tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuickies of the Cohort Ch. 03

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 03


Mikael left the training room with a contented sigh. His muscles faintly ached from his exertions over the past hour - he'd tried to tackle seven opponents at once using the magical suits of armour as foes - and he knew he had earned a break. The dull throbbing in his limbs called out for a soothing soak in hot water, and the layer of sweat on his skin yearned for the same.

With that thought in mind Mikael headed straight for the Sanctuary's relaxation area. Entering the large, plushly furnished room he strode towards the doors on the far wall, ignoring those that led up to the Sanctuary's many balconies and instead opening the one that revealed a corridor descending into the depths of the cliff.

He grinned as he set off down the staircase, knowing that it may have looked slightly foreboding but in actuality was nothing but. The steps did not continue for long, the baths not particularly deep in the core of the Sanctuary, and soon he was standing in a short corridor with two rooms off to each side.

Opening the left hand door, he stepped inside, quickly removing his clothing and placing it on the rugs that covered the floor. He was always amazed how comfortable this room was, particularly given that the Cohort used it merely as somewhere to store their belongings when they bathed. He did not know why there was a second room on the other side which was used for the exact same purpose, but it amused him to note that each member of the Cohort had a favoured side. He always used this room, as did Lucinda and Ria'torr, yet Kristine, Melissa and Quintia always changed in the other.

Smiling with the silliness of that, he stepped back out into the corridor and strode nakedly towards the baths. They came into view, the sight taking his breath away as it always did. The large natural cave glowed with the light that shone in through the openings around the ceiling, though some of the lamps dotted around the walls had also burst into life to provide a little extra.

The baths consisted of two pools. One was significantly smaller than the other, and also significantly warmer; it did not allow for much in the way of exercise, but was incredibly relaxing to rest in. The other pool was much larger, and was more for swimming than simply enjoying a soothing rest.

Deciding that he would like to unwind with a small bit of exercise, Mikael made his way towards the larger pool. Reaching the edge, he dived in, allowing himself to sink to the bottom before kicking his way back to the surface. Despite the natural appearance of these caves, the floors and walls of the pools themselves were completely smooth. He smiled to think of all the luxuries and comforts that the Gods had provided their holy warriors with in this Sanctuary.

He swam briskly to the far side of the pool and back again, repeating the motion a few times. Despite the dull ache in his limbs that cried out to rest, he knew one of the best ways to wind down was with a more gentle exercise rather than simply stopping completely. With that thought, he always found swimming a particularly relaxing yet still energetic form of action.

After a short while, he made his way to the edge of the pool and pushed himself up onto the edge. There he rested a moment.

Then he heard the sound of a door, and he turned his head to the entrance of the baths and smiled as Kristine wandered in. She was, of course, completely nude, and Mikael couldn't help but appreciate the sight of the gorgeous blonde's naked body.

Her blonde hair was loose and long, falling straight to her back, and her large breasts looked fantastic on her slender, lovely form. She looked amazing, as always, and Mikael chuckled to himself as his cock unsurprisingly stirred at the sight of her.

"Hello Brother," she smiled sweetly as she saw him. "Exercising?"

He nodded in response, not looking away as the paladin moved towards the smaller, warmer pool.

She laughed at his silence and lowered one foot into the bath. "I would think you had seen me naked enough times by now, Mikael, that you wouldn't look like a horny teenager every time you set eyes on me."

"Given your particular appetites, I don't think you can criticise me for enjoying the sight of a beautiful naked woman," he grinned.

She laughed again as she swung her other leg into the water, and then the sound became a moan as her whole body was submerged. Briefly she disappeared beneath the surface, before reemerging and settling against the side. As she did so, her eyes rolled back slightly, clearly luxuriating in the the wonderful feeling, and Mikael's cock twitched again. Her eyes did that when she climaxed, too.

"So what brings you to the baths?" he said, considering whether he should join her. He was certainly horny enough to appreciate her company, but she looked so relaxed in the hot pool that he didn't want to simply stride over and get her attention. Even so, the cool water he floated in did nothing to alleviate his burgeoning hardness.

