Rachael's Workout


Hello Love. Next scenario, this one takes place with you being tied up on the bed with a blindfold on.

You have been this way for about a couple of hours now. I have been going down on you and making you go down on me 'cause I'm wearing the strap.' Then I start fucking you up the ass only for a minute or so before I pull out and leave the room. This happens between you and me for a while. I come back in and tell you it's time to eat... but I just tighten the strap and make you go down on the strap again. You take it into your mouth again and can taste some cum on the tip of it. I pull out of your mouth and you feel a hard, rock hard cock being shoved into your mouth. He shoves it deeply into your mouth and starts to fuck you in the mouth. He pulls out, and a second guy shoves his hard cock into your mouth for a second or so. As he pulls out I take off your blindfold and you see guys surrounding you jerking off right in front of your mouth. You try to lick guys but your tongue can't reach their hard cocks.

One of the guys straddles your chest and teases you with his hard cock. Tracing the pre-cum across your lips. Every guy takes his turn doing that. Finally when all six guys have teased you, by jerking off in front of you, they all stick their hard cocks up to your mouth. I lean over and tell you to open up wide because you're going to take it all at once. Just about that time, all of the guys start coming into your mouth at the same time. I'm telling you to swallow it all- slut, don't lose a drop of that hot sticky cum. As the guys finish I untie you and tell you to walk (on your hands and knees) to guy #1 and suck him until he is hard again. You do as I tell you. You take his hard cock into your mouth sucking and licking on it. As you get him hard, I make him go behind you and fuck you up the ass and tell guys 2 and 3 to come in front of you so you can suck on them both and get them

hard at the same time. You take guy #2 in your mouth and suck him for a while then start sucking hard on guy #3. Their hard cocks feel so good in your mouth. Guy #1 is starting to cum inside of you. # 2 and 3 start to cum, but I pull them back and have them cum in a bowl. Having you sit back guy #4 and 5 are 69ing in front of you as I watch. I go down on you and suck on you, teasing and licking you. Guy #1 starts to go down on me. Guy #2 goes down on guy #1, #3 on #2, 4 on 3,5 on 4, and guy #6 is now in front of you. He is so big and so damn hard. He grabs you by the head and makes you go down on him. After a few minutes everyone switches positions, as each guy is ready to cum he gets up and shoves his cock into your mouth just to cum deeply down your throat.

After relaxing for a few minutes those guys get up and leave. Five minutes later there is a knock at the door and I go answer it. I lead five more guys in making you stand up on your hands and knees the five guys take you over and over up the ass. They don't cum inside you, but I hold out a bowl and have them cum inside the bowl again. Then I go over to guy #1 and begin to suck him hard again, I do that to all five guys and have them fuck you up the ass again. Coming in the bowl each time. Finally after 3 rounds of this, I let you suck on them. I tell you to take each guy slowly into your mouth and lick it, taste it and gently suck on him. Make him hard, but not too fast. Enjoy that hot, hard cock in your mouth. By the time you get to the 3rd guy, you have started to suck harder and faster, but I make him pull out to make you slow down.

After you slowly suck each guy to have him cum in your mouth. You watch as each guy takes their time with me, sucking on my breasts, going down on me and finally fucking me. I have one guy in my mouth, one fucking me in my pussy, one up my ass, one is licking me as I am getting fucked and the last one is making me suck him off too. They all take turns and they have all fucked me and cum on the outside of my pussy. Now you are to clean up all their mess. As you do so, some guy starts to fuck you hard up the ass and he is replaced by another and so on. This goes on for sometime. Because they are not coming inside of you, they wait until you are done cleaning me and then they shove their hard throbbing cocks into your mouth and release their hot cum inside of your mouth.

By this time we are all tired and go to bed. Well the guys sleep but get up and leave an hour or so later. You and I sleep for 2 or 3 hours. I wake you up and make you go into the living room with me. Pouring a big tall glass of 'cum' I pop some popcorn and put in a video. The video is the whole night of you and I with 11 guys. We watch that as you drink up all the leftover cum.

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