Author's note: This is a fantasy. Well, so far... My thanks to the young woman who inspired it.


The train was late. Sandy fidgeted nervously before the announcement board, impatient in his lust. He reached Platform 15 as the train sighed to a halt, searching faces. Then she was before him, breathless and trepidatious. Maybe scared. But that was as it should be. He grabbed her roughly, pulled her into a harsh kiss. No love, just lust, and their mutual needs. His fingers slipped under her slutskirt, found wet cunt:

- Good girl. Did you have fun on the train?

A whimper:

- Sorry master, I couldn't find anyone to fuck. Just flashed a couple of guys.

- Aye weel Rachael, you'll be punished for that. You had your instructions.


In the taxi she was shaking as she fastened her collar. He locked it, reached into her top to maul her tits. God she was perfect, his new slavegirl. Soaking cunt, fear and lust in her eyes. He fumbled the driver a twenty, attached the leash to her collar, and dragged her into his home:

- Lose your clothes.

Her eyes fell. He took photographs whilst she stripped, his cock rising as her young body was revealed. He'd had her once before, just for a weekend, under very different circumstances. This time there was no cause for equivocation on his part: she was his to do with as he wished. She wanted that; had travelled three hundred miles to get it. And in using and abusing her without restraint, he knew he'd be punishing the lover who had recently abandoned him. God he was turned on that a woman so young was his slave. But there was a problem:

- I told you to get waxed slavegirl.

A whimper. Tears. She shivered:

- Sorry master. I... I couldn't get time off from work.

- Uhuh. So two infractions; no wax and no fuck on the train. You need serious punishment, slave. But first, your cunt must be naked.

He grabbed the leash and yanked her into the bathroom. Pointed to his electric beard-trimmer and wet-shave gear:

- Get on with it.

She sat on the edge of the bath and switched on the trimmer. He watched engrossed, taking photographs as she applied it above and over her cunt. The brown silky hair fell away. Soon all was reduced to stubble, notably damp around her labia and below. She turned off the machine, glanced shyly at him:

- Is that better master?

He moved to her, stroked her wetness, kissed her mouth gently:

- A good start slut. Now the wet-shave. Here, let me help you.

He filled the basin with steaming water, put razor and brush in it to heat, and removed the cap from his shaving-stick:

- All yours slut. Want me to soap you?

She nodded. She'd never used a shaving brush before. He knelt to inhale and lick her wet cunt before he started. Tangy and dirty, completely unlike the sweet fruitiness of his former lover. He liked it. Licked more. Was tempted to continue as she began to moan, but resisted. For now. He brushed a rich lather all over the stubble, gave her the razor:

- Completely naked for master.

She stroked inexpertly till his frustration required him to intervene:

- Your master needs to do that.

Within minutes she was shaved, rinsed, and baby-smooth. He was unable to resist, knelt to suckle her tangy sex:

- Jesus girlslave, this is beautiful.

- It's yours master. Your cunt, to use as you wish. You own it, I promised you.

- Open your legs wide, I need to examine it.

He peered and licked, then slapped it hard:

- I know you need to be used. You will have your needs fulfilled. And you'll get your first proper orgasm, I promise you. Now, bedroom.

During the previous scene they'd shared, she had said she'd never had a full orgasm. With anyone, in any way. He'd been frustrated that he hadn't been able to give her one then. Was determined that this time he would.

She stood in his room, her young body trembling. Delicious small tits with puffy nipples, quite unlike the proud hard ones of his former lover. He shivered at the memory. But this girl was his now:

- What does master want?

- Slave has earned punishment for her infractions. On the bed, on your back.

- Yes master.

God she was so deliciously biddable. His cock jerked as she lay on the bed, legs spread, cunt glistening with need, waiting to be secured. He stripped quickly, padlocked the cuffs on her wrists to the headboard:

- Lift your legs. Ankles beside your hands.

Her cunt and arse gaped invitingly. Fuck he was going to enjoy her. Use and abuse her, but in doing so pleasure her. Fingers trembling with excitement, he secured her ankles to the bedhead. She was all his. She wanted this as much as he did. She was bright and intelligent, though he knew her life was troubled. He might want to help her in other ways if he could, but for now all he could give her was the abuse and sex she craved.

He knelt between her spread thighs, smelling her delicious need. Licked there, cunt and anus. But before he fucked her, she needed pain.

