Rage Fuck


Arch watched the group of Knoctum go into the motel. They had made plans to sacrifice one of the Ratel High Counsels firstborn daughter. If they did that it would give their "indescribably evil" god a new lease on life, worse still, it would do it in the humans world. Meaning no one would strong enough to stop the deity from just wiping everything out and then moving on to the magical realm. He was tasked to kill the servants of Ruanvah, the deity that the Knoctum were attempting to empower. Arch was a disposable sort of warrior, just about every task he is sent on is one that should kill anyone taking it on, unless your him.

Arch moved to where he could get a better view of the door leading into the motel room they were using. Typically a normal hunter would be sent if it was simply the Drow, since they were typically magic users and warriors, but the at least also would listen to reasoning and or the pocket book. This was not so with the Knoctum, they lived to cause pain and strife. Unlike the Drow, who chose to follow the more emotional females to keep them from becoming the greedy bastards Knoctum were, the Knoctum were ruled by a man, a priest of Ruanvah, evil to the core, and greedy beyond compare. It's said that the man bred drakes, so that he could have the treasures the drakes collected, because as a drake grew their treasure hordes grew, then he had them all slaughtered and had their magical parts and flesh distributed. The magical parts were used in everything from talisman's to potions and the flesh was used for the very armor the men wore into combat.

Arch watched as the last member of this particular sect disappeared into the motel room, all were present, now all he had to do was go in, kill everything that did not scream like a bitch and he would be done. Ok so he had to deliver the wench back her dear old pompous papa but that would be easy enough, he just wouldn't wake her up and throw her in the trunk, done deal, no fuss no muss. Arch wasn't overly fond of frilly females and their gasping and whimpering, he especially wasn't fond of their crying and screaming like high pitched banshees, it hurt his ear's.

His body shook everywhere, the muscle started tensing as he called forth the armor that resided inside his very flesh and bones. A large blade severed flesh at the elbow, spraying his blood across the rooftop behind him, the gleaming blade jutting from just above the ball joint of his elbow, making this his greatest weapon. Couldn't take it away from him if it was attached to his metal coated skeletal structure. Spikes shot from the tops of his shoulders, down his spine and outer legs. His kneecaps grew blades of their own, perfect for gutting on the kick swing. Long razor like talons grew from his nails, and his teeth grit together as his fangs grew more intense. The blood was all the evidence left of the ripping and tearing of flesh the metal did as it came forth, the wounds healed as fast as they were made, amazing regeneration was also a gift from the gods to his race.

His eyes were now blazing blood red with battle lust, he was ready to rend flesh. As his step went from building top to building top in an amazingly silent fashion all he could think of was the scent of blood, and how well Knoctum flesh worked to make the magical bags of infinity. He began counting how many he would be able to make from so many "hides" and imagined how well they would sell.

Arch's super sensitive ears picked up the sound of chanting and knew they were too deep into their ritual to hear him coming. He leapt from the rooftop over their room and caught the edge with one extended hand. The edge cracked under his weight, but he swung free of it before it came crashing down. That was all he needed, those few seconds, as he swung from the edge into the large window that encompassed the front of the room. Glass sprayed everywhere as the man of only 5'6" came crashing through the double pane of safety glass. The Knoctum shouted and scattered, leaving the sacred circle they had burned into the carpeting.

The first one to be cleaved in half was the one that started casting on Arch. The fool obviously didn't realize the Ratel are magic resistant, a stone wall would have more of a response. There was no scream, the man had no time, he looked down at his waist as the top half of him slid from the bottom. The look of shock was etched into his face as he stared blankly up to Arch, who was already moving to the next victim.

He had moved through the room slicing and slashing, when he finished his onslaught he had swept past another caster, slicing him in half. He then drove upwards, sweeping a claw-like fist up into the gut of the next priest that chose to charge him. When Arch spun around the priests entrails followed his back-sweeping arm, spraying blood across the room. Arch, quite literally, swept the next mans head from his shoulders before he could finish the downward slice aimed at Arch's shoulder.

"Four of thirteen down," he counted mentally.

From the bathroom side of the room a large ball of flame shot into Arch. It sent him flying sideways into the bed that had been pushed to lean on the wall. His weight crushed the thing like it was made of wood and feathers, instead of stuffing and springs. From this, Arch rolled with the momentum, the quills protruding from his spine ripping up carpet as he moved.

