tagGroup SexRainstorm Romp

Rainstorm Romp


The sky was gloomy, gray and it looked like it was going to storm at any second. "What a perfect day for a nature hike." I grumbled sarcastically. Robin, Sam, Mike and I had already been hiking for hours through the caverns and woods of the state park.

"Baby- don't complain. It was sunny when we got here; we're having fun, remember?" Mike urged as I hoisted myself over the last edge of the hill. At the top, we decided to follow the trail for a while.

I was getting antsy¯ I didn't want to be climbing rocks; I wanted to be at home in bed where I could be climbing Mike. I had worn my shortest shorts and my flimsiest white tank top in hopes of persuading Mike to stay home instead of going on this hiking trip. Nevertheless, we picked up Robin and Sam at Sam's place, and headed off into the woods.

We started down the trail back into the caverns, where I saw a little niche just a bit farther ahead. It was a perfect smooth rock; it looked so cool and inviting on this hot day, and had a perfect shady overhang where we'd be hidden from all but this spot on the trail. I felt my nipples start to poke out underneath my tank top. Now, to get Mike back there, I thought sneakily¯ feeling a growing wetness in my shorts.

No sooner did we come to the spot on the trail where my little nook was, than the sky burst forth a torrent of rain. Robin and I shrieked at the loud clap of thunder and bright flash of lightning.

"We have to take cover! Over here!" Sam shouted, running toward the cavern. Mike, Robin and I followed to the small space. It was too late though- the four of us were completely soaked and dripping wet. My wet tank top clung to my body— giving full view of my round breasts and erect nipples.

"What a shame, we'll have to stay in here until the storm's over- we can't risk going back out in that!" I sighed breathily. "What are we going to do all that time?" I lamented.

"I've got an idea!" Mike announced, grinning as he skulked over to me, lowered himself and bit my left nipple through the wet tank top. I glanced over at Robin who was rubbing her own crotch through her wet shorts; and Sam, whose damp pants were clinging to reveal a growing bulge.

Mike and I didn't retreat from Robin and Sam as we began to undress each other. Mike lowered me to the cool stone and began lapping hungrily at my dripping pussy. Robin smiled mischievously as she crawled over and began to suck vigorously on my right breast. Sam, feeling left out, joined in on the left one. I squirmed in ecstasy at the three mouths pleasuring me. I reached over and unbuttoned Sam's pants, slipping my hand inside to feel his growing cock. It was warm and hard, and it stiffened even more at my touch.

I moaned as Mike flicked his tongue rapidly over my clit. "Ohhh it feels so good, Mike- please don't stop!" I cried. He began thrusting his tongue deep into me as I reached down, circling my trigger with two fingers. I was ready to explode when he pulled his mouth away and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could taste myself on his tongue, and it made me even wetter.

Robin shed her t-shirt and wet shorts as I tugged at Sam's pants. Already shirtless, Sam slid out of his pants and brought his large cock to my mouth. I greedily took it into my mouth and began to suck forcefully on it. Robin dragged her tongue down my body as Mike jacked himself off over my stomach and breasts. She licked up some of his cum as she headed toward my pussy. She thrust her face into the dripping wetness down south and began to suck on my hard clit. She slid three fingers in and out of me as her tongue floated over my trigger. My muffled screams escaped from around Sam's dick, which was beginning to drip pre-cum into my mouth. I swallowed his cock deeper into my throat as he exploded into my mouth. I eagerly gulped down every drop of delicious cum that flowed out of him. Robin began to graze her teeth against the inside of my pussy lips. By then, Mike was ready to take over again, shoving his throbbing cock deep inside me. Sam and Robin began to enjoy each other on the cavern floor next to us.

Mike pounded into me with a force that blew my mind. I tightened around him and rolled over so I could be on top. I began to ride Mike like I never had before. I slid myself up and down rapidly on his huge shaft. I leaned forward so he could penetrate me deeper. I was gushing juice all over him. I heard Robin and Sam's moaning, as I got ready to cum. I began to draw myself up and down on Mike more slowly as I rocked back and forth on top of him. He shot his load deep into my hot pussy, and the force of his cum set off another orgasm for me. I began screaming wildly as I grabbed his chest. Cum began shooting out of me and overflowing all over Mike and I.

I collapsed forward onto him, my weak body sticky with his cum and my own. He kissed me deeply as we watched Sam and Robin finish their romp. This would definitely be a hiking trip none of us would forget.

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