tagGroup SexRainy Day Changes

Rainy Day Changes


There I was, peacefully crashed with my live-in, Sherry, and somebody starts pounding on the fucking door. I throw on some jeans, and pad out to the back door. It's Jake and Susie, with Rob and Laurie, soaking wet. It's pouring cats and dogs.

"Unlock the shop, Man. Our bikes are getting wet!" Jake yelled.

I tossed him the keys, and said, "They're already wet you dipshit!" I went back inside to tell Sherry we had visitors. "What the fuck do they want?" she growled. "They got caught in the rain! Jake and Rob are putting up their scoots in the shop."

"Are the girls with them?"

"Yeah, Susie and Laurie are here, too. Get up and make some coffee, O.K.?"

"All right, I'm up already. Sheesh!"

Every body tossed their wet boots on the back porch, and made their way to the front room. It was the only room in my rent house that had carpet (got it for free, too), and some decent places to sit. A fake leather couch and recliner, an overstuffed armchair, and a couple of beanbags.

"Jesus Christ!" I yelled. "The only good room, and you guys are dripping water all over it!"

"What are we supposed to do?" asked Laurie.

"Go into the other room and take off your wet shit! Sherry!! See if you've got something for Susie and Laurie to put on."

They went with Sherry to our bedroom, and I just stared at Rob and Jake. "Well!?"

"I ain't wearin' nothin' of hers!" Rob said. "I didn't tell you to, dammit. You and Jake can grab a set of coveralls off the back porch. When you're done, have the girls throw all your wet shit into the fucking dryer!" . I wandered off to the kitchen to find some coffee.

Rob fit my coveralls pretty good, as we're about the same size, but Jake was about 6', and fairly heavy, probably 190 or so, so he couldn't zip the front all the way. The girls came in wearing some cut off shorts and halters. Now, Sherry is 5' 5' about 110 pounds, with dark hair, auburn is what I think you call it. Laurie was 5' 8" maybe 120-125 with short black hair. Susie was 5'3" and might have weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. Some of the clothes fit O.K., and some were "ALL RIGHT!!". Needless to say we looked a mismatched group if there ever was one.

Jake had twisted up a couple of joints by the time I got back into the front, so here we go.

"Well, shit! I guess I won't get anything done in the shop today!" I said as I toked one of the joints. After a few of those, Laurie put on some tunes, and started to dance around. She works a club downtown as a dancer, so it wasn't too long before her halter found the floor. She swayed around the room, waving her 38-D's at all of us, and finally got Sherry to join her on the `dance' floor.

She pulled off her top, and the two of them went at each other. The rubbed their chests together, Sherry's 36-C's bouncing just under Laurie's fine globes. Susie kind of hung back, not wanting to get into the dance, but the other two ganged up on her, stripped her halter off, and drug her off the couch. Her 32-A's were no match for the melons of the other two, but on her tight, firm body, they were plenty fine!

I guess Susie figured that since the other two started this, she would make them finish it, too! She danced in front of Rob, and slowly slipped the zipper of the cut-offs down. She folded the fabric away, like two small wings, so that he could see the rose cluster tattoo on her lower belly. She moved her hands between her thighs, and rubbed herself slowly, gradually reaching her mound. She cupped herself there, and ground her hips, like she was riding a cock.

Laurie saw what she was doing, and repeated the scene in front of Jake! I could tell where this party was heading.

"Hey! This is my place, don't I get a little show?" I asked.

Sherry started to move towards me, but Susie cut her off. "Here, let me. You can do him!" as she pointed to Rob. Sherry looked at me, and I told her.

"O.K. with me, if this is O.K. with you."

She smiled, gave me a quick kiss, and began to strip for Rob. We weren't swingers as such, although we both had opposite sex friends that we saw apart from each other, so this was different for us. I don't know about the other four, maybe they did this a lot.

At this point, Susie had started gyrating her little body in front of the recliner, where I always sat. She was a short girl, but she had a long torso, and short legs. I was used to Sherry, who was sort of evenly split, her top and bottom were about the same. Susie wrapped her lithe arms around her self, and started rubbing herself as though she was getting a massage.

