tagIncest/TabooRachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 02

Rachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 02


Chapter 2 Rachel learns to serve

"You know I don't really need you to get me off. I have plenty of guys to do that for me." She was looking down at me as I knelt looking at her pussy. "But like I said I have been reading a lot about this humiliation stuff on the internet." She spread her legs a little. Her pussy was so wet I could tell she was enjoying this too.

I still had my brush in my butt and it was hurting a little. She had just fucked my ass raw with it. I actually wanted to reach down and play with it but I did not want to piss her off or embarrass myself anymore than I already was. I was hoping she was going to let me off the hook. I really didn't think I wanted to eat her out. But still I was imagining it. What she would taste like and if I could make her cum.

"I think you need me to make you do it. What could be more humiliating than eating your own sister's cunt knowing I will never do the same for you." Cathy was smiling at me now. She was raising and lowering her hips. "I am going to ask you some questions before I let you start. Remember what I told you about lying to me. I will punish you worse than you can imagine."

I just knelt there and looked at her. This was all part of her plan to humiliate me. I was getting hotter by the second. I was dying to remove the hair brush from my ass and that just made it worse I fidgeted around and she caught on it was bothering me.

"You may as well get used it. That hairbrush is going to be spending a lot of time in your ass little sister." She was laughing at me. I was starting to cry. "Now when I ask you a question you better answer me no nodding."

"Did you like sucking off all those guys at the party?" Her finger was not tracing the moisture all around her slit.

"Yes." I answered her honestly but I did not elaborate.

"Would it have been better if they knew it was you?" She was lightly pinching her labia and clit hood.

"I don't know Cathy, I just did it and I liked it." I really wanted to lick her now I never took my eyes off her fingers as she played with her self.

"Did you really swallow all there cum?" Her fingers were pressing a little harder now.

"Yes" I was kneeling there hoping Cathy would not make herself cum.

"Did you really lick their cum off the inside of the box?" She was pressing right down on her clit now. And I was scared she would cum before she made me lick her pussy. I started leaning forward to try and lick her before she came.

"Yes Stacy told me to do it so I did." With that she moved her hand away. I was there now I knew all I had to do was stick out my tongue and I would be licking my sister's very wet pussy. She tasted unbelievable. I have tasted myself on my finger a couple times but this was so raw. Then I felt her hands in my hair.

"Oh wow." Then she was moving her pussy up and down "That is so nasty." Then I felt her cum. She came for a long time. She just kept repeating how nasty I was. When all the tension let her body I stopped licking her clit.

"Now Keep licking me until you clean up the all my mess." I did what she told me I licked all around including her thighs. I could see some moisture in her butt crack. I actually wanted to get that too. Could I let her know I was such a huge slut I would even lick her butt. I lowered my mouth just a little to guage her reaction. I licked the skin just below her vaginal opening.

Cathy didn't freak out so I went a little lower. Then she raised her hips a little and I went lower. Then she moaned and gasped a little so I went lower. Then I felt the crinkled skin of her butt hole. And her legs were all the way back to her chest. The taste was sour. I licked a little more and she had her hands on my head again.

I looked up at her while I licked her butthole. Her eyes were open and she was smiling at me. I actually kissed it while she watched me. Then I pressed the tip of my tongue against it. Not enough to penetrate her just enough to let her know I would.

"You are really nasty Rachel. I have never had anyone do that before but it feels so good." I licked again and I kissed again. Then I pushed my tongue a little harder against her asshole. She moaned even louder now.

"Stop Rachel if you keep that up you will have to clean me up all over again." She pushed my head out of her crotch and lowered her feet to the floor. I did not move because she didn't tell me too. She went to the restroom leaving the door to her room open as she went. I knew Mom And Dad were down stairs.

I just sat there and worried about whether my parents would come up the stairs and catch me. My face was covered in my sisters Juices. I know I looked a mess and I was getting turned on all over again. I knelt there wondering how far this would go. My hands wondered to my pussy. I could feel the brush in my ass and the fear of being caught.

"Oh look at you, you can't stop playing with yourself little sister." I could hear the sneer in her voice. "Tell me Sis is it the brush in your ass or the fear of getting caught that is turning you on so much. I didn't answer my fingers were dancing on my clit.

Cathy came over and sat on the end of her bend right next to me. " I think it is the taste of my ass on your tongue baby sister." I could feel myself rubbing faster now."I want you to tell me before you cum. Is the thought of liking my asshole getting you off." I didn't answer I just came. I collapsed to the floor and laid there with my eyes closed.

Cathy pulled the brush from my ass and knelt down by me. "I don't know sis, I am trying to help you but no matter how far we go you just get more and more turned on you may be a hopeless slut pulling trains and sucking cocks thru a hole in a box for the rest of your life." I felt myself starting to cry.

