R Is For Roleplay


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.

Chase Abernathy was exhausted.

A combination of a heavy meal and a long flight had conspired to make him feel as if he’d just completed a triathlon. His shoulders ached from carrying his on-flight bags, his legs were sore from standing most of the day and his mind was numb from the effort of completing and presenting his company’s annual report to the shareholders. He had hit a homerun, which he was very proud of, but he was just so tired now. So very tired.

The cab pulled up outside of his condominium and he stared in confusion at the lights that filtered through the windows and dotted the half-melted snow on the sidewalk below. He squinted to check the address and it was his home. The tattered rainbow flag his nephew Jack had given him waved limply on the front porch and his yellow-handled spade leaned in the small walkway alcove. It was home all right. But who the hell was in it?

Chase paid the cabbie and trudged up the stairs, noting that the steps had been swept clean of snow and salted to break up the ice. The porch chairs had been de-iced and stacked neatly in the corner and the graveyard of dead plants from summer and fall had been disposed of. He dropped his garment bag and opened the screen door.

His oak and beveled glass door swung open and a tall Spanish woman stood there, her uniform smudged with dust. “Mr. Abernathy?”


“I am Melora. Welcome home.”

He was still confused but stepped into his foyer, watching as she dutifully closed the door and took his garment bag from his weary shoulder. “Thanks, but who are you?”

“I am from Maids In America, the cleaning service. I was hired to welcome you home.”

Just then, the most wonderful smells assailed his nostrils. “Is that … dinner?”

“Yes, sir.” Melora took his bag. “My instructions were to prepare steak with peppercorn sauce for your meal.”

“Wow, I … I hope I don’t sound too strange, but I really didn’t expect this.”

“That’s all right, sir. The person who hired us told us that you would be a little confused about things. I trust that as the evening continues, you’ll feel more comfortable.” Her smile was brilliant and his heart leaped in his chest, his cock hardening instantly. He wondered just what the welcoming included … “Now, if you’ll give me your coat, we can get started.”

She hung his overcoat up in the hall closet and helped him carry his luggage upstairs to the master bedroom. As they walked, he noticed that everything had been dusted and cleaned. The rug at the top of the stairs that had mud stains was bright again and the lamp in the hallway had had its faulty halogen bulb replaced. He had been meaning to get to those things but work had interrupted.

His bedroom had also been cleaned. The plum comforter stretched across crisp sheets and fluffed pillows waited for his tired head. Suddenly, the sound of running water caught his attention and he turned toward his bathroom. Wisps of steam arose around her slim figure as she bent over the sunken tub, shaking in bath salts and exposing … holy shit!

Two brown globes emerged from the tuile of the uniform’s skirt and he could just see a thin, black line between, suggesting a G-string. Her legs stretched to the clunky black shoes, encased in elastic-topped silky stockings and Chase could barely contain his twitching cock, letting his eyes roam over the view. She turned, setting the box down and stood, giving him a smile.

“Your bath is nearly ready. Can you sit on the chair, please?”

Chase sat on the chair in the bathroom, amazed that there were no dirty towels all over it like usual. Melora knelt at his feet and began to unlace his Stacy Adams. “You don’t have to do that … “

“Melora. My name is Melora and yes, I have to do this. It’s all part of my services.” She slid the shoe off his foot and lightly massaged his heel. His sigh brought a smile to her lips. “You’ve done enough work for today, Mr. Abernathy. It’s my turn to take care of you.”

He sat back, his desire to fight dissolving with the gentle caresses of her hands. Those gentle hands worked his feet and calves, trying to draw out all the soreness and tension and doing a good job. Just as he was about to sink into oblivion, she released his feet and went back to turn the water off.

“Okay, Mr. Abernathy. Strip off and slide in.”

