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Quiz Night


I was getting ready for the party, just a small gathering I had been told by Clive & Vanessa, the friends that invited us. “What shall I wear?” Kay asked.

“You know what” I replied a little testily. “Vanessa told you to wear the galabeya with buttons all the way down the front - and stockings & suspenders underneath.”

“OK if you insist”, she sighed. I looked out the invitation to re read the directions, I flipped over the sheet and looked at the map. The party seemed to be in a cottage that looked like it was miles from anywhere.

Finally she was ready and we got into the car. She did look lovely. “What’s this party in aid of anyway?”

“Just a party as far as I know”, I lied. I knew very well that it was something of a decidedly “adult” nature by the way Clive would only make “nudge nudge wink wink” kind of comments whenever I asked him about it. The cottage was about forty miles away from our home in an area I didn’t know at all so it took about an hour to get there. It was dark when we arrived.

We got to the place and I knocked on the door. I was beginning to think I must have the wrong place, as there was no sound coming from the house and there were only two cars in the drive.. The door opened and I heard music waft out. A well built man stood at the door and smiled. “Welcome, we have been waiting for you” he beamed as he took our coats. I ushered Kay in and followed behind her. As we got inside I guessed that there were about twenty people there. Someone gave us some drinks and we found ourselves engaged in conversation with a couple of men in the lounge. Kay was chatting away to one of them about cars or something and obviously had at least two more drinks by the way she was smiling and laughing. I looked around. I noticed that there were only four women there including my wife.

I detected a movement of people out of the room. As the group went through a door I realised that they were headed into a cellar. We followed and progressed down the steps, not sure of why or what would happen next.

We reached the bottom of the steps and we were in quite a large room with three rows of chairs arranged in a semi-circle around a large stage, about two feet high. On the stage there were three sets of old fashioned but very solid looking stocks and a bed, about the size of a large single. We were almost the last down the stairs and there were only two seats left, in the centre front. I caught a glimpse of one or two people I vaguely knew. They winked at me. I smiled and nodded.

“Welcome to our quiz night”, a bright sounding voice announced, “We have a super prize for the winners”, he paused and the audience in unison called “Oooooo”, “and the usual forfeit for the losers”, at which the crowd roared “hoooooooooraaay”. I looked along our row of seats and realised that there were three other couples besides us in the front row.

The guy that had welcomed us stood on the podium, next to a scoreboard. There were four sets of initials on the board, including JK for Kay and myself. I couldn’t help thinking that if only eight people were in the quiz then it was going to be a pretty boring evening for the fifteen or so blokes that were sat in the semi circle around the stage. The first question was read out and I knew the answer, none of the others did so we went ahead. As further questions were read out we did not do too well and we were in third place. The fourth placed couple were sat on my left so I whispered to the guy next to me asking him what the prize was, as we seemed certain not to win it. He seemed surprised by the question and just whispered that the prize was not to pay the forfeit, he seemed a bit tense and I asked him what he meant, but just then a gong sounded. The question master then announced that the first round had ended and it was time to eliminate the first couple. The guy sat next to me was ushered up to the stage and placed in the first set of stocks. They shut with a positive “clunk” I could tell that they were serious devices and that there was no chance of escape once locked into them.

After about four more questions we had managed to get up to second place and “bong” another of the men was secured into the stocks. Kay nudged me, “what happens if you end up in the stocks?” she giggled.

“I don’t know, I hissed back”, but after three more questions I knew we would soon find out as I was next. The winners looked really pleased with themselves and I saw them making their way up the steps out of the cellar to much applause.

Now there were three of us in the stocks and our wives, well I assumed the others were wives, sat in the front row. The question master spoke up. “Now the three finalists are John and Kay, David and Angela and Andrew and Michelle” There was loud applause. “Now it’s the elimination round” He re-arranged the scoreboard. The initials were now M, A and K.

At the end of three questions Kay was second, Michelle was last and Angela was winning. David was released from his stocks and he and Angela darted for the stairs. I was starting to feel slightly uneasy. “Now the final question that decides the loser and the forfeit” the room went completely silent. Kay and the one other remaining woman were sat next to one another and I noticed that the six empty seats in the front row had been filled by men from the audience. They were surrounded.

