It seems pretentious to apologise but I will. Sorry to those of you waiting for Kate and Miranda (is there anybody?) but this story has been buzzing around my head for a long while. Just to explain, I have stories in my head – ideas if you like – and am prompted to write when I see a woman who fits my idea of the heroine. Well I spotted a potential 'Rachel' last year whilst on holiday. Incidentally, there are some pictures of a beautiful English actress of the 1960's named Janet Munro on line. One, rather revealing (for the time anyway) in black and white, is somewhat how I imagine Rachel to be. As an aside, my output will decrease considerably from now as opportunities to write are harder to come by but I do intend to finish those ongoing stories – it might just take a little longer.

This is pretty much the same as all the others, sex and love – mind you the latter is longer coming this time. The sex is my standard fare although there is mention of severe gang rapes in the story but they are NOT, repeat NOT, described in detail. They are there because they are part of the story and I want to stress that I abhor treating women like that and I in no way condone, support, or suggest such behaviour but I am adult enough to know that, in the real world (particularly and specifically the worlds that this story touches upon), such things do happen. In this story the perpetrators are punished rather harshly!

I try to make the people who have the sex interesting so that the reader can, I don't know, have an appreciation of why they behave as they do. Anyway, in this story I've tried to develop different people with different stories. Although it is long – novella length (bloody hell, not again you say) - it does FINISH. There is a fair bit of character development, and there is, of course, anal sex.

There are chapter headings to help navigate. The sex is fairly straightforward so I haven't indicated what is included. If you don't like anal you should see it coming!! Bear in mind however, that it is something of a focus so is discussed quite a bit.

Do please read, enjoy, comment, and mark – especially comment!!!. I realise that not everyone will like this story and the length may put some people off but I hope you persevere. If you don't like it after you've read it and intend to give a low mark (or indeed a high one!), please tell me why – hopefully, in the former case, using language that would be acceptable in mixed company! I'm always happy to discuss comments although I am less forgiving in responses when it is obvious that the comments come from someone who has not read this introduction. One thing – length! It's the way I write and you have been warned so please don't complain.

I apologise for the long intro but I thought it right that I explain myself. Thank you for your forbearance.

The usual proviso apply: This is for adult reading only and the characters are totally fictitious and not based on any living person. This story is copyright to me and should not be altered or displayed in any other manner without my approval.


1. Introduction: No sex.

2. The first visit: Oral/Straight.

3. Interim: No sex.

4. The First Weekend: Oral (both)/Straight (LOTS!).

5. Interim - Mike's history:

5.1: Mike and his 'family': No sex.

5.2: Lucy (Luce): Brief sex.

5.3: Luce introduces Mike to 'proper' anal sex Oral/Straight/Anal.

5.4: How we leave the Army: Gang rape here (NOT DESCRIBED) and some violence.

6. The weekend continues: Oral/Straight.

7. Saturday afternoon with Luce!: Oral/straight/Hard/Anal.

8. Short Interim: No sex.

9. Kidnap and release: No explicit sex/Violence.

10. Rachel is recovered: No sex.

11. Rachel comes home: No sex.

12. Things Move on: No sex.

13. Together again at last: Oral/Straight/Anal.

14. Epilogue: No sex.

* * * * *


I first saw Rachel on the internet. OK, I admit it, I was searching for a 'hostess'. An 'escort' or, if you want to put it precisely, a visiting prostitute (or, at this stage, a lady to visit). I was single, in my early 40's and got my sex this way – it was easier than using the long way and I had much more selection. Expensive mind but enjoyable and I could afford it. I had my pick of women of all types, all ages, all shapes and who always would to do anything I wanted: not that I'm that demanding, nothing really kinky. I just like the female arse and having sex that way. So this was good for me. I always knew that the woman was willing because it's all arranged beforehand.

Yes cold I know, no emotion, but just then I didn't need emotion, just sex.

So why Rachel, particularly when her site made it clear that she DIDN'T do 'A levels' (internet slang in the UK for anal sex). Well, frankly she was bloody gorgeous – well to me anyway.

