tagGroup SexRace Play Ch. 16

Race Play Ch. 16


My name is Kendra Jones. I'm a six-foot-tall, curvy and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. These days, I'm a student at Barrack College, a historically Black private school located at the heart of the City of Champions. In the eyes of the world, I am a strong Black woman. Captain of the Women's Wrestling Squad at my school. I'm undefeated in the 180-pound weight class. I recently defeated stalwart female wrestlers from rival schools like Oklahoma City University, Jamestown University and others.

What I'm about to reveal to you would absolutely stun my friends and family members if they knew. We all lead secret lives and have secret desires. I'm simply more extreme than most. You see, my fetish isn't something most women or men can relate to. I'm into Race Play. Domination and submission games between consenting women and men ( or women and women) with a racial flair, if you will. I like to be dominated by white women. I also like it when they berate me and boss me around. I don't know why but it seems to be the only way I can get off. Weird, huh? Yeah, I thought so too.

Finding the right person to become my dominatrix wasn't easy. I found this gorgeous, forty-something white woman named Ruby Wendell. She's from the Republic of South Africa. Ruby Wendell describes herself in her online profile at the BDSM forum as a dominant woman who loves to bring pain to others. She's also got a thing for young Black women and likes to tame them. Wow. That might put off a lot of women on the forum but it really turned me on. I emailed Ruby Wendell and we began chatting online. Before long, we were talking on the phone. I learned quite a bit about her. Ruby Wendell was born and raised in South Africa during the days of the evil regime of Apartheid. She was born to a wealthy English family and lived in the city of Johannesburg. In her house, she had lots of Black servants. Mostly young Black women from surrounding communities. When Apartheid ended in South Africa and a Black man was elected President of that mighty African nation, Ruby Wendell and her family left the country.

Now, Ruby was quite frank about herself. She told me that she found most Black women to be naturally submissive deep down. They only acted tough and belligerent in public to hide their insecurities. Now, I disagreed with her since I considered myself a strong Black woman. I'm the daughter of an African-American heart surgeon and a college professor. I grew up in a middle class home in a quietly affluent and very diverse part of the city of Brockton. I considered Black women to be the equals of White women and anyone else for that matter. Ruby Wendell chuckled softly on the phone. Then she told me that deep down, I knew I was wrong. As a young Black woman I was naturally subservient to mature White women. The only people in the world who could tame unruly Black women like myself. When I asked Ruby how she felt about Black men, she told me she found them strong and sexy. I wondered aloud at that. Ruby told me she had many Black male lovers growing up. And she even supported Black male students in their fight against the Apartheid Regime of South Africa. She didn't consider herself a racist. She simply had issues with Black women. In her South African farm, she never hired any Black men because she didn't want them to suffer. The only Black males she hired did clerical work for her. The hard labor in her South African farm was done by the Black women. She found Black men very appealing. Her wrath was reserved for the Black women. I was stunned. This woman was insane, yet what she said turned me on a great deal.

Ruby Wendell and I continued to talk. Night after night we argued constantly. I found her revolting, yet I was also attracted to her. One day, we agreed to meet. As it turns out, Ruby Wendell lived in the Dorchester Area of Metropolitan Boston. I was really surprised by that fact. Dorchester is a mostly African-American neighborhood, though some Caucasians, Hispanics and Asians have been moving in for the past few years. I met Ruby Wendell in a nice restaurant in Dorchester. Not far from the newly remodeled Ashmont Train Station and the Wright Bank. She surprised me, to tell you the truth. Ruby was so friendly and generous to the mostly Black and mostly male staff of this authentic African restaurant. Whenever a Black woman walked by, she gazed at the woman coldly. I found Ruby fascinating. A middle-aged white woman who loved Black men and had a strong dislike of Black women. Now I've seen everything.

Ruby Wendell sat across from me, looking at me coldly. I was fascinated by her. This woman was tall and gorgeous. She was worth millions. And she was also bossy as hell and didn't like her seemingly automatic dislike of me. Now I was really turned on. The thing is that Ruby knew it. She decided to take me home for a test drive. And she also ordered me to call her Mistress Ruby from now on. I nodded and promised to obey. Smiling, Mistress Ruby ordered me to get into her car. When I tried to seat up front, Mistress Ruby sternly ordered me to sit in the back. Obediently, I did as I was told.

Mistress Ruby took me into her mansion, where she dictated the rules to me. This sexy middle-aged white woman from South Africa told me that dominating unruly African-American women from the big city was her favorite thing to do. With that, she ordered me to strip naked before her. I did as I was told. I got naked and showed my new Mistress my sexily curved body. Mistress Ruby appraised my naked body coldly. Then she ordered me to stand still while she examined me. Donning latex gloves, she inspected my mouth, pussy and asshole. Satisfied, she took me to the bathroom and hosed me down. I was shocked by her utter dominance. Yes I obeyed! And that's how it all began.

Mistress Ruby assumed total ownership of me. She fastened a black leather collar around my neck and made me walk around naked while cleaning her house. She also called me Slave instead of by my given name. It definitely took some getting used to. The loss of my freedom haunted me. As did the humiliation Mistress Ruby subjected me to. She had a slew of wealthy, middle-aged white female friends whom she loved showing me off to. Whenever I made a mistake around the house, she would bend me over and spank me. She constantly berated me, calling me a useless Black slut and a dumb Black bitch. She said I was no different than those stupid Black chicks from the ghetto even though my parents were rich and I attended a private school. I said yes to everything my Mistress said. Just like a good slave should.

I did everything my Mistress told me. And she had a lot of fun with me. Sometimes, she would don her thick strap-on dildo and fuck me with it while her wealthy white female friends watched. Grabbing my hips, she thrust her dildo deep into my asshole. Hard and fast she pumped her dildo into my booty hole. Before I met my Mistress, I was a stranger to anal sex. Now I can take a nine-inch dildo up my asshole with no problem. This dominant white gal definitely had a lot of fun with me. I remember one time when she put me on all fours, face down and ass up. She whipped me with her black leather belt while her friends watched. I yelped as she flogged me. Laughing, Mistress Ruby only flogged me some more. Apparently, my pain turned her on. A lot of you reading this might wonder why I'm doing this. It's the only thing that makes me happy. Submission is how this Black woman finds fulfillment.

Sometimes, my Mistress tries even more extreme stuff. One time, she made me lick her pussy while kneeling before her. Her wealthy white female friends watched, fascinated. One of them even wanted to participate. Mistress Ruby introduced me to her good friend, a tall, skinny and red-haired white woman she introduced as Mistress Janet. The lovely Mistress Janet tied me up and shoved her entire fist up my pussy. I howled as she fisted me. Mistress Ruby stood nearby, smiling and watching with interest. Another time, the two of them fucked me together. Both wore strap-on dildos and filled me with them. I sucked on Mistress Ruby's strap-on dildo while Mistress Janet fucked me in the ass. Then Mistress Ruby fucked my ass while Mistress Janet fucked my pussy. That night, I howled in sheer pain mixed with pleasure. When all was said and done, they peed all over me and I licked their pussies dry. I'm a good submissive.

It's been six months since I first met Mistress Ruby. I've dropped out of Barrack College, and I now live with Mistress Ruby. Sometimes I miss the old life, along with my friends. I sometimes miss my family as well. Only sometimes. I'm very happy with Mistress Ruby. She gives my life purpose and structure. I'm a Black woman who voluntarily gave up her wealth and privilege to become the servant of a wealthy, middle-aged white woman because it's what makes me happy in life. And I've got zero regrets. These days, I sleep at the foot of my Mistress bed. As long as she is happy, then I am happy.

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