tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaid on Thornton Hall

Raid on Thornton Hall


Twenty-five-year-old Karen Boland checked herself in the mirror, making sure her navy blue nurse's uniform fitted correctly, was clean and had no creases. Then she set off for Thornton Hall, where she was employed by fifty year old Sir George Thornton as his private nurse. Her five foot eight frame and slim figure were something she was proud of. Most girls envied her. Her breasts were large and firm and her long blonde hair drew many admirers, not least of whom was her handsome boyfriend, twenty-six year old Ben Newton, who worked in his father's pharmacy. All in all, Karen considered herself very lucky.

As she drove in the glorious morning sunshine through the beautiful Somerset countryside on the road to Thornton Hall, Karen couldn't help wondering about Sir George. After all, there wasn't really anything wrong with him, only a fear of doing some work. She wondered why Doctor Sarah Olden, his GP, indulged him so much. Well, it wasn't any of her business, she got paid for what she did, so she wasn't complaining. Compared to hospital nursing, it was a cosy number. All she had to do was do his vitals and administer his "pills", that were really just disguised sweets.

As she drove up the long, winding road that led to the Hall, a familiar red car came towards her. It was Mrs Evans, the cook and house keeper. When they were side by side they stopped and wound down their windows. Karen spoke first.

"How is he today?"

"There's nothing wrong with him a breath of fresh air wouldn't cure," laughed Mrs Evans. "He's gone back to bed. Thinks he's got a cold." Mrs Evans just shook her head.

"I'll be in town shopping. I'll see you later."

"Well, Doctor Olden will be here to see him soon. That's why I'm here early."

"Well, good luck," and Mrs Evans drove off.


It was Tuesday and the maid was off, so Karen let herself in with her own key. She took one more look in the hall mirror to make sure she was tidy. She also made sure she did not show any cleavage. Sir George maybe "sick" but his lustful eyes had not gone unnoticed with Karen.

She went up the stairs to the master bedroom and knocked gently as she always did. "Hallo, Sir George, it's only me," she said as she slowly pushed the door open and was shocked when Sir George came into view. His arms were tied to posts of his large bed and he was gagged with tape. Karen dropped her medical bag in shock and was about to scream but was prevented by a large gloved hand that suddenly engulfed her mouth and she was pushed into the room. There were six hooded individuals in the room.

Sir George tried to struggle and protest through his gag. One of the intruders walked over to him and placed a serrated knife just under his chin. "Now I told you to keep quiet and do as you're told. I won't tell you again. Understood?"

Sir George made a subdued grunt through his gag and also nodded in a sign of defeat.

The same intruder turned to Karen. "I'll say one thing for the old man. He's got himself a pretty nurse."

The others laughed in chorus. Karen tried to struggle free but was unable to do so. The intruder turned towards Karen began to menacingly wave the knife in front of her.

"Now look. All we're here for is a little fun. You'll enjoy yourself, I promise," and with that, he ripped open her blouse, sending buttons flying in all directions, revealing her low cut white lace bra, supporting her firm breasts.

"Hey, look at the old man," shouted another intruder and they all turned to see the bulge in the thin blanket that covered. "He's getting a hard on just looking at her."

They all laughed together.

Karen once again made a futile effort to free herself but the intruder's arms had an iron grip. Her bra was cut in two and her breasts sprang forward and her nipples were instantly hardened upon contact with the air.

One of the intruders began to fondle them and she closed her eyes in disgust. Then she felt hands grip the sides of her blue pants and they, along with her white knickers were pulled down. "Hey, she shaved her pussy bare." Some of them laughed and others whistled.

Humiliated, Karen began to cry.

"Aw, don't cry babe. I told you. You'll have a good time."

The sheet covering Sir George was pulled from him and his shorts were pulled down, exposing his hardened dick. Karen, naked and in tears was dragged in front of Sir George.

"Now suck his cock. He's craving for it."

When her mouth was free from the intruder's hand, Karen shouted. "Fuck you. I won't do it. I won't."