Her web site put her age at 24 but I suspect she was a year or two older. In my experience of women from the eastern Mediterranean area, they tend to look a bit younger than they are. Not that it mattered but it seemed that she might have been in the business for a while.

As I intimated, she had an olive complexion and facial characteristics that placed her somewhere around the eastern Med. Now this is particularly exciting for me because I lost my virginity to a similar lady many years ago and I've never forgotten it. Most of my working life had been spent in that part of the world and in the Middle East so I was fond of women of that appearance.

She wore her almost black hair short, page-boy I think it's called, not quite neck length, and it framed her face, covering part of her forehead in that provocative manner. It set off her wonderfully dark eyes (a deep brown I later discovered) and her arching eyebrows. Her eyes were set wide apart above fairly high cheekbones and her nose was strong and straight.

Her mouth? Well, her mouth promised heaven. Wide with rich, dark red lips and a glorious smile displaying perfect white teeth. A strong chin finished a face which couldn't be called beautiful but, well to me anyway, was sensuous in the extreme.

I suppose she could have been Jewish (Rachel?) but you didn't find many Jewish girls on the game! Greek perhaps, Turkish, possibly even Arabian. It was impossible to say but, boy, did she push all my buttons.

Her prices were pretty average for what she offered and I was intrigued. There was a phone number on her web site so I phoned straight away. The voice that answered was rich and throaty with a slight accent that I put somewhere around northern Greece or Macedonia.

"Hi," I said, "I'd like to book a couple of hours with you."

There was a smile in her voice as she replied, "Yes, when? I am quite busy." Well, to be honest, I'd never spoken to an 'escort' who wasn't 'quite busy' so that didn't surprise me.

"When are you free? I'm easy on time."

"Thursday afternoon?"

Monday now so that was OK by me – anticipation adds spice to the dish! "OK. How about 3 o'clock?"

She agreed and told me where she worked – a smart address in Bayswater, a part of London just west of the main shopping area which is known as the 'West End'. It turned out that she worked from home. Nice I think because it feels more 'normal'.

2.The first visit:

I took a cab arriving just before 3 and rang the bell. She had an apartment in one of the older houses in that area. Her voice asked who it was and I gave her my name and the password she'd given me. That was unusual but not a problem.

Upstairs to her apartment and a soft knock on the door which opened and revealed a goddess. OK, I exaggerate but to me she was. She stood above average height, say 5' 9" (she was barefoot) and the reality of her face exceeded the sensuousness of the photographs. I'm 6' 2" so she had to look up at my face and she certainly knew how to use those devastating eyes.

"Hello, you must be Mike?"

"Mmm, and you must be Rachel?" She laughed – rich, deep, and full of fun.

"How did you guess?" she asked playfully then, turning, invited me in. She was dressed, or rather undressed, in a dressing gown: white and loosely tied by the waist in a manner that clearly indicated she was naked underneath. She certainly filled the gown in all the appropriate places!

It's usual in these arrangements to sort out the cash straight away and I'd come prepared with the £300 needed. This was quickly dealt with in a fairly laid back manner which went quite well. Being conscious of cleanliness, particularly as all of the women I visited (or who visited me) insisted on it, I'd showered etc before leaving home. In my experience, escorts are pretty quick judges of the men they 'service' and I always hoped to make a good impression. Luce had taught me that women appreciate a man who has taken some trouble so I always did.

"You are tall," she said as the formalities were completed and she'd led me into the bedroom, "and very handsome." Well, yes! I thought. Rugged I may be, manly – possibly, but handsome: never. The two inch scar running from eyebrow to cheek over my left eye prevented that and the slightly crooked nose didn't help either but I took the compliment as it was meant – playfully and as an ice-breaker. I don't have a problem with all this. I come to these women because they are available and attractive but there was something about Rachel that made me less sure of my response so it was, perhaps, a bit limp (unlike my cock which had definitely decided that Rachel needed fucking!).

"And you," I said with a smile, "are very lovely and a pretty good liar as well." She pouted and, let me tell you, with that mouth she could pout!

