tagErotic HorrorQueen Ch. 02

Queen Ch. 02


I step through the portal with the demon, my arm wrapped around my chest and my body cold. A cold black wing wrapped around my body, shielding me from anyone's view. There were demons everywhere, they gathered around and clamored for a glimpse of me. The demon shielding me sharply ordered them to bow in the presence of their new queen. They fell to their knees and seemed to be worshipping her at her feet. He lead her through the throngs of demons up to a large spire of rock and magma. As soon as they cleared the front entrance he wrapped his arms around her and took off flying for the highest point he could reach. Up through the flights of stairs until he alighted on an outcropping of rock. He pushed her into a room gently and opened a door to show her a wardrobe made entirely of black, red, white, and emerald green. I ran to grab some clothes, the underthings were hung up with them of course. I put on a little green number that accentuated my curves and showed of the space between my breasts. It barely covered my thighs but I was used to wearing things like this for cosplay with my friends and creative sex without sex with my boyfriends. I'd suck them off or something but I never had sex with any of them. They never came in my mouth or anywhere near me and mostly that was what had them breaking up with me.

"It is time for your first order as queen my lady. Will you order us to be good, or evil? Either way we follow your direction." I blink at him.

"You'd be good? If I told you to?"

"We would do good things. There is no way for us to BE good anymore."

"I'd like you to do good things but if it's not your choices then it means nothing. Just tell them to do what they want." I sighed and walked over to the bed, lying back on it and crossing my legs so he couldn't see up my dress.

"Mistress please, there is no need for that." He kneels down beside the bed and reaches out to stroke hair from my face. "Your body is our pleasure and yours to keep as long as you wish, showing more of it would be good for the peoples morale. It would show them you are going to become like them someday."

"But I'm not." He grinned,

"We shall see."

I walk out onto the balcony he leads me to and look out over the multitudes of demons. He speaks and suddenly his voice is amplified. "This queen has seen fit to let us choose our own orientation. If you would wish to do good or evil, then you may. If you wish to serve her highness directly, you must show your devotion with gifts and the right attitude. She shall have her pick of bath attendees now." He turned to me and gestured towards the hoarde.

"Uh... I can take a bath by myself..."

"Here it is customary to have attendants, we wouldn't want you to take too long and miss out on your duties." I sigh,

"Okay, fine. That one, that one and that one." I pointed to three female demons I could see on an outcropping of rock a bit away from us. They were all red headed, in fact the majority of these demons were redheaded. I ask what that's about and he laughs,

"Red is the color of passion and lust. Most prefer to be a symbol of such feelings." Ah.

"Can I take a bath and go to bed now?"

"You will eat before bed, yes?"

"Yeah sure, I could eat." I cringe as my stomach twists violently.

"You three! The queen has chosen you to bathe her!" They took wing, flying over to the balcony to land behind me and bow down low. They were naked and I was embarrassed but my eyes traveled over their forms without my consent. I liked the company of men, but I did appreciate the form of a beautiful woman. And were they beautiful.

The first was petite, had small perky a-cup breasts with a slim waist and a trimmed swatch of hair between her legs. The second was endowed with great d-balloon type breasts that were shaped a bit like bullets. Her body was curvier, less slim than the first but still skinny. The third had C-cup breasts and a teeny tiny waist. The first had yellow eyes, the second had red ones, and the third had a bright but dark blue ones. I swallow and follow them inside, towards the chamber for a bath.

They undress me and giggle when they see my naked form, one grabs my breasts from behind and rubs them. "Ah-hey!" She immediately dropped them and they all giggled louder. I blush and turn to tweak her nipple really fast and dart into the bathtub. They laugh raucously and start scrubbing me, getting suds all over themselves and giggling at everything I say and do. "What's so funny."

"You're much prettier than the last queen. She was small, had no chest and had freckles all over her body. We didn't get to attend her personally but when she became a demon she enlarged her chest and ass and grew a pair of itty bitty fairy wings."

"You get to change how you look?"

"Only once. You choose when you become a demon. Your wings depend on your personality and appearance."

"What do you think I'd look like as a demon?"

"You'll find out soon enough. How long did the last queen last?"

"Two months."

"Ah, that's right." I started to shiver at that declaration. They took it for granted that I was going to corrupt. I didn't want to! "Hey, hey, no tears now!" Her accent was slightly on the English side, the redhead with blue eyes. She had a touch of Irish brogue too.

They pull me out of the bath and dry me off, buffing my skin with towels and little washcloths with oil on them. Soon my whole body was dry and shiny. They elaborately braided my hair and dressed me in a bright red little dress with a corset holding up my breasts. They nearly spilled out of it, and it made me self-conscious but also... I was proud of my body, looking so good here. I sighed and walked to the door. When I opened it, he was there. The demon from before. I had had enough of thinking 'he' and 'him' over and over again. So I asked. "What's your name?" He smiled,

"Our queens name us when they come into power. We are only what she wishes us to be. Many of us do not even have names."

