in the basement, while John and Anjie went to the master bedroom.

John was a careful gentle lover. He stood five feet seven ,and weight one hundred and sixty pounds. Equipped with an average cock, he was the perfect man for Anjie first walk on the wild side. Angie was the youngest, and by far the most attractive woman he had sex with, as a swinger. Her soft womanly curves, and inviting black covered cunt gave her a Virginal appearance, which in fact, she almost was, since Justin was the only man she had ever had sex with.

Angie thought it was so neat to cuddle, and listen to John talk to her. Justin, bless him, was her love, but she knew everything he knew, and what he would say before he said it.

In the darkness, John gently stroked her, and then ever so gently probed her cunt with his tongue. The mystery, strange place, strange person, and finally the strange rhythm of his cock being thrust in her womb combined to produce a really great orgasm. Not once, but four times.

Liz was an experienced swinger who used Justin to satisfy her lust. He was innocence personified. It was all the more fun for her to clamp her cunt and bring him to orgasm, at will. He was far more vocal then her, as he pumped his cum into her.

A month later, the two couples met again, and then proceeded to the home of the Richard and Marsha Wilding. It was a first for both Justin and Angie to have two sex partners in the same evening. For Justin, it was a bit overwhelming. For Angie, it was another thing altogether. Richard Wilding had seven inches of cock. For the first time, Angie felt a cock just bumping the end of her cervix. Angie thrust her cunt at him for maximum penetration. It felt so good.

During the Thanksgiving to Christmas period, both were so busy with their jobs, which included hours on Saturday, that they did not plan any outside events. Justin learned that he was being sent in April to a week long conference in Orlando. Justin and Angie both agreed that this was too much of an opportunity to miss. Surely there would be many new people in Orlando that would be willing to meet two young people that were experimenting with swinging.

They placed an ad in the "Florida Resource," a site devoted to swingers in the Sunshine state. The ad read as follows; "New to the Scene. Young, modern couple, age twenty-six, are interested in learning about the swinging scene from experienced swingers. Will be in Orlando from April 20 to April 27. He is 5' 9" and 155 pounds, with six inches. She is 5' 6" 127 pounds, and has nice B cup breasts. If you would like to introduce us to the lifestyle, please write."

Ray Horton read the ad, with interest. Ray wrote back an e-mail saying that he and his wife would be most interested in exploring all facets of the local swinging scene with them. He explained that he was 6', and 180 pounds, with over seven inches. His wife was 5' 4" 130 pounds, and had wonderful C-cup breasts. Her nude photo was attached.

Justin was the first to see the e-mail. The woman in the photo was gorgeous. In a minute, Justin was sold on meeting with this couple. "Think of stroking my cock into her a few times?"

Angie, for her part, was interested. She sent an e-mail asking for a picture of this Ray. She sent him one of her in a bathing suit. What came back was a picture of a dark haired, good looking guy, that almost had Angie swooning.

Finally, April 20 came. They arrived in Orlando. They had the weekend free. As soon as they were settled, Justin phoned Ray. A meeting was set up at the "Dancing Spoon" lounge for nine PM. Justin and Angie were there at eight PM. They dance, relaxed, and each drank three "Long Island Ice Teas."

Right at nine PM, in walked a very good looking couple. It was Ray, and the woman in the photo that Ray identified as Gina. After a half hour, and two more drinks, Ray leaned over and whispered in Justin ear. He explained that it is better for new swinging couples to swing away from their spouses, so that they can feel free to react to the new person without the inhabitations of roll playing for their husband or wife. Of course, this made good sense to Justin. He looked at Angie. Angie was just staring at Ray. Thought she could just hear what Ray had told Justin, it had not registered to her that Ray wanted them to split up for the evening.

Justin said, "Okay by me."

Ray leaned over close to Justin and whispered, confidentially , "You take Gina down the street to the Holiday Inn with your car. Stay there all night. I will bring Angie back here at ten AM. Take your time with Gina. She can go all night." Again, the drinks and background music prevented Angie from catching what was said.

Justin thought to himself, "He will have Angie all night, but hell he is just a guy. Won't be able to get it up more then three times. Must want to do her slow and easy?"

Justin got up and Kissed Angie on the cheek. He was drunk, so did not explain to her what was going on. "You be good. Have a good time."