"OK," she laughed, "rugged." Then she stepped back and loosed the belt round the dressing gown. Smiling, she said, "I don't show all of me on my site, will I do?" Her mood was playful – I like that in a woman.

FUCK – would she? I don't think you could call Rachel 'delicate'. She's full bodied, not fat, not tubby. All the flesh was in the appropriate places. I suppose 34/35B/C – I'm not a very good judge. Not enormous but I'm not that fond of big tits. Lovely tummy showing a slight rise before dipping into the dark hair of her pussy. Not shaven (good) but trimmed and tidy (good). Her hips were a delight: full and sweeping. I longed to see her bottom even though I knew I couldn't have her there – well not yet anyway but there was always hope!

Reaching up I eased the gown from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her shoulders sloped in that lovely feminine way and I could see now that her waist, although not narrow, was in perfect proportion to the rest of he gorgeous body. "Turn round," I said throatily. There was no doubt that she was certainly pressing all my buttons. I suspect some men might not find her as attractive as I did but, to me, she was pretty hot! She smiled and turned.


Now, since Luce had inducted me properly into the joys of the female bottom and anal sex, I have been a devout arse man. I prefer sex there, although I'm certainly not averse to any kind of sex with a lovely woman, and all of them are in some way lovely, but I do like cumming deep in a fulsome bottom.

Rachel had an arse to die for! As I said, her hips were wide and they supported the magnificently full cheeks of her bottom atop shapely thighs. The cleft between, with just the suggestion of her anus above the rear of her sex, was enticing and intensely erotic. She was one of those women who have a fairly wide space between her legs – very sexy I think and now, as she now bent slowly forward, I could clearly see the delightful crease of her vagina. Fucking her doggy would be a delight and that arse – well I could dream!

She turned back, surprised I suppose, by my silence. Coming close she whispered, "Don't you like what you've paid for?"

I smiled and, holding her shoulders (her skin was soft, silky, warm to the touch – heaven), bent and kissed her softly on the mouth. She did kiss, I'd sorted that out on the phone. I like to sort these things out beforehand so I know where I'm going.

"Oh yes, I like it very much."

"Good," she said with a smile as she began to undo my shirt, "I am quite impressed." She was good, no doubt of that. Her hands were soft and gentle as she removed my shirt and caressed my chest and back. Her head bent forward and she licked my nipples, giving them a tender bite – nice. She stroked my body for a while then, sitting back on the large double bed, began to undo my slacks. They quickly disappeared, as did my socks, and she was faced with my, very erect, cock trying to break out of my pants. I'm just a bit bigger than average, about 7½ inches on a good day (and today was a very good day!). Not that fat and circumcised.

She looked up at me through her eyelashes, "Mmm, seems you're quite interested," she said smiling. Her hands began to play with my cock through the cloth, one gently masturbating it the other cupping my balls; giving them a gentle squeeze and seeming to weigh them.

"Full?" Another sexy smile. She certainly knew how to play this game using all her assets to their best ability. Mouth and eyes seemed to beg for my cock and it was all I could do to hold on as she continued to stroke cock and balls.

"Bloody full. Perhaps you'd better do something about that?"

She smiled, rolled down my pants, and wanked my cock gently. "What?"


I knew she didn't do oral without a condom so wasn't surprised when she reached over to the bowl of condoms beside the bed. Now this is not perfect. Having your cock sucked with an overcoat on it is nothing like as good as without but, in some cases, it's the only way that the girl will do it. I was struck by Rachel, she was really working me up, so I didn't mind. I've found, also, that the girls who only do oral with a condom are very, very good at cocksucking. I suppose they have to be. Rachel was no exception.

She quickly opened the pack and slipped the condom on. That in itself was pretty exciting: she had a knack! Opening her mouth she moved her head over my cock, bending it slightly down level with her mouth. All the while her eyes gazed into mine – something I find particularly exciting (as do most men I suppose).

Holding the condom tight at the bottom with one hand she covered my cock with her delightful lips, bringing them together gripping the head. Her other hand gently masturbated me, feeding just a tiny bit into her mouth with each stroke. I could feel her teeth scraping tenderly along my cock through the thin membrane of the protection. Then she sucked, and sucked hard, pulling three-quarters of my cock into her mouth until I could feel the top of her throat.