"The desire to unwind," she sighed happily. "And you?" She turned her head to him, her piercing blue eyes meeting his gaze.

He shrugged. "I was exercising and training my combat skills. I thought it would be nice to relax after all of that."

"Then why are you in that pool?" she said with a slightly bemused smile.

"I felt like a small amount of exercise more wouldn't hurt."

Kristine laughed sweetly. "Fair enough. Well, feel free to join me when you're ready. I'd certainly enjoy your company."

As she settled down in the pool and closed her eyes, Mikael decided to join her. He pushed himself out of the water and moved towards the smaller pool, then lowered himself in opposite the paladin.

The hot water felt exquisite as it swept up his body, but even more amazing was Kristine's body beneath shimmering beneath the surface. The blonde did not even open her eyes as he settled down in front of her. Even so, the corners of her lips twisted into a small smile.

"I didn't think it would take long," she murmured, then sighed with happiness.

"Oh?" Mikael responded. "You thought the allure of you was too much? That I'd be unable to keep away?"

Kristine opened one eye, and a wicked smile grew on her face. "Well, I was right, wasn't I? You are here."

Mikael returned her cheeky expression. "And what makes you think that has anything to do with your allure? I could simply have wanted a relaxing bath."

His Sister's eyes dropped then, her gaze falling to his member, which stood proud and hard beneath the water. Then she gently lifted a foot, stretching her leg to lightly stroke down its sides. He groaned. "This does, Brother."

Mikael glanced back up at her and found her staring at him, both her eyes open. A mask of lust had settled on her face. He knew that look. He enjoyed it.

He pushed himself away from the wall of the rock pool, towards his Sister. She did not budge as he reached her, setting his knee upon the ledge that she sat on and leaning down until his face was inches from hers.

"Well perhaps you are right, Kristine. Perhaps I did come over here because the allure of being with you was too great."

"Then why are you not kissing me?" the paladin growled, and Mikael did not wait for her to ask again. He closed the gap between them, pressing his lips against hers, and he groaned into the kiss as her tongue pushed into his mouth.

Immediately, her arms wrapped around his neck, tugging him in more hungrily to continue their kiss. He placed his hands on the stone either side of her head and leaned further down. For a while they remained that way, their tongues duelling as Kristine's hands roved over his body.

Then slowly, her right hand traced lower underneath the water, over Mikael's stomach muscles and towards his hard length. He groaned into the kiss as she wrapped her fist around it and started to pump.

The blonde pulled away with a wicked smile. Placing her free hand on Mikael's shoulders, she pushed him round so that she now stood in the centre of the pool and he was sitting on the ledge.

"Move up," she whispered. He did so immediately, pushing himself free of the water, moving to sit on the edge of the pool so that his feet rested on the ledge beneath the surface, which lapped softly at the tops of his calves. With his legs spread, he watched in carnal trepidation as Kristine moved between them, and then she leaned forwards.

Her blue eyes never broke their gaze on him as she opened her mouth, the tip of his cock slipping between her parted lips. He groaned as he felt her engulfing his member, and although she did not take much of him into her mouth to begin with, it was still an amazing feeling.

The paladin pulled off with a satisfied-sounding moan, instead kissing her way down the sides of his rigid member, and Mikael spread his palms and leaned back to watch her at work.

She looked so good, half-submerged in the warm water, which came up to the tops of her thighs as she stood in the centre of pool. As she sucked his cock she leaned over, and every time she kissed down his sides she would bend one knee and drop further into the water, letting it wash over her chest.

He drank in the sight of her as she hungrily devoured his length. Her large breasts shone with a sheen of water, individual drops running around the fleshy mounds and falling back into the pool below. Her blonde hair was plastered to her back, soaking wet, and her blue eyes glinted with salacious desire.

She ran her tongue along Mikael's length, moaning hungrily as she reached the tip and sucked him into her mouth. Her right hand moved to rest on his thigh, whilst her left wrapped around the base of his shaft. Still staring into his eyes, she started to take him into her mouth.

"Oh fuck, Kristine," Mikael moaned, reaching out to place a hand on the paladin's head. She seemed to take that as further encouragement, drawing more of him into her mouth until Mikael felt himself bumping against her throat. There she rested a moment, before she pulled away with an intake of breath, her fist immediately pumping on the parts of his cock that her mouth left exposed.

