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It's been so humid recently, my car feels almost unbearable driving back to our secluded country home, and even with the windows down the air outside is too warm for comfort. As soon as I walk through the door I start stripping off, trying to get comfortable after a day at work. You're already home, lounging on the sofa watching TV in your trackies, topless and clearly very happy, beer in hand.

I shout a hello to you as I kick off my heels and untuck my shirt, unzipping my pencil skirt while I skip upstairs. Stepping out of the skirt and almost ripping my shirt off I stand in our room looking for the smallest possible outfit, to keep me cool. Choosing a light ribbed vest top and some little PJ plaid shorts I take off my bra and pants and slip into my evening attire. It's unlike me to go without any panties but it's so hot frankly I just don't care anymore. Setting my hair free it falls over my shoulders, now with waves in after being tied up all day.

Trotting downstairs in a much better mood I notice you haven't moved from the sofa. I grab myself a cool bottle of cider from the fridge and plonk myself next to you, to ask what you want for dinner. Noting my lack of bra you say you don't know, something easy, and 'accidentally' brush your very cold beer bottle against my right nipple, forcing it to immediately create a point in my vest. I gasp and shy away, playfully swatting at you, before going to the kitchen to see what we've got to eat.

Rifling through the cupboards I hear the pitter patter of raindrops falling against the window. 'Shit, my jeans', I rush outside to collect the jeans I'd left on the line hoping they'd dry, the rain had turned into a downpour and running the length of our garden to the washing line resulted in me returning to the house looking a bit like a drowned rat. It wasn't cold, the kind of rainstorm you could go and play in when you were a kid.

You watch me run back up the garden, in a now soaked and practically see through top, breasts bouncing as I run, trying not to get wet. Smugly you smile at me as I push through the back door to the kitchen, glad it wasn't you who had to run out to save the washing. Dropping my jeans on the floor I ask you to fetch me a towel, which you do, but you return with two towels and leave them just out of my reach.

I scowl at you as you walk towards me and try to push past to get the towels, but you open the door behind me and push me back outside into the rain. Wrapping your arm around my waist and having closed the door, shutting us outside, your other hand comes up to my face and pulls me close, our lips meeting and tongues entwining. If feels electric, the closeness of our bodies being pounded by tiny droplets of water, rain working into our mouths as we kiss.

After what feels like an endless kiss you smile at me and tell me how hot I look all wet. I laugh at you, which is quickly turned into a moan when you tweak my erect nipples through my vest top. Kissing down my neckline you take my left nipple between your teeth and gently pull on it, watching you do this drives me wild but I want to see you worship my breasts. The top is quickly removed and thrown away towards the door. Now half naked, as you are, I feel the exhilaration of being exposed outside, our garden is secluded and rural, but this is out of the norm for me. As you flick and bite my nipples, holding my waist, I pull at your trackies, trying to release the prize I cherish so much.

You relent and let me pull your cock free. I sink to my knees, immediately getting dirty on the grass, and slowly work my hand up and down you as the rain falls on us. Taking your head into my mouth I hear you groan. I can't look up at you as I normally would for fear of getting rain in my eyes so I focus on my task, pleasing your cock. Licking up and down your shaft, my spit mixing with the rainwater, I start pumping my mouth back and forward, taking you as deep as I can down my throat, although you've always been too big for me to take all the way.

Scraping the hair back from around my face so you can get a better view of me sucking you off you hold the back of my head and slowly and gently start to fuck my face, encouraging me to open my throat further to you. My hands grip your thighs for balance and comfort, moving up to grab hold of your bum as I try to regain control. I gag to begin with, struggling to accommodate your length within me. My moans sending vibrations up you make you decide to stop, and you allow me to move my head off your member, taking it in your hand and stroking yourself as I get my breathe back. Once recovered I lap at your balls while you play with yourself, taking them each in my mouth one by one, sucking on them carefully, causing you to moan louder and louder.

