tagSci-Fi & FantasyRacers Ch. 08

Racers Ch. 08


Cheandra followed Brayton to a more private area of the bar, she was aware of two of his team members following them and knew that Brayton wouldn't send them away if she asked him to.

"Let's see how serious you are about joining my team." Brayton said as he turned around and faced Cheandra.

Cheandra smiled as she walked up to him and slid her hands up over his chest to rest on top of his shoulders.

"The question is how bad do you want me back with the team?" Cheandra asked before leaning close and kissing him on the lips softly.

Brayton groaned against her mouth and pulled her hard against him as he kissed her hungrily, he moved one hand down to cup her bottom and pull her hard against his arousal.

Cheandra wound her arms around his neck as he reached down with both hands and picked her up and let her clasp her legs around his waist.

Brayton moved a few steps so that he could hold Cheandra between his body and the wall. He raised his head to look down at her and she smiled up at him. He allowed her to slide down his body slowly to stand on her own two feet before moving back slightly to start pulling at the front of her jacket.

Remembering he had no patience when undressing her she pushed his hands aside and unfastened her jacket and top before pushing him away slightly.

"I'll take my pants off, but you got to be quick, I ain't putting on a display for anyone." Cheandra warned him.

"I'll take my time." Brayton said as he watched her pull off her boots and drop her jeans. He stepped forward and reached out to run his hands up her ribs to cup her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger before pinching them lightly then lowering his head to take one nipple in his mouth.

"You want my ass?" Cheandra asked softly.

Brayton raised his head to look at her, he enjoyed anal sex but it was one thing she had not let him indulge in very often while they were together.

"Turn around." He ordered gruffly as he released her.

Cheandra kicked her jeans aside as she turned around to face the wall and braced her hands on the wall. She held still as Brayton slid his hands around her waist then up her body to cup her breasts as he moved closer to her. He trailed his lips down the side of her neck and nibbled at the top of her shoulder before moving his attention back up to just below her ear.

He moved one hand down over her stomach to trail his fingers over her woman's mound and between her moist folds. His fingers found her wet slit and played in the moisture there causing her to gasp and jerk before he found her clit and began to stroke it.

Cheandra groaned as she pushed her hips back against him, he laughed softly and withdrew his hand from between her thighs. She felt his hand brush her ass cheeks as he unfastened his jeans.

Brayton grasped Cheandra by the hips and urged her to step back several steps before pushing between her shoulder blades so that she bent forward at the waist. He reached between her thighs from behind and guided his hard cock into her slick passage.

Cheandra gasped with surprised pleasure as he thrust into her slowly working his way deeper and deeper until he was entering the full length of his cock before retreating to advance again. She groaned in frustration and pushed back against him as he withdrew completely and he laughed softly near her ear.

"And I always thought you weren't keen on taking it up the ass." Brayton said just before he thrust hard against the rosebud of her arsehole.

"Fuck you!" Cheandra squealed as he buried himself in her back passage to his balls.

Brayton wrapped his arms firmly around her waist and held her against him as she gasped and tried to pull away from his cruel invasion.

"Take it easy!" Cheandra protested as he began moving before her body could become accustomed to him.

"Always did like fucking your arse." Brayton grunted as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

Cheandra hung her head as she braced herself against the wall; the pain of his entry was starting to turn to pleasure as she managed to relax her inner muscles.

Brayton released his hold of one hip to slip his hand down under her stomach and down to her moist folds. His fingers the hard little nub that was her clit and he stroked it knowing she would need help to orgasm with him in her arse.

Cheandra ground back against his hips as his fingers played in the moisture between her thighs, she groaned in disappointment when he withdrew his hand and grasped her hips hard as he began pounding into her frantically. She felt him stiffen then she felt the hot rush of his release deep in her bowels.

Slowly Brayton withdrew from Cheandra's back passage, he staggered several steps away before leaning against a small table and tucking his deflated cock back into his pants.

Cheandra straightened up and looked around for her clothes as she began to do her top and jacket up. She quickly pulled her jeans and boots on before heading to the toilet to empty the pressure from her bowels. When she came back out Brayton was waiting nearby and she followed him back out to the bar where she gingerly resumed her seat.

