tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersQuiet Servitude Pt. 06a2

Quiet Servitude Pt. 06a2


Author's Notes

Before reading this story please be aware that that some people would label this work as obscene and pornographic in nature. It contains several themes including transgendered, homosexual and lesbian issues in addition to graphic sexual descriptions.

To make the action flow more freely and the stories light-hearted, I have taken a socially naïve approach and have not included the usual protections that intelligent people would choose such as condoms, birth control and out safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases. Such risky behavior as those exhibited by the characters of this story should not be followed.

If any of these topics make you uncomfortable please look elsewhere.

If this sounds like a story you might find interesting, enjoy.

With the exception of the main character Stacy, after whom I modeled a lot of my own psyche wanting to capture how I would feel in situations developed in the story, all other characters and circumstances are completely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people or places is completely coincidental.

* * * * *

Chapter 14 - Friday, June 13th - 1:03 p.m.

It didn't take long for a few answers to trickle in when I felt the air rush by from the door being pulled silently open.

"Hello Stacy." A woman's voice said from beyond the portal.

"Hello Mistress."

"Why don't you come in and join us?" she said, taking my elbow and leading me into the room. The first thing I noticed was a drop in the temperature. What had been a rather warm hallway apparently opened up on a cooler room of large proportion as several voices seemed to echo around me mixing with a variety of odors, none of which I could immediately identify. We walked slowly through the group as I listened to her making small talk but a part of my mind was tuned in to the cacophony of noises around me. Strangely, the murmur of conversation carried on unabated as we walked slowly amongst the different people. I could feel the ruffles of the panties brush on my shaven skin as I walked and was aware of the growing erection returning to life. My mind swam as I pondered how I must have looked as I was being escorted to an unknown destination and no one seemed to notice our passage.

"Here is your first stop. Wait here for a moment."

I did as I was told and waited patiently. With my sight essentially useless, I concentrated on capturing every scrap of sound that made its way through the dark hood. From what I could gather at the time was that my mysterious guide had gone through another door and was making a noises a few feet away. Within seconds she was returning and I could hear her shoes clacking on dense wood as though she were stepping down to my level.

"All set." She announced. "We're going to take a few steps up now."

"Thank you Mistress."

She chuckled as she helped me up the steps.

"With an obedient attitude like that, we're going to have our work cut out for us to make you obedient." She said as I felt her tug as the handcuffs behind my back. "That last comment might not make any sense now, but you'll eventually see what I mean."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you."

"Great. How's that?" she asked.

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant but when I tried to move, it was clear that the handcuffs had been secured to a post rising up from the floor, which was securely fastened to the floor just behind my feet. I was able to shift slightly from foot to foot and swing to the side, but it was clear that I wouldn't be going too far from where I stood.

"I supposed you have no way of knowing how that is if you don't know what you're supposed to be doing. The purpose here is to keep you from running off and yet be somewhat comfortable. Knowing this, would you say this is the case?"

"Yes Mistress. I won't be going anywhere." I replied. It was true. I wasn't going anywhere without assistance.

"Excellent. Just wait here for a while and someone will be here to get you when we're ready."

"Yes Mistress."

Chapter 15 - Friday, June 13th - 1:58 p.m.

The time had passed slowly as I stood there in the short heels, thankful that the handcuffs weren't too tight and that they were tied down to a post that felt as though it must have been sized just for my comfort. My visit here had been a rollercoaster of emotions with more surely to follow. It seemed that hours had passed but I knew that it couldn't have been more than an hour. I felt as though I had been secured in a closet and forgotten. They had all mentioned the word obedience and I only hoped I wasn't going to spend the night here on my feet getting 'softened up' and worked over tomorrow. My fears were unfounded it seems as sounds began to reach my ears. A moment later, yet another new voice called up to me.

"Ready for your close-up?" the woman's voice asked jokingly.

"Yes Mistress." I replied.

We went through several more doors and the murmur of people from before died out as we stepped into another room, apparently our final destination.

"So this is the new recruit?" one voice asked.

