tagSci-Fi & FantasyRacers Ch. 06

Racers Ch. 06


In a futuristic world messages and packages are delivered by teams of motorcycle riders. These teams are composed of 6 riders. The leader, the mechanic, two protectors and a "racer", a high-speed specialist and a replacement racer for if the original should be injured. These teams are highly regarded within society holding an honoured place in society for without them industry would grind to a halt as communications ceased.

Cheandra woke as Chevron got off the bed, she rolled onto her back and watched him from half closed eyes, he glanced her way and smiled when he saw she was awake.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." He told her before leaving the room.

Cheandra stretched and looked around the room curiously while she waited for him to return.

"Miss me while I was gone?" Chevron asked as he walked into the room and to the side of the bed she was on.

He climbed onto the bed, covering her body with his as he settled against her comfortably, Cheandra opened her thighs and he settled his hips in the cradle of her hips and rocked against her in a steady unhurried motion. Cheandra gave a soft sigh of pleasure and lifted her knees so that he came into closer intimate contact with her body, she began to move in rhythm with him. Chevron watched her face as he lay propped up on his elbows, his hips moved against hers and he heard her breathing become heavier.

"Hope you don't have anything against a bit of daylight fun." Chevron said as he rolled off her body to lie beside her.

He slowly pulled her t-shirt from the waistband of her jeans and pushed the hem of the shirt up so that he could run his hand over the smooth skin of her lower ribs, his hand gradually worked its way up under the edge of the shirt as he traced circles on her skin with his fingertips. Cheandra gasped softly and arched against his hand as his fingers brushed against a sensitive nipple, she opened her mouth slightly and ran the tip of her tongue over her suddenly dry lips.

Chevron smiled at her as his hand became still for several seconds before he worked his way down to the fastenings of her jeans at her waiste, he took his time undoing the stud and zipper before slipping his hand beneath the opening of her jeans to run his fingers over her lower stomach.

"Not in any hurry are you?" He asked softly as he smoothed a hand over to the side of her waist then down to cup the curve of her hip.

He tugged gently so she rolled onto her side facing him, their bodies touching from chest to thigh.

"Slow and gentle would be good." Cheandra agreed as she ran a hand up his forearm to his muscled shoulders.

"Good." Chevron said before lowering his head to brush a light kiss across her lips.

Cheandra opened her mouth tentatively as he kissed her lightly. His lips moved over hers in a whisper soft caress before moving up to kiss each eyelid in turn. When his lips brushed the hair over her ear Cheandra shuddered slightly and Chevron laughed softly before exploring the shell of her ear and then slowly trailing his lips across her cheek to her lips. Cheandra sighed against the light brush of his lips and pressed her body to his more firmly as she opened her mouth inviting him to deepen their kiss.

As Chevron deepened their kiss he slid one hand down her back and pressed their bodies together firmly, he cupped her bottom in his hand and pulled her hard against his aroused cock. Cheandra moaned softly as she slid her top leg up over his thigh to hook her heel behind his leg before pushing against his chest and breaking off their kiss. She sat up as she tugged her t-shirt off over her head then lay back down and wriggled her jeans off her hips to lay naked beside him.

"Fuck you got a hot body." Chevron growled huskily before hurriedly pulling his shirt over his head and then standing beside the bed to quickly shed his jeans.

Cheandra eyed his body off with interest, his shoulders were broad and well muscled, his stomach flat and his hips lean. His chest was hairless but a few dark hairs were to be seen around his navel and they thickened to a fine line that lead down to the mat that surrounded his aroused penis, dark hairs were scattered over his muscular thighs. He grinned at her as he moved onto the bed so that he was kneeling between her spread thighs.

Cheandra looked down at him, breathless with anticipation, his mouth formed a lopsided grin before he lowered his head slowly towards her, she felt the soft brush of his breath over her sex before his tongue flicked between her folds tracing the moistness leaking from her slit. Cheandra gasped, a small moan of pleasure coming from her lips as Chevron found the hard nub of her clitoris and covered it with his lips.

Chevron held her clit gently but firmly between his teeth and rolled his tongue over it from bottom to top, Cheandra gasped and pushed her hips at him as pleasure shot through her body. Chevron hummed softly and moved one hand so he could trace the growing moistness between her outer lips, as he sucked, nipped and flicked at her clit. He ran his fingers up and down over her opening in slowly increasingly firmer strokes until his fingers pushed against the now swollen opening without actually entering, Cheandra's body twitched with every touch and soft little sounds of pleasure came from her throat.

Slowly, teasingly, Chevron eased the tip of one finger into her moist passage to the first joint. Cheandra whimpered and attempted to push onto his finger more but Chevron laughed softly as he began stroking between her moist folds once again.

Cheandra jerked her knees up level with his shoulders as she clamped her thighs together and attempted to roll away from him.

"Enough is enough! Either you want me or you don't!" Cheandra snapped in frustration.

Chevron pinned her body to the bed beneath him, her legs were turned to one side and her face turned away but he brushed several light kisses across her averted check.