Cheandra glanced around the room and noted the number of riders that were there, she was well aware that the news that she had been with Brayton would most likely precede her back to the house. She was not surprised to see Chevron, Shad and Clover sitting at the table with Fargo and Drac.

"More drinks!" Brayton called happily to the waitress before resting one arm across the back of Cheandras shoulders.

"We might have to start a second team." Brayton said with a grin as he looked at his team members.

Cheandra noticed that one of the women was careful not to look at her as they sat at the table and when the drinks arrived. Clearly she was the current Racer for the team.

"Looks like a celebration." Chevron remarked as he stopped by the table.

"Just a former team getting together for the day." Cheandra said as she glanced towards him.

Brayton watched Cheandra and Chevron with interest, he recognised the look in Cheandra's eyes as she looked away from Chevron.

"So your hedging your bets are you?" Brayton asked with a glance towards Chevron.

Cheandra met Brayton's eyes calmly but said nothing for a few long moments. "Call it what you will. I'm looking for the best deal for me." She told him coolly.

"That's fine by me." Brayton said. He thought that Cheandra had come to him because she still felt the old feelings she had for him when they had been in the same team.

"Come and have a drink with us." Chevron invited her.

Cheandra shrugged Brayton's arm off her shoulders and got to her feet, Brayton slid an arm around her waist and pulled her close to kiss her neck and grope her breasts before he let her go.

Chevron led the way to the table where his team members sat without saying a word. He took his seat and watched as Cheandra settled herself on a stool beside him somewhat gingerly.

"Does this mean you found a team you would rather join?" Chevron asked.

Cheandra didn't answer him as she watched Drac staring into his drink without looking at her.

"It means I will not be forced to do something I do not want to do." Cheandra finally said as she turned her head to look at Chevron.

* * * * *

It was nearly noon when Dion and Niah hurried into the bar. Niah glanced around then headed straight over to where Chevron, Cheandra, Shad, Clover, Fargo and Drac sat.

"The Crescent Moon team hit your team during the run today. Your stand in has been hurt real bad." Niah rushed to say.

Cheandra jumped from the stool sending it flying as she raced for the door without a word to anyone. Outside she climbed onto her bike and started it without bothering with her helmet and gloves, she sped away from the bar before Chevron reached the door as he followed her.

Cheandra made the journey back to her home compound in fast time. There were already several of the team's bikes as well as a flat bed truck out the front of the house as she pulled up. Cheandra brought the bike to a halt, stopped it and got off in one smooth movement.

"Where's Zack?" Cheandra demanded as she raced into the main room where Tristis and Burtie were standing uneasily.

Tristis glanced towards the room that Zack used as his bedroom and Cheandra hurried towards it. She paused in the doorway as she saw Ryker and Mace working on Zack as he lay on the bed without moving.

Mace paused to look over his shoulder to see who it was in the doorway.

"How bad is it?" Cheandra demanded as she moved into the room and to the bedside.

"His right leg is real bad, maybe some broken ribs and what else we're not sure yet." Mace said

"His head?" Cheandra asked as she began looking closely at him.

"His helmet saved his head." Ryker said and looked at her. "I need help setting his leg and I want you to check his ribs as well."

All of the team members had been trained for first aid and taking care of any injuries that a fellow rider might sustain.

Gently Cheandra began to run her hands over his ribs through his shirt, she grimaced as she found five broken ribs before she turned her attention to his collarbone.

"His arms and shoulders are fine, it's his leg and side where that lout Greig smashed into him with his bike." Ryker spat angrily.

"He's the one who hit me the other day." Cheandra said as she ran her hands lightly down Zack's injured leg and he groaned even though he was unconscious. Realising how badly the leg was broken she glanced up at Ryker to find he was watching her levelly. He glanced at Zack's pale face without a word.

They worked silently for nearly ten minutes before they were satisfied with the leg and the job they had done setting it. Ryker helped remove Zacks soiled clothes so that Cheandra could start to wash him with warm water that Mace bought in.

