tagInterracial LoveQuickies: Corrupted

Quickies: Corrupted


Warning! This story is interracial and contains mind control and cheating and a very evil woman. Read my biography first please. And if you have constructive comments or critics, send my the feedback! Do not leave them on the comment board just so you can feel like a superior writer. Hope you enjoy.


George Grissom headed up the narcotics department in his police station. But he did more than that. He had once worked in nearly every area and department in the place. As a former field officer and detective, now he was next in line to become Captain of the location. He was also a married man with two kids.

Today was a very big day for his team. They had brought in a notorious crime lord's girlfriend for questioning. This wasn't the first time they had brought her in. Her name was Charnel Simone, she was black and she was immeasurably voluptuous. It was easy to see why her powerful boyfriend had chosen her as his playmate. Charnel's boyfriend was suspected in drug trafficking, money laundering, murder and half the crimes in the city.

"Charnel... We know you're not telling us all you know. We can offer you protection. Just tell us what you've seen and all will be taken care of." George's long time friend and former partner, Bill, was doing the questioning. It was his case, George just oversaw the proceedings. He had been trying to bring down the guy for years. Bill believed Charnel's boy to be more powerful than suspected, like he was some type of kingpin.

"I've told you all I know officers, all I've seen. We've been over this before. My boyfriend is innocent. You have no evidence and no eye witnesses. Just lay off, look somewhere else." She eyed George with her dark eyes. They were near hypnotic. He could tell she knew more than she was saying. But he had a feeling that there was even more beneath her surface.

"Well every time we do look somewhere else, someone ends up dead. And it all seems too convenient for you and your boyfriend." Bill replied.

"What makes you think that with what I've told you that I'm involved?" she asked a little surprised.

"We've got some new evidence... and the new word on the street is that your boyfriend is nothing more than a high paid thug working for someone called... the Black Queen." This was new information to George, which was a reason why he let Bill do all the questioning. It was his case.

Charnel looked upset. Bill had hit a button. "That sounds rather bizarre... A thug working for a woman?" she responded and regained her composure.

"At this point... We're ready to believe anything." Bill got back.

"Well, you're barking up the wrong tree." Ms. Simone said. She looked the hands of both the officers. They both had wedding rings on.

Bill looked to George. It was obvious that they weren't going to get any further. George nodded to Bill. "Okay Ms. Simone, you are free to go..." she got up from her seat and gathered her things. "Oh and just for your information... we do have a witness." Bill lit the fire that would be his entire precinct's undoing. But it usually worked. Their station was the best at protecting witnesses and by telling suspects in the past, it helped them catch the criminals in the act or coming after the witness.

Charnel paused. She looked like she was thinking about who it could be until she figured it out. The voluptuous black woman looked to George and Bill again. "You boys picked me up... the least you can do is take me home." She eyed George.

"I'll take her. George has more important things to do." Bill took charge for his friend. George had to go home and send the babysitter home, make dinner for his children; they were only 2 and 3 years old and his wife was out of town. Charnel looked disappointed. She looked like she wanted to pout like a little girl who suddenly had to do a chore. Then she stared into Bill's eyes.

"Lead the way officer." She smiled. George sensed that something was amiss with her. She knew something. But for George it would have to wait. Bill led Charnel to his car and drove off. George got into his car five minutes later and started his drive home.

On the way towards his house, he couldn't help but daydream. Charnel oozed sex all around her. George had never really been attracted to black women but he had to admit to himself, if he wasn't married and didn't work for the police, he would fuck her in a second. She had a juicy round ass, but not ass big as most black men would prefer. She carried a very large pair of tits that she always showed off, including today. George thought of how they were bigger than his wife's. He tried to shake his adulterous thoughts from his head when he pulled into his driveway.

A few hours later after George had put his children to bed he thought that it might be a good time to call Bill again. He dialed his cell phone number. George had tried to reach him twice earlier in the evening but got no response. The phone rang and rang.

"Hello George." It was Bill.

"Hey Bill, where you been? I called you twice already. You always pick up. What kept you?" George asked.

