'What do you think then?' Chloe asked, breaking the reverie that had descended upon the room.

'My God it's good,' Rachel whispered in reply, biting her lip.

'I told you,' Chloe replied. 'If I'm honest, when Adam massages my feet it really turns me on...' The last sentence was allowed to hang in the air. I looked over to where she sat and saw her eyes were filled with the same lust and passion as they were on the night of the previous incident. She had pressed a cushion against her crotch and was pushing it down with her hands. 'Don't look at me,' she spoke, 'look at Rachel's feet. Focus on your job.' I did as I was told, too into the moment to consider what I was doing. My cock throbbed in my jeans and I felt precum ooze out and soak into the material of my boxer shorts.

When I massaged each of her little toes in turn, Rachel actually moaned softly; the toes of her left foot curled into the shag of the carpet and gripped tight. Oh how I wanted to suck on those toes; to run my tongue in between them, up and down her sole; to wrap them around my thick, throbbing cock.

Nobody spoke for a long time and I continued my massage in silence, eventually and grudgingly putting her right foot down, but quickly starting on the left. I stole the occasional glance over towards my girlfriend. She was sitting, face flushed, eyes heavily lidded, intently watching as I massaged her best friend's feet. It was clear she was aroused; in fact it was clear that all three people in the room were aroused, the question was how far was this going to go? Her right hand had disappeared underneath the cushion on her lap and I wondered if she was touching herself. I couldn't find out though, because her eyes told me to look back towards Rachel's feet and continue my massage.

The hand that Rachel had used to keep her modesty covered was eventually abandoned to rest beside her on the sofa. The longer the massage went on, the more she relaxed and allowed her legs to part. I caught the occasional glimpse of the top of her thigh and it drove me wild. I needed to know if she was wearing underwear. Feeling naughty I began to gradually shift her left foot apart from its partner, making it seem almost imperceptible, but it had the desired effect. Slowly but surely her legs began to part, allowing me to see more and more. My cock was like iron in my jeans now and I thought that if I did actually catch a glimpse of her pussy I could actually cum there and then. Rachel was possibly feeling the same at this point; her face was deeply flushed and her breathing was deep and often came out as moans. Still she had not opened her eyes once, but she continued to nervously bite her bottom lip.

I was almost there; the top of her thigh came into view as a constant, no longer just the occasional flash. In the next few moments I would be treated to a glimpse of that wonderful, hairy pussy. I swallowed hard, my mouth was dry. My massage had dwindled to gently stroking my fingertips up and down the top of her feet; I had almost forgotten that my girlfriend was sat in the room, probably masturbating as she watched me with her best friend.

Suddenly the phone in the room went off; causing all three of us to jump. Rachel's legs clamped shut and her eyes flew open. I dropped her foot like it was an iron and I glanced over at Chloe just in time to see her hastily pull her hand from under the cushion. I looked at Chloe with my eyebrows raised momentarily before reaching for the phone.

'Hi, is Mick there?' Came the voice of an elderly female.

'No, sorry, I think you might have the wrong number.'

'Oh... okay,' came the reply and a click as the phone was hung up.

There was a long, awkward silence as I hung up the phone.

'I think I should probably be getting off soon.' Rachel spoke after a moment, breaking the silence and refusing to meet mine or Chloe's eyes.

'I'm err... I'm going to go carry on playing my game.' I said as I stood up.

'Ummm... thank you for that,' Rachel mumbled as I walked to the door.

'Yeah' I replied just as awkwardly, 'no problems Rach. See you soon.'

My mind was abuzz as I returned to the room; I sat there dumbfounded in front of the X-box, unable to fully comprehend the sequence of events that had happened downstairs. What game was Chloe playing here? What might have happened if that phone had not gone off? Had she been masturbating on the armchair?

I heard the front door opening and closing a short while later and the distant sound of a car pulling away; I assumed that Rachel had called a taxi. I decided to try and avoid any awkward conversations with Chloe by climbing straight into bed before she came up. Not long after that I heard the bedroom door opening and the sound of Chloe moving around the room, taking her dressing gown off. I pretended to be asleep.