"Open your mouth." I did it without even thinking. "Maybe the taste of your own ass will be enough to turn you off." Then she shoved my hairbrush handle in my mouth. It was gross and I thought I may puke. "Leave it there. That's your punishment for putting us all thru this."

I was crying now around the handle of the hairbrush. The taste was so nasty. I could not believe even Cathy could be so mean. She just got up and started dressing. When she was done she left. I heard her car start in the driveway. I was still laying on her floor with the brush in my mouth.

I got up and walked to my own room and laid on the bed facing away from the door. This way if mom or dad walked by they would not see the brush in my mouth. I pulled the covers up over me. Then I heard mom in the hall.

"I am sorry you have to go thru this I don't know exactly what Cathy is doing but I hope she can help you" I could barely hear her she was talking so softly. "I had to agree to let her handle it her way. Those boys would have told horrible stories on you if I didn't." Mom was trying to justify letting my sister abuse me to herself.

"We all love you Rachel. Maybe this is for the best. I have not told you Father exactly what happened the other day." I was relieved that I still had a shred of dignity where my father was concerned. I heard her walk away. I must have fallen asleep. I don't know how long I slept but it was dark and the hose was silent when I woke up.

I heard Cathy's car doors slam and there was some laughing and giggling. She had atleast one other person with her. When they came in the house I could hear their voices a little better as they talked. Becky her friend from last year was with her. Becky was Erica's older sister so I knew her pretty well. Erica was a friend from Pep Squad.

My door was still open and I still hand the brush in my mouth. I was surprised I had not spit it out in my sleep. My mouth was dry and tasted awful. I wanted something to drink. I was trying to swallow to get some moisture into my mouth but the taste was making me wretch.

"Wait in my room Becky. I want to go in here and make sure my slutty little sister followed instructions." With that I heard her walk around the bottom of my bed. "You are a very lucky girl Rachel I had special plans for you if that brush was not in your mouth." With that she pulled the brush out and held it up to the light coming in from my window.

"Very good Rachel nice and clean." I winced when she said that because I knew where all the filth had gone. "You are a very good cleanup girl. I already knew that because of the stories of how you cleaned up all that cum from inside that box."Cathy had definitely been drinking I could tell by the smell of her breath. Then I thought of what my breath must smell like and I whimpered a little.

"Go brush your teeth and clean up a little." I started to sit up and she turned and walked to the door. "Come in here and join us girls when you get done." It was not a request. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I grabbed a glass off the counter and drank a couple glasses of water. I turned and walked into my sisters room.

"Dam those guys are worthless and I am so Horney I could scream." Becky was laying on one side of Rachel's bed. Her hand was stuffed down her pants and I could see it moving around as she pleasured herself.

"Well don't sweat it because my little sister is going to take care of that for you." I stopped dead in my tracks. Now Cathy was going to make me take care of her friends to. I felt like telling her to fuck off but then my sex drive took over. This is exactly what I wanted. Now I would be servicing her and she would know it was me.

"Besides she owes you for helping me out with Jason and Danny. I would never have had to fuck those two if she hadn't caused this whole mess." She was pulling her jeans off. Her panties came right off with them when Becky saw that she did the same thing.

"Can we kiss her too?" Becky asked her not me. Becky was really hot and I was thinking I wouldn't mind kissing her.

"You can if you want but she was liking my asshole earlier." I can't believe she told her that. I was devastated.

"Oh well maybe next time for now I just want to feel her tongue in my pussy all this cum is starting to drive me crazy." I looked down between her legs and I could tell she was recently having sex. The room was starting to smell like well used pussy and it was turning me on.

"Come on sis get to it I don't want to pass out before it is my turn." I just slowly walked over and knelt down in front of Becky. She was hairy almost like she never trimmed or anything. Cum and her own wetness had her hair matted to her sex. I moved closer and she spread her legs. Becky grabbed to pillows and put them behind her. She was sitting up looking down at me.

"You are so cute Rachel." She said this and started twirling my hair in her fingers. "Your sister says you are really good. I didn't believe her when she told me the whole story but I guess you are into this huh?" I didn't answer her I was two inches from her pussy licking my lips when she said that.

I moved in closer I could smell the guys cum I was not sure if it was Jason's or Danny's but I had eaten enough cum that I did not know who it belonged to. I closed my eyes and moved in a little closer until I felt her pubic hair on my lips then I open my mouth and started licking.

"Just clean me up real good first I want to watch you for a few minutes." I did as she asked licked and sucking all around the edges first. Her taste was stronger than my sister I guess because of the hair and all the sex.

Some of the cum had dried already and I actually had to scrape it with my teeth to get it off. Becky laughed when I did that. I wondered if she was laughing at me for scraping it off or if she laughed because it tickled. Becky would moan and pull my hair a little hard when I hit a spot she liked.