Enough is enough for you, I'm pulled up to my feet and you take me by the hand, walking me back to the house. I wonder if we're going inside, although not cold I am very, very wet, not just from the rain. You don't lead me to the door though, instead to a wall around the side of the house, and strip my PJ bottoms from me. Surprised that I'm not wearing panties, but also even more aroused by this, you give me a playful spank and tell me what a naughty bitch I am. I laugh until you pin my against the wall, you kick my legs apart. Now naked the brick feels prickly and uncomfortable against my bare body. The rain against my chest and legs now feels like a warm blanket in comparison to the brick.

Kissing me hard you take my breath away once more and I feel your fingers exploring between my legs, spreading my wetness and immediately finding my swollen clit. My legs buckle when you flick your forefinger back and forth over my clit, pushing me into the brickwork to hold me up you suddenly plunge two fingers deep into me, giving my clit some relief. I moan loudly into your mouth, feeling your fingers buried inside me, pushing in and out as you kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. The pain of leaning against the wall is forgotten. You have always driven me crazy fingering me, this was even more erotic, water cascading down our bodies, being battered by raindrops. As I start to whisper 'yes....yes baby' in your ear while you bite my neck I feel you withdraw your fingers and whimper.

Smearing the cum from your fingers across my chest, particularly on my nipples, and then feeding me your fingers to clean, I relish in sucking your fingers deep into my mouth, watching how you react and hearing your deep groan.

Grabbing the discarded clothing you place it between my legs and kneel down, face level with my pussy. Opening my lips to view your prize your tongue flicks out and makes contact with my clit, my legs give way again. Chuckling as I arch my back against the wall, trying to stay upright, you assault my slit, tongue running back and forth, one finger teasing the entrance to my cunt, but never pushing inside, and sucking and biting my clit. I cannot stand still, my back is rubbing up and down the wall in an effort to just stay standing, you know I won't last much longer so stop pushing me to the edge of orgasm and lead me to our table and benches.

We have some stone, polished top benches and a matching table outside the back door. Pushing me onto the table, I am now perched on the edge. The cold, hard, very slippery surface under me feels alien, but the thought of fucking in the rain is distracting me. The rain still feels warm against my skin, more so now I have something so cold to compare it to, and the air still very humid. Our mouths meet in total passion now, the situation has overcome us. You push me backwards, and tweak my nipples, then pull my pussy lips apart. The feeling of the rain hitting such an intimate place in inexplicable, I feel so exposed, but free. Watching you watching the water run down me is a huge turn on.

You slap your cock against my slit and clit, as always a tease. I sit up and feel your fingers inside me, almost pulling me forwards right to the edge of the table, hitting that magic spot within me. I scream in shock and pleasure, and just as quickly as you took me to the edge you remove your fingers again, pulling me onto my feet, and turning me around in one swift action.

Feeling my clit being expertly manipulated while you kiss and bite your way along my shoulders I sag in your hold, before being bent over the table. My breasts crush onto the cold, hard surface, my face to one side so I can just about see you. You gasp and caress my back, which is covered in scratches from the brickwork. Your gentle massage of my back while it's being pounded by ever heavier rain relaxes me and calms me down from my near-orgasm experience. Parting my ass cheeks and feeling the rain run down me from this position I feel you line yourself up, positioning your head at my hot, wet entrance.

In one stroke you push all the way into me, taking your 8 inches at once is always a shock no matter how wet I am, and I scream. Luckily as we live so remotely no-one can hear me swear. 'Fuck' is all I can utter as you pound into me, holding my cheeks apart to give yourself the best view, occasionally spanking me. Holding my lower back firmly on the table your spanking becomes harder, causing the rain where you've spanked me to feel cold. Harder and harder you pound into me, I'm getting closer to cumming, my nipples pushing against the stone table. My walls begin to contract around you, my pussy feels as though it's on fire as I clench onto you, preventing you from keeping your rhythm.

Feeling me milk you, holding your cock deep inside me, you let yourself go. Shooting ribbons of cum inside me you groan as I shout 'YES' each time I feel you hit my g-spot. Coming down from the monumental orgasm, absolutely soaked and the rain getting ever harder still you help me up, still inside me til you step backwards, your cum dribbling down my thighs. We kiss and embrace, and head inside to towel off. You suggest we go shower and take care of the scratches on my back, which I take as an invitation for round two...

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