He stared down at her with lust. She was amazing at this, and he delighted in it, but that stood alongside the fact that she looked amazing whilst doing it, too. The two together combined to make Mikael groan aloud, and that was ignoring the magnificent feelings her work sent sparking through him.

Moments later, she began to bob her head, and he breathed out shakily in pleasure. Her fist closed in front of her mouth, so wherever her lips were not covering her wet palm endeavoured to pleasure. Mikael took a slightly tighter grip of her hair and threw his head back with a groan. Kristine hummed happily onto his cock. She was evidently enjoying his pleasured reactions to her attention.

She slid her mouth from his member to kiss its underside, and Mikael leaned forwards to grasp her cheek. She grinned up at him, his cock still resting against her lips, and he wordlessly guided her upright.

Kristine moved willingly, letting go of his length to place her hands either side of his head and kiss up his body. Slowly, her form stretched out, until she stepped forwards and placed one foot on the ledge beneath the water. Pushing herself up, it was joined by the other until she stood between his legs. Then her mouth crushed against his, and Mikael moaned into their kiss.

He closed his legs, allowing the blonde to step over his thighs so that she was instead straddling his waist, and then he groaned as she straightened and took hold of his cock. Like Mikael, her calves were underneath the warm water, but the rest of her was not. He appreciated the sight of her glistening, slender body as she positioned herself above his member. Then all thoughts of anything but the pleasure of their sex were washed away as she settled down on his member.

"Fuck, Mikael..." she moaned as she slowly sank down, her velvet pussy welcoming him every inch of the way. Slowly, she lowered herself until she sat on his thighs, his cock entirely buried inside her. Then, gradually, she lifted her hips until his member almost sprang free once more, before taking him in all over again.

Mikael groaned aloud as the paladin's snatch caressed his cock so wonderfully, and he stared into her piercing blue eyes as the feeling filled him. Those eyes were creased in pleasure, her mouth hanging open, and from his Sister's sharp intakes of breath and fluttering eyelashes, he suspected she was enjoying this just as much as he was.

For a while he simply lay there, gazing up at the blonde. The water lapped against his thighs, the surface disturbed by her movements as she started to bounce, and he delighted in how amazing she looked. The lust written on her face suggested she was enjoying herself every bit as much as he was.

Then he pushed himself up on his elbows, and the paladin moved her hands to his shoulders, leaving them there as she bounced on his lap. Every sound they made was echoed slightly in the large cavern that the baths resided in, but if anything that made the situation even more erotic.

Gradually, his Sister's pace increased. Not noticeably at first, but within a few minutes she was riding him more forcefully. Her hips still did not crash down onto his but there was an insistence in her movements that had been lacking when she first took him inside her.

He moved to sit almost fully upright, dropping his hand to Kristine's hip, his left arm extended behind him for support. There he followed the movement of her body, even encouraging her to bounce more vigorously on his lap. The new angle meant that her breasts were inches from his face, and Mikael enjoyed the sight of them. He raised his right hand to grasp one for a few seconds, enjoying her salacious grin as he did so, before returning his palm to her hips.

She was riding him with passion now, her hips rolling to meet the thrusts he had subconsciously started to make. He could feel her tunnel narrowing on his cock and knew that she was not far away. She gulped in air through her open mouth and her blue eyes had were glazing.

"Oh fuck..." she panted, her voice strained with need.

She was so close, and he delighted in that. Lifting his right arm, he placed his palm on the back of her neck, enjoying the feeling of her wet hair on the rear of his hand. He tugged her closer, crushing his lips against hers, but their kiss did not last long; she soon pulled away, overwhelmed by the building pleasure in her core. Yet Mikael did not move his hand. Instead, he left it there, another point of contact for their bodies as the electricity of their passion flowed between them.

"Oh, yes... by the Gods... yes..." she panted, her eyes rolling back. Her head remained mere inches from his, her warm breath washing over his face.