Opening his intricately-carved Chinese chest, he selected the flogger and nipple-clamps ordered specially for this girl. Both were too evil to have been used on his former lover; but he'd discussed them with Rachael, shown her them online, and she'd been eager to try them.

The flogger had steel tips to the falls. The clamps were crocodile clips. He moved to the bed with them. Applied a clamp to a puffy nipple. She screamed, so loudly that he considered gagging her. He had neighbours:

- Too much? Want the other one slave?

She gasped, tears running down her face. God he loved that...

- I'm collared for you master. I haven't called my safeword.

- Jesus you're gorgeous...

He was panting as, watching her writhe in agony, he applied the other clamp. His prick had never been so hard. He showed her the cruel flogger:

- Want this too slave?

She flinched through her tears:

- As master requires. Slave has earned it.

He ran the steel tips across her face. Over the soles of her feet; down the backs of her splayed legs. Dangled it over her cunt so the tips just feathered her. She squirmed in anticipation. Sandy was trembling with excitement. He raised his arm and the device flailed her gaping vulva. Not too hard the first time.

- More?

She nodded.

The next time wasn't play. She shrieked as the cruel tips assaulted her nerve-endings. He heard no safeword. Started beating her seriously, but knew his excitement was getting out of order. Nearly beyond his careful self-control. Had to stop... His cock was dripping. Needing to spend in her. He ate her first, relishing this sharp new taste, and slid into her inflamed cunt:

- This what my slave needs?

- Ohgod master yes. Take your Rachael. And master?

- Aye?

- That was wickedly good. I'm so close...

Unbelievably beautiful. He fucked her with care at first, ensuring that his cockhead struck her gspot on every thrust. Fingered her clit, watched as she squirmed and moaned, knew she was rising. Wanted her to achieve orgasm, his strange needy girl. But he couldn't hold out much longer as he took this sexgirl forty years younger than him... such a tight cunt...

She tensed. Convulsed and screamed, her eyes rolling up. And his spunk surged in her. Jesus, what a gorgeous fuckslave.

He sank on her groaning form, sweat pouring from both of them. Licked her everywhere he could:

- That was so beautiful Rachael. Thank you.

She smiled shyly at him:

- You made me cum master. For the first time in my life, you made me orgasm. Please, undo the cuffs. I need to hug you.

Tenderly, he unfastened her. She moaned as he removed the clamps and sucked her inflamed nipples. She hugged him tight, and he licked and kissed all over her face:

- God that was wonderful, my sexgirl. A most beautiful scene. And the fuck... your cunt is heaven. Thank you for allowing me bareback.

- That was the best scene I've ever enjoyed master. And to think, we've several days together now... your girl wants everything you wish to do to her.

- You'll get it all, sexgirl. But before we get dinner, I think you need leather.

- God I want that. But please master, can I pee first?

- Only if I watch.

- Oh, I remember last time, you made me pee in front of you. I'd never done that before. It... um... it was exciting. And humiliating.

- Come to the toilet. You don't know what humiliation is yet.

He grabbed her hair and dragged her to the room, clutching his camera.

- Crouch over it, seat up. I need to see and photograph everything.

She crouched. Her face was anguish:

- Please master, I need to but I just can't...

He moved closer, kissed her mouth as he stroked her inflamed cunt, teasing the clit, easing his finger between her swollen folds, rubbing the urethra:

- Piss for master, slave. Piss now...

There was a trickle on his fingers. He put his hand to her mouth so that she could lick it off. Then the camera clicked as the urine gushed from her. The most delightful humiliation shone on her anguished face.

- Now stay there slut. Master needs to piss too.

Camera still in hand, he crouched close to her, kissed her mouth, and pointed his cock at her cunt. This was new for her; last time she'd begged him not to do it. This time there was no protest. The camera clicked as his yellow liquid sprayed her sex. He wiped her dry and instructed her to suck the last dribbles from his cock.

- Good girl. Now back to bed. Hands and knees. You need leathered for failing to seduce anyone on the train.

God he knew how much she needed pain. Relished the heavy belt as he hefted it:

- Just leather slave, or the buckle too?

- A... as master wishes.

Fuck. She'd get it then. He started with the leather, edging it as he swung so it bit hard into her presented arse. When she was glowing and marked, he knelt behind her. Her cunt was streaming. He lapped the sexfluid, pulled her arsecheeks wide, and licked into her anus. He'd have that later... But she'd asked for buckle, and she would get it.