"That's horrible." I frowned, "So I name everyone?"


"What should I name you?"

"The last queen called me Adonis." I laughed,

"The man who's looks rivaled the gods."

"Yes." He laughed. "Would you say it fits?" His tone was wistful now and his smile sardonic. "I don't know, I've never seen god. I'd have to assume he's the most beautiful thing ever envisioned or imagined. But you're really pretty that's for sure." He smirks and nods.

"Thank you my lady. Dinner is waiting."

"What are we having?"

"All your favorites." He lead me into a large dining hall and I gasped at the meats and sweets that were heaped on the table.

"What does everyone else eat?"

"No one here eats unless you give them leave to. No one does anything without your consent. I assume many are feasting on human souls."

"Do souls really just get devoured and disappear then?"

"No no. They heal, they are perpetually eaten, it is a punishment."

"Like with the guy who gave people fire?"

"Yes, like Prometheus."

I sat down at the table and started picking out a few things and putting them on my plate. "Will you eat with me?" He raised his eyebrows and sat with a small smile,

"If my mistress so wishes, I will eat." I smiled tremulously and gesture to the food. He reaches out and grabs a small sweet, a muffin, no a cupcake. It's decadent looking and absolutely mouthwatering, so I pick up one from the same bunch and smile at him a bit wider. He smirks back and we both take a big bite out of the cakes. I moan at the decadence, the absolute tastefulness of it all. I start to stuff the food into my mouth, the smoky goodness of the meat mixing with the sugary goodness of the sweets. Pretty soon I'm full and I'm groaning at the fullness of my stomach. I sigh, "Well, I'm done. How do you ever stop eating this?"

"As I've said, we need permission from the queen."

"Then tell them they can have what I don't eat." He grins,

"Of course. Off to bed now?"

"I'd really like that." He leads me back to my room and kisses my hand as he leaves,

"Good night my lady." I walk into the room, get undressed, and get in the big posh bed. I sigh as I settle into the covers, feeling the dark pull of sleep overcome me.

When I wake up, it's to a small flapping sound. I open my eyes and see teeny tiny people flying around my ceiling. I realize after a moment that it's a moving wall mural. I gasp and reach up as high as I can, standing on my bed. I barely brush the wall and a little fairy sweeps over to kiss my finger. I giggle and fall backwards when the door is knocked on. "My lady? It's time to greet your subjects and choose your house attendants."

"House attendants?" He opens the door and I rush to cover myself.

"The people who will be allowed to live within your home with you. Lovers and of course servants." I oh.

"Do I have to choose? Can't I get to know everybody for a while?"

"It may be overwhelming for you that way."

"I can at least try can't I?" I didn't want to be stuck with some people around me that hated me or something.

"As you wish." I smile and motion for him to get out. He stays standing there, closing the door and smirking.

"Adonis... get out." I'm pouting that I had to tell him. He grins wider and opens the door to leave the room. He gets out but leaves the door open. I sigh in exasperation. "Close the damn door!" He smirks and it slams of its' own accord. I see one of the wall mural fairies over on the door. He waves to me and I smile brightly back. He wings away, swirling in with the others and playing about on the ceiling. Frolicking and having a grand old time.

I get dressed in a black maid's outfit, it being the first thing I touched. I ran out to the dining room and found Adonis sitting, having wine as I walked in. He grinned in my direction. "You didn't drink anything last night. I suppose you'll be wanting something now." He waved towards my breakfast plate heaped with sausage and egg, a green drink sitting next to the plate. I smiled and picked up the glass, drinking it with a sip here and there as I ate. Adonis drank his much the same way as he smoked a small cigar. He grinned with the cigar clenched in his teeth and I had to giggle at the way he looked. "Aren't demons supposed to be ugly and horribly evil?"

"Demons are fallen angels, the sub category of demons that used to be humans are different. Demons that are fallen angels are beautiful because angels are beautiful. Some humans when they become demi-devils... they change into monsters simply because that is their wish." I nod as he explains,

"That's why there are stories about both then."


"Do I get to go out and meet people today?"

"If you so wish."

"I do."

I run ahead of Adonis as he leads me outside into the deep bowels of hell. I giggle and run to the stalagmite ahead, encrusted with blue gems. I touch the rock around the gems and am about to touch a gem itself when it blinks. I gasp and back away as it grows limbs and flattens into the shape of a giant spider with many gemstone eyes. I laugh at it's magnificence and pet it as it stands to its' full height. It makes a crooning noise and shivers.

"Ah miss... you are petting a guard. They are not demons, they are more... pets. It is a bit bad to touch them. If they get attached you'll never get rid of them, not even for the shortest bits of time." I oh. I let my hand fall to my side and it seems to whimper before sinking back into the ground and becoming a giant pyramid again.

