tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuests of the Cohort Ch. 01

Quests of the Cohort Ch. 01


Mikael set down the book with a grimace. Violence he could handle, and justice was something he admired, but to read about the bloody executions of a thousand rebels by the tyrant Joulan was not something he particularly wanted in the mid-morning. At least it seemed that Emperor Joulan had received a nasty end of his own, judging by the title of the tome that had held his attention, and with that thought in mind he reclined on the chair.

Books stood all around. Most old, though some seemed newer, but none showed any visible signs of age. No tearing or creasing marred the pages, and even a film of dust seemed absent from books that Mikael was sure could not have been touched in decades, if ever. Even so, the room resonated antiquity, and Mikael was quite sure that more knowledge was contained within the Sanctuary's small library than most courts or temples across the world.

Then again, he was not particularly sure that the Sanctuary's library was so small after all. Whilst he could see all four walls, the books seemed ever-changing. In this place he had come to expect what would seem ludicrous everywhere else, and a selection of books that shimmered and changed was not so startling now as to seem unbelievable.

With that thought still lingering in his mind, the door opened, and he turned with a warm smile to regard the figure that stepped through. Quintia smiled back, a handful of books in her arms, and as she stepped through into the library the door closed silently behind her.

"Good morning," he said, standing to welcome his Sister. She beamed sweetly back at him, and as she turned to replace the books on the nearest shelf he took the opportunity to take in the sight of her.

Her blue hair fell to her shoulders, straight and cobalt-coloured. She wore a green velvet dress today, and Mikael followed its tight lines appreciatively as they hugged the contours of her lovely body, from the swell of her large breasts, to the narrow waist that flared into perfectly-wide hips, and even down long, slender legs. She either did not notice his stare or, more likely, did not care.

What brings you to the library this morning then, Brother? Other than hoping one of your Sisters would stop by so that you could stare open-mouthed at her body. Her words flowed like golden ink in mid-air between them.

He spluttered, a look of mock-indignation on his face as she regarded him with a playful smile. "I was not open-mouthed!"

I admit, Brother, I could not see you. Perhaps your mouth was indeed shut; it was your eyes I felt.

"As I feel yours now, Quintia," he said. "So do not act the innocent party, Sister."

She raised her hands, her gem flaring bright green in amusement. Her eyes scanned his body with no attempt at subtlety, and he enjoyed the suggestive quirk to her lips.

As she turned to replace the final book, Mikael noticed that a faint glimmer of blue had joined the green shine of the jewel that rested on her forehead. Her moods were easy for him to read once he had come to understand what each colour meant, and he certainly liked blue.

So she's feeling horny, hmm?

Not that that surprised him, given the attitude that everyone in this Sanctuary - including himself - had towards sex. It was something that the Gods very much encouraged, especially when the members of the Cohort were relaxing with no other commitments. What better way to worship the Gods of Pleasure than to indulge in a few orgasms in their name?

It was then he realised that Quintia had turned back to him, and he smiled as her eyes scanned the cover of the book in his hand. A quizzical expression grew on her face, mirrored by an amused smile, and she pointed at the heavy tome.

I didn't know you found Rethlyn history so interesting, Mikael. Her words glowed, and he shrugged in response.

"It was the first book I picked off the shelf. There's so many books here that I just tend to grab one and read - they're all worthwhile, one way or another."

Quintia smiled broadly. I agree with your sentiment, Brother. Every book has something sacred, and that is why this library exists. You see, Mikael, every book ever committed to paper is in this library - there are Gods of knowledge and creativity, and they would see every book treasured.

"Every book?" he said, astounded. He glanced around, at the stone walls that enclosed the room. It was not a small room by any means, but it was certainly not large enough for every book ever written. He had seen libraries far bigger in the cities.

Yes. She nodded. Let me show you. Perhaps this will aid you in the future to find a book more suited to your tastes.

She waved him forward, and he stepped towards her, before turning to the shelf by which she stood.

This shelf changes, Mikael. You may never have seen it do so, because you have never expressed a desire for it to.

"What do you mean?"

Think of a book. It could be a genre, a topic, or even an author. Imagine that you had access to books on that topic and this bookshelf will provide you with those books. For example, if I were to request books on dragons...