'I know you're awake,' she whispered as she slid under the covers. I didn't reply. 'I cannot believe that you did that down there,' she whispered as she pressed her naked body up against my back, her tits mashing up against me. Still dumbfounded by events I kept up the pretence of sleeping. God knows what I would have even said. I had no idea what was happening here. Luckily I heard Chloe's phone buzzing to life next to the bed before she could say anything else. 'Hey Rachel,' I heard her say. What now? I thought, but I was intrigued none the less. I think Chloe knew that I would be too, as she put her friend on loudspeaker in the bedroom.

'Chloe...' came the hesitant sound of Rachel's voice through the speaker, '... what happened tonight?'

'What do you mean what happened?'

'... Well... you know... with Adam and everything?' I could tell how uncomfortable Rachel felt about this and was relieved that I wasn't the only one feeling awkward in this situation.

Chloe, on the other hand, sounded natural, playful even in her reply. 'What, you mean the foot massage?'

'Well, yes... and the rest.'

'I couldn't possibly know what you mean.' Chloe said as she grabbed hold of my side and began to roll me onto my back. Still I kept up the pretence of sleep and so had to just roll with her pull. I was perfectly aware that she knew full well I was awake, but I think that just made her enjoy the situation even more.

'Are you with Adam right now?'

'Yes, but he's fast asleep. Don't worry sweetie, we can talk.'

'Well...' she hesitated, 'the whole thing seemed kind of... intimate.'

'Foot massages are Rach,' Chloe whispered. I felt tremors of excitement ripple through my body as a delicate finger tip trailed the length of my penis. 'Did you enjoy it?'


'It's okay Rachel. I told him to do it.'

'Well that's just it Chloe... why?'

'I don't really know,' came Chloe's reply as she continued to gently stimulate my cock, which was growing through her ministrations, '...but I liked it.'

'You liked what?'

'I liked watching.' My cock throbbed under her touch and my heart pounded in my chest. There followed an interminable silence, where the only sounds were mine and Chloe's breathing and the distant breathing of Rachel on the other end of the line.

'...I liked it too,' came the admission. Chloe gripped my cock in her hand as she heard her friend's words on the other end of the line.

'I noticed. I know Adam noticed too.' She began to slowly work her hand up and down my cock as she spoke to her friend. I felt the covers move as she worked her free hand under the duvet too. Was she touching herself now? 'He's got a foot fetish you know.'

'What do you mean?' Rachel's voice came out as a strained whisper.

'He gets turned on by feet.' I heard a soft gasp on the other end of the line. 'I know for a fact that when he was massaging your feet he would have been so turned on... his cock would have been hard.'

'Chloe...' Rachel whispered, 'you've got to stop.'

'Why?' She asked, her body squirming slightly beside mine, 'I thought you liked it?'

'...I do... but...'

'Forget about the buts... you're my best friend; I've always thought you were stunning. I see no problem that my boyfriend shares the same opinion.'

'So, what's going to happen now then?'

'Who knows?' Chloe's hand was rubbing harder now at the base of my cock, manipulating my balls and sending shivers up and down my spine. 'What do you want to happen?'

'I don't know,' Rachel whispered.

'Do you want him to give you another massage?'

'Oh God, I don't know,' came the reply, she sounded flustered, breathless, '...maybe.'

'Did it turn you on?'

'...yes.' She whispered.

'Are you turned on now, thinking about it?'

'...Oh fuck,' she moaned, softly.

'Are you?'

'Mmmm.' She gasped, 'I can't help it.'

'It's okay, I'm turned on too.' She replied, her hand busily working on her own pussy while she continued to wank me off. I had begun to thrust unconsciously at her hand now, more or less abandoning the whole, pretending to be asleep, approach. 'Next time you come round, I'll get him to give you another massage. He likes to do what he's told. Who knows, if the phone doesn't ring, maybe we can take it a little further.'

'Like how?' She asked between shallow breaths. Was Rachel masturbating now on the other end of the line? Her laboured breathing would certainly suggest so.

'Any way you like sweetie.'

'What does Adam think about all of this?'

'He thinks what he's told to think dear. He's already admitted to me that he wants to fuck you.' I heard a soft moan from the other end of the line as Chloe told her best friend my dirty little secret. I was loving it; thrusting my cock into Chloe's hand, now wet with precum, her hand slid easily up and down the length. 'He's got a nice big cock you know.'

'...Chloe...' came a hoarse whisper from Rachel.