"Yes. This is Stacy and she's here for our obedience training program." Another voice replied.

The room felt small but apparently there were several people already inside.

"Always love to start out working with a newbie." A third voice chimed in. I wasn't sure who said, it but I felt a hand slide across my ass and grope a cheek before giving it a hearty smack. Involuntarily, I took a step forward, which elicited a round of laughter.

"Sensitive too. This is going to be some much fun!"

"Let's get started, shall we?"

"Damn straight. What do we have on the agenda for today?" one voice asked. I got the idea in my head that the group around me were carefully studying my plan for the day because conversation stopped for a few moments.

"Alright!" the said as one, the joy and excitement was clear in their chatter.

They broke from their huddle and I could hear them move around in me, preparing something. I felt a tug at the handcuffs behind my back and for the first time they were free. My shoulders ached and I tried to loosen them up a bit, which was a mistake.

"Shoulders ache Stacy?"

"No Master." I lied.

"They should be sore as long as you had them on. Are you sure they don't ache?"

I didn't know how to answer was about to fall into my first trap.

"No Master. They're fine."

It was strange, but when he spoke again, I could hear the grin in his voice echoing in my ears.

"I think you're lying to me Stacy and that's no way to start out our relationship. You know as well as I do that a key component of any good relationship, especially one where I dominate and you are to be obedient is a relationship based on complete and open honesty. So I will ask you again. Are your shoulders sore?"

"Not really Master."

"Oh. So I ask before and they're fine and now they are sore? Either you were lying to me before or you're doing it now. Either way, you are yanking my chain so we're going to have to motivate you to be more open and honest."

I was yanking his chain? I felt a strong grasp on each wrist and it was clear it was two different people. Since he was still talking to me, everyone must have been helping out. A few seconds passed and I could feel new shackles being tightly strapped around my wrists. They were wide and cushioned but they still held me firmly. When they were in place I was pulled forward and down where they were clipped into place, the top half of my body folded over a padded support of some kind, my chest floating in the air horizontally with my arms pulled out in front of me. My legs were still vertical, frilly covered ass up in the air with my heels barely touching the floor.

Strong hands started to strap similar restraints to my ankles, securing them to similar rings mounted in the legs of the support.

"Now then." The voice started to say from somewhere behind me. "What shall we do to convince Stacy that lying is something we don't condone here."

I felt the answer a second later when something smooth and flat was slapped across my ass, the sound of the loud crack making the slight sting sound worse than it really was. Involuntarily, I flinched, my entire body tugging uselessly at the restraints that clearly wouldn't budge.

Silence ensued while the echo died out. The anticipation grew with each passing second until the device struck again and my entire body shook with a combination of fright, adrenaline, excitement and glee. I was breathing heavy now inside the hood as a repeated volley of strikes soon followed. My ass was tingling, but it didn't really hurt.

"Now then Stacy. Are you going to be open and honest with us?"

"Yes Master. Yes."

"Atta girl." He said as the floor upon which we stood began to vibrate. I could sense the motion and new that we were rotating slightly until the floor stopped and we still once again.

"I have to tell you, that we pretty fun," he continued as I felt a pair of hands tugging at my panties as they were slid down over my ass and down as far as my spread legs would let them go. Stopping at mid thigh, the hands release them and began to run themselves over my cheeks.

"Very nice Stacy. They reddened up nicely. Would you like some more?" he asked, as I felt his large, warm hand gently stroking my erect penis.

God, it felt great.

"Stacy? You failed to answer my question." He chided.

"Yes Master. I would like some more please." I wasn't sure if that was the right answer but I didn't care. The loss of control over what was being done to me allowed me to enjoy it a little instead of feeling the shame I thought I would.

"Good girl."

A moment later, different device found its way speeding towards my ass where it landed with more force. I continued to struggle against my restraints, but it was more from joy than the fright I had experienced earlier. A minute later, as the blows continued to land, a buzzing sound reached my ears and I hoped that it didn't signal the end of my training. Instead, I heard a woman's voice answer so it must have been a phone coming to life. There were a few moments of silence as my ass began to sting, before the woman spoke again.