"I was... preoccupied." He said back to his boss and friend.

"Okay... what can you tell me about our witness and where we are going next?" George asked.

"Nothing, George. Nothing I can tell you now will make you understand. But you will understand, George. You will understand very soon." Click! Bill hung up on his friend. George was visibly concerned. Bill didn't sound like himself.

Ding dong! George's doorbell rang. Strange, he thought. He wasn't expecting anyone, especially at this hour.

George walked to his front door and opened it. There stood Charnel Simone, and she was dressed to kill. The sexy black woman wore a bright long-sleeve solid yellow dress that clung to her hourglass figure. The hem went down to the top of her knees while the top showed off the dark valley between her big luscious black tits. She wore matching heels that made her stand up taller than George.

"Hello Mr. Grissom... Can I come in?" she asked. George looked her up and down. Her long black hair was done up nicely on top of her head.

"How did you know where I live?" George asked. This was very peculiar.

"Your friend, Bill, told me. I told him that I would talk to you. I would give you my secrets, answer your questions. I just didn't want to do it in the police station." Charnel responded with a light smile. George could sense she was up to something.

"Bill gave you directions to my house?" George asked the redundant question. This is what Bill must have meant on the phone. He must have been upset over the fact that Charnel was only willing to talk with George and not himself. George would break the case, not Bill. "Well if this is the way it has to happen, then so be it. Come on." He motioned her inside his home. "We need to keep things quiet, my children are asleep upstairs."

"That might be difficult..." She strode past him. George couldn't help but stare at her ripe round ass. Charnel seemed to add a sexy sway in her walk as she moved to the family room couch. It was a good thing that George's wife wasn't home. She may not have stood to have such a desirable woman and affiliate of a suspected criminal in the house. "When you hear what I have to say."

"What do you have to say?" George moved behind her and sat down on the couch opposite hers.

"I'll answer your questions... but first you have to answer mine." Charnel smiled. There was a hint of evil in her tone. George didn't like where this was going, but he knew that as a protector of the innocent he had to pursue it.

"What questions?"

"I have some questions for you... if you answer all of them truthfully; I will answer all of your inquiries with a hundred percent honesty... after I'm done with mine."

Sounded like a fair deal to George. After all, what could she possibly ask him that he couldn't tell?

"Okay, as long as your questions are reasonable, deal." He answered. George couldn't help but steal glances at Charnel's massive bust as she began.

"I hear tell you are in line to take over the precinct, is that true?" Charnel asked.

"It... seems that way, yes." George was a little taken aback by the question. How could she hear that? What did Bill tell her?

"Hmmmm... Do you have any plans with the station once you're in control?"

"Not at the moment, no." George said in reply. These questions were mighty irregular.

"I noticed the ring around your finger and you mentioned your kids... are you happily married?" she looked deep into his eyes.

"Yes, I am very happily married." George could answer these questions, no problem. It just bothered him especially that this woman he didn't know was asking him. Charnel looked over at the wall behind him. There the family photos stood.

"Is that your wife, in the bottom picture?" she stood and walked over to it. George kept his eyes on her, turning his head and watching her in a way a husband should not watch a woman he is not married to.

"Yes. We were in Hawaii there."

"She's a little plump, isn't she?" Charnel crossed the line.

"Excuse me?" George was angry. What gave her the right to say such a thing? This is what he got letting her inside his home, he thought.

"If you don't want me here then I'll just leave and take my information with me." Charnel looked back at him with a threatening tone but a smile on her face. George wasn't going to let this case slip through his fingers just because of some slander against his wife.

"I'm sorry, but I would appreciate it if you didn't say such things." He said trying to get her to say. He hoped her questions would end soon so that he could ask her the more important ones.

"Answer my question. Is your wife fat?" Charnel was getting on his nerves. He hoped that the witness had some info on her so that he could bust her too. He had to answer her though.

"She's on a diet." He said wishing that would end her strange curiosity. But it didn't.

"I asked you if she is fat. Answer the question... honestly." She demanded.

"Yes, my wife is overweight." George gave in. It really was a good thing his wife wasn't here.