'I bet you'd like to suck it wouldn't you?' Chloe spoke now in harsh whispers; her own climax impending. I could hear the wet sound of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she masturbated. 'I want to watch you suck on my boyfriend's cock Rachel,'

'Ohhh, fuck,' came Rachel's moan as she climaxed on the other end of the line.

'Mmmmmnnnnnh,' Chloe moaned as she tipped herself over the edge, slamming her pussy to orgasm; 'I want to watch him fuck yoouuuuuuuuuuu!' She wailed. I came, hard, my cock spasmed in her grip as I shot my bolt; my eyes flew open but all I saw were stars as I rode the powerful orgasm. I couldn't help but grunt as I came, possibly giving the game away to Rachel, who still thought I was sleeping; but I think we were all three a bit too far down the line for that to even matter now.

'Come round tomorrow evening Rach.' Chloe spoke softly as she came down from her orgasm; 'sleep tight honey.' With that, she hung up the phone.

'Better get some sleep big boy,' she whispered to me in the dark; 'you've got a big night ahead of you.'

Chapter 3

Chloe was gone when I woke up; which suited me just fine. She had left a note pinned to the fridge which simply said 'gone to town, be back later. X'. No mention of what had happened the previous night, or the fact that she had invited Rachel to come round to the house that evening for another foot massage and God only knows what else. My mind was a whirlwind of emotions and I found that the whole day passed in some kind of blur. I knew that I had showered, eaten breakfast and lunch, but the rest of the day drifted by whilst my mind dwelt on what the night may bring. I still couldn't believe that my girlfriend was the one orchestrating the whole scenario; it was like every male's fantasy come true and I was incredibly turned on by the prospect, but still found it difficult to grasp exactly what was happening.

Chloe returned at around 6 o'clock and found me in the bedroom, playing games. 'Hey you' she said as she came into the room.

'Hey,' I replied pausing my game.

'You looking forward to tonight?'

'Chloe...' I began, not knowing exactly what I was even going to say.

'Look... before you start with the questions,' she said as she climbed onto the bed and took my hand, 'just feel this.' She guided my hands up her soft, smooth thighs, under her skirt to her freshly shaven mound, pantie-less and dripping wet. I slid my middle finger deep inside of her, causing her to moan softly. 'Feel how wet I am,' she whispered. 'Don't question anything... I can't explain what's going on any better than you can; but all I know is that the thought of what might happen tonight just drives me fucking wild.' As she spoke she was grinding herself onto my extended digit, I curled it back at the tip in order to stimulate her g-spot. 'So just go with the flow, okay?' she said as she looked me in the eye.

'Okay,' I whispered, cock throbbing in my pants. She chewed her lip, staring at my crotch as she rode my finger, her breath coming quick and shallow.

'Rachel will be here soon,' she said, through harried gasps, 'I'd better go shower and change ready.' She paused to let out a deep, low moan, orgasm fast approaching. 'You stay up here for a while; I'll shout you when we're ready.' She began to furiously rub at her clit while riding my finger, quickly bringing herself to a shuddering climax, her pussy juices oozing from within, slicking my hands and soaking into the bed sheets. Her orgasm over, she slid from the bed and left the bedroom without another word; leaving me with a throbbing cock and the stench of sex thick in the air.

I lay on the bed, heart thumping in anticipation as I heard Chloe in the room next door, showering and changing. Before long she was back out and I heard her going downstairs and sorting the room out, preparing for the arrival of her friend. I tried to focus my attention on the computer game I was playing, but found I was unable to focus on anything for any length of time. At some point I heard the front door open and muffled voices confirmed to me that Rachel had arrived. My heart had still not stopped pounding in my chest and her arrival only made things worse. I swallowed hard about ten minutes later when I heard my name being called from downstairs. Shakily I stood to my feet and checked myself in the mirror, noticing how wide my eyes were with nerves. I puffed out my cheeks and raised my eyebrows at my reflection, questioning what the fuck was going to happen tonight, before descending the stairs to where I knew that Chloe and Rachel were waiting for me.

'Hey Rach,' I smiled at her as I entered the room, straight away taking in her bare feet and her mid length plaid skirt. She looked as nervous as I felt and gave me a timid smile in greeting.

'Me and Rachel were talking about the massage that you gave her last night Adam.' Chloe said as I entered, she was sat on the same armchair that she had been previously, with Rachel on the adjacent sofa.