"Don't worry. It's coming."

The regular routine of smacks ended and I was left alone for a moment while the group huddled again. As commanded by unseen hands, the floor rotated again and stopped.

"Ready to redeem yourself Stacy?"

"Yes Master."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Master. I'd like to redeem myself."

"Redeem yourself for what?"

"For being untruthful earlier." I explained.

"You mean lying?"

"Yes Master. For lying."

"Good. I like the sound of that. How's your ass feeling?"

"It feels wonderful Master." I said, telling the complete truth.

"Is that so?"

"Yes Master."

"Would you like some more?" he queried.

"Yes Master. I would."

"I thought so. Maybe next time." He responded. "For now, we have something more in mind."

"Whatever you like Master."

I could hear the chuckling from the group.

"I wouldn't say that Stacy." Came a different voice in my other ear. "I've known him for many years and I can tell you that from the lust in his eyes that there are many things he wants to do to you. One needs to be obedient and respectful but you should be careful."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

"Oh oh Stacy. It looks like he's taken your comment to heart. He's all lubed up and you're already in a good position. Do you want to get fucked today?" the voice asked.

I hesitated as I pictured someone nearby who was fully erect and l dripping with lubricant, a look of lust in his eyes. I wasn't sure how I wanted to answer the question.

"Stacy? Do you want him to fuck you?"

"I'm not sure." I finally responded. My own erection was never harder as it hung down between my legs.

"That's not going to work Stacy." I heard the woman whisper in my ear. "He's going to do it any way so it's probably best to play along and ask for it. Respectfully of course."

"Yes Mistress."

"What's that Stacy? Are you saying that you want him to fuck you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"What did she say?" his voice boomed again in front of me. I couldn't be sure but he sounded like he was standing right in front of me, the instrument of his sexual being must have been inches from my face.

"I want you to fuck me Master." I replied, the hesitancy in my voice evident to my own ears at least.

"Really? I wasn't planning on doing that."

I didn't know whether or not to believe him.

"If it would please you, I would like you to fuck me Master."

"It would please me greatly Stacy but I want to make sure that you would find it pleasing as well. Would YOU like to get fucked Stacy?"

"Yes Master. Please."

"You're not going to start crying out for me to stop when we get started, are you?"

"No Master. I won't."


"Yes Master. I promise."

He must have lied earlier because no sooner had the words left my mouth that I felt his powerful hands take hold on my hips and began to feel the tip of his cock begin to press gingerly at my asshole. I tried to relax but could feel my body tense as he began to increase the pressure. When it became clear that my body was about to be invaded and he managed to push the entire head of his penis inside my asshole, I relaxed slightly. He had been gentle to this point but once I was opened up to the necessary diameter, he began to press harder and with more force. Fortunately, the lube mentioned was a fact and he managed to slide deeply inside until he came to a stop. Because of the way I was restrained, I could feel the front of his thighs smacking against the back of mine. It didn't stop once he bottomed out but continued to move back and forth, the pace quickening.

"How is that Stacy?" the woman's voice asked.

"Great Mistress." I moaned. "Thank you Mistress."

"It seems he likes it too. He's absolutely speechless." She replied.

"Fuck you." He replied, clearly caught up in the same moment as I continued to revel in the feeling. I could feel the tip of my own cock twitch as he began to thrust with more force behind me.

"I'm sure you'd like to but you look like you're busy." She said before turning back to me.

"Would you like him to stop?" she asked.

"No Mistress. Please. No."

I could sense the pleasure in her voice as she continued.

"He's really enjoying himself back there. You must be a so tight inside Stacy."

"Yes Mistress."

"Well don't worry. Before we're done with you, you'll loosen up and relax."

"Yes Mistress. . . awww God. Thank you Mistress." I managed to moan.

The pace had quickened and I knew from my own experience being on the other end that he was getting close now. I envied him because I was ready to blow, but without stimulation I knew it would be impossible.