“Name the seven dwarfs”. I saw Kay’s face drop. I knew it but she didn’t, then I saw Michelle’s face and realised that she didn’t know it either. “Highest score wins” the question master declared. “How many can you name?”

“Five”, said Kay.

“Go ahead.”

“Dopey Sleepy Happy Sneezy Grumpy and Bashful.”

“OK now you Michelle” “Michelle was triumphant, I reckon she only had six but Kay had given her the seventh, “Doc Dopey Sleepy Happy Sneezy Grumpy and Bashful.” Michelle was on her feet and ran to Andrew’s stocks. He was released and they ran up the stairs and out of the cellar. Only Kay and I remained.

The question master spoke to Kay “Ah shame, but you fought a good fight, now you have to pay the forfeit” Kay looked around nervously. She stood up and looked at me. I was stuck. No way I could escape. A couple of the guys took her hands and led her forward. She stepped up onto the stage. They led her around the bed and brought her to stand in front of me. There were hands all round her, unbuttoning the long galabeya she was wearing. It fell to the floor. They unhooked her bra, she tried to push them away, but they persisted and it fell away. She tried to cover her breasts, hands hooked into her panties and pulled them down to the floor. One of them tapped her ankle and automatically she stepped out of them. She tried to elbow them away but they held her and she fell backwards onto the bed.

I made eye contact with one of them. “What are you going to do?”

He just smiled. She was laying on the bed right in front of me. Hands were holding her and pinned her with her arms outstretched and legs wide open. The one guy I had been trying to talk to started to unbutton his shirt and remove his trousers. As he removed his underpants his cock sprang up. He knelt onto the bed in between my wife’s spread legs and looked over his shoulder at me. He smiled again. Hands were all over her, massaging her, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. They pulled her up onto her knees and put her on all fours. One of them produced a tub on Vaseline and took a big slub of it. He rubbed it around her bum and pushed he finger into her. Pushing harder he slowly worked his finger round and round. She tried to turn and push him away, but many hands held her and she could do nothing. When he had probed and stretched her ass hole he pulled out his finger and stood her up on her knees near the end of the bed. He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “You are going to be an obedient slut tonight aren’t you Kay?”

She pouted and looked up. “Yes” she said meekly.

I could only watch while they pushed her onto her back and the first one pushed his cock into her. He humped at her for ages and grunted with his orgasm and came inside her cunt. They picked her up and put her on her knees. Another man stood in front of her with his cock erect. She reached out and took his cock quickly into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she deep throated him. She caressed his balls and he began to pant. Then he let out a loud groan and sprayed his seed inside my wife’s mouth. Someone stood behind her and held her head. He was rubbing her throat and telling her “swallow – swallow – swallow it all Kay”. I saw her swallow four times then he slipped from her mouth and gasped for breath.

In no time at all she was pushed onto her back again and another prepared to enter her. As he positioned himself I could tell that he was about the same size as me, but as I looked around there were by now about a dozen waiting and many of them were substantially larger. This at least answered the question of why all the men were there. Then suddenly someone called “hold it – turn her over, this one goes in the other way”. They stood her up again and bent her over.

“No” she struggled but they were too strong and he was now positioned at the rear entrance. “No”, she struggled again, but they continued to hold her. He pushed forward and slowly pushed past her anal sphincter. I knew that no one had ever entered her there before, she screamed more in anger than pain and tried to twist herself away. It was no use, she was fully impaled and he was now making long rhythmic strokes, driving a little deeper in each time. Each thrust brought a loud squealing grunt from her and a soft gasp from him. He got faster and faster until finally he let out a shudder and pushed as deep in as he could go, pulling her hips close to his groin he made several short jerky thrusts, I could tell he was pushing his cum as far inside my wife as he could reach. When he finished he pulled out and a small dribble of cum oozed out of her just before her hole closed up.

In a second she was pushed onto her back again and another pounced on her, pushing into her cunt without ceremony. She gasped as he went in. I could not tell, but it seemed to me that there was just a hint of pleasure in that gasp. He fucked her steadily and as he did so her breathing changed and became more rhythmic, gradually synchronising with his thrusts. The two men holding her arms sensed a change in her and released her, at the same time the other two released her legs. He fucked her steadily and her arms raised and enveloped his shoulders. At the same time her knees raised to allow him deeper entry and she started to grunt with pleasure. After a few minutes he started to push deeper and she began to cum. Wow, I never knew she could make so much noise. She was grunting and screaming while all the time pulling him closer.