"C'mon Gina."

As Gina got up to go , she gave Ray a wink. Gina, was in fact a prostitute hired by Ray to spend the night with Justin and give him all the sex he could handle. She would make four hundred dollars for tonight's efforts. She was good. Very, very good.

They were out the door before Angie fully understood that she was now committed to being with Ray for the evening.

Ray stood up. Taking Angie's hand, he lead her to the parking lot. Soon they were on Interstate 4 heading Northeast of the city. At exit 49, they got off on to route 434 to Winter Springs. They pulled into a long drive. At the end was a large home. Angie was awed by the size of the place. It was beautiful. What she did not know was that it belonged to a huge man, Byron Clay, who is a lineman for the Buffalo Bills. With him in the house were two of his team mates, Thad Sherman, and Willard Dumas. Each of these men stood at least 6' 5" and weight over two hundred, and eighty pounds.

Why was Ray bring Angie here? These men were known to anyone that is a football fan. Each is worth over twenty million dollars. They just wanted a no-strings evening of sex. But, they wanted a young sweet pussy that was new to men whose cocks would extend her. They enjoyed the conquest of a new young woman. Ray was paid five hundred dollars for each evening like this he set up.

Ray first took Angie to the wet bar, in the den. As he handed her a stiff drink, she noticed a very large, ten foot by ten foot bed in the corner of the den, with mirrors above it, and along the walls. The drinks had made her tipsy, and flirty. "I see you have a nice play area for us kiddies?"

"The best. For you Angie, I will provide the very best."

Angie felt herself beginning to get wet. Swaying slightly, her lust was getting the better of her. She took a step to be next to Ray. She boldly rubbed his cock through his pants. Ray kissed her neck, as he lowered her zipper. Gently he removed her dress, and then took off her bra and panties. Now, each had lust in their eyes, as he took off his clothes, and lead her by the hand to the bed.

Angie still had the tan lines from last summer. Her breasts and bottom area which was covered by her bathing suit were starkly white. Her cunt brush, untrimmed since last summer, thickly hung on her pubic area. Ray's seven inch cock sprung to life. Thick, red, and throbbing, it danced before her eyes. Ray helped Angie on the bed, and then got on himself. On his knees, he approached a kneeling Angie. He kissed her on the lips, and caressed her tits.

"Oh, Oh, Oh Ooohhhoooo," she murmured.

"Suck me Baby."

She hesitated. Then, ever so slowly she lowered herself to her hands and knees. Reaching up with one hand, she guided his throbbing cock into her mouth. As she did so, Ray lowered his body onto her back. He gripped her around the body, just below her breast. He thrust more of his cock into her mouth. Byron, Thad, and Willard walked out of the large closet. Byron got on the bed to Angie's rear. His cock glistened with a jell that would make it's passage into her a bit easier.

Angie's white ass was protruding in the air. Angie felt the person get on the bed. She stiffened. Byron put one hand just forward of her hip, as he guided his cock to her hairy wet cunt. A seen inch finger probed for her slit. Then went into her. Angie moaned. Her cunt lips were spread. The finger went in and out several times.

Angie moaned as an orgasm begin to build. Byron placed his cock between the hairy lips of her pussy. With tender little thrusts, he eased the first six inches in. Angie arched her back, and moaned from the sensations. Byron grabbed her hips just ahead of both legs and drove his cock as far as he could into her pussy. All ten inches of him was now in Angie's belly.

Her mouth opened, allowing more of Ray's cock in. She tucked up her stomach trying to lower her ass. Rays bear hug was controlling how little she could move as Byron's huge cock was having it's way with her cunt.

A man of tremendous strength, Byron pounded his cock into her, as a stallion would breed a mare. The buns of her fanny distorted from the impact of his hips. Ray released her waist, and grabbed both tits.

Ray could feel his balls tighten, then his cock got extra hard as he jetted a stream of his seed into her mouth.

Freed for the distraction in her mouth, Angie looked back over her shoulder to see who was in her. She begin to pant. Her eyes rolled up, as the lids closed. Sweat beaded up in the small of her back, and then it came. It was the most wonderful orgasm. She lay her head on the bed, as wave after wave of convulsions gripped her body.