Mikael could only groan in response. He stared at her needfully, desperate for her to come. He wanted to see his Sister climax, to enjoy the feel and sight of her bliss, and he knew he did not have long to wait. Her hips bounced with speed, her movements guided solely by her frenzied desire for the orgasm that was seconds away, and as her body tensed the moment arrived.

"Oh FUUUCCK!" she screamed as she came, the orgasm spreading shivers through her body and rending at her mind. Mikael could tell from the sparkling blue of her now-wide eyes that she was temporarily lost to the pleasure of such an intense climax, and he groaned in delight at the magnificent sight.

He surged forwards, wrapping both of his arms around the blonde, pinning her against him as she spasmed in his grasp. Her wet skin was slick beneath his touch and her large breasts pressed against his chest. Then he buried his face in the crook of her neck, revelling in the sensations of her release; the way her skin trembled and her pussy undulated against his length. As her euphoric cry echoed round the baths, he stopped thrusting to simply let the paladin climax around his length.

As the orgasm faded she slumped forwards and buried her face in Mikael's neck, sobbing out her pleasure as she slowly bounced her hips to milk every last shiver of rapture from her release. He held her there as she slowly regained her composure, and before long he was gently thrusting inside the blonde again.

She moved her hands back to his shoulders and leaned back slightly, a broad smile on her still-flushed face. She was already moving her own hips, slowly meeting each of Mikael's own lackadaisical thrusts even so soon after a mammoth orgasm. Clearly, she was ready for more.

With that thought in mind, Mikael tightly took hold of his Sister, standing upright and twisting round, before lowering her down onto the floor next to the small pool. She only smiled wickedly as he did so, as eager for the new position as he was.

Now he was standing on the small ledge inside the bath, his legs spread so that he could do so comfortably, and leaning forward very slightly over his blonde Sister. Immediately, he lifted her right leg, holding it straight against him, and placed his free hand on her stomach.

Then he began to thrust, enjoying the feel of her silken pussy welcoming in his cock. His hips were not slow for long; whilst they did not slam against hers with abandon, their pace quickly became passionate. Already, Kristine's face had started to take on a mask of pure pleasure.

"Oh fuck, Mikael," she moaned, lifting her head slightly to stare down at their loins. "Oh fuck, that feels so good."

He grunted in agreement, enjoying the way she rolled her hips back against him, and the sight of her large breasts shaking on her chest at the movement of their sex. Her breaths came in staccato gasps, pleasure filling her, and he unconsciously increased the speed of his thrusts.

Her leg was smooth and firm beneath his hand, the limb so beautifully feminine yet capable of such power. The woman whom he so passionately fucked was walking proof never to underestimate someone based on their appearance, and the knowledge that she willingly shared her amazing body with him in return for him sharing his with her was so incredibly arousing that he could not help but groan out loud.

His thrusts built to a steady rhythm, passionate but not outrageously quick. He broke the gaze he had been sharing with the shining sapphires of her eyes so that he could better drink in the sight of her, and he allowed his free hand to sweep over her stomach to feel her body beneath his fingertips. Her skin glistened with a sheen of sweat and pool water, and droplets fell from his own form as he lustfully fucked her.

Briefly, a thought flickered into his mind: how he loved the sensuousness of fucking near water, and how this was not the first - and certainly not the last - time he was able to indulge those particular carnal appetites with his Sisters. Indeed, he had done just that with Lucinda on the morning after their first meeting, in a sanctuary out in the wilderness.

"What... are you smiling... about?" Kristine panted in between rapturous exhalations, one of her eyebrows shakily rising.

Mikael grinned. "I'm just thinking about how much I love having sex in these baths."

"So do I," she moaned. "So do I. Please fuck me, Brother. Fuck me."

He did as he was commanded, letting go of her leg and leaning forwards until he was hunched over the gorgeous paladin. She wrapped her now-free legs around his waist, letting her ankles rest above his ass, and he leaned down onto his forearms. His face was inches from hers, her blue eyes sparkling as her back began to slowly arch.

She stared at him open-mouthed, long sobs of pleasure drawn from her lungs as a second orgasm rapidly approached. He could feel his balls tightening, a sure-fire sign that his release was near, and continued to hammer his cock into her wonderful snatch.

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