Ryker and Mace left the room silently as Cheandra set about her task. She was careful not to bump his leg or touch his broken ribs firmly. When she was satisfied that he was as clean as she could get him she packed dry towels around his groin and covered him with a blanket taking care to use a chair to prevent the blanket resting on his broken leg.

Cheandra carried the basin of dirty water out to the bathroom and tipped it down the drain before rinsing the basin out, she then headed through the house looking for the others. She found them in the kitchen where they were eating roughly made sandwiches and drinking cold water.

"Zack will need someone with him at all times until I'm sure he's okay." Cheandra said as she reached for a sandwich. "And I want the town healer to come take a look at him."

"That will cost credits and Zack doesn't have a lot of credits." Ryker interjected.

"I'll pay for it if necessary. I don't want to see him with a lame leg." Cheandra snapped.

"Chevron was here earlier. I sent him away." Ryker told her.

Cheandra turned towards him outraged. "Who are you to send my visitors away from my house?" She demanded.

"Your team leader." Ryker replied flatly with an irritated look on his face. "And it has got back to me that not only are you keeping company with him but that you were also seen today with your old lover. Is there anything going on I should be aware of?" He asked in an ominously quiet voice.

"Nothing that concerns you." Cheandra said turning away from him.

"I am the leader of this team, anything anyone of you do concerns me!" Ryker snapped.

Cheandra refused to respond to his reply and Ryker watched her angrily.

"Zack is injured, we have just lost the first package in several years and you're going to start defying me?" Ryker demanded angrily.

"I refuse to be bossed around in my house by any male!" Cheandra snapped back at him.

Ryker came around the table and Cheandra backed away several steps deciding that she didn't want a physical confrontation with him.

"If your thinking of lining up another team you can forget it. You are a part of this team and that is the way it stays." Ryker ordered.

"First you don't want me on the team and then you're saying I get to stay?" Cheandra asked with disbelief.

"Maybe someone should make sure you got no reason to stray." Ryker said as he walked towards her.

Cheandra hurried to put the table between them when she noticed that the others were between her and the doorway and were taking far too much interest in what was happening for her liking.

"What no-one here to your liking?" Ryker asked as he followed her around the table.

Cheandra went to keeping circling the table but Tristis and Burtie moved closer to the table and she turned to face Ryker considering him the bigger threat.

Ryker grinned as he saw Cheandra's reaction, clearly she considered him the only one able to boss her around. He continued towards her and watched as she backed towards the wall only to stop still several paces away from it, clearly she wasn't going to let him corner her with no place to go.

Cheandra watched Ryker stop several paces away from her with a tingle of excitement. She knew he planned to use an old method of having to start sleeping with her to try to stop her interest in men from other teams. Scolding herself that she should have known this would happen she watched him as he began to move towards her once again.

"Time you learnt who is really boss." Ryker told her as he ran his eyes over her body.

"All it will mean is your stronger than I am." Cheandra said as he stopped when he was nearly touching her.

"I will not go into the comps with my team in tatters." Ryker said before lowering his head towards her.

Cheandra trembled as she wondered if she should allow him the intimacy of resting his cheek against hers but then the choice was out of her control as he began nuzzling the side of her neck. She felt his hands rest lightly on her hips and she stepped closer hesitantly as she raised her hands to rest against his chest. His hands slid around to cup her bottom and pull her against the hard ridge of his arousal.

"Did Brayton have you today?" Ryker asked softly as he continued to nuzzle against the side of her neck gently.

Cheandra didn't answer his question and after a few minutes of exploring her neck with his lips and tongue he nibbled on her ear lobe.

"You can tell me, I won't be angry." Ryker coaxed softly against her ear as she shuddered from his touch.

"I let him fuck my arse." Cheandra answered quietly.

Ryker rewarded her response by turning his head and kissing the corner of her mouth lightly, liking the feel of his lips she turned her head and brushed her lips against his.

Cheandra became aware of his hands massaging her arse as he pulled her against his hips rhythmically. She slid her hand up his chest and onto his shoulders allowing him to do as he liked with her.