"You seem like the kind of guy that wouldn't accept some fat cow for a wife... and even though she's fat she still has small tits... I think you want someone with big tits. Don't you want a woman with big tits?" Charnel moved in front of George now, her succulent body standing before him now.

Was she trying to seduce him, he thought. Well, to his surprise it was working. His cock was growing harder by the second.

"I happen to like my wife's chest very much." He lied, trying to put an end to this.

"I told you not to lie to me. Tell me what you'd rather have." She caught him.

"I... uh... well... my wife's best features are her personality, and that's what counts." George tried to not answer her question.

"Look at my tits..." George looked at her ripe black melons. "Now tell me what you'd rather have." Ms. Simone seemed as though she was trying to seduce the married officer. But it was working. George was rock hard. He rationalized his hard-on since Charnel was a very sexy creature and he simplified his next answer by simply trying to get Charnel to tell the truth.

"It would have been nice if my wife had bigger breasts." He gave as much as he could. But Charnel wanted more.

"Breasts as big as mine?" she cupped her large globes and squeezed them. George was becoming transfixed. "Wouldn't you like it if your wife had an ass like mine?" Charnel turned around and ran her hands over her behind, sticking it out in front of the married man's face.

She began her dance. Moving her hands all over her hot black body Charnel inched closer and closer to the married man. Something that George and his unit never knew about Ms. Simone was her expertise in hypnotism. Now she had used her body to hack into George's subconscious, at least partially. "You love my ass, don't you Baby? You'd love to hold it... you'd love to squeeze it... you'd love to pound my black ass..." she turned around and bent over, giving him a perfect view of her black cleavage. "You love my tits, don't you? You love the fact that they're black... you want to hold them... suck on them... nurse from them... my hot black body is better than your wife's... and you would do anything to fuck my hot black body..."

Thoughts that were in George's head began to subside. He forgot about his job. He forgot about his duty. He forgot about his kids upstairs. But then he forgot about his love for his wife, all he could think about now was how his wife's body was nothing compared to Charnel Simone's delicious frame. Charnel looked into the eyes of her victim. His eyes were mesmerized by her body. He was hers. It had worked, just like it worked with all her subjects, including a couple hours ago with Bill. She needed to take him now and make him her slave forever. No foreplay, just fucking.

"Let me see your white cock..." she requested.

George continued to stare at her as she turned around. He was frozen. His conscience had caught her last words and he made no move now to comply but he couldn't move.

"I don't... think this is a good idea... I'm a married man." He got out, low on breath.

Charnel straddled him on the couch. Her dark hands went over his and brought them to her massive chest and squeezed her hands over George's forcing him to feel her tits still covered in clothing. "Feel my tits!" she guided them all over her body. "Feel my hot black body! It's better than your wife's isn't it?"

"Yes! It is... oh my God!" George's mind gave in. Charnel reached down between them and released his white cock from its confines. She pulled the bottom of her dress up her waist and exposed her bare black pussy. She hadn't worn any underwear. She knew she was going to fuck the married cop.

"It's time to fuck your black queen!" she commanded and lowered her steaming black snatch onto the married white pole. Charnel cackled with evil, it was always so very easy. George was amazed at how tight she was. And all he felt was warmth. This black seductress had control of him. The pleasure was so intense that his arms fell limp at his sides and all he could do was watch Ms. Simone's tits bounce as she rode him. Now was Charnel's chance, a man was never more vulnerable. He was in part of his subconscious. Here she could take complete control. "How does my black cunt feel?"

It took George a moment to process her words and respond. "Amazing! Ughhhh... ohhhhh God!" he moaned. Her black cunt was manipulating his fuck-stick in ways he never dreamed were possible. Charnel loved to seduce married men the most; it always brought her to orgasm. And George was no exception. Her black pussy was slickening his white cock with an endless supply of her juices as she spasmed and came on his cock, but never broke stride and continued to fuck George into submission. She grabbed the back of his head and directed his gaze to her large black cleavage once more while she leaned in and whispered into his ear.