Chase was a tiny bit upset that she had not remained to undress him but he just chuckled at his childish behavior. It had only been a week since he’d last had sex and here he was, acting like it had been years. He gave his hard prick a consolatory stroke and slid into the hot, scented water, sinking under for a long moment. The heat soaked into his worn out body and laying his head on the tub’s edge, promptly fell asleep.

Melora awoke him twenty minutes later, a soft smile on her caramel features and a chilled martini glass in her hand. “I was afraid to let you sleep any longer in this hot water.”

“That’s okay. It was refreshing. Thanks.” He took a long swig from his drink. “Ah, that’s perfect.”

“Would you sit up, Mr. Abernathy?” Chase glanced at her, noticed the loofah and soap in her hand and sat forward. The squeeze bottle soap was cold and he shivered from that and the feel of her hands on his hot skin. She thoroughly scrubbed his back and chest, then washed his black hair, taking extra time to massage his scalp. She rinsed the soapy parts and then asked him to stand.

“Uh, no. That’s all right.”

“Mr. Abernathy … “


“Chase.” She paused for a moment. “Chase, I told you that this is part of my services.”

“Well, I’m saying that you don’t have to do this. I release you from it.”

“I can only be released by the client. So I guess I’ll be sitting here until you decide to stand.”

Chase glared at her for a moment, then shook his head, placing his glass in her outstretched hand. He pulled his six foot frame out of the tub, his face coloring as his 8 inch rock hard cock parted the water and bobbed lazily at his waist. He thought he heard her say nice but she started scrubbing the parts of his stomach and back that had been submerged, her face turned away from him.

“Can you turn towards me, Mr. … Chase?”

He gritted his teeth and faced forward, closing his eyes in embarrassment. He couldn’t bear to look. He knew what he’d see: her lovely face near his cock and he was worried that he’d ejaculate all over her. That was nothing that he could do but ball up his fists and pray that he could withstand her gentle cleaning.

“All right, Chase. Face the other way.”

Chase released a deep breath and turned away, placing his hands on the wall to steady himself. She began to wash the backs of his legs with short, rough strokes and rinsed him well. He held his breath as he felt her hands on his butt, moving in circles around the muscled globes, one finger gliding down the cleft every once in a while. His skin tingled every time she moved a finger a little lower and lower, then he gasped when she brushed his asshole.

He took a staggered breath, feeling her tenderly stroking his hole, each stroke making his pucker flower open until the tips of her finger breached him. “Oh.” His moan was light, fluttery, his heart beating a mile a minute. Please do it again. She obliged his unspoken words, rubbing and dipping again, this time, pushing in until her knuckle slid in. The breath caught in his throat and escaped in a low another moan.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when her warm, soapy hand curled around his prick, tracing the length and cupping his heavy balls. Her finger pressed into his anal canal again, deeper, curving and scraping his prostate. A shiver ran through him and he tried to catch his breath, his body trembling. Her hand stroked, first feathery caresses followed by progressively harder and tighter movements until his body was tingling with electrical currents.

His climax was like none other that he’d ever had and he screamed. His cum sizzled, boiling up from his heavy nuts and flying out of his piss slit with a vengeance, coating the soap holder and sliding down the steamed walls. Her finger popped out of his clutching hole and she gave his softening cock a final caress.

“All clean now, Chase.” She held out a large thirsty towel. “Let me dry you off.”

Chase stepped out of the tub on rubbery legs, his mind still in a fog and stood obediently as she dried every part of him off, then shrugged into the robe she gave him.

“Come on. Time for dinner.”

He sat at his dining room table and watched her bring plate after plate of food for him. Rosemary-sauced lamb chops, Yukon Gold fingerling potatoes swimming in butter, broccoli florets in cheese sauce and brown sugar glazed carrots. And for dessert, his absolute favorite, key lime pie. He ate until he thought he would burst and sat back in the seat with a sigh.


“Oh, yes.” He sighed softly, patting his stomach.

“Good. It’s time for the ball game.”

“Ball game?”