A knife appeared at her throat. "I don't think you have any choice, nurse dear," laughed the intruder and her head was jerked forward and her mouth forced to take the huge organ. Karen's head was bobbed in and out until the intruder was sure she was systematically sucking. At the same time, a pair of hands gripped her huge bare breasts and began to squeeze them tight and she felt a hard dick enter her arse and it began to pound her without mercy. Karen tried to gasp for air but the intruder holding her head wouldn't allow her. All she could hope for now was that Sir George would cum sooner rather than later. While was sucking and being fucked, Karen had no idea that one of the intruders was filming the whole scene.

Eventually Sir Gorge's cum filled Karen's mouth. Her attempt to spit it out was foiled when her head was jerked back and she was forced to swallow. Almost simultaneously, hot cum exploded in her arse.

At that moment, a female voice shouted in anger, "What the fuck is going on here?"

The intruders were so engrossed in their entertainment, they had failed to notice Doctor Olden coming up the stairs.

One of the intruders grabbed her, "Well now. You must be the Doctor. A real pretty one too."

"Get your filthy hands off me."

"Feisty too. I like that."

Sarah Olden was dragged kicking and screaming, by four of the intruders into another room and the other two remained fucking Karen and filming.

In the other bedroom all four intruders stared at Sarah Olden with deep lust filled eyes. She still retained her youthful beauty despite being forty. Sarah stood at five feet ten. Her long slender legs, slim waist and well rounded breasts turned many a head. Her golden hair was tied in a bun. She wasn't shy either. She always wore short skirts. It teased the male population in Kenton, the local town near Thornton Hall, where she had her practice.

Perceiving what was about to happen, Sarah spoke pleadingly, "Please, I'm a married woman. Please, I beg you, don't do this."

One of the hooded intruders walked over to her and grabbing her head, forced a kiss on her lips and at the same time releasing her long golden hair from its bun. "Like I said to the nurse, sweetheart. We're all going to enjoy ourselves. You will too, I promise. Besides, we just love experienced women." Then suddenly, all four gathered round and began to strip her.

"Nooo!" she protested as hand pulled open her white blouse, revealing her lacy black low cut bra. "Oh very sexy," said one of the intruders, excitedly. At the same time her skirt was whipped down, revealing her matching knickers, encased in her black tights. These were swiftly removed and Sarah Olden was placed on the bed naked and spread eagled, her body being exhibited to these four individuals.

"Tut, tut. We'll have to do something about that," said one of the hooded men," pointing to her huge bush. He whispered to one of his colleagues and he disappeared for a few moments.

"What are you going to do to me?" screamed Sarah.

"Relax Doctor, baby. I told you. You'll enjoy it."

The intruder returned with a razor and cream. He began to rub it onto her pubic hairs.

Sarah struggled and once again screamed "Nooo!"

The apparent leader put his knife to her throat. "Now you listen to me. I'd advise you to remain very still, unless you want Jamie here to accidentally cut you up."

Terrified, Sarah remained silent, while her pubic hair was neatly and expertly removed, leaving her bare pussy lips exposed. All she could think now was who was going to be first to fuck her. However these hooded individuals had their own ideas.

Sarah was placed, kneeling on the floor, facing the men. The leader opened the zip of his pants and extracted his huge cock. "Start sucking, Doc."

Sarah tried to be defiant. "Fuck you, you bastard." Like Karen before her, Sarah felt a knife under her chin and her long hair was pulled back, making her yell.

"You'd better do it Doctor or there'll be serious consequences," and with that her mouth was forced to receive the unwelcome cock. It was nothing new to Sarah. She had done it to her husband many times, but not like this and not at knife point. As with Karen, Sarah's naked breasts were gripped tight and she felt another huge cock being forced into her arse. Her arse was virgin territory. She was also forced to take the remaining two cocks and give hand jobs to both.

Sarah gradually developed a rhythm with her head as she bobbed in and out. Each motion was quicker than the last. That same acceleration developed with her hands. The pounding in her arse was also systematic.

The men to whom she was giving hand jobs began to shout, "Oh fuck, keep going you bitch. Keep going." They repeated it and other words several times. Her arms were becoming tired and she wondered were they ever going to cum. When she tried to stop for air Sarah was forced to continued. The only sound heard was a muffled grunt.

"Mmmm," was all she could release. Finally all four men began to climax.

Cum started to flow into her weary hands and then her arse began to burn as cum exploded there too. Her mouth became flooded also and like Karen, when she tried to spit it out, her head was yanked back and she was forced to swallow the unpleasant liquid.

