tagLesbian SexRachel, Jennifer, & Leila

Rachel, Jennifer, & Leila


For many years, Rachel Jennifer and Leila had known each other. They had always lived quite close and had met through work. They had all started at the same company at around the same time but with three very different positions in adjacent departments. They saw each other daily, made idle chatter, and were great friends. They watched each other over the years as their marriages both blossomed and failed. Now here they were, all three in their late 20's, divorced and childless, living in empty houses in suburbia.

Rachel, being the strongest of the group suddenly approached the other two one day with a brilliant idea. She wanted to sell two of their houses, move in together as roommates, and open their own business together working out of the house. Since the houses were more than paid for by the divorce settlement and the monthly alimony checks rolling in sustained their lifestyle whether the business succeeded or failed the other two girls were more than interested.

They discussed the idea over lunch at the local Italian restaurant. It was quite common that they ate lunch together but something was different about Leila today. Jennifer was the first to notice it, even before Leila did. It seemed like she was staring more intently at Rachel, watching her lips work over the noodles of her pasta, watching her tongue snake out to caress the sauce off of her red lips. Jennifer shot Leila a confused glance forcing her to snap out of whatever trance she was in and Leila's mood seemed to improve after that.

All three of them were fairly thin, of course not immune to the effects of slight aging, but were definitely all above 8's in any guy's book. Rachel was a brunette with a long curly mane, Jennifer a blonde who preferred pony tails, and Leila had light brown hair that just framed her head. They were all close enough to know that Rachel and Leila were 34C whereas Jennifer was a 36D. It didn't take them long to make the preparations and to begin moving into the largest house, Rachel's.

Life was uneventful for a few weeks as everything was unpacked and cleaned and rearranged. Their new business had really taken off at the outset but they were all intelligent college-educated women so that was no surprise to them. It was one Saturday evening they were toasting their success with the most expensive champagne that they could find, giddy and very unrestrained.

"Who needs men!?" Leila giggled as she sipped at her glass. Both Jennifer and Rachel knew she had consumed too much for her small frame.

"Calm down, sweetie, slow it down a bit." Rachel tried to curb Leila's drinking but she was not having it.

"Bitch I can drink if I want!" Anger flared in Leila's eyes for just a moment. "And if I needed someone to tell me what and what not to do I never would have fucking got divorced!"

Crying, Leila dashed off to her room and slammed the door, locking it behind her. Rachel felt like a mother who had just scolded her daughter and sent her to her room but it was a very strange thing. Jennifer had become so intent on watching the confrontation that she didn't even notice one of her shoulder straps had fallen down her arm making a little bit of her chest visible. Rachel stood slowly and didn't waiver from the alcohol. "Hun, your tits are showing." She said to Jennifer.

"So you're going to start in on me now?" Jennifer said jokingly. "Oh well, we're all girls here." And with that, Jennifer pulled her shirt and bra up over her head letting her large tits bounce free. In plain sight they were a beautiful thing, large round nipples cresting round mounds of gorgeous smooth flesh. Jennifer leaned back to stretch accentuating the showing-off of her tits and making Rachel's eyes bulge from the exposure. She had never thought of Jennifer like this before but with the way she was acting anyone would have said the same thing.

"God you're gorgeous Jen…" Rachel choked out the words, still fixated.

"What these?" Jennifer grabbed her luscious breasts and heaved them up to let them fall again. "This was all I got for Christmas two years ago. You've never seen them this close, have you? Feel free to take a good look!"

"Wow, they're implants? I've never felt fake ones before. Can you tell the difference?"

"Its kind of hard to explain." Just then, the half naked Jennifer got a naughty little idea. "You can touch them if you want, that's the only way to tell."

Rachel was shocked by Jennifer's bold offer but there was no way she was going to back down. She reached out a slender hand to cup the nearer breast and felt the hard nipple against her palm. She immediately felt a growing wetness between her thighs which both frightened and excited her. He had experimented a little bit with girls in college but that was almost ten years ago. She had learned that it felt right to have a cock inside her per the natural order of things. She had hardly even masturbated in the months between her divorce and now and had only one sexual partner who turned out to be just another premature ejaculator.

Jennifer noticed that Rachel was getting into rubbing her tits and began thinking similar thoughts. She had fucked girls before, quite recently, but never considered that possibly Rachel would like to enjoy her as well. She wasn't modest at all when it came to sex. She knew she had always been the best cocksucker around and did her best to be the best pussy eater around. By no means a slut, she had just perfected a few techniques which happened to drive both sexes wild. She used to think of herself as Bisexual but after her divorce she swore off men for at least a year. She turned more toward Rachel and allowed her full access to both breasts which Rachel immediately accepted, cupping one in each hand.

Rachel was content to rub and pinch Jennifer's breasts but Jennifer was dying for more. She leaned in toward Rachel and for a moment she was scared that Jennifer might try to kiss her but then she became excited about the possibility. But Jennifer turned to whisper something into her ear while she pressed her breasts against Rachel's hands.

"Are you getting hot Rachel?" A nod.

"Are you getting wet?" An emphatic nod.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" At that Rachel moaned and sought Jennifer's mouth for a kiss. They kissed as though they had done it for years. When their lips met it seemed that sparks flew all over the room and in fact a huge thunderburst had exploded outside the windows to signal the storm that had been coming. They didn't even pause to give it attention as they devoured each other's tongues. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't even notice Leila had come back out of her room and was now standing, mouth open, watching her two beautiful friends locked in a lesbian kiss.