Ryker turned her around in his arms so that her back was against his chest as he raised his hands to cup her breasts through her clothing. He could feel her nipples bead into hard little nubs against his palms as he massaged her breasts gently. Ryker lowered his head to trail his lips down the side of her neck and grinned to himself as he felt her shudder against him. He lowered one hand to undo the fastening of her jeans and began to ease them down off her hips slowly. His hand encountered the bare flesh of her hip and he slid his hand across her stomach just above her woman's mound.

Cheandra gasped and reached down to push her jeans completely off her hips and then she shook her legs one at a time to work the jeans down her legs.

Ryker moved his hands down her body slowly, taking time to caress her hips and thighs as he worked his way down to her boots. He felt one of her hands clutch his shoulder as he lifted one of her feet to ease her boot off before turning his attention to her other boot.

"No need to hurry is there." Ryker said softly against her neck as he resumed caressing her breasts.

Cheandra didn't reply but moved towards the table to brace her hands on a chair as she leant forward pushing her hips back towards him.

Getting the hint Ryker unfastened his jeans, freed his erection and moved into position behind her. He reached down and guided himself between her spread thighs to glide between her slick folds without actually entering her.

Cheandra gasped and began to move with him as he thrust backwards and forwards across her clit and slick entrance teasing her. Her body was still half aroused from Brayton's efforts earlier and in no time she was squirming and pushing back against him hard; wanting him to enter her.

Ryker reached around her hip and under her stomach to flick her clit with his fingertips, she gasped and then made a soft sound of complaint as he continued to tease her.

Cheandra pulled away from him and turned to face him but Ryker merely chuckled and forced her to turn around so she was facing away from him once again. When Ryker went to resume thrusting between her moist folds she pulled away and Ryker laughed before grasping her hips tightly and entering her in one quick thrust.

"That's it!" Cheandra groaned with pleasure as she pushed back against his hips.

"Lean forward more." Ryker ordered with a grunt as he pushed on the small of her back gently.

Cheandra leant forward using the table to steady herself as Ryker continued to thrust into her strongly. She felt a grip on her wrists and glanced up to see Burtie and Tristis grasping her wrists, suddenly she found herself sprawled forward across the table and she felt Ryker's hold on her hips tighten as he continued to thrust into her. She felt her climax start to build low in her stomach and tighten into a coil that sent tendrils of pleasure upwards to her breasts as well as down towards her pussy where Ryker's cock continued to pound into her.

"I'm nearly there!" Cheandra warned him then gasped as her orgasm rose through her in a swell of sensation.

"Hold her!" Ryker commanded when Cheandra tried to pull away from him as she felt his cock start to swell inside her.

Cheandra fought against the hold of all three men as she realised what was happening, then it was too late as she felt the warm wet flow of Ryker's release deep inside her.

"You rotten bastard!" Cheandra yelled as she continued to struggle but she was unable to escape their hold. Finally she stopped struggling as the futility of her situation sunk into her mind. Ryker had very cunningly tricked her into letting him fuck her so he could ensure her continued presence in the team by claiming her as a mate. She felt him close his mouth on the side of her neck and felt him sucking at her skin to leave his mark on her.

Ryker wrapped his arms around Cheandra's waist as he made a love bite on her neck to proclaim her as his. When Tristis and Burtie released their hold of her wrists she straightened up and attempted to pull away from him but Ryker had a firm grasp on her. He continued to hold her until he felt his limp member slip from her body. She had ceased fighting his hold and he released her to move away quickly.

Cheandra turned around to face him angrily. She grabbed the nearest item, a cloth and threw it at him before grabbing her jeans and stalking from the room.

Ryker followed her to her own room and walked boldly into the room after her.

"Get out of my room!" Cheandra yelled as she turned around to face him.

Ryker ignored her as he walked up to her and caught her in his arms, she fought him briefly but soon stopped when she realised there was no way she could break his hold on her.

"Calm down now. We're going to have a rest." Ryker told her as he guided her to the side of the bed.

"Let me go!" Cheandra ordered and resumed her struggles.

Ryker released her only to toss her onto the bed and climb on beside her. He caught her when she tried to get off the bed and pinned her beneath his body. He nudged his hips against hers as he felt himself begin to harden again; he was surprised that so little time had passed since he had planted his seed in her body.

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