"Cheandra, look at me." Chevron coaxed.

Cheandra turned her head reluctantly, her face flushed with unsated desire, her eyes holding a hint of caution.

"Cheandra, I want to spill my seed within you. I want to have you as a mate."

Chevron saw the surprise flash deep within her eyes for an instant before she controlled her surprise, her body had tensed beneath his and he sensed her withdrawal even though she was physically unable to move away from him.

Amongst the riders no male rider spilled his seed within a female rider unless she had given him permission and had indicated she wished to become his mate. There was no such taboo when riders bedded women from the ordinary population, in fact the other women were often willing and eager for riders to cum in them and gain prestige by giving a rider a child. Pregnancy was seen as a complication for a rider and increased the dangers a woman faced while riding, so while pregnant the woman stopped making delivery runs, few of the women returned to active riding after having a child instead settling to have several more children.

"No Chevron, I do not want a mate at this stage and it is too early for us." Cheandra said firmly but gently. She really liked Chevron but at the same time she was still a little unsure of her feelings for him.

Chevron sighed and lowered his head to rest his forehead on hers, after several moments he brushed a light kiss against her lips but Cheandra remained unresponsive.

"You can trust me, I won't force a claiming on you." He said softly and rolled off her to lie beside her on his side.

Cheandra went to get off the bed but Chevron pulled her back down and held her against his chest, she struggled slightly at first but when he rolled towards her pinning her with a leg over hers she stilled and lay tensely in his embrace.

"I won't force a claiming on you." He tried soothing Cheandra but she remained tense within his hold. He knew it was not unheard of in circumstances such as theirs for the man involved to take the female by force and refuse to pull out before cuming, creating the possibility of pregnancy to tie the woman to him against her wishes.

"Let me go." Cheandra growled between gritted teeth.

Chevron released her and sat up running both hand back over his head. Beside him Cheandra swiftly rolled away from him, stood up and grabbed her clothes before moving well out of reach to pull her clothes on.

"Stay around for a while so we can have a chat." Chevron urged quietly as he glanced at her wary face.

"I'm leaving. If you want to talk we can meet at The Galaxy's End tomorrow night." Cheandra said.

Chevron quickly reached for his jeans, he followed Cheandra from the room still fastening them as she left hurriedly. When he reached the main room she was well ahead of him and would clearly get to the front door before he caught up with her.

"Niah, Clover, stop her!" Chevron called and both women got to their feet hurriedly to stand between Cheandra and the front hallway.

Cheandra came to a halt and turned so she could see everyone in the room, she watched Shad and Dion with dread as they got to their feet and took several steps towards her.

"There a problem boss?" Shad asked Chevron in his husky voice.

"No, I just want to talk to Cheandra before she leaves, sort out a few things." Chevron said as he halted several feet away from Cheandra who was eyeing everyone very warily.

"We can talk tomorrow night." Cheandra said tightly, her voice taunt with tension.

"I just want to straighten things out a little here and now." Chevron told her.

"I want to leave now!" Cheandra snapped, her attention fully on him for an instant.

An instant was all it took for Shad to reach her side and grabbed her by the upper arm, Cheandra immediately began struggling to get free.

"The boss wants to talk to you." Shad growled.

"I thought you said I could trust you!" Cheandra snapped at Chevron as he stepped forward and caught her other arm.

"You can. I promise I won't force a claiming on you." Chevron yelled back at her.

There was instant silence in the room and Dion, Clover and Niah took several steps towards them. Seeing the reaction of his team Chevron sighed and looked back at Cheandra who clearly thought she was going to be forced to become his mate.

"I asked Cheandra to be my mate. She said no. And I don't want a mate who doesn't want to be my mate." Chevron said softly as if he was only speaking to Cheandra beside him.

Shad released his hold on her arm and stepped back several paces with a knod.

"I'll see you tomorrow night at Galaxy's End." Chevron told her firmly.

"Let me go." Cheandra demanded with a distrustful look around the room.

Chevron gave a sigh of regret and released his grip on her arm, Cheandra immediately slipped past Niah and Clover as she headed for the front door. She was on edge and turned around to face the room hurriedly as Dion shifted on his feet, she backed towards the door the last few steps and hurried to get outside.

At her bike Cheandra didn't pause to put her helmet on, she kicked her bike to life and rode off with her helmet on the seat in front of her. She travelled several miles and made certain that no one followed her before stopping to put the helmet on. Realising it was time for the midday meal and knowing she would be eating alone she headed for the bakery Shari's mother worked in.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cheandra flicked the collar of her thick riding jacket up to ward off the light rain that had started falling as she walked across the road and into the bakery. There was a good crowd of people lined up buying their midday meal and Cheandra stood back while the main rush of people were served before she stepped up to the counter.

Shari looked up and recognised Cheandra with surprise, she smiled nervously as Cheandra met her gaze.

"Hi Cheandra." Shari said then wondered if she had spoken out of place.