I started to lick in her lips a little and she pushed my head down to her very wet and well fucked hole. I licked around the edges and up thru her slit for a while then I plunged my tongue up into her as far as I could. She was pulling my head into her crotch now.

"Use your fingers now Rachel. Please fuck me!" I pushed two fingers into her pussy and moved my mouth up to her clit. "No you fucking slut use three fingers." She was calling me names now just like my sister. I put another finger in her and started searching for her G spot when I felt a soft mass of tissue I pushed and rubbed it really hard. My sister grabbed another pillow and mashed it down mover Becky's face to muffle her scream.

I bit down on her clit a little and that sent her over the edge. She was thrashing around and she was pulling my hair so hard I was afraid she would pull some out. I reached up and grabbed one of her wrists with my free hand to try to stop her. I felt her grip on my hair relax.

"Oh wow that is the best orgasm I have ever had." I could hear her say thru the pillow. It was just laying across her face now and my sister was sitting up on the bed staring at her. I figured she was probably done for now and I started to move but my sister just shook her head.

"Now clean her up real good like you did me today." I knew what my sister wanted. It was not enough I had just eaten her friends well fucked pussy now she wanted me to lick her ass as well. I moved back up and started licking around the edges again.

I looked up and my sister was cupping her own sex with one hand and pulling Becky's leg back with the other. The pillow was still over her face. When she had one leg up Becky pulled the other one up herself. Cathy put her arm behind both her legs and moved them all the way to Becky's Chest now she was really open to me.

"You are really going to love this I almost came when she did this earlier." I knew what that meant so I moved down and started licking her but hole. It was not nearly as clean as my sisters but then again she was not planning on this beforehand. Her butthole was bigger than Cathy's and I was thinking to myself it had seen some action.

I felt her whole body tremble while I licked her. Cathy was looking at me watching me do this. I was so hot I knew I could cum really hard. I didn't want to touch myself yet I still had to do my sister.

"Kiss her asshole like you did mine earlier Rachel." I could hear how turned on my sister was. I kissed her with a series of small kisses then I put the tip of my tongue against her and looked up at my sister. She was actually grabbing her pussy now not just cupping it. She nodded at me.

"Butt fuck her with your tongue you whore." I heard my sister say this but just barely. She was in her own little world now. I pushed my tongue against Becky's asshole I felt it give and I just kept pushing until my lips were pressed against her crinkled skin. I could feel her muscle clinch and push my tongue out. Then I would push it back in. I did this over and over for a while. I saw my sister's fingers move to Becky's Sex. She Grabbed the hood of her clit and twisted and Becky came again she rolled over on her side and was breathing hard and making funny noises.

My sister slid to the edge of the bed and I knelt between her legs for the second time today. Then her fingers went inside her pussy and when they came out they were covered in her juices and cum from some guy I barely knew. She moved them to my mouth.

"Open your mouth slut." When I did she pushed her fingers in my mouth. Then she put them back in her pussy and did it again. This went on for quite a while.

"I hope you like that Rachel because that is how you are going to get your cum you need so bad from now on straight from a well fucked pussy." She giggled when she said that. I was eagerly cleaning her fingers now every time she brought them to my mouth.

"You want to lick my pussy don't you little sister." I looked up at her and I nodded she held her fingers right in front of my mouth just far enough to where I couldn't lick them. I knew she wanted me to say it.

"Yes Cathy I want to lick your pussy." I was totally under her control now and I think I loved it.

"And my asshole? Do you want to lick that to?" This was actually getting my more excited.

"Yes Cathy I want to lick your asshole too." Becky had sat up and was watching me debase myself.

"I want you to just lick my asshole Rachel I want to be sure and cum this time when you do it. I want you to play with yourself while you do it until you cum." I moved in closer and she pulled her legs right back as far as she could.

"I want you to cum while you are licking my butt Rachel." I started licking her butt hole. I didn't even bother to tease her or anything just went straight for it. We were both so worked up I just went for it. I licked all around it for a little while then I pushed my tongue in.

My fingers were working my own clit and Cathy was playing with hers. I knew this was going to be a quick cum for both of us I had to wait until she started to cum to let myself go. I felt her start to tense up and I knew she was close. So I started letting myself go. We both came at the same time.

Cathy pushed me back and I spralled out on the floor. "ummm that was so good. I never imagined you could come from someone licking your ass. I looked up at becky and my sister staring down at me. Becky almost looked sad as she stared at me. Cathy just collapsed back on the bed.

"Go on Rachel go to bed." With that she just dismissed me. I looked up at becky again and she mouthed the words "thank you" and I turned and left. I went back to my room and lay on the bed. I could her them talking but not well enough to understand them. So I just went to sleep.

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