tagSci-Fi & FantasyRacers Ch. 01

Racers Ch. 01


In a futuristic world messages and packages are delivered by teams of motorcycle riders. These teams are composed of 6 riders. The leader, the mechanic, two protectors and a "racer", a high-speed specialist and a replacement racer for if the original should be injured. These teams are highly regarded within society holding an honoured place in society for without them industry would grind to a halt as communications ceased.


Cheandra walked beside Mace as they entered their home compound, she was aware of Ryker storming after her angrily, she continued walking even though she knew he wanted to speak to her.

"Cheandra! Next run you will wear your armour!" Ryker ordered angrily.

Cheandra stopped and turned around to face him. "I will not wear the armour, it restricts me too much. I ride better without it." Cheandra said tightly.

"You'll do as I say." Ryker warned "Your damned lucky you didn't end up with more than a sore leg when that bike rammed you trying to get the package today."

"That wouldn't have happened if the bike wasn't running rough." Cheandra snapped then turned away and headed after Mace. "Mace, my bike needs checking, it was running rough today." She said as she caught up to him. "I'll get right onto it." Mace said as he stopped at the shed were he kept his tool box and collected it, he headed back out the way he had come passing Ryker and the other team members as he went. Cheandra got herself a cold beer from the icebox as she passed through the kitchen on her way to the main lounge room, she sat back in her usual arm chair and took a deep drink from the bottle. Ryker stalked into the room and stood looking at her. "Team meeting at the table." He said then headed back to the kitchen.

Cheandra went to get to her feet then settled back with a sigh, her gaze on the metal and leather lounge opposite her.

In less than five minutes Ryker came storming into the room. "Team meeting now!" "Why bother? I know what went wrong today, my bike was running rough." She said lazily.

Ryker glared at her angrily, if it had been one of the males defying him it would have been a simple matter of reasserting his dominance but with a female it was different, physical confrontation between the sexes was very limited. Cheandra listened to Ryker stomp into the kitchen and the resulting faint sounds of conversation, she stretched her right leg out in front of her gingerly and winced as the thigh muscle pulled uncomfortably. The truth of the matter was the knock she had taken on her thigh had been more severe than she had let on to any of the males although she was sure that Mace was aware that the hit had been harder than she had let on.

When her bottle of beer was empty she got to her feet reluctantly and headed to the kitchen to put the bottle in the garbage, she stopped inside the doorway when she saw that the men were eating without her, angrily she began grabbing plates away from the men. "What are you doing eating in my kitchen without me?" She demanded angrily as she reached for the plate in front of Ryker.

He got to his feet and grabbed the plate back as he faced her over his breach of etiquette. "Leave our food alone." He warned in a voice soft with menace.

Cheandra glared at him outraged but wary enough not to try to take his plate. "This is my house!" She reminded him angrily.

He was in command on the road and in general but the house was under female domain and as the only female of the team she was in charge of the house. Ryker bared his teeth in an unfriendly smile. "Only two weeks until all teams meet up for comps." He reminded her.

Cheandra was silent as she watched him through narrowed eyes, while he hadn't come out and said he was going to be looking for a replacement for her he was warning her of the possibility. "But Che is the ..." Tristis started to say but fell silent at a look from Ryker. "We had better finish eating if we intend to go out tonight." Ryker stated as he sat back down. Tristis and Burtie reached for the plates Cheandra had taken from them but stopped when she turned her gaze on them, Ryker put down his fork and went to stand up.

Cheandra backed off several steps, she held his gaze for several seconds before going to the cupboard and getting herself a plate. She dished herself up a plateful of food before moving to the far end of the table to sit down, the men resumed eating but the atmosphere was tense as Ryker and Cheandra exchanged glares whenever she lifted her gaze from her plate.

"Fixed your ride best I could but I need to pick up several parts in town tomorrow." Mace said as he walked into the room, he became aware of the tension between Ryker and Cheandra and glanced from one to the other before getting himself a plate of food.

"I got some liniment you can use on that leg later." Mace said, as he sat down not to far from Cheandra in an attempt to draw the group together if only in appearance.

Cheandra didn't look up from her food just merely made a non-committal sound as she ate, and when the four younger men got to their feet and put their plates in the sink she didn't show any sign of being aware they were leaving the room.


Mace and Cheandra were in the lounge room looking over the route for the next delivery in three days time on a rather large map when Tristis, Burtie, Ryker and Zack returned later that night with two young teenage girls who obviously had not long come of age. A young pretty blonde was all over Tristis and a red haired girl was flirting with both Zack and Ryker.

Mace folded up the map and returned it to the cupboard where it was kept and looked over the two girls.

Cheandra stretched back in her chair and made herself comfortable.

"Drinks all around?" Ryker asked and all but Mace and Cheandra agreed. When Ryker returned from the kitchen he had drinks for everyone, Cheandra accepted hers without a word and took a small sip. Tristis and his girl sat on one of the couches and Tristis was soon kissing her and fondling her openly, Zack and Ryker were flirting with the other girl who was looking somewhat shy and unsure of herself.

The lights in the room dimmed and Cheandra looked across to see Mace turning the lamps down to a soft glow, she turned her attention back to watching the others, quite often one or more of the men bought home a woman and it was not uncommon for the men to have sex with the woman even while others were in the same room.

Ryker smiled at the attractive red haired girl who had introduced herself as Mizty. "Why don't we make ourselves comfortable?" he asked and glanced at an empty sofa. Mizty glanced at her friend who was straddling Tristis's lap while they kissed hotly.

"I'll, um... we really should go home. We got a curfew" Mizty said uneasily.

"I'm team boss, I can explain for you." Ryker said as he stepped close and put his arms around her before lowering his head to kiss her. He slid one hand down her back to cup her arse as he pulled her body against his arousal; she tensed in his arms with a gasp and began to struggle.

"Ryker, she ain't interested let her go." Cheandra ordered as she realised the girl wasn't a willing participant, none of the men had ever forced their attentions on an unwilling woman even though riders from other teams had on occasion.

Ryker slowly lifted his head to glare at Cheandra, oblivious to the struggling girl in his arms. "Let her go." Cheandra repeated as she got to her feet. "You offerin' to take her place?" Ryker asked in a hard tone.

Cheandra took in his dark aroused gaze, his eyes roved her lean body hungrily and an unfamiliar emotion twisted in her stomach while fear had her looking away.

"I'm off to the Galaxy's End" she told Mace as she discarded her drink and skirted around Ryker who was still watching her in challenge, at the doorway she looked back at Ryker, Burtie and Zack who were watching her closely.

"Mace!" Cheandra demanded.

Mace got to his feet and followed her somewhat reluctantly. "That little blonde is hot." Mace said as he walked past her.

Cheandra looked at Ryker and Mizty one last time before following Mace and slamming the front door on her way out.

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