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Quickie ~ Against the Wall


To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one, or perhaps dedicate one to one of you. If you'd like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you...K'Anne

When I pulled into my driveway I couldn't remember a time I was this relieved to be home. I was bone wearily tired and looking forward to a hot dinner, a hot bath, and a comfortable bed. Working non-stop for days on end was not my idea of a good time and I deserved a well cooked meal, my bath, and my bed. I would settle for the cold leftovers I knew were in the fridge, a hot bath, and the bed...if the cats weren't on it hogging all the space, they would just have to get off. I was too tired to argue with anyone and was working at just putting one foot in front of the other. Driving home hadn't been the best idea but I used most of my reserves of energy on doing it safely. I parked and gathered my briefcase and other things before closing and locking the doors and heading for my front door. As I unlocked the door it never occurred to me to question why it didn't need unlocking and was already unlocked, I was just too tired to notice. I put my briefcase and other things on the table inside the door, which I did every night, and shut the door behind me locking it as a matter of course. I looked up to see my girlfriend coming towards me determinedly with an intense look in her eyes and was surprised when she took me forcefully in her arms kissing me ardently. Any protests I had died the minute her lips touched mine, it had been weeks since we had seen each other properly and we'd missed each other despite the many texts, emails, and cell phone conversations. We were both so busy these days it really wasn't fair to the relationship but we were both determined women and weathered through these interruptions to what was normally a pretty great relationship.

When I would have ended the kiss she was only beginning apparently. My suit jacket was peeled back and off and it fell to the floor. The buttons of my blouse were soon unbuttoned under her expert hands, her kiss made me mindless with need, a desperate desire to be with her to touch her as she was touching me but she brushed aside my attempts to undress her as well and pushed me against the wall taking a step to hold me there effortlessly. Her tongue deeply in my mouth was a welcome invasion, I had missed this woman so and I sucked on it hard. Her passion transferred itself to me immediately and my fatigue vanished magically in her arms. Her hand began to caress my thigh and begin it's slow ascent up my leg. The feel of it was ever so arousing, her hand soft and knowing. As she made her way above my garter held stockings the feel of her fingertips on my flesh had my knees buckling slightly.

"Let's go into the bedroom" I tried to breath around her passionate kisses but was ignored in her determination.

Her fingers continued their ascent and I could already tell that my panties were moist with my arousal. She always has that effect on me. When they reached the V of my legs they reached inside the thong I was wearing and much to my dismay she ripped the material off effortlessly. My protests were silenced under the onslaught of her determined lips and tongue. Her other hand was massaging my breast and gently pinched the nipple to hear my gasp before continuing it's assault.

Her fingers between my legs easily found my erect clit, the moisture surrounding it was soon on her fingers and played with my lips. My traitorous crotch leaned into her hand wanting the contact, needing what only she could bring me. I gasped as her fingers plunged into the wetness deeply, forcefully. Again my legs wanted to buckle but I struggled to stay upright.

The feelings and emotions that were going through my body demanded that we continue this upstairs in my bedroom. The front window was to my right, the closed front door to my left. I couldn't remember if the window had been left open or not and her mouth wouldn't allow me to turn my head and check and to be honest most thoughts had left my head in the waves of passion I was experiencing. I tried though to be the adult here, I really tried.

"Upstairs" I gasped beyond her passionate kisses "we" again I was muffled "should go" but I was given no other opportunity as she pushed me firmly against the wall with her own body, her entire body grinding against mine, making me mindless. It really was a good thing I still had on my blouse and skirt or I'd have been rubbed raw against the wall.

Her fingers began to plunge in and out of me and I was lost. The feel of her deep inside me made want to melt, how I stayed on my feet was a miracle and especially when she began to pet my G spot I don't know how it was possible. My left leg rose up and wrapped itself around her hips bringing her closer as she thrust inside of me. The sounds of the squish from how wet she was making me to the sounds of my groans must have triggered something in her as she increased her assault on my body if that were possible. The feel of her hand on my breast was firmer, the thrusts of her other hand harder and deeper, her lips and tongue more demanding. I was lost, I didn't care if my window was open or shut or if the neighbors could hear my groans and cries or the wet sounds coming from my pussy. They could only be jealous at the animal sounds coming from my home.

There I stood one legged in my living room up against the wall, my one leg wrapped around my girlfriend's waist, my expensive blouse opened to my waist, my Victoria's Secret bra with one breast hanging out and being ardently massaged, pinched, and caressed, my skirt hiked up leaving my crotch exposed and at the mercy of her other hand. My arms were wrapped around her shoulders my hand and fingers in her hair holding her head to mine. I didn't care at the moment. My entire board could have been in the room and I wouldn't have been aware of it. This uber executive was getting royally loved by her girlfriend and while she did attempt to protest it was weak and very quickly suppressed.

As the first waves of my orgasm began to assail my senses I couldn't help but wonder that I was having one standing upright. I had been foolish to think I couldn't have one any other way but in my bed, flat on my back. My girlfriend had always been inventive in and out of bed. This surprise I had to concede was one of the best and as my body writhed, bucked, and sagged against her I could only hope she wouldn't stop and would be able to support my weight as I went limp against her, my arms held on for dear life. Fortunately her picture is beside the word 'stubborn' in the dictionary and she wasn't done yet apparently. It was only a teaser of what was to come. My back was literally up against the wall and as she made me cum over and over again I became delirious in my pleasure, greedy for more, and yet unaware of how many times she drove my body up and over. Only she knew and she wasn't telling.

There was a stream down my stockings and into my shoes and a puddle at our feet when she determined she was finished with me for now. She helped me to the bathroom, I barely remember her stripping the rest of my clothes off me and throwing the shreds of my thong in the wastebin. She helped me into the bath she drew for me and gently washed my well used body. Patting me dry with a huge bathsheet she wrapped another around me and led me to our bed. Admonishing me to not fall asleep she soon brought a tray to bed and we had dinner in bed. I had never even smelled it cooking as I came through the door but then I had been a little distracted. It was a nice hot meal, one I had dreamed about earlier but knew was an impossibility until this amazing woman had come into my life. As she tucked me in and joined me later I can remember thinking I was a little exhausted and no longer just from work. My body felt royally used and I was a willing victim as I fell asleep in her arms.

I will never look at that wall between my front door and the front window the same. The puddle was cleaned up but the memories will always remain.

The End...for now

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