Sarah gasped for breath and fell over with exhaustion. She was relieved that at least it was over. It didn't last long though as she was lifted unto the bed and two of the intruders took a breast each and began to suck and lick expertly and another licked and sucked her freshly shaved pussy, penetrating her lips and into her clit and despite herself Sarah Olden became overwhelmed in her lust.

"Oh God, oh God," she repeated several times. They suddenly stopped and pulled her up and dragged her back to Sir George's bedroom where he was still tied to the bed and Karen, still naked was held fast by one of the hooded men.

"You ladies look like you need to get cleaned up." The others laughed in chorus. The leader nodded and the naked women were pulled into the bathroom and into the shower. The initial cold water of the shower made them both scream. It was quickly replaced by jets of steamy water.

"Come on ladies get washed up. Leave no evidence." They all laughed in unison.

As soon as they were finished they were handed large bath towels to dry themselves and wrap up in. They were so exhausted they simply submitted to whatever the hooded men wanted. They were surprised when they were led into the other bedroom instead of Sir George's. Their towels were pulled from them and once again their beautiful bodies were exposed.

"You're probably wondering why you weren't pussy fucked. Well this is the reason. Lie down on the bed Doctor and spread your legs."

Sarah reluctantly did so. He turned to Karen, "Now you get on top and assume a sixty-nine position and lick each other's pussy."

The women were shocked and were about to protest until all six produced knives. They knew they had no choice and reluctantly, Karen mounted Sarah and lowered her head to her freshly shaved pussy and began to lick it. Sarah, at the same time began her tongue action on Karen. Slowly they developed a mutually satisfying rhythm and gradually, despite being new to lesbianism, they became caught up in their lust for each other. They moaned deeper and deeper with each movement and as before they failed to notice they were being filmed.

In their lust, neither Sarah or Karen noticed the men discreetly leave the room. It was only moments later when Mrs Evans, the housekeeper returned. She could see that the cars belonging to Doctor Olden and Nurse Boland were still parked. It was not unusual. The Doctor was thorough and probably givinir George a rigorous examination, so she suspected nothing was wrong. It was only as she headed for the kitchen that something caught her ears. She thought she heard moaning. Then she decided she was hearing things. There it was again.

Mrs Evans made way up the stairs uneasily and headed for Sir George's room. "Sir George? Are you alright?" she called. She was shocked when she entered the bedroom to see Sir George tied to the bed and trying to talk through his gag. Mrs Evans released him and removed his gag.

"Thank you Mrs Evans. We had intruders. They took the girls, er, Doctor Olden and Nurse Boland. See if you can find them while I phone the police."

Mrs Evans did as she was bidden and reached to room where Sarah and Karen were still in the throes of lesbian lust and very close to orgasm. She was shocked to see two naked women in apparent ecstasy. "What the hell is going on here?"

Neither woman answered and just then they both orgasmed together and sighed with mutual Sapphic satisfaction. When they realised Mrs Evans was there they tried to cover up. Sarah spoke in an embarrassed tone. "Oh, Mrs Evans. We can explain everything."

Just then Sir George joined Mrs Evans. "It's alright Mrs Evans. It's not what it looks like. They were both forced. It's a long story."

When the police arrived they gave their accounts of the events and vague descriptions. The investigation went on for months but no one was ever charged.

A few weeks later, Sir George Thornton was in his study watching a video when a knock came to the door.

"Come in," he said firmly. It was Tony Bennett, Sir George's head groundsman.

"You sent for me, Sir George?"

"Yes I did, Bennett, here you are," and handed him an envelope. Tony looked inside.

"But Sir George, that's more than we agreed."

"A little bonus, my boy. That scene with the Doctor and the Nurse in bed was a real turn on. Thank you."

"You're very welcome sir. I hear you have a pretty new secretary now."

"Well give me time to recover, Bennett. You don't want to kill me off, do you?"

They both laughed heartily.

"Well if that's all Sir George?"

Sir George nodded and Tony left and closed the door behind him. He took a moment to listen at the door. When he could here female voices moaning deeply, he knew there was no mistaking Sir George's favourite part of the film.

Tony shook his head and smiled as he headed back to work.

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