“Yeah. The Mets are playing tonight.” Melora shoved a Coors Light into his hand. “Well, get going!”

Chase grinned and headed for his recliner, adjusting the sound on the big screen TV and giving her a huge smile. Ah, this was perfect! A hot bath, a fantastic meal and the hardest cum of his life … how could anything get better than this?

Melora entered the room, a feather duster in her hand. She gave him a quick smile and turned to do her job. Chase sipped his beer, one eye on the game and one on her petite form. Mo Vaughn was at bat and the Mets were down three. She was at the end of the bookcase, picking up individual items, carefully dusting and replacing them. His eyes were drawn to the line of her back and the gentle curve of her hips and as she reached up, her luscious ass emerged from beneath the uniform’s crisp edge. He felt his dick twitch.

A loud crack sounded and the crowd roared as Mo got a double. Melora bent low to clean the lower shelves, the thin string of her panties catching the light. Chase ached to touch it, to run his finger from waist to cleft. He sat forward, his eyes locked onto that juicy crevice and reached out, quickly tracing its route. For a moment, he sat back, awaiting a stinging slap. But it never came. Instead, she widened her stance, dusting a little slower. Chase swallowed a gulp of beer and reached out again. This time, a perceptible quiver met his touch.

He set his beer on the side table and grabbed her by the waist, gently pulling her back. She didn’t resist. She allowed his fingers to travel up the insides of her thin legs, lightly roaming over her ass and around to her crotch. Chase groaned as his fingers came in contact with her package, her small 5 inch penis growing between his fingers. With her thick black hair draped over his shoulder, he pulled her back against his front, rubbing his rock hard penis into her soft cleft while his hands rubbed her crotch and pinched a nipple through the uniform’s material.

“Oh, Chase.” Her sweet voice added fuel to his already raging fire. He felt out of control as he ripped the hose from her body and two fingers sought her tight asshole. He pressed them in and her body jackknifed against his, the duster dropping to the floor. “Oh, yes!” Her hole was sweaty and lubed, as if she was prepared for him to do this. He didn’t pay too much attention to that. He was too interested in the feel of her body against him, her breasts cupped in his hands.

“I want to fuck you, Melora. Will you let me?”

“Oh, yes, Chase!”

Chase replaced his fingers with the head of his fat dick, letting his thick tube of meat slide between her legs a few times before lining up with her hot hole. He lifted the uniform’s skirt up and plowed into her ass, his skin tingling. She moaned loudly, her hand on her own dick as she pressed back into him, taking his prick deeper into her. So good. He took a breath and pulled out, his body contemplating shutdown at the overload of sensations. “Melora.”

“Oh, Chase.”

He couldn’t hold it back any longer. He drove deep into her ass, one hand on her breast and the other gripped around her cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Melora whimpered in pleasure, her hands on his wrists, gasping as he pinched her nipple. “Yeah, baby!” Her sweet, tight ass wrapped around his flesh and he struggled to breathe, slamming into her smooth canal. “Fuck, you’re tight!”

“Oh, Chase.” Her red lips softly formed his name. “Fuck me!”

He fell back into the recliner, grasping her ass from underneath and pushing himself up into her. Her stiff cock pointed toward the ceiling, gripped in his hand as she held onto him, crying out each time his prick shoved into her. It only took a matter of moments before he was cumming inside her anal canal, his mouth on her neck and her prick leaping in his fist. The sweet smell of semen filled the air, lulling the couple into a state of sexual paralysis and Melora fell asleep, spooned with him.

An hour or so later, they awoke and Melora gave him a soft kiss, arising and collecting her articles. Chase couldn’t seem to get up, his willpower sapped by the strength of his recent climax. He cupped her face in his hands, giving her a tender, heartfelt kiss.



Melora pressed a business card in his hand, her dark eyes sparkling. “I don’t do windows but I’ll do everything else.”

Chase just smiled.

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