tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersQuick Sex Story Ch. 02

Quick Sex Story Ch. 02


Tonight was my night. I looked down at her, tied to the bed. I gagged her mouth; her constant screaming at the height of climax was not needed tonight. Slowly I slid my legs into the stockings, and did up the corsets suspender attachments. Elegantly I pulled the knee-high stiletto boots up, and fastened the straps. As I stood up, pulling up a pair of knickers, I ran a finger all the way up my leg. This sent vibrant shivers up my entire body, and I grabbed my cock firmly, pulling it between my legs before it could get hard. Once the knickers were in place, holding my throbbing defiant dick in its place, I sat down next to my 'victim'. I ran my deep velvet coloured nails along her own, fish netted, leg. I found the little chord, hanging from her pussy lips, and pulled hard. The muffled screaming was near instantaneous, as her entire body twitched then relaxed. I laid all five of the balls down onto the bed, and picked up her vibrator. Slowly she looked around at me, as lubed the fake cock up, then pushed it into her, switching it on and ignoring her wide, pleading eyes.

I turned my back on her squirming and continued to get ready. I slid on a bra, and filled it with the fake breasts she bought me. I rubbed them with my nails, and shivered. We had got the most expensive pair, so I could still feel anything that happened to them, on me. It was quiet erotic. Not that I needed turning on much more. I pulled down my new, tight purple dress, and looked in the mirror.

My hair was braided from the front, around the sides and into a larger one at the back. Two strands of hair fell down around my eyes, covering my blue shadowed eyes. My red lips kissed the air as I winked at myself. I had been practising my voice, and felt I sounded convincingly feminine. So I bent down to her ear, and started groaning like she did.

I sniggered as her orgasms nearly tripled. Slowly I pulled myself on top of her, pulling her head up so she could see me kiss her lips gently through her knickers. I pulled the vibrator from her anus quickly, and tossed it to the side. Quickly I pulled out another one, double ended. I slid it deep inside of her, and smiled as she collapsed again. Slowly I turned her over, and whipped her ass until it was red sore. "Don't collapse on me again, slut." She nodded weakly, and I turned her over again.

I tied her gag to the bedpost, so that she could see the other end of the dildo sticking from her. Slowly I ran my tongue around the tip. I heard her gasp lightly. I asked, while removing the gag from her mouth, "So, slut, what's my name. What's your masters name?"

She knew if she got it wrong, she would regret it. So she tried one letter to begin with, see if I agreed with it. "M-" I smiled, and sunk the entire dick deep into my mouth. I almost gagged as I felt it touch the back of my throat. It wasn't what I intended to do, but neither is life. She screamed my en-fem name loudly, pulling at the handcuffs hard. As I pulled out, she kept whispering "Maria" repeat-ably.

Slowly I looked up. She smiled slowly, like it was her own. "Yes?" I asked, expectantly. She looked at me with pleading eyes. So I went back down and started sucking at the fake dildo. I wasn't expecting her to orgasm almost straight away. I could feel her own muscles suck at the dildo, and pull it from my mouth, or deeper into my mouth. When I deep throated, she groaned. Once or twice, I nearly convinced myself that it was her cock I was sucking. Her groaning and pushing of the hips didn't help matters. And I didn't notice till I felt the familiar liquid splash into my anus that I was groaning along with her.

I pulled up, and looked at her. Saliva hung over my face, and the lipstick was nearly gone. I didn't care, and pulled myself up on top of her. As I un-handcuffed her, I sat down hard and fast onto the dildo by accident. She screamed loudly, grabbing both my tits and squeezing so tightly it hurt. Though, at the same time my hands were across her breasts.

We were both screaming, as the dildo slammed against both our g-spots. There was nothing we could do for a little while, as we both panted for breath. Slowly she looked up at me. "Please. Maria. Mistress. Fuck me hard." I didn't have the will to resist, and started fucking her, squirming and screaming like I was her. She instantly took on the role of a man, breathing deeper, and groping my breasts. I couldn't do a lot, as she forced me up, like I had done to her many times. She, instead, pushed the dildo in and out of me. Like I did to her. My hands scratched down the wall, and gripped the bedpost past her head.

Then she pulled me down, and bit onto my nipple hard. I cried and screamed, making my mascara run. I could feel my entire body beginning to crease up, as she kept pushing in harder and deeper. Quickly I bit deep onto her neck, as I felt my second ever orgasm. Then my body collapsed onto hers. I felt my dick ready to cum again, and decided not to waste it as a lube. I looked up at her, and she looked near exhausted. So quickly I pulled my body up hers, moved my knickers and pushed my hard cock deep into her throat. I came instantaneously. I watched her swallow some, but pulled up quickly, kissing me deeply and trying to pass to me. But she failed, collapsing onto the pillows with the look of nearly gagging. I ran a finger down her throat, and she swallowed. I felt sorry for her, my poor little slut, but ignored her, climbing off and getting ready for a night on the town.

Then I turned around again, and looked at her. "Thank you slut." She fainted onto the pillow, as I applied my makeup, slide my dick between my legs, and re-adjusted my bra. Slowly I did her makeup as best I could, and then threw a dress on her. Slowly she came around. "You coming to Spiders, or you going to sleep?" She looked drearily up at me.

"You know I hate cum." I smiled as she said it. "So tonight I think we should get some random guy, and make you suck him."

I giggled like a little girl. "Sure, okay. Why not."

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