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Rainy Cold Saturday Action


This is my first submission about a boring saturday that turned out to be more fun than I expected...

So I was bored the other Saturday. It was cold and rainy and I didn’t have much to do. I decided to turn on the computer and check out what was happening on a couple of online groups that I belong to. After a few minutes, someone instant messages me. It’s another guy looking for someone to have some fun with. I’m always apprehensive of meeting up with another guy, but he seems cool and after chatting for a bit I’m rock hard and need some relief. So I figure what the heck and head over to his place. Better than jerking myself off.

I go up to his place. He is in his late thirties and married. His wife doesn’t know that he likes to screw around with guys now and then. He is in decent shape about 5’8” and slender. We sit down and start talking while having a beer. We finish off the first and start on the second. He turns on the TV and starts playing a tape. We are both kinda half watching and chatting waiting to see who is going to make the first move.

Turning toward the TV, he says “Check that out. That is so sexy! I am so fascinated with sucking cock.”

I look up toward the TV to have a look. Wow what a sight! My already hard cock grows another inch. “Wow that is hot!” I say.

On screen is 3 guys going at it. One of them is getting slowly ass fucked while the 3rd guy gets his cock sucked by the one doing the fucking. I had never seen gay porn before, but damn it looked so hot! I was riveted. Then I feel my cock getting a good squeeze through my pants. I reach over and give his a couple of squeezes too.

“Why don’t we get more comfortable.” He says. I readily agree.

I stand up and take my shirt off and he gets on his knees to help me with my pants. I’m torn between watching him pull off my pants and the action on TV until my 7” cock pops out of my underwear and into his waiting mouth.

“Oooh!” I moan. “That feels sooo good!” I manage to say as he sucks my cock like a pro. I am standing there moaning and taking turns watching my cock disappear into his mouth and the action on TV.

He deepthroats me like I’ve never been deepthroated before. His nose is literally in my trimmed pubic hair. I can’t help but moan even louder as my cock bottoms in his throat. He has great technique taking turns deepthroating me and licking the entire shaft. Every now and then he stops to lick just the head and tease me a bit. I am in ecstasy!

While he sucks my cock, his fingers gently rub my balls. He found my hot spot and I draw a sharp breath and moan loudly again “Ohhhh!” I just love having my balls fondled and yes I am a moaner. He seems to like hearing my moans and pulls my cock out of his mouth so he can lick my balls.

“God I love what you are doing to me!” I manage to moan as he licks my balls and strokes my cock.

“Yeah I can see that. I am really enjoying your cock too. It is just the right size and your moaning is turning me on.

Not having seen his cock yet I say “Why don’t you get the rest of your clothes off and I’ll take a seat on the couch. My knees are getting weak here.”

He laughs and takes his pants off. His cock is smaller than mine by an inch and thinner too. No sooner are his pants off than he is sucking my cock again.

“You really like my cock, don’t you?” I say.

He moans his approval and deepthroats me. The action on TV gets me attention and I look up to watch for a bit.

I tend to be long lasting so I let him suck my cock and balls and caress my groin while I watch two guys having anal sex. The action totally rivets my attention. The guy on the bottom is smooth and boyish looking. He is on his back in the missionary position while his lover slides his cock in and out of his ass. It looks so hot and I start to get an itch.

While he is caressing my balls he gets close to my ass hole. Teasing slightly. Feeling inspired by the action on TV, I look down and ask him “Can you please finger my ass? I’ve never had that and the action on TV is getting me hot.”

He releases my cock from his mouth and moves down and starts licking my balls. I slide a little further forward on the sofa and he moves down further and touches his tongue to my ass hole. I feel electricity jolt through my body and bring my legs up slightly to give him easier access. He reams me out for a few minutes while I get hotter watching the anal action on TV and the feeling of his tongue.

He comes back up and takes my cock all the way down his throat in one fell swoop while inserting a spit wet finger deep into my ass. I moan loudly almost loosing it right there. Thankfully it takes me a long time to cum cuz he is really making me feel good!

“Yes” I moan “that’s it. Finger me. That feels so hot.” I give him a little dirty talk and make myself feel more like a male slut in the process. “Keep it up. Don’t stop.”

He pulls my cock out of his mouth and keeps fingering my ass slowly and smiling says “Are you going to cum for me and reward my efforts?”

“Soon, but not yet.” I say. “I’m definitely going to blow a huge load in your mouth though.”

“Good” he says “I am definitely enjoying sucking your gorgeous cock and want to taste your cum.”

“Are you enjoying my finger in your ass?” he asks.

“Oh yeah!” I say. “It is making me so hot!”

“Good, cuz I have a surprise for you. I’ll be right back.” He says.

He leaves the room for a few minutes while I slowly stroke myself and watch the porn.

He comes back with his hands behind his back and immediately goes back to sucking my cock. Again he deep throats me a few times making me moan and groan. I feel his finger back in my ass again slowly all the way in and all the way out keeping time with his mouth. Then I feel two fingers and I look down. Those weren’t two fingers. It was a dildo.

My eyes open wide as he slides it in my well lubed ass. It feels fantastic! I start to moan again when I feel something. That wasn’t a dildo. It was a vibrator! And oh my god do the vibrations feel good!

I moan louder in ecstasy. He slides it all the way in and deep throats me. I pull my legs up to my chest like the guys on TV. What a feeling! There is no way I can last!

I feel my orgasm coming on and start moaning louder. He picks up speed with his vibrator and sucks my cock faster. My body starts going into convulsions while I moan one last time and start cumming in his mouth. He doesn’t stop. He just keeps on fucking my ass with his vibrator and sucking till he has sucked me dry.

Then he looks up at me with a surprised look on his face then down at his cock while it starts spurting without any contact. He jerks it a few times to get the rest out. “I can’t believe sucking your cock turned me on so much that I came without even touching myself!” he says surprised. We both laugh and call it a day.

That was by far the best orgasm I ever had with a guy. I never knew I could enjoy anal stimulation so much. I’m just glad the vibrator was small one!

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