'Christ,' I thought, 'surely she's not going to swallow my cock?' Well she didn't – well not that time anyway. She just held me there for a moment and then began to move her head back and forth along the my length. Her tongue worked strongly in her mouth and I could feel it lapping my erection through the membrane of the condom. All the while her eyes stared into mine and her hand wanked my cock. Now out of her mouth and her tongue went to work on the head. Oh heck she was good and I longed to feel her mouth and tongue without the benefit of 'clothing' but it wasn't to be – then anyway.

After a while of this (how I held out I don't know but I wanted to prolong this first cum for as long as I could) back into her mouth and more sucking until, finally, it was too much and I let go. It had been some while since I'd seen Luce or any other woman so the first couple of pulses were pretty strong and she must have felt the condom fill rapidly but she kept on wanking and sucking. Not quite the same with the 'rubber' in the way but pleasant. No, bloody good!

It was such a good cum that my knees went just a bit wobbly so I pulled away and sank sideways to the bed, laying flat. "Bloody hell," I said breathlessly, "that was good!"

She knelt over me, "Good. You have a nice cock – and lots of cum!"

I smiled, "Been a long time. Now, how about I return the favour?" I said raising my eyebrows. Well, I knew she would – that was on her web site as well!

She eased the condom off my, only slightly softer, cock then reached for a tissue to tidy me up. Then, looking down into my eyes, said throatily, "Yes, yes please."

I needed no further encouragement as I sat up and held her mouth to mine before gently laying her back on the bed. God she was lovely laying there and I knew I was going to enjoy exploring her body. In my early days I never made love like this. It was always my pleasure centred around my cock and blasting away in whatever female orifice I found myself. I seldom, if ever, thought of their pleasure. I suppose that, doing what I did for those years, I didn't have time to form the sort of relationship with another woman that may have caused me to change my approach.

Luce changed that. She taught me the ways to pleasure a woman and that, if my partner enjoyed what was happening, it was likely that I would get more enjoyment. She was right! Since those early days of being with Luce I had grown up sexually and now always tried to give my partners pleasure, even the escorts. Indeed, with them, it was almost something of a challenge. Mind you, unless they squirted or got very wet, it was difficult to tell if I was successful. It seems to me that this is one area where almost all women are superb actresses!

Looking down at Rachel I saw everything I desired in a woman. I'm not fond of the modern 'idea' of beauty. The shapeless planks that pass for beautiful women nowadays can't hold a candle to the women I admired in my youth. Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and the like were 'women'. Curvaceous and, as we used to say then, built for comfort not for speed!

Well Rachel offered this. Although her breasts weren't large they were proportionate on her shapely form and the sloping, very feminine, shoulders seemed to enhance their 'womanly' nature. So I started there! Gently stroking at first, watching her eyes all the time. Windows to the soul someone called them – windows to arousal certainly! I steadily increased the pressure of my caresses finally gently tweaking the fairly large, and very dark, nipples before bending my head and sucking, licking, and biting one then the other. This seemed to please Rachel as she began to lick her lips and roll her eyes. I knew she would accept digital play so I moved my hand down to cover her cunt, gently stroking my middle finger across her moist wetness. This provoked a soft groan from Rachel so I assumed I was on the right track!

Luce tells me that women don't really appreciate being forcibly entered by fingers, much preferring a gentle stroking before the insertion so now I played this game with Rachel. As I continued lick, kiss, and bite her tits my fingers fluttered over her cunt, teasing but not entering. After a while she began to push her pussy on to my hand and I knew it was time to move on. My cock was pretty hard again by now and I knew that I was going to fuck her pretty soon after eating her out.

I moved my head down across the slight rise of her stomach then down to her pleasure palace. She was fairly wet and I hoped she was enjoying all this – I was! I began by biting all around her opening and gently pulling her hair with my teeth. My hands continued to stroke the tops of her legs and inside her thighs. I noticed how soft her skin was and covered in a delicate down.

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