He swung only twice. Drew blood on the second strike.

Left her whimpering on the bed, donned his dressing gown, and went to fix dinner. Called to her half an hour later when all was ready:

- Come and get it. Use the red dressing gown on the back of the door. No other clothes.


The dinner was simple: grilled salmon steaks, boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli, fresh tomatoes. A bottle of fresh light French white.

She ate hungrily:

- I didn't know you could cook master?

- Nothing fancy, but I've learned to look after myself.

Once they were done, he ordered her:

- Master cooked. Slave washes up.

- Yes master.

She'd just finished, was drying her hands, when he moved into the kitchen behind her. Reached round into the dressing gown for her cunt. Good and wet:

- Come here slave.

He dragged her into the living room, fingers hooked in her vagina:

- You told me you've never squirted, girl.

- No master, I don't think so.

- You'd know if you had. That means you haven't. Let's see now...

He took her into his arms, kissing her with a passion that surprised her. Tweaked and played with her nipples, then drew the clamps from his pocket and applied them. Not the vicious ones: this pair had soft covers where they bit her buds. But they still hurt: her tits were recovering from their previous encounter.

She gasped into his kiss. His hand went to her cunt again: drenched. God he loved how she got off on pain. His fingers curled into her, found the spongy patch. She groaned in his mouth as he began rubbing:

- Master's going to make slave squirt.

Her arms wound round his neck, mouth against his, slack with desire. As the rubbing intensified, she began to tremble, her cunt squirming in need against his busy hand:

- Yes master. Slave so wants that.

- Just let go my little whore. It'll feel like you need to pee, just let go, let it happen...

She shuddered against him:

- Ohfuckohfuckohfuck...

Her entire being convulsed, and his hand and wrist were soaked. He knelt and drank the last few squirts, then carefully wiped the rest of the liquid with the dressing gown she wore. And removed it:

- Now bend over the table. Master's going to have his slave's arse.

She obeyed, smelling he flowers he'd bought for her arrival. She didn't much enjoy it in her arse, but she had collared herself. He didn't go to the bedroom for lube, fetched olive oil from the kitchen instead. God her arse was beautiful, bruised and blooded, young and inexperienced. He'd never before needed to fuck as he did at that moment:

- Pull your cheeks wide for master.

She complied, trembling. The fact that she didn't like it in her arse made it more exciting for him. He thrust his dripping cock in her. Oh jesus, so tight, so exhilarating. This was all for him, and he used her hard, didn't give a fuck about her this time. Reached to pull and maul her tits as he fucked her... knew he wouldn't last long. Balls tightening, ohfuck, the terrible beauty was born... and he filled her with spunk. Delicious pure dirtyfuck. She was a delight. When eventually his prick softened and withdrew, there was shit on it:

- Up slave. On your knees. Clean your master.

He stroked her face tenderly as she took his limp cock in her mouth.

Before they went to bed he ordered her to remove the chain his former lover had fastened round his neck two years previously.


There was much to do the next day. He'd promised to buy her clothes for promotional photos for her website. There would be social fun afterwards.

She was scantily clad, so he slipped a light raincoat over her form before they left the flat. It gave him satisfaction to parade her through his city, collared and leashed. He bought her clothes. But he was really looking forward to the shoe shop. She wore a short slut-skirt, thigh-highs, and no panties. No bra under her translucent top. It was hard to find a shop with male attendants, but eventually they managed. She was scared witless, and had to be dragged in.

- Can I help you?

The attendant was about forty, reasonably good-looking, with the unctuous manner of salespersons everywhere. He was even rubbing his hands. His brows rose when he noted the collar and leash.

- These black boots in the window. Do you have them in her size?

- I'm sure we do sir. Perhaps I should measure you madame? Please take a seat here.

She sighed with relief, removed the coat, and sat. At least it was in a corner, and didn't face the window.

The man brought the measuring device and knelt before her:

- If you could just raise your left foot madame, please?

She remembered her master's instructions and parted her legs a little. Raised her left foot. The assistant concentrated on the measuring device. Eventually raised his head to look at her. His eyes widened in surprise. Excitement coursed through her and she flooded. He must have seen it. Fuck, she could smell herself.