I felt the shudder behind me and the drop off in speed before I heard him moan. He had exploded inside me and I only hoped he was wearing a condom and I would have to worry about it running down my leg later on. A few seconds passed as his grip loosened and I could feel the hot, stiff shaft of his cock as it slid slowly backwards until it finally fell out and away, leaving my ass alone once again. I was breathing heavy now, tugging at my restraints, wanting desperately to finish myself off and experience the release of tension I knew I needed. But I didn't dare ask for help or I'd be strapped down here for a while to cool down. As it went, the group was milling about around me and I was left alone. Within a minute, my breathing was returning to normal and I could feel the blood rushing out of erection, the flesh turning soft as it hung limply from my groin.

"Well now. Isn't that just like a man." One of the women said. "He gets his jollies and runs off to leave poor Stacy here all hot and bothered."

I listened with interest as the two or three women continued to discuss my predicament. Fortunately, it seemed as though all three had reached a consensus that was completely in my benefit. The only problem left to be resolved, was which of the three was going to have the honor.

Several hands were running themselves over my shaven skin as the two wrist restraints were pulled loose from their bindings. They were lifted up and attached above my head as I was righted to a full vertical position. A moment later, the fixture to which they had been attached several feet apart began to rise above my head until I was standing fully erect, matching my penis, which had come to life once again. It didn't take long after a feminine touch took hold of it and began to caress the shaft and sack beneath it. The trio made comments about how shameful it was that such a lovely cock was going to go to waste but I didn't care. I could feel the condom being rolled on and I was lost to my own world as a pair of lips took up position around it. With a flow of saliva reducing the friction, the mouth began to move up and down my shaft, the exquisite sensation driving out all other concerns in my life.

I was disappointed though that barely thirty seconds later, a combination of the woman's great oral skills and my own, incredible heightened sense of arousal that, that I could feel the pressure begin to build and within seconds I could no longer hold back the tide as I exploded into the condom and groaned at the incredible release that continued to push as my body throbbed a half dozen times before coming to rest.

"Did you like that Stacy?" I heard the voice ask from a kneeling position in front of me.

"Yes Mistress. I like it very much. Thank you." I replied.

"You won't forget it, will you?"

"No Mistress. I won't forget it."

I thought it was a strange question to ask, considering the unique conditions in which I now stood, strapped in a standing position in a warehouse somewhere on the wrong side of town. Little did I know how long it would be before I would experience the incredible sensation again.

"Which one are we using today?" a voice asked. I could hear a rustle of paper before another of the group answered.

"Stacy is getting the X-1." Came the reply.

"Wow. One key?"


"Don't worry Marta. Stacy here isn't soon going to forget about your blowjob any time soon!"

I wasn't sure what was happening until I felt a pair of hands grabbing my limp penis which failed to come alive even under the circumstances. The hands were working it every different way and I could tell that they were holding something else.

"Two, five and three." Said one voice.

"Got it. Here you go."

I heard the crinkling of plastic and then something cold being slipped on over my cock and balls and secured in place, the material pulling down over the head of my penis.

"This will expand a little bit." One voice explained. "But you won't have to worry about it tugging in there too long." It was clear that I had had something strapped down over my cock and secured in place but didn't understand the comment.

"Thank you Mistress." I replied.

Silence only ensued as I was handed a small box, a ribbon tied around it and one of the ladies began to escort me out of the room, leading me by the elbow.

"I hoped you enjoyed yourself Stacy. Future lessons will be a mixture of emotions, some of which won't be as pleasurable."

"Yes Mistress."

We continued through two more doors and stopped before she spoke again, taking the small box from my hands.

"We are back in the changing room. After I leave, you will remove the hood and place it back on the dresser where it was earlier. You will get undressed and place the clothes back in the top drawer like before. You will get dressed and take the three boxes with you when you leave. You'll exit this room when you're dressed and proceed down the hallway, going through the last door on the left. You will wait in the room until the other door in the room is opened and you will proceed out of the building where your ride is waiting. Do you understand?"

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