The bookcase shimmered, the tomes within fluctuating and warping until it settled. An entirely different selection was on display.

... then I would merely do that. See, books on dragons.

She reached out, grasping one of the books and turning its cover to Mikael. 'A Treatise on the Draconic' was engraved in gold across the front of the leather cover.

"And it will work with... anything?"

Yes. Just think of something you would like to read about. Anything at all.

Mikael closed his eyes a moment, scanning his mind for topics of interest. With a playful smile, he settled on one close at hand.

He opened his eyes, staring in wonder as the bookcase shimmered again, before it settled into a new selection. Quintia looked at him with a smile and took a small, leather-bound black book from the shelf.

He grinned as silent laughter wracked her body, her gem slipping quickly into a far more bluish tinge. She looked up at him with a sparkle of lust in her eyes. His eyes dropped to the cover.

'Mating Rituals of the Sensei'

Interested in how Sensei have sex?

"I suppose I am." He stepped towards her then, and her gem sparked with an azure flame. "Although I admit, I was thinking of a more... specific Sensei than I imagine that book discusses."

And which Sensei were you interested in, Mikael?

"I was interested in you, Quintia," he said before pressing his lips to hers. He took the book from her hand as their mouths crushed together, hurriedly replacing it on the shelf before wrapping his arms around his Sister's waist. Her own hands quickly moved to his back, pinning him against her as she passionately returned their kiss.

He delighted in the feel of her body in their lascivious embrace, and his hands slowly dropped lower until he was grasping her supple ass through the soft velvet of her green dress. At the same time, her fingers had hooked underneath his shirt, and he broke the kiss to let his Sister tug the garment over his head.

"You're not wasting any time," he breathed, and she stared at him with hunger before reinitiating their kiss. Her hands roved over his hard chest, the fingertips sinking into his tough muscle, and Mikael was certain that if she could moan then she would be.

Indeed, the gem on her head glowed bright blue now, and he broke the kiss to stare at it, running his fingers around its glimmering outline before grasping Quintia's cheeks. Her pale blue eyes stared back at him with desire, and her cobalt blue hair fell like silk across the backs of his hands. He kissed her again, and this time their tongues began to duel, the encounter growing more sensual by the moment.

Suddenly, his Sister broke the kiss, biting her lower lip and staring down. Mikael's cock had started to respond to their kissing, and stood at half-mast through his cloth pants. Her palm was almost immediately on it, massaging his length through his trousers.

"Oh fuck..." he groaned, enjoying the contact. He did not resist as Quintia's other hand found his belt, tugging it loose and allowing his pants to slacken. And he certainly did not resist as she pushed the garment to the floor, sinking to her knees as she removed his clothes.

The feeling of her hands on his bare thighs was exquisite, and Mikael moaned at the feeling. He stared down at the blue-haired Sensei, sure that his face reflected the anticipation that now coursed through him, and she leaned forwards slowly, deliberately towards his cock.

He inhaled sharply as her warm breath washed over his sensitive tip, before groaning aloud as she sucked his head between her lips. It felt fantastic, and her tongue was immediately caressing the underside, stroking more of his cock as she took more of it into her mouth.

His groans seemed to please her, and she looked up at him with a smirk of self-satisfaction as he stared back in rapture. Her mouth did wonderful things to his length, and she pulled off with a deep breath to instead kiss down the sides of his member. It was beginning to become slick with her saliva, and she wrapped a fist around it to pump along his shaft.

"Ah..." he said, throwing his head back as she complimented the movements of her fist with her mouth once more. She sucked his tip into her mouth as the rest of his cock was caressed by her palm.

Mikael stared down lustfully at the mage who took his member so eagerly into her mouth. Her blue hair fell neatly to her shoulders, though a few had begun to scatter messily over her face as she suddenly bobbed her head vigorously on his shaft. Her body looked amazing confined in the tight velvet dress, and he could see just enough cleavage in its neckline to make him yearn for more.

In a... minute, he thought to himself as another thrill of pleasure ran through him. I'll stop her... in a minute.

