Rain Play


She was decking again. It was her favorite thing to do this time of year. Especially in early spring. She enjoyed the warm temps and the rain. She lived in the city yet enjoyed seclusion within her own backyard that allowed her to go out quite early in the evening without the bother of clothing. The stars blinking above relaxed her, the warm temps made her skin sweat a sexy sheen, and the breeze across her wet nipples aroused her. In addition, she could smell her own mixture of salty sweet bodily fluids. She was hoping for rain tonight, but even if Mother Nature did not indulge her, she wouldn't complain. She loved this time she had all to herself. Moreover she loved the idea that she could get away with this behavior regularly. She thoroughly enjoyed being naked, masturbating, and if she got the opportunity, having sex outside. It was natural to her, and she had done all of them on this deck without incident. Tonight would be no exception.

Having already been lying on the towel for a good half hour now, thinking of him, fantasizing about his arrival she was primed for a sexual encounter. She began tickling, and caressing the skin on her stomach working her hands up, cupping her breasts she brushed them with her fingertips, then pulled at them causing them to pucker. She slowly massaged her way up to her neck, and the muscles behind her head loosened, letting go of all the tension in her day. Was he ever going to arrive? She felt like it was taking forever tonight, but maybe it was because it had been so long since they had seen one another. They had different lives yet were the best of friends who found each other under less than perfect circumstances. Now that they had worked through their biggest challenge they were enjoying each other to the fullest extent. Every inch of each other that is. Their passion was never ending, and it was like they always picked up where they left off.

She had just begun to enjoy the feeling of her fingers inside her when the first drop hit her stomach. Perfect, she thought, let it rain. And it did. A slow, spring rain had drifted in cooling her skin just enough as the heat within rose, and she got closer to cumming. All at once she spotted him out of the corner of her eye. As he walked around the house toward her, he tracked her every move as she lay there arching her back in pleasure and moaned softly. Knowing he had been seen he smiled, and although she could not see it, she knew it when he spoke. "Hey you. Having fun without me?" he asked playfully. "I'm having fun because of you, silly boy, and you know it." She replied, and she had trouble stifling a giggle. She did not stop pleasuring herself, and had actually started panting now knowing he was very close, and watching her. She was thinking about how she would have many more orgasms, and that this was just the beginning of a long, sexy evening together when he reached over and began circling the nipple on the breast closest to him.

His other hand opened up his pants. "Wait." He commanded. So with great difficulty she continued to touch and please herself, but held back her orgasm. He had slid out of his shoes, stripped off his socks, pulled his pants off, removed his shirt slowly, and was gazing at her when she began to groan. "No." He was firm when he spoke. "Wait." He repeated and she struggled to keep herself in check because it was thrilling to give him the control yet pure torture to see his rock hard dick, and not be able to do her own bidding. "Now......" he began slowly, "I want you to do what I tell you.... when I tell you. Got it?" His voice was gentle yet firm, and she could only respond with a very breathless yes.

His control was amazing, she thought, because he was so obviously turned on and she knew he wanted her, yet he could give her command after command and wait. He ordered her to touch this, suck that, feel those, insert this there, and finally after twenty minutes of pleasurable torture he gave her permission to cum. She writhed as the wave of the first orgasm rolled over her, and drifted into a second more powerful one that actually made her cry out. Now, finally, he bent and began touching her and as if the rain knew how they felt, it intensified. He inserted his fingers into her wet and waiting vagina, stoked her clit with his thumb and sucked on her nipples in turn as she begged him to be inside her. "When I'm ready." He stated, to which he received an almost exasperated moan that turned into a whimper as he began to thrust harder with his fingers.

Her juices flowed freely, and he admitted aloud to her that she was indeed more than ready for his cock. "PLEASE!" she begged, and since he wanted her just as badly, he decided to let go of his control and do it. He lay down next to her and before she could mount him he rolled her over swiftly setting her down on top of his bulging cock. He bounced her up and down repeatedly as she came loudly for the third time, and he felt himself explode shortly thereafter. He had wanted to make it last a little longer, but she was so blissfully wet and tight around him. She just felt so dam good he had to cum. The rain had slowed slightly so now they lie there holding one another kissing and talking, working up to another fabulous sex session, and then she asked him for a favor.

They really were quite good together. They seemed to know what each other wanted on all levels of their relationship. Maybe that was why, she reflected, that they had the best sex ever. Because this really was the best sex she'd ever had in all her years of sexual adventure. Even though each of them only enjoyed sex to its fullest potential when they loved the person they were with, both of them also admitted to enjoying a dangerous edge too, so their chemistry was undeniably well matched. She felt so comfortable with him, and it was a level of comfort unlike any other so she had no issue with asking him to eat her out. He had no qualms doing it either, he loved the way she tasted, and he went down on her within seconds of hearing the request.

He licked her clit, moved his fingers around her vagina, and in and out while he traced her clit repeatedly with his tongue. She made noise. He loved that she made noise! He would've smiled, but he wanted to be ready. She often squirted when she was so excited, and when she did he wanted to watch. It gave him a deep satisfaction to know he had produced that response not to mention how much the idea of a woman ejaculating turned him on; he often mounted her as soon as she finished. Tonight he would pounce for sure. She was close; he could feel it. She tightened around his tongue now, so he moved up to her clit to finish her. Right as the rain that fell steadily on them she cried out, and squirted out a creamy hot cum all over him.

"I want you again." She said even as he rose to bury himself deep inside her. He made eye contact with her while kneeling, and the little of her face he could see was wild with excitement and desire. He relished giving her what they both wanted. He kept her gaze as he slowly pulled in and out of her tight hole. "You have me." he stated as he began drilling himself into her furiously, banging against her hips as they rose to meet him. He enjoyed the sensation of her body sliding around under him......and she felt equally thrilled as he moved his body above hers so they looked each other straight in the eyes.

They would watch each other cum. She wanted to feel him become more engorged just before cuming, and glory in the rigid feel of his cock sliding in and out of her so fast, going so deep. She also wanted to see his face relax as the pure pleasure of his orgasm swept through his body. He grunted and said her name as he came, she smiled and said "Oh yes it feels so good. Fill me with your cum!" Just then the tip of his penis grazed her g spot and made her cum hard and fast. She cried out his name and clenched her hands into fists on his back from the intensity. Her toes were tingling, and this could mean only one thing. Her orgasm was lingering. He sensed it and kept thrusting, resumed an upright position and lifted her legs straight up so they rested on his chest, her toes pointing to the stars. It worked. She was so tight she went absolutely nuts with the next pounding her gave her. When she subsided into a sigh of contentment he let himself collapse beside her, and they fell asleep. The birds woke them a few hours later. They headed into the house to make some breakfast together and plan when they would do it all, and more, over again.

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