He was a professional; he'd seen it before. His recovery was instant:

- Thank you. Now the right please, madame.

She parted her legs wider. Fiddled at her collar, and unfastened the top buttons of her blouse. She leaned forward, close to the assistant's ear. Whispered:

- Sorry, I'm a bit deaf. What did you say?

The man's head was reeling. This was beyond his training or experience:

- Err, your right one now, please madame...

She leaned closer:

- My right what?

- Um, foot, madame. Please.

Rachael sat back and placed her right foot on the measuring device. God she was enjoying this poor man's discomfiture. The tops of her thigh-highs were soaked.

Master touched her wet cunt whilst the man left to search for the boots:

- Is slave enjoying herself?

- I was terrified at first master. But now, yes, you know I'm very excited.

- I'll tell him to cop a feel then...

The assistant returned, smiling nervously, and knelt before her:

- I think you'll find these are the right size madame.

- Please put them on for me? My back's sore.

Her legs parted as the assistant began to slip the first boot on. She raised the leg so he could access the zip at the back. Her pungent aroma filled the air and her cunt gaped before his eyes.

Sandy leaned down to the man:

- Like what you see?

The assistant's voice was hoarse:

- Fuck. Err, sorry sir. Aye, of course I do...

- Want to feel and taste?

- Shit. Is the Pope a Catholic?

- Go ahead then.

The man looked nervously at Rachael.

- You don't need to ask her. I own her. I give you permission to touch and taste what you can see.

The assistant zipped the boot up. Nervously looked round, then at Sandy, a question in his eyes.

- Go ahead. Slide your fingers up her thigh. She wants it. She wants you to touch her cunt. You can see and smell how wet it is.

The hand was shaking. It moved slowly up the thigh. Rachael quivered in excitement, and the movement of hand and thigh stimulated her further:

- Go on. Touch me. Touch my cunt.

The assistant's palpitating fingernail caught in her thigh-high, and a slutty rip appeared.

- For fuck's sake, touch me. Get me off.

His hand moved up the last few inches of fleshy thigh quickly, slithering on her juice. She moaned as he reached her sex:

- Slide them in. Get me off.

He knew what he was doing. Twisted his hand so it was palm-up to her sex, and his two middle fingers entered her. Sandy tweaked her nipples through her blouse and she wailed softly:

- I need it hard man. Wank me hard. Thumb on my clit.

Sandy watched in fascination when Rachael's hips rose from the seat, her face a grimace of sexual anguish as the assistant grunted to serve her. But she couldn't cum, and the man sat back, defeated. Sandy kissed her mouth:

- You did well, slave. Thank you.


They ate in a wee Lebanese restaurant in the West End. Sandy was ebullient; Rachael a bit subdued after her experience in the shoe shop. The restaurant staff had looked askance as they entered; they'd only ever previously seen him with his ex-partner. But both the service and the food were, as always, impeccable. Once they'd finished and paid, he stroked her sex-sticky thigh under the table:

- If we find someone suitable, do you want your DP, slave?

She shivered, looked down. Then up in his eyes, a glow there he hadn't seen before:

- I... I think so master. I'd like... to know what it feels like to have two cocks in me. Yes. Please.

He smiled, delighted at the final assurance in her voice. He and his ex-partner had discussed MFM threesomes at length, had three times tried and failed to arrange one. It was an experience he'd wanted for years, and with this biddable new slave he knew he'd have it. He drew her from the restaurant and hailed a cab.

The munch was in an elevated corner of the pub as usual, not in a private room. None of the attendees were friends, just acquaintances, and he'd fucked none of the subs. He'd removed Rachael's leash, but not her collar, before they entered: it was etiquette not to be too overt here. He introduced her round, noting which of the doms seemed interested in her. Left her to her own devices and chatted to a couple of subs he fancied, whilst watching who was talking to her. One of the subs was very friendly. Strange how women sometimes appeared more interested in an attached than a single man.

Rachael had been chatting to Gavin for some time. Sandy liked the guy: he was reserved and intelligent, unlike some of the self-important fools who style themselves doms. He made a date with the sub for the following week, and joined Rachael. He sent her to the bar to order drinks:

- Hi Gavin. D'ye like her?

- She's a bit quiet, but she's in a strange city I suppose. Aye, she's nice.

- Fancy her?

- Oh fuck aye, she's red hot. She's been flashing me; I could smell her.

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