Indeed, his Sister showed no signs that she was ready to stop. She was devouring him passionately now, long breaths drawn from her lungs as her lips and tongue explored every inch of his cock. It was as if she enjoyed giving blowjobs almost as much as he enjoyed receiving them, an attitude that seemed to be reflected amongst his other Sisters, too. Then again, when he considered how much he delighted in using his tongue and fingers on a lover's pussy, the idea seemed far less ridiculous in his mind.

Not that he thought such abstract thoughts for long, as Quintia's mouth caused more rapturous sensations to shiver through him. He reached out, placing his hands gently on her head, feeling her silky blue hair bunch beneath his touch. She did not seem to mind; indeed, she looked up at him with a glimmer in her pale blue eyes, before once more taking his length into her mouth.

Her gem was glowing brightly, casting its luminescence out over the library, and had Mikael not known it for the wonderful light that it was then it would have been quite an eerie sight. He glanced around, ideas already spinning through his mind. Quintia's work had driven his lust to fever pitch, and he was no longer content to receive such pleasure from her mouth - he wanted to be inside the stunning mage, and from the intensity of her gem's glow, she felt the same way.

He reached down, stroking round the sides of his Sister's face, and she slowed her pace before pulling her mouth from his cock. Glancing up at him, she slowly stood, his intentions clearly plain, and crushed herself against him. They reinitiated their kiss, his hands roving over his body, and he delighted in the feel of her large breasts crushed against his bare chest through the soft velvet.

Mikael broke the kiss then, lowering his lips to press them against the blue-haired beauty's neck as his fingers found the knots that held her dress tight to her body. She did not complain as he pulled them loose, feeling the garment slacken against her figure, and his palms slid to her shoulders as he kissed back towards her mouth.

Her hands moved to the back of his head, tugging him in passionately as he slipped her dress from her body. He felt it fall gently to the ground, and suddenly her naked body was pressed against him in their kiss. Her breasts tickled his chest, her clothes no longer between their bodies, and he groaned into their embrace.

Stepping backwards, he took his Sister's hands, guiding her towards the large table in the centre of the library. She allowed him to lead her, carefully stepping from her dress and leaving it lying crumpled on the floor. He drank in the sight of her naked body as he pulled her towards him, and as they reached the wooden desk he clutched her to him again. There they kissed a moment as he spun her round, guiding her back until her ass bumped gently against the table.

She took the hint, reaching down and pushing herself onto the surface, not breaking the kiss. He placed one hand on the back of her head, enjoying her soft hair beneath his fingertips, and the other he stroked down the front of the Sensei's body. Reaching her breasts, he took one of the soft mounds in his hands, squeezing it eagerly but gently, and he could feel his Sister's breathing quicken.

Mikael pulled his head away, instead taking in the sight of the mage reclining nakedly on the table. With the hand that had rested on her head, he began to stroke down her long legs, and as he neared the tops of her thighs she grinned. Her legs parted, revealing her lovely pussy, and Mikael gently rested his palm against it. He could feel her wetness against his hand, and he moved his wrist slowly, letting the flat of his hand delicately caress her folds.

Quintia opened her mouth at the sensation, her eyes fluttering at the sudden pleasure that coursed through her. A spark of intense lust seemed to ignite in her eyes, and with her left hand she grabbed Mikael's wrist, tugging his hands from her snatch. Simultaneously, she grasped his cock with the other, guiding him slowly towards her, and Mikael was in no doubt as to what she wanted.

Fuck me, Mikael.

The words flowed like black ink across his Sister's trim stomach, and she reclined onto the desk, propping herself up with her elbows as she watched him. Staring at her wonderful form, he grasped his member, stepping towards the Sensei and running his tip along her folds. She bit her lower lip in pleasure, and Mikael could take no more.

He pushed inwards, groaning aloud as her silken snatch swallowed him up, her hot walls hugging his invasive length tightly. His Sister threw her head back with rolled eyes, and she seemed to press herself back against him. Soon he was entirely nestled inside the gorgeous mage, and he waited a moment to let himself enjoy the sensation.

Quintia, however, was slowly rolling her hips, clearly eager to feel him move inside her, and Mikael did not want to disappoint her. Taking hold of her thighs, he started to thrust, gently and slowly sliding his cock from her pussy, then back inside. Every inch was another thrill of pleasure, and he was lost to the sensations of her snatch.