All around, the other men were handclapping in time with his thrusts to give some encouragement. He gave one final push and went rigid as he came. I imagined him gushing his white goo into her. She held tight to him as if trying to pull him further in. He kissed her on the lips and they kissed passionately for a short while. He pulled gently away with a big smile on his face. I saw also her cunt ooze a river of his spunk onto her pubic hair. Before she could even draw breath another man took his place at the end of the bed. He was stroking a large erection and looking down at where he was about to put it. She saw the size of him and tried again to cover up and curled into a ball with her knees up to her chest. Many hands grabbed her and held her arms apart and pulled her legs to the corners of the bed. The next man smiled at her and knelt between her knees. She looked down at his erection and tried to wriggle away. Straight away she was pulled back down the bed by her ankles towards the large cock she had been trying to evade. There was no escape and he leaned over her with his cock jutting forward, just brushing on her labia. He pushed gently back and forth and I could see a little more of his length disappearing into her each time. Then after about a dozen gentle thrusts he pushed all the way in. “UUUURRRRCHH” Kay drew in a deep breath as she was fully penetrated and let it out again as he pressed his chest firmly on hers. His face was directly over hers and he looked straight into her eyes. She gazed up and I saw her mouth slowly open. He pressed his mouth on hers, she closed her eyes and I could tell that he was pushing his tongue into her mouth. She angled her head and he reached up to cradle her face in his hands, while he continued to kiss her passionately.

The men holding her arms released them and she wrapped her arms around his back, pulling him closer to her. He made slow steady thrusts for at least ten minutes and I could hear her gasps getting quicker then slowing as he held off. She pushed her knees up to pull him in further and he began to push deeper. She gave a kind of screaming grunt with each thrust and I could tell that she was about to cum again. Louder and louder she cried out but when she came it was with a softening moan. He kept on thrusting for a few seconds but finally he groaned and made five or six very fast thrusts with his own orgasm. Suddenly she was crying, great racking sobs. This was her usual signal that she was completely satisfied as all the emotion drained out of her. He tried to pull away but she pulled him closer and would not let him go. After a few minutes she relaxed and let him pull away. She lay there with her legs wide apart and her arms above her head.

The room went quiet, then someone started to clap. I couldn’t believe it, they were giving her a round of applause. She lifted her head then let it fall back. Someone helped her up and she sat on the edge of the bed. Someone produced a big white bathrobe and draped it around her shoulders. “Have you finished with me?” she asked, weakly. It was like she realised that it was over.

“Yes, John can take you to bed now, we have a room for you so you can rest the remainder of the night.”

I was released and we were escorted to a small bedroom at the back of the cellar. Kay fell onto the bed, too exhausted to take a shower. I just couldn’t resist, as she lay there, covered in cum. I mounted her, the feeling of entering her cum filled hole was too much and I came off in under a minute.

The next thing I knew sunlight was streaming in from a small ground level skylight high up near the ceiling. I could hear a shower running. She came out after about five minutes and walked towards me. I thought I was in for a bad reaction but instead a big grin spread across her face.

“Well?” I enquired, “what are you looking so pleased about?”

“That was as nice as I expected” she giggled.

“You expected?”

“Oh yes, Vanessa told me all about it, you don’t think I would have risked coming otherwise do you? she came round for coffee about a month ago one Saturday morning when you went to the office. Vanessa did the forfeit her quiz night too – some people lose on purpose you know”

“You mean you knew what was going to happen and never let on?” I asked.

“Well – put it this way, Dopey, Sleepy Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Doc, yes of course I knew. If you had known what was going to happen you would have been like a kid going on holiday – “are we there yet? every five minutes”, this way Vanessa and I planned it and I was able to enjoy myself.”

“Yes, speaking of Clive & Vanessa, I never saw them, where the fuck were they?”

“Oh they never came, they went to Paris for the weekend, Vanessa thought I would be better off if no-one I knew was here, I told them you will treat them to dinner at Luigi’s next Saturday night to say thank you for the invitation”

Dinner at Luigi’s for four would be seriously expensive, but after last night, it was worth it.

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