tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 03

Quest Ch. 03


The room is quiet as the hooded man looks at the monitor before him. Two red dots appear on the map. For centuries he has waited for this moment.

"Are you sure," his deep voice resonates throughout the darkness.

A soft female voice replies.

"Yes sir, it appears the injection have found the second person in the chain."

The man stares at the dots.

"Fetch them," he orders.

Lisa stops to catch her breath. Ever since they left the village several hours ago they had done nothing but walk. She opens a small canteen and drinks the warm tea. He had explained that she should drink it ever couple of hours at first. If she didn't then they wouldn't get very far because they would be stopping every 20 minutes to fuck.

As she stares at him , that doesn't sound like a bad idea. She watches as he drinks from his canteen. Even fully clothed she finds him very handsome. He looks at her and smiles. She notices a bulge beginning to form in his jeans.

"Your little friend isn't wore out," she asks, chuckling.

Rich continues to grin.

"He's wore out."

Lisa laughs and realizes that this is the first time in three years she has been able to laugh from her heart.

"By the way," he says as he sits beside her on the log, " he use to not be so big. He use to be smaller. Much smaller."

Lisa stares at him.

"Your what now... about 10 inches erect?"

Rich nods.

"How much smaller..."

"Five inches," he replies and stands back up.

He looks at her face and sees the confusion.

"How," she asks, "did you get larger? Most men would die for this secret."

"The injection."

She points to her arm where the needle mark is.

"The green stuff Kris injected into me? Did that to you?"

He nods.

"Well, take you for example," he begins. "Your breasts. What size were you before Kris injected you?"

"36 C, " she replies. "And, before you ask, I am still 36 C. What does that have to do with your large cock?"

"Well, the 'green liquid', as you called it, is actually a virus. Once injected it quickly attacks you sexually. It finds what your sexual need, or wish, is and basically grants it. Most men always wish for a larger cock, I was no different, so when I was injected...BOOM. I doubled.

Most women, once injected usually gains bigger breasts. That is what I thought happened to you."

Lisa shakes her head.

"With me, I have always held back. I have never let go. I think this stuff just shattered my inhibitions."

"I see," Rich says. "Well, the virus doesn't stop at the change. It constantly stays with you. It keeps you in a perpetual state of arousal. The 'tea' I have made helps to sedate those feelings. It is only temporary and wears off every 24 hours. For the first few days I find it helps a person to drink it every couple of hours. In a day or two you will only have to take it once a day."

"Okay," Lisa says as she begins to grasp what has happened. "Well, I have drank this tea for two days straight yet the feeling to fuck you is still there."

Rich grins.

"Smart virus."

Lisa gives him a dirty look as he reaches down to help her up.

She takes his hand and they stare at each other.

"Well, Lisa, I can only guess that the your newfound lack of inhibitions have only helped to strengthen the arousal stage."

"Guess? You sound like a damned expert."

"Hardly," he laughs as he picks up his backpack. "It's just that I have met only three or four women like you. There were women who became more open after being injected but my 'tea' was able to wipe away most of the daily influence the injection gives you."

He picks up a large duffel bag.

"We have a long way to go," he says as they begin to start walking again.

"Wow," Lisa responds. "How do you know so much about this? Have you been spending every hour of the past year studying this virus?"

Rich shakes his head.

"Then how do you know so much? I have been traveling the countryside for three years now and I didn't hear about any of this until I arrived at Alex's village."

"You are correct, Lisa, I do know a lot about it. Yes, I have spent a lot of time researching it. Just not three years."

"Then how many? One? Two?"

Rich shakes his head.

"Eighty," he says as a cold breeze suddenly tears though them.

Interlude -

The hooded man looks at the map. The two dots have been moving for quite awhile but their course was clear from the beginning. A small intercom crackles to life.

"How soon," the soft female voice asks.

He picks up a small microphone.

"They should be there within twenty four hours," the deep voice replies.

"We will be waiting," the female responds.

Lisa looks down at the huge crater that once was New Orleans. The aliens had destroyed all the major cities that fateful day. Billions died.

The massive heat from the aliens' weapons evaporated most rivers, including the Mississippi. If the mouth of the river had not been dammed up by all the debris at the Gulf, then the crater of New Orleans would be underwater, not bone dry.

"Are we going there," she asks.

Rich nods.

"I have heard of a small village on the east side that was constructed a year after the attack. I think that is where the first supply of the virus first appeared."

They begin to walk towards the crater. There is silence between the two as Lisa tries to comprehend the story that Rich told her. It sounds very ridiculous but after what she has seen the past few days, she doesn't doubt it.

"You look like you still have a lot of questions."

She feels him next to her.

He offers his hand.

Lisa takes it.

"I'm just so scared," Lisa says. "I have been able to be brave for the past three years. I watched my parents, my fiancée, and hundreds of others die while I survived. I was able to pull myself together by telling myself to be brave. So, I have been. I haven't allowed myself to trust others. Now, you tell me I have a damned alien virus running through my system. I want to fuck every living thing. You tell me I could die from this virus. I am scared."

Rich pulls her close to him and hugs her.

His arms feel so good, she tells herself.

Their eyes meet.

"It will be okay, I promise," Rich says.

They kiss.

At first it is a soft kiss. Their lips meet and then they separate. Rich runs his fingers through her long blonde hair. She moans. Their lips meet once more and slowly they open. Before long their tongues meet in a very slow sensual kiss.

Rich runs his hands down her back. Lisa does the same. She feels him pressing closer as she hit's a little spot at the bottom of his back.

She pulls away from the kiss and chuckles. She presses the spot again and Rich presses against her once more, gasping for breath.

The sky begins to darken as they just stand and kiss.

Rich pulls his over coat off and Kris takes her cloak off. They lie them side by side on the hard, barren ground and lie next to each other. They begin to kiss again.

Soon their clothes are a mattress for Lisa to lie on as Rich runs his tongue down her smooth stomach. He stops and begins to plant small kisses on her body. Lisa moans with each kiss. She begins to play with her breasts as he kisses her belly button.

She squeezes her breasts as his tongue runs down her wet slit.

She begins to squeeze her nipples as his tongue finds her dripping pussy.

She moans loudly as he takes her lips into his mouth and he begins to suck them.

Little nibbles from time to time almost make her scream out in passion and soon she feels his hands joining hers.

She takes his hand and places it on her nipple. He squeezes. She screams out.

He bites her pussy lips.

"Yes..."Lisa moans.

His hands leave her breasts and she feels them running down her body.


His mouth stays on her pussy as he slips a finger into her.

"That feels so good, Rich..."

He begins to fuck her with his finger.

"God yes!"

She feels the tip of another finger against her anus.

Lisa moans. The memory of Kris playing with it comes back to her. That was the first time she had allowed anyone to touch it. Jim had always begged her but she refused. It was too dirty. It wasn't sexy, she had said. She was wrong.

She moves her ass slowly letting him know that she wants the finger.

Rich understands and brings the finger to her mouth.

She sucks it hard and moans because Rich had not lost any concentration on her pussy.

Rich pulls his finger away and moves it back to her ass.

Lisa gasps.

His finger begins to slowly enter her.


The scream is loud and Lisa looks at the stars above her.

"Damned aliens," she thinks as Rich begins to fuck her ass with his finger.

She closes her eyes and pleasure overcomes her as he bites her lips one more time.

She squirms as she plays with her breasts. Pressure begins to build as his tongue plays with her hard clit. His finger continues to fuck her.

She opens her eyes and stares at the stars once more as her body is rocked by yet another powerful orgasm. She shakes and quietly says thank you to the stars as Rich slowly rises and his hard cock enters her.

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