"My black cunt is better than your wife's isn't it? It's the greatest experience of your life! Better than your wedding day, better than the birth of your children... You would do anything to have my black pussy again, wouldn't you? Your friend would... I fucked his brains out earlier. I own him now. Just like I own you... You belong to me now. You will do anything I say. Say it! Say you will do whatever I ask!" Charnel's true colors were shining now. And so were George's.

"I will do... anything you ask of me! Oh my God, your cunt! It's incredible!" he nearly yelled.

"Quiet, Baby... we wouldn't want to wake your kids now would we..."

"No... we don't. Oh God, I never knew! Charnel your pussy is amazing!" George was nearing his impending explosion.

"My name to you is no longer Charnel. I am you Black Queen! Your wife, your children and your sense of duty mean nothing to you now! All that matters is pleasing me, your queen!" the Black Queen continued to bounce on her new slave's white prick. She had conquered another cop.

"Yes my Queen! I live to serve you! Oh God!" George gave in. His final shred of decency was gone forever. He was a corrupt cop now.

"You white men are sooo easy to seduce... I didn't even need to show you my bare tits... now... complete your transformation! Cum inside your black queen! Once you cum inside black... you never go back!" the Black Queen ordered her subject.

All George could do was obey. "YES MY QUEEN! I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK!" he spurted a full load of white hot sticky cum into her black womb. He shot jet after jet into his ruler for what seemed an eternity of bliss until it went black.

He awoke a few minutes later to see his queen standing before him once more. Her yellow dress was still above her waist and his cum was gushing out of her black cunt and down her legs. His cock was soaked in their combined juices, still out in the open. Looking at his queen's body again started to get him hard once more.

"How do you feel?" she asked him.

"I feel... very satisfied." George smiled.

"Who has the better body, your fat cow wife or your black queen?"

"You do, my Queen! Your body is perfect." George was now a loyal subject.

"You and your friend, Bill, will make good additions to my collection of subjects. You especially." She smiled with an evil laugh.

"What do you wish of me, my Queen? I will do it..." George said while his eyes roamed over her voluptuous black body.

"First I need the evidence from my case destroyed."

"It will be done, my Queen." George said with no guilt or afterthought.

"Second, I need that witness to be taken care of... as in... kill them." She commanded.

"Yes, my Queen. Bill and I will do it." George was at full staff again. Obeying his queen made him harder.

"Once the investigation is dropped and you are the station's captain, I will seduce and hypnotize every man in the force with my body and control them all. This city will belong to me." The Black Queen was victorious.

"Yes, my Queen... the city will be yours..."

"You will never fuck your wife again... your cock belongs to me and me alone, your queen." said the Black Queen of the criminal underworld.

"Yes, my Queen... my cock is yours..." said George.

"Do you love your wife anymore?" she asked.

"No, my Queen, I only love you and your hot black body."

"That's what I thought... you're such a good subject. And for your reward, you will have me once more... right now. I want to sit on your married white cock again." The Black Queen moved over to her slave once more. This time she turned around, with her back facing him, she impaled her black booty onto George's betrothed prick for the second time.

"Yes, my Queen, Ughhhhh... ugh... fuck me..."

"Daddy?" it was his daughter and son. They were standing at the stairs, witnessing their father commit adultery and betray their mother. But he was no longer their father; he was the Black Queen's slave. "What's going on Daddy? Why is that black lady sitting on your lap?"

"Tell them to go to bed." commanded Charnel. It was a good thing that the kids had not come down earlier, they would have ruined everything. But they were too late now. Their dad was corrupt, and would always do as his queen ordered.

"Nothing, go back to bed." said George. His kids stood there, not knowing what to do. "NOW!!!" they scurried upstairs, back to their beds.

The Black Queen bounced on her slave's cock again. She looked back at him. "Oh I'm sorry, Baby, didn't you want to ask me a few questions?" she asked.

"No, my Queen. I understand now." He replied, grabbing and massaging her big black tits through her yellow dress. Charnel Simone, the Black Queen, grew an evil, victorious smile on her face. It was all too easy.

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