With a loud groan, Byron pumped his sperm deep into her belly.

"Bring her over here," Thad said. He was sitting sprawled on the couch. Willard picked up Angie and placed her, facing away from Thad, on his lap. He put his massive arm around her neck as he pushed a jell into her ass with his fingers.

Angie's eyes opened wide. Before she could protest, Thad gave her a French kiss.

Without saying a word, Thad raised her. He placed his cock at her anal opening. He released his support which allowed all her weight to settle on the end of his cock. Angie trued to bend to the side, but he stopped her, as his hips thrust upward. Two inches of his nine thick inches was in her.

Thad reached under her arms, and placed his hands on her shoulders. This time when he thrust upward with his cock, he also pulled downward with his hands on her shoulders.

Angie let out a moan of discomfort as nine thick inches of cock was buried deep into her. She thrust her head backward, arched her back, and at the same time tried to spread her legs so that her feet would have a purchase to lift her off the all invading cock in her.

Standing there, Willard saw her open her legs. With her back arched, and her cunt thrust forward,it was an inviting invitation to slide his cock into her gaping cum soaked cunt. He grabbed both her legs and raised them above her head. Leaning over and supporting his weight with his hands on the back of the couch, he lay his cock on her belly. It extended from her pussy to above her belly button. He lifted his ass in the air, and inserted his cock in her. As his balls pounded on her ass, Angie let out a wail of pure pleasure. "Aaaahhhaaaa,Ah, Ooohhhooooo, Oh, Oh, Oooooohhhhooooo."

Thad and Willard, five hundred and seventy five pounds of manhood, had their way with one hundred and twenty-seven pound Angie. You could hardly see her little ass between them as their cocks each thrust deeply into her womanhood and ass.

Thad cum in her ass. As Willard neared his climax, he grabbed both of her tits. Yanking hard, he thrush his cock deep into her. His sperm felt warn to her. As Willard backed away, Byron picked her up and lay her on the bed again. Byron lifted her legs. His cock ran deep into her pussy. Her face was even with his neck. Angie was a hump under his midsection. With explosive speed and power, the two hundred and ninety pound man drove his ten thick inches of cock deep into her so that he could relieve himself of the pent up lust he had generated seeing Thad and Willard driving their cocks into her.

Beneath him, her moans begin, slowly at first, then louder. It was like the yowl of a mating cat, continually building until she was screaming at the top of her voice, "Aaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa, Aaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa, Oooooohhhhhooooo."

At that moment he shot his load. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, Aaahhh."

Angie thought it was over. As she closed her eyes, and let her legs spread, Ray climbed between her legs to fuck her, yet again.

When he finished, she went into the nearby bathroom. Sitting on the potty, she fingered her anis and her pussy. Both were sore, but there was something deep within her, that she did not understand. An urge, a desire, a craving, whatever it was, she was in it's grip. She was shaking. She had to have more of their rough sex. She was going to go out there and invite them to used her again, and again. To them? They would use her hard again, as a woman sometimes wants to be used. She was the Queen Bee. They were the drones that would constantly stimulate, agitate, and arouse her womanhood. If she lived here, she would allow them to be the breeders of her children. They were, after all, the Alpha Males.

Standing, she studied herself in the mirror. "Do I know this person?" Her reflection revealed her slight womanly frame, her breasts with red hand marks on them. Even her belly was red from the hard impacts. "I wanted to have sex with real men. They don't get any more real then this."

As she re-entered the room, she inquired, "You don't suppose that you boys could give a girl a stiff drink before you, well, ah, have me again?"

All four men smiled broadly. Willard begin to stroke his cock.

At nine-fifteen AM, the next day, just before they left to meet Gina and Justin, Ray said to Angie, "You know, if you husband was told that you were gently fucked a couple of times by one man, it would seem in his mind that each of your sex experiences was an even exchange. He would not object to your doing it again, or would he notice where you went shopping during the time that he is tied up all day in his convention. If that was the case, you could spend a few hours out here every day, this week."

This was a new idea to Angie. She stopped, turned and slowly ran her eyes over the four men.

"Nothing like us in Pottsville or Harrisburg," Ray intoned.

"I'll say. You know my vision is bad. I only see one man here." Angie said. Then she added, "Monday at nine-thirty AM?"

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