Tristis had explained that Cheandra ruled the house and he had to check with her and get her permission before Shari could move in with him like they both wanted. Shari swallowed nervously as Cheandra opened the front of her jacket due to the warmth of the shop.

"Shari, what's the best pie on a day like this or do you have soup?" Cheandra asked.

"We have a nice curried lamb pie today." Shari replied.

"Sounds good, I'll have one of those and a pot of coffee thanks, I'll be over at one of the tables." Cheandra said.

"I'll bring it right over." Shari told her with a nervous smile.

Cheandra settled herself at a small table by the window and waited for her food, Shari hurried to get the food and coffee to her fearing she would somehow upset Cheandra. In her rush Shari accidentally knocked over the coffee pot as she placed it on the table and Cheandra narrowly missed being scalded by the hot liquid.

"Am I in danger of wearing the coffee Everytime you put it on the table at the house or only this once?" Cheandra asked evenly.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Shari babbled then fell silent as what Cheandra had said sunk in. "I . I .."

"You do want to move in with Tristis don't you?" Cheandra asked as Shari stuttered.

"Y. . yes I do!" Shari said eagerly as she regained her composure.

"Well finish your normal hours here, get enough stuff for overnight and turn up at the house. Tristis can help you move in tomorrow." Cheandra informed her.

"Thank you! Oh thank you! You don't know how much this means to me!" Shari said happily.

"Could I have another pot of coffee?" Cheandra asked as she looked at her food.

"Certainly, I'll get that right now." Shari said and hurried off.

Cheandra set about eating her pie and barely looked up when Shari returned with a fresh pot of coffee and cleaned up the spilt coffee.

Shari hurriedly cleaned the table then went back to work behind the counter, she was impatient for the last of the midday crowd to be served and leave so that she could take time to tell her mother her exciting news. Finally it was quiet enough for her to disappear into the back to see her mother and tell her the news.

Cheandra finished the last of her coffee and got to her feet, she paid for her meal before heading from the shop. Outside it was raining steadily, she fastened her jacket and made sure her collar was up before hurrying across to her bike. She headed to the home compound and parked her bike in the large shed out of the rain before making her way to the house using the covered pathway, once inside she discarded her wet outer clothing before heading to her room and changing into clothing she preferred when around her house.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cheandra could hear the members of her team before they entered the house, they were laughing and obviously pleased with the way the days work had went. She heard the front door swing open and one of them stomp through the house in their boots, she frowned angrily and turned so she could see where they stood, it was Zack.

"You had better not be tracking dirt through my house!" Cheandra hissed in warning.

The smile faded from Zack's face as he looked down at his boots, glad to see no dirt or mud he turned around and headed back to the front door to leave his work boots there.

"We're barely in the door and you start." Ryker said as he walked into the kitchen.

Cheandra gave him an angry look but turned away without saying a word, she listened to the others walk into the room and knew by the slightly hesitant sound to their footsteps they were expecting another argument between her and Ryker.

"Cold beers in the fridge. Anyone want something to eat? Supper won't be ready for another hour or two." Cheandra said as she walked to the large pantry.

"Ah! A cold one sounds good." Mace said in approval.

"I could go a thick sandwich about now." Tristis said hungrily.

"Yeah, same here." Burtie agreed.

"Ok sandwiches then." Cheandra said as she took two loaves of bread from the pantry and carried it to the table before getting butter, pickles, relish and a platter of roast meat from the fridge.

"Mace can you carve some meat for me?" Cheandra asked as she began slicing thick slices of bread from a loaf.

Mace grabbed a can of beer from the fridge, opened it and took a deep drink before placing it on the table and taking the knife Burtie handed him from the counter top. Mace concentrated on slicing thick chunks from the roast beef while Cheandra started spreading the slices of bread with either relish or pickles. Shortly there were enough sandwiches for everyone and Cheandra cleaned up while the men ate.

"I want a bed put in the biggest of the spare rooms by my room " Cheandra said with a glance at Mace and Tristis.

"My snoring finally getting to you?" Mace joked and Cheandra gave a slight smile.

"Yeah, something like that." She agreed, she wanted to keep Shari's moving in as a surprise until she turned up. She was relieved to notice that Ryker seemed satisfied with the sandwich he had, she was getting tired of having to be on the defensive all the time.

"We got another job on tomorrow." Zack said still excited.

Cheandra glanced towards Ryker for confirmation, he was watching her with the shuttered look she was coming to know and hate.

"Zack you done so well today you can run the delivery tomorrow as well." Ryker announced.

Cheandra stopped wiping the table to look at Ryker, just the look in his eyes told her he was waiting for her to say something to him, taking a deep breath she smiled coldly.

"So I guess that leaves me free to go out by myself tonight." She said tightly.

"No. We are all going over tomorrows ride, we have to do all the planning tonight." Ryker informed her.

Cheandra turned away and checked on the food in the oven, even though she knew it didn't need watching or tending, she slammed the oven door before turning and walking from the room.

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