'Okay,' I replied. Chloe was obviously keeping up the pretence that all three of us were oblivious as to what was really happening here. I suppose it was less awkward than saying out loud what we all knew was coming.

'It didn't seem quite finished due to that silly phone call, so we thought that maybe you could finish it for us tonight?' I looked over to Rachel who was staring at her nails, face flushed with embarrassment, but she offered no words in protest. Chloe held up a bottle of something in my hands and proffered it in my direction. 'I even bought this massage oil today to make it an even more enjoyable experience. What do you say? Are you going to finish massaging her feet for me?'

I swallowed hard before replying with a nod and stepping forward and kneeling at Rachel's feet. She still refused to meet my eyes, but put her right foot out in my direction. My cock quickly began to swell as I took the massage oil from Chloe and poured some into my hand, warming it and inhaling the rich, fruity smell as it diffused into the room. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves I reached out and took her dainty little foot with my slippery hands, feeling again how warm and smooth it was in my grip. Rachel let out a soft gasp in appreciation of my touch and I felt her relax on the sofa slightly as I resumed my ministrations on her near perfect feet; never taking my eyes from them as I first slicked up her right and, a few minutes later her left, working the massage oil expertly into every square inch. Her long, elegant toes were painted in the same hot pink as they had been the previous night and I made sure to pay loving attention to each one in turn, massaging the oil in and spending far longer than necessary delicately rubbing and stroking each one; my cock throbbing in my jeans with lust and the desire to take her toes to my mouth and suck on them.

Rachel moaned and gasped in appreciation of my massage and the room grew thick and hot with our mutual arousal. I didn't look up from my task once, so was oblivious to anything else going on in the room, but after a while I became aware of Chloe's shallow breathing to my left. Was she touching herself as she watched me massage her friend? The possibility spurred me on to massage even deeper, really working my fingers into Rachel's sole; she too was breathing heavily and I finally broke my trance to look up to her face. She stared back down at me, her face flushed with her arousal; lips parted as she watched me at work. Knowing now that we had crossed to many bridges to turn back I stared at her chest; she was wearing a tight, soft pink blouse and I could see the bumps of her nipples as they strained against her bra.

'The oil is edible...' came Chloe's voice from beside me. I looked over to my girlfriend, realising that she was bra-less underneath the flimsy summer dress she wore, the shape of her nipples clearly visible against the tight fabric. A cushion covered her lap and her hand underneath it; but I was pretty sure that she was doing something down there due to the deep flush in her cheeks and her ragged breathing. 'Do you want him to suck your toes Rachel?' she asked her friend, who squirmed in her chair and could only chew her bottom lip in response. 'I think that means yes Adam.'

I took her right foot and raised it slowly to my lips, swallowing hard and staring at her delectable looking big toe as it edged closer and closer to my waiting lips. Still unable to get my head around what was happening here I puckered my lips and gently kissed the tip of her delicate big toe, causing my cock to throb in my pants. The warm, fruity taste immediately hit me, and I opened my lips to slide Rachel's toe into my warm, wet mouth.

'Oh,' she gasped as my lips formed a vacuum around her tootsie and she felt me begin to suck and lick the tasty massage oil. I looked up and made eye contact with her as I began to devour her feet, my head spinning with lust and my cock aching with desire.

'How does that feel?' Chloe asked her friend in between shallow breaths.

'Good,' Rachel whispered in response, eyes closed in rapture as she lay back to receive her worship.

'Does it turn you on?'

'...yes,' she replied eventually, followed by a long, low moan, as if the actual act of admitting her pleasure had allowed her to experience it on another level. I, meanwhile, continued my worship of her perfect feet, massaging her soles as I devoured each of those dainty little piggies in turn, running my tongue all around, sucking and kissing with reckless abandon. We fell into a silence for a while, the only sounds in the room were the girls' heavy breathing and the slurps and wet kisses of my mouth on my girlfriend's best friend's feet.

'Enough,' Chloe said eventually from beside me. 'Stand up now Adam.' I did as I was bid, now completely beyond stopping myself, not that any part of me wanted to. I realised that my cock was painfully obvious, creating a tent-pole in my jeans as I stood, but I didn't care; I wanted Rachel to see how much her feet had turned me on. I barely even hesitated when Chloe told me to strip off. Within moments I found myself standing nude in my front room, proudly displaying my swollen member, whose head was purple and engorged with blood, pre-cum oozed from the tip.

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