He leads me back to the path and on into the small city filled with fallen angels and demonic human souls. I catch sight of one that takes my breath away. Instantly I stop and gape at his form. "Ah yes. That would be one of the human demons. Our last mistress kept his name a secret." He had flowing red hair, his eyes a deep forest green, and he walked about without a shirt. Everyone else was either also half naked or really naked. I guess it depended on their preference. His stomach was so tight and ripped I had the urge to touch him there and see if it was really as hard as it looked. I blushed as he caught my eye and smiled. His hair was braided, but not like mine, it was like dreadlocks but all over his head and small. Itty bitty in fact.

"He has been a favorite of many queens." I'll bet.

I walked forwards with Adonis and when we came to his smiling form I asked. "What is your name?"

"Whatever you wish. My Queen." He bowed and his smile turned crooked. I smiled a small bit back and decided that if I was going to name everyone I'd better start now.

"Okay... I'll call you... Cal." Short for Caliente. He grinned even more twisted now.

"Of course. Usually they name me something much more... it stands out as a name, it is refreshing to be called something so simple. Now I will shine only by myself and not because of what I am called."

"I should think it would be that way anyway." He laughed and bowed,

"I must go now, mistress. I shall await your next visit." I smiled and nodded as he left. Adonis took hold of my hand and led me onwards through the little town. I was slammed into by a man running down the street, his body colliding with mine and both of us going down.

"Idiot! You've just mowed down our queen, you moron!" Adonis picked him up by the hair, his eyes a-glow and his wings perched on his back like a bird does when it's agitated. I lurched to my feet and touched his face and chest with my hands,

"It's okay, really. I want to know why he was running more than anything." Adonis dropped him and he fell to his knees. He looked up at me gratefully and hatefully all at once.

"This is... well our last queen called him Troctor. He's always running because he's always causing trouble."

"Troctor? That doesn't sound right."

"She liked that name because it sounded stupid to her and she assumed he was very much so."

"Well that won't do." I pat him on the head as he looks up in contempt at Adonis. "I'll name him... Adrian." For the Adriatic Sea. Because his hair was a sea green and his eyes a sea blue.

He looks up at me now, his contempt still clear. I get a whisper in my mind, you are queen here, you must teach them to respect you or they will descend into chaos. Either teach him a lesson or you will be forced to kill him in time.

I jump a small bit at the sound of it and think, what the hell?

It answers, I am Lucifer. I watch over my queens and how they run my realm. Either punish him, or I will. I could see the images he showed me of exactly what he'd do and I breathe deeply before telling Adonis, "Is there a dungeon where we can put him for a few days?" He grins,

"Of course. Would you like him to be tortured?"

"No. Just contained, unable to move."

"For how long mistress?"

"Ten days or so... he won't starve to death right?"

"Absolutely not."

"Ten days then."

"Yes." He grins and still seems to be disappointed with my decision. Maybe he thought torture should have been my first decision as queen.

Adrian is swept off to the dungeon by some spider gemstone eye guards. Adonis tells me they're called Slithas. We walk a bit further and I find one of the few with brown hair. Don't get me wrong, it's not mousy or streaked with gold or anything like that. It's a delectable chocolate color that blends well with his chocolate eyes. There's green flecks in them. He's handsome but I wouldn't say gorgeous like the redhead Cal.

He smiles and it's so sinister I find my breath catching and my heart speeding to the point it's almost jumping from my chest. "Ah, I see you've noticed him as well. He was a favorite of the last queen at the very end of her reign. He enjoys bondage and sadism. She called him something.... Like... ah yes... Spike." He looked like one. He was all sharp angles and sadistic humor. I sighed,

"That's his name then. I couldn't improve upon it if I tried."

We walked on and Adonis showed me the lakes of fire with Demons bathing in them. They seemed to luxuriate in the fire. "What about the people who get sent to hell? Do they all become demi-devils?"

"As I said before, some are eaten eternally. Some are drowning forever, some are forever hungry. Your ruling populace are those who burn forever. They're in the lakes of fire. At the very bottom." I ah.

"What if I die before I'm corrupted, where will I go?"

"Nothing here is able to kill the queen before she's been corrupted."


"Afterwards you will burn for as long as you like. You will be a demon, as such, nearly unkillable."


"Angels." He left it at that and kept walking, leading me back to the gigantic castle that was now my home.



"Are you always the guide for the queens?"

"Of course. It is my job."

"How come it's only ever you?"

"It is something that should remain the same, so the Queen does not receive a green demon. They would not know how to handle certain situations that have happened before, I would."


"Were you hoping for someone different?" I shook my head,

"I didn't even know I'd be here. I was just... thinking about how boring it must be. To have the same job your whole life. And having that life for a really really long time."

He chuckles, "It isn't as monotonous as it seems."

I go to bed that night without any thought as to what lay ahead. I would take this one day at a time. As for now... I was okay.

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