"So much for their sacred circle." he mused to himself as he regained his footing.

As Arch stood he threw the chunk of bed he brought with him at the caster near the bathroom. The man was hit square in the chest and fell backwards into the small room with a yell. Two others lunged at Arch, blades flashing, snarling, Knoctum profanity leeching from their lips and grit teeth. Arch took the two blades in his abdomen, but this only made him smile with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth as he grabbed both blades. He pulled the swords further through him then snapped them at the hilt, leaving his attackers only the handles. They tried to leap back from the crazy warrior, but Arch swept downward, snaking into a leg sweep faster then they could dodge. The knee blades cut their legs at the knee, he completed the spin and stood as they fell to the floor screaming.

Much to Arch's surprise another priest fell as he began to approach him, a large table leg protruding from the base of his neck. Behind him stood in a crouch a female of small stature, a mere five feet maximum, she too was attacking the Knoctum priests. Her next attack was to throw the other table leg past Arch's head, landing it the eye of a priest that was trying to attack Arch.

Arch knew that was the woman he was to save, so he leapt to her side, over the table they had set up with all their magical crap that he only knew smelled horrific. She wore no clothing, her body was covered in odd runes painted with some sort of liquefied ash. The woman had taken up a large bowl of sulfur and pitched it onto one of the remaining four priests. When she hit the man in the head with it he backed back a step or two. Then a horrified look crossed his face when he saw what she was doing. Next, she threw the candle stand that had five lit bee's wax candles in it. The man burst into flames the second the flame hit him, all but one of the candles had actually gone out during the flight, but the hot embers and the one lit candle was enough to ignite his entire body. Arch had a feeling that was how they were going to kill her, she seemed to derive some sort of pleasure from the act that shouldn't have been there.

The retreat started with the priest from the right, he lifted his palm to the wall and he himself turned to smoke and was gone, first him then the other two remaining disappeared as well.

Arch grit his teeth, damn he thought to himself, he wanted to make sure they were all dead. Now he had to get the hell out of there with a naked female, before the human cops showed up and he had to explain this mess.

The woman yelped as she was spun around and hefted over his shoulder, bare ass now wagging in the air. She was taken out through the back room, the wall held little support against his heavy body and immense strength. The spines and spikes that had protruded from him only moments before were gone now.

Sienna wasn't too happy about being treated like a bag of potatoes, but it was more preferred then trying to walk out on her own. Admittedly she was still very groggy from the drug they injected into her. She took note of the mans beat up old car and how nice it actually was on the inside, as he placed her in the passenger seat then got in himself.

He looked over to her when he started driving, no concern in his features, but he was curious. "You ok? Don't need to get you a puke bucket or anything do I?"

She glared at him. "You always this crass?"

He slowly nodded his head. "Yes, yes I am, don't like it?"

She cut him off before he could finish the line. "Oh shut up, you're fine, don't need your shove it comments."

"What makes you think I was going to say that?"

She mimicked a smart ass male. "Don't like it too bad, deal with it or walk."

He glowered at her.

"Yeah, see. Just get me home, please." She settled into the seat, not even really concerned that she was bare as a baby when its born.

He watched her close her eyes, the lashes of such laid on her cheeks like a veil. Her skin was dark, nearly coco colored, her hair was raven and sort of mopish and cut to the shoulder. She was attractive, a warrior like himself he could tell. Her body was tone, and not devoid of scars, her very ample breasts and slender tightly sculpted abdomen bespoke of a great deal of work, possibly with a weapon as her arms were strong as well. Her legs were the perfect proportion for her size, long to her yet keeping her short, they were strong, like a lifter, not a runner. Her ass wasn't anything to scoff at either, she looked like she could crack a walnut between her cheeks if she so desired.

Arch decided he would make sure she was "perfectly alright" before he handed her over to her father.

When the car passed through the veil back to the lands of magic she woke from the drug induced slumber, looked around then to him. "where are we?"

Arch smiled to her a short matter-of-factly smile. "Dengraice, we need a room." was his only response.

"And why do we need a room?" she asked in her best smart ass tone.

"Because its getting dark and I have to ditch this car before we pass into the kingdoms, they aren't allowed on this side you know that. As well, do you want to pass through dragon country during the night?"