Being the first to be divorced, Leila had not made love in quite a long time. She had fantasized numerous times about Rachel and Jennifer and even both of them together just like what was happening in front of her. She leaned back against the doorjam of the hallway and lifted her small skirt up to insert a finger into her pussy. She had instantly began to drip wetness when one of her hottest fantasies began right in front of her eyes.

Lightning flashed and another roar of thunder was heard. Then suddenly the lights went out and they were in the dark. Illuminated by a window, Rachel and Jennifer continue to kiss, caressing each other's breasts until Rachel volunteered her top and bra. Jennifer proceeded to devour Rachel's nipples with her tongue having a tremendous effect on the brunette. Rachel moaned long and deep with pleasure, sending shockwaves through Leila's pussy. Leila plunged two fingers deep into herself and had to bite her lower lip so that she didn't cry out. She didn't want to interrupt the show that was going on in the middle of the floor.

Jennifer, focused on Rachel though she was, did detect another presence in the room. When Rachel wasn't moaning a few times Jennifer had heard a familiar sound of wetness being stroked and knew Leila was fingering her pussy. She had almost fucked Leila once; Leila had called her on the phone one time while she was masturbating a 9" vibrator deep into herself and watching a lesbian porn flick. Thinking it was one of her current "girlfriends" she answered the phone in a very sexy tone and even moaned a few times before the voice on the other end choked out a "Hello."

Jennifer's relationship had changed with Leila that night, Leila started trying to do everything she could to make Jennifer happy. Well it was time for her to take it a step further. She gave Rachel's breasts a final lick and then picked her head up and looked right in Leila's direction, grinning from ear to ear.

"Leila!" She exclaimed, unsurprised that the petite woman was leaning against the wall and fingering herself like mad. "Go in my room and get my shoebox from under my bed then get back in here and eat my pussy!!"

Rachel was shocked to hear those words, especially to realize that Leila had been watching them. Poor, innocent Leila who had married her sweetheart from High School. Rachel wondered at what was in the shoebox but snapped quickly back to reality as Jennifer tugged on her jeans to get them off. Rachel almost tore her own underwear off as she knew what was coming next. She spread her legs wide and felt Jennifer's hot mouth plant itself against her dripping pussy. Rachel began pinching her own nipples as the hot blonde licked her clitoris up and down, back and forth. The little nub had been screaming for attention and after the previous treatment Rachel was ready to climax.

Leila retrieved the box as requested and arrived back in the room just in time to see Rachel back arch and hear her scream in ecstasy as she came on Jennifer's invading tongue. Leila was so hot already that she nearly leapt across the floor to join Jennifer in devouring Rachel's pussy juices. She licked and sucked on Rachel's upturned cunt then turned to lick and suck the juices off of Jennifer's lips and tongue. It was heaven, she proclaimed. Licking one friend's pussy juices off of another friend's face was indeed an exquisite pleasure.

Leila and Jennifer moved up Rachel's body and kissed their way up from her stomach to her chest then to her mouth where they shared a very sexy 3-way kiss. Their tongues fought each other and their hands were groping for breasts and nipples, mostly settling on Jennifer's lovely ones. Leila and Rachel were of one mind when they pushed Jennifer onto her back and took a nipple in each of their mouths. Jennifer moaned as she saw her two best friends devouring her hard nipples, her pussy getting even wetter. Rachel felt down and touched Jennifer's shaved pussy feeling that it was completely bald. Rachel hadn't trimmed her own bush in a short while but seriously gave thought to making it bald like Jennifer's sexy cunt.

Leila's hand also traced down Jennifer's body and met Rachel's. Turning a knowing eye to each other, they each inserted a finger into Jennifer's pussy sending rockets of pleasure up the blonde's spine. To have her tits sucked by her two gorgeous friends and one of each of their fingers inside her hot love tunnel was driving her crazy. Their fingers slid in and out, sometimes alternating, sometimes together, spreading the wetness of Jennifer's pussy all over her lips and their hands. Jennifer caught them both off guard when she suddenly moaned and said, "I need a cock in me, NOW!!!"

It took a moment to realize what she had meant but Leila tore open the box and pulled out a couple of smaller anal vibrators, one large strap-on dildo, and a long double dildo that her eyes widened to see. This was what she wanted. She slid one end into her mouth to coat it with saliva then slowly began inserting it into Jennifer's steaming hole. Slowly in deep it went into six inches of cock was sticking out of Jennifer and the other six into her. Jennifer squirmed with pleasure as Rachel once again started entertaining her tits.

Leila wanted more, lying down in front of Jennifer she rubbed the head of the fake cock against her soaking pussy and began to slide herself onto it. Soon her pussy lips were pressed against Jennifer's while they shared a giant cock between them. They both moaned hard and loud when the cock was all the way inserted, Jennifer moving more onto her side for easier positioning. Rachel moved back to watch the two fuck while she fingered her own pussy and beheld the gorgeous lesbian scene unfolding before her.

Jennifer was on her side, facing Rachel, rubbing her clit and moving back and forth against the cock that was also buried in Leila. Leila was pinching her own nipples harder and harder, driving herself to orgasm on the fake cock she was sharing with Jennifer. Over and over again they pounded against each other, moaning in their ecstasy, pressing their pussy lips against each other and feeling the wetness and hotness against their own. Rachel felt herself cumming just watching the two other ladies fuck but when they started cumming as well it was a loud symphony of moaning. Rachel licked her fingers clean then crept over to clean the mixture of pussy juices off of the double dildo while the other two girls recovered.

The power was still out so they really had nothing to do. When Leila started kissing the back of Rachel's neck, she knew that there was more in store that night. Jennifer just giggled as she watched the other two girls begin to explore each other.

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