He enjoyed the juxtaposition of his surroundings. Here he was in a library, normally a quiet place of solemn learning, with a beautiful blue-haired mage lying nakedly on the table in front of him and his cock buried inside her. Where a normal library was filled with the shuffling of feet and the rustling of paper, this one was filled with the scent of sex and the low groans that rumbled from his lungs. True enough, his lover was silent, but that was through her heritage and not any indication that she wasn't enjoying herself.

In fact, Mikael was pretty sure his Sister was enjoying herself. Her eyes had slightly glazed at the sensations his cock sent coursing through her, her gem glowed bright blue, and her pale skin had flushed slightly at the passion of their sex. Her thighs felt soft beneath his fingertips, and he took the time to admire her long and shapely legs even as her snatch continued to welcome in his eager member.

He subconsciously began to speed up, his cock moving more swiftly into the stunning blue-haired mage, her body reacting every time his balls pressed against her ass, his member fully engulfed by her pussy. She was laying flat on the table, her legs held tightly by Mikael. Her large breasts shook gently with the movements of their sex, and her blue eyes glinted with pleasure and lust.

Mikael watched as his Sister's gem flared more into life, a sudden wave of ecstasy rolling through her. She stared at him intently, lifting her head slightly to better see what was going on, and he realised with glee that she was enjoying the sight of his body as much as he was enjoying hers. Her hands slid higher, grasping her blue hair and holding it tightly, and she slumped back down onto the desk as her pleasure grew.

He leant forwards then, hooking Quintia's legs over his shoulders in order to free his hands, and ran his fingertips over her trim stomach. They climbed higher, her smooth skin wonderful to his touch, before he came to the magnificent mounds of her soft breasts. He cupped them, squeezing them gently, his cock inexorably increasing in speed. Quintia opened her mouth, breathing out a long, rapturous sigh, and he was sure that if she could have made a sound she would be moaning loudly.

With that in mind, he straightened. His Sister's legs still hooked over his shoulders, he instead rested his palms on the edge of the table, using the position as leverage to substantially increase his pace. Quintia's gem seared out at his sudden movement, and she threw her head back, her eyes rolling back. Her body twitched, and he felt her snatch narrow on his cock, her orgasm now only moments away.

His hips hammered against hers, his eyes focused intently on the mage's gorgeous face as it slowly contorted with ecstasy. He could see every muscle in her body coiling as her release neared, and it drove him to even greater heights of lust. She was writhing on the desk now, her mind seemingly lost to her immiment climax, and Mikael groaned as he felt her pussy begin to spasm.

Seconds later, she came. Her gem seared out a light so bright Mikael had to glance away, and her back arched. She pawed at his hips, trying to pull him in further, and Mikael buried himself as deeply into his Sister as he could go. Her walls contracted against his member, pulses of pure ecstasy assaulting her mind and mirrored in the undulations of her snatch. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she became still but for the quivering of her taut muscles.

A few moments later, the climax had passed, and she slumped back down onto the table with a satisfied grin. She shook faintly in the aftershocks of such a massive orgasm, and Mikael looked on with hunger at the sight of the blue-haired beauty splayed out before him.

Eventually, Quintia's eyes refocused, and she smiled mischievously up at Mikael as she pushed herself into a sitting position. Unhooking her calves from his shoulders, she instead wrapped them around his waist, and Mikael groaned into her mouth as she moved to press her body and lips against him. The feeling of their kiss, coupled with the sensation of her breasts against his chest and her silken pussy still caressing his cock, almost caused him to start thrusting again immediately.

Clearly, Quintia recognised this, and she broke the kiss to shift backwards onto the desk. His member sprang free from her snatch, and a groan of disappointment left his lips. His Sister grinned at the sound, and raised her hand, a sultry look in her eyes as her gem suddenly flared white. From the floor behind her two rugs lifted, floating towards her as she stared hungrily at Mikael. Not breaking eye contact with him, she twisted her hand again, the light in her gem switching quickly back to blue as the rugs landed with a soft thump on the tabletop.

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