She huffed and sat back, crossing her knee's to sit crisscross where she was, Arch didn't mind, gave him a great view of her rather well manicured crotch.

Once he pulled into a barn next to an inn her demeanor changed a bit, she got out and started marching towards the music filled candle lit structure. Arch grabbed her by the arm, spinning her into his chest, he took a deep long kiss from her, making sure he examined every single taste she had to offer within that warm smart ass place she called a mouth. His hands held on strongly to her upper arms, keeping her shrug shouldered and pulled against him so that she could do little in the way of retaliation. Despite his aggressive move on her though, she did not fight him, instead she kissed back, biting his lip and drawing a touch of blood as she did so, her teeth every bit as sharp as his. Her hands slid onto his tight chest, nails raking a small trail from his collar bone to his navel.

He growled into her kiss, wanting her even more now, so over his shoulder she went before he raped her right there. Arch went in through the side, he had a permanent room at this inn, so he took the back stairs to get to it. Once he closed the door she was fair game. Her back hit the wall as he slung her from his shoulder, though he didn't let her slide down. He kissed her again, this time she ripped his shirt all the way off of him. As the flimsy cloth of his shirt hit the floor her hands had already gone to his pants, unlashing them in one single stroke through the leather tie that held them close, she had very sharp nails.

Arch growled again as he pushed his body against hers, lifting her entirety as he shoved his thick cock into her, there was no warning, she let the little beast out and he went right to work. Her retort was a grunt and to kiss him ravenously. Arch thrust into her harshly, her back slid up and down the plaster wall as he did so, her insides sucked his cock into her like a hungry calf at feeding time.

Very soon Arch moved her, wanting her on her back he spun her from the wall, plopping her onto the dresser top so that he could push her head back. He wanted to watch her face as his throbbing member violated her petite body. He pulled her legs to the side, splaying her open so that he could as well watch his thick cock spread her now bruised pussy as the muscle went in and out of her wet hole repeatedly.

Sienna's head fell back off the back of the dresser as her body jerked the entire structure to and fro with the force of his thrusts. The only thing she could reach at that point were her own breast, so those were what her fingers tortured with kneading, pulling and squeezing.

Her lips parted as if to scream but instead she spoke, "Oh gods your cock is huge, it feels so good, fuck me, fuck me harder!"

Arch was happy to oblige, his hands slipped under her and he gripped her ass cheeks hard. He was sure she would have bruises just from him moving her and using her ass as a handle to get her to the couch that was near center of the room. When he reached the couch he pulled out of her, threw her down over the back of the thing so that her ass was in the air. Her face hit the seat cushion as she cried out, without warning his cock once again slammed into her and began to once again pummel her silken insides.

Arch hitched one of his feet up on the back of the couch, angling himself to dive strait down into her throbbing pussy, this way he could practically shove his balls into her, as well, he could slam her harder in this over the top position. With this action Sienna screamed, it was not a pained scream, it was an overstimulated scream, to which only made him more aggressively pound into her body.

When her pussy began to tighten even more he knew she was about to explode on him, so he moved again. Now standing behind her he tangled her hair into his fist and drew her shoulders off the couch. The resounding slap of two hard bodies hitting together was the only noise filling the room as she held her breath. With her back arched the way it was all she could do was cum, and gasp for air. Her ass was shaking to and fro with each of his strikes into her and his fist was tightening in her hair.

As he came inside her he thrust deep, then pulled nearly all the way back out as he continued to pummel her while he finished. His last pulsating stroke settled deep inside her, he tapped the head of his cock on her cervix and rode the wave of body convulsions she gave him as she came one last time for him.

Once she began to relax inside he took her legs and flipped her onto the couch properly, the glow of being freshly fucked still caressed her flushed cheeks.

Arch looked down at her. "You're saved, I'll get you some clothes and tomorrow, then we will deliver you back to your posh life. But until then, I'm going to fuck you all night, so I'll be back, we need food."

He disappeared from her view, the door nearly slammed shut and she could hear his footfalls on the stairs leading to the main portion of the inn. Sienna grinned, ran a finger over her throbbing clit and sighed, happy to of been saved by the animalistic Ratel. He would make a fine rendezvous for when she wanted fucked hard and fast, she would have to make sure she could contact him again. But for now, her eyes closed slowly and she dreamed deeply of rage fucking Arch again and again.

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