tagRomance'Quiinnysentially' Sophie

'Quiinnysentially' Sophie


I must admit, although it is considered to be incorrect to fraternize with students, Sophie was a must for me,

You see, I had been having a rough time with a divorce issue after just five years marriage and I guess it must have shown, because Sophie, one of my brightest students, noticed,. She asked me what was the matter, and it all accrued from there. She is such a sweet person who took my heart and everything else. It was just something about her, apart from her obvious charms, that drew me to her - and she me.

It all happened quite innocently too, she stayed behind after study and there we were, immersed in each other. Now I am completely besotted by her and loving her just came naturally.

The stopping over after study became regular and soon I invited her to my study, where we could share quality time without any interruption. It wasn't simply talking anymore.

Sophie was the sweetest girl I had ever known and, perched upon my lap she felt so good and warm, the smell of her perfume, everything was so utterly warming and the early kisses we shared started slowly and gently, like we were gradually becoming aware of each other in a delightfully sexually bonding way.

"Have you a boyfriend?" I asked, thinking that if our close proximately with each other was to develop, it could be awkward if another was involved in her private life.

"Generally I have been putting studies first. My interest in biology reading was more positive than a sort of a 'may be' relationship with Barry."

"Tell me about it?" I asked feeling good with her hand resting on mine. She felt fine perched on my lap, those curves were delightful - I was stroking her inner thigh as we talked. I have never known a girl who looked so good in jeans, all the curves in the right place. I couldn't believe I had such a beautiful creature all to myself

She looked at me in the most delightfully sensual way and she told me how it just didn't work with Barry, Not because of him necessarily but more to do with her.

"Go on?" I asked as my hand quite instinctively moved upwards between her thighs, resting snugly in that beautiful gap between, just very slightly pressing her quinny.

She closed her eyes. "That is divine Alex" she murmured softly. Now in calling me by my Christian name we were more like a couple.

"Just tell me as I caress you," I whispered.

Still sat upon my lap she opened her thighs a little to allow me more access and my I felt my pulse speed up.

"Did you sleep with Barry? I asked

"Well not sleep exactly. But we did it just once, and that was a complete disaster."

She paused, lurched her head backward as I continued to caress her over her jeans, then she continued;

" I was a virgin, He hurt me and I guess I made a song and dance about it because he never wanted to again. I felt awful, Barry was a lovely guy and the last thing I wanted was to deny him."

"Did you love him? I asked unzipping her jeans, her hand still resting upon mine as I did so. She, prompting me.. It was lovely. I was such a lucky guy, this beautifully talented girl was all mine .But it wasn't just that, not just the sexual thing, it was something more too, and that is what made it more thrilling and appealing.

"I thought so at the time. Now. I love what you are doing. Alex."

"Then don't beat yourself up. Presumably your relationship wavered huh? I always think these things are meant to be."

"If that means being with you, I am all for it, Alex."

"I have wanted you ever since that first time I saw you. Looking so good in skin tight jeans and looking so beautiful." I responded. " And on top of that, you have talent too and are very intelligent."

Now. her jeans unzipped, she helped me draw them down, over her knees and then, lifting each leg at a time to slip them over her feet I was immersed in her sexuality, those gorgeous red panties doing everything for her.

She arose and stood there silently, legs slightly parted. I moved from my chair to the settee and she came ever to me.

"Don't stop what you were doing, sir" she said.

I clasped my hands around her buttocks and felt the need to press my face into her panties.

"The name is Alex, remember?" I whispered as I took in the wonderful aroma of quinny already moisted with my touching

"I Just thought it would be nice, calling you that when we are doing this" she explained, her eyes looking down at me as I fondled her..

I realised she wanted the masterful approach and of course that was fine with me. But I also wanted her just as a woman, I knew if it was going to be anything it would have to be the whole vamoose, hook line and sinker. I wanted a woman for keeps, not for a quickie in the study. I told her that.

But she smiled beautifully and simply replied: "Yes sir!" and somehow it was working.

I adored how she adjusted herself to meet my needs. Opening wider and grasping my head as I worked between her thighs, tasting her femininity over her silken panties as she prompted me to smother her curved buttocks with my hands simultaneously.

I was completely in a wonderful magical world of my own . I just never wanted that first intimate moment to stop as I slipped behind the seam of her panties and discovered the delightful mound of her quinny, teasing my tongue around and around that gorgeous soft and velvet- like orifice.

If ever I wanted a girl so badly I did then. Going through my mind was to take her gently and show her just how good a deep meaningful bonding can be.

I felt myself growing with intensity and the mood was changing - in not wanting just to enjoy the foreplay but the complete waterloo.

It seemed though I was glued to her, I wanted her all, feeling her breasts seemingly swell to my touch and those gorgeous delightfully sensual nipples erect

"Hey, let me have some too" she urged pushing my head away from her crotch. It looked so good, like a rich red plum. And before long she was showing me what she likes, to be stripped by a girl so sweet and sexy was for me, perfection. I still tasted her in my mouth as she went down to me straightway after stripping me, and then I knew this was going to be the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me.

I was entering what seemed like heaven on earth as she gently manipulated me.

"This is so nice" she whispered kneeling down. I felt like I was being tended by a servant, a very dutiful servant at that, who seemed instinctively to know just what a guy likes and she did it beautifully, all the time whispering how warm and supple and yet so firm.

I adored the way she examined my prime appendage, and then she said something that coming from her seemed absolutely divine and magic.

"I adore your cock, I love the way it jerks upwards I squeeze it, like this, I want you so very much sir, it hurts."

"Then you shall receive Sophie."

"You well fuck me, yes?"

In the atmosphere of our closeness, combined with all the wonderful touching and enjoying each other the language she used was appropriate and served immediately to produce the best ever erection I think I have ever achieved.

"Then suck me first, Sophie, suck my cock deep and slow?"

"I will sir with pleasure."

Afterwards she said she'd never done that before and it was simply lovely, because being with me was lovely and compete and she adored being with me.

Watching her head bob up and down was a real treat and, combined with the feel of her mouth and tongue enjoying me to the full made for perfect build up to the fuck we both yearned for.

I altered my position so we could both enjoy each other mutually. Now her quinny was very wet and I tasted it again as she tasted me. Then we did something so special, we kissed deeply tasting that special residue of each other and to me, that was the most intimate thing to do apart from the actual bonding, when heart and body met in a beautiful overture of mutual thrusting and discovery - feeling the magic of the climax come so very strong.

Soon we were both at a point of no return and soon she was open for me, lying on her back on the settee and pulling me down over her.

Sophie was divine, her fuck so wonderfully measured and enjoyed to the full, No more hurting now. I sunk deep onto her. Each move and thrust seemed better than the one before.

The feeling of her fuck was so good and strong, the way she lifted her hips to meet my thrust which slipped easily into her. We stopped for a short time to enjoy the moment, feeling the mutual pulsing of our sexual energy. She loved that, her head reaching uo to kiss me, a very deep sensual French kiss to match the intimacy of our fuck.

It was beautiful, simply that. And to me she will always be Quinnysentially Sophie.

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