From her neck to her tummy, and around her tits, she smoothed her flesh, and ever so slowly, she would rest her fingers on the pants and push them down a little at a time. I was getting hot watching her. I looked over at Sherry, and she was working her tits together and rubbing her nipples for Rob. Laurie was letting Jake nuzzle her breasts, as his hands were grabbing her ass.

I came back to Susie's show just as the top of her cunt slit came into view. This chick was totally shaved! Not one hair around her twat was in sight! Total contrast to Sherry's full, dark bush. I pulled her closer to me, and started kissing her tummy, probing her navel with my tongue. I took the waistband of her shorts, and started pulling them off. She grabbed my hands to stop me, and looked over at Jake.

He had a mouthful of Laurie's tit, and his other hand was busy between her legs. She let loose my hands, and said "Go for it!" I did. I peeled those shorts down her tight thighs and they fell to her ankles. She stepped out of them, and kicked them at Jake.

I don't know if he noticed, because I was to busy noticing Susie! I planted a kiss on her tattoo, and sucked a little bit, which made her gasp.

"Oh, Yes! Kiss me lower, down there!"

I obliged her by putting my lips on the puffy mound in front of me. She spread her tiny legs, and her cunt opened up, allowing the inner lips to poke out just a little. I took her small ass in my hands, and brought her forward, and proceeded to lap her twat. She jerked her hips when I found the little button of flesh hiding in there.

She stepped back, and told me to stretch out the recliner. Then, she got on the arms of it, and lowered her gash to my face. The sweet aroma of her sex filled my nose, and shortly, the wet folds of flesh filled my mouth. I drove my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could, nuzzling her clit with my nose. I licked her slit from asshole to clit, and started to suck and bite her nub. She went wild, rocking her hips on my face. I put my finger at her entrance, and she squealed in delight. I moved my finger in that `come here' motion, and she started to shriek.

"OOOHH SHIT..OOOHH GOD..YESSS.Like that!!.Oh God..I'm Cumming!!"

She almost lost her balance as she had her orgasm, bucking on my face and clenching my finger with her twat. Her girl cum gushed all over me. I sucked and licked as much of that nectar as I could. She finally pulled away far enough to get loose, and fell down into my lap.

"Holy shit! That was great! Hey, Sherry, does he always eat pussy that good?"

The only answer she got was a grunt, as Sherry's mouth was full of Rob's cock. His hands were clutching Sherry's head, pulling her face into his crotch, humping his hips as he fucked her face. She reached up and grabbed his nuts, and that made him groan.

"What a cocksucker! Damn, she's good!".

Then she pulled a trick on him she's used on me a couple of times. She lubed her finger in her cunt, and shoved it knuckle deep into his asshole. That did it for him, his butt tightened, and he lifted off of the couch, pulling Sherry with him. She started swallowing, as he pumped a load of cream down her throat. She kept sucking and milking his cock, until he collapsed back and his deflated organ popped out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Jake and Laurie had found a beanbag, and were in a hot 69. He was on his back, with his head on the floor, Laurie's head was bobbing up and down his long prick, taking him all the way down her throat. He must have been at least 9" long and 2" thick! But Laurie didn't have any trouble at all putting her lips on the base of it every time she went down. He shouted that he was cumming, and she just kept sucking. Finally, her cheeks bulged as he shot his wad into her. She didn't miss a drop. She sat up, licking her lips, and told Jake

"Now, Big Boy, get me off! Suck my pussy. Make me cum!"

She stood up and changed direction, so that she was sitting front ways on his face.

"Lick my clitty. Yess .Right there!. OH YES. Suck it harder!!"

Evidently he did, because she grabbed his hair and held on for dear life as she started bucking and squealing. They all collapsed in heaps, panting and gasping. I moved Susie off of me , and took her hand, leading her into the bedroom.

We lay down on the bed, and started kissing. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths, hands roaming over bodies. I sucked on her small titties, making the nipples stand out like buttons. I put two fingers into her sopping slit, and pumped them quickly. She tried reaching for my cock, but her arms were too short.

I got off, and took my jeans off. I slid back onto the bed, licking my way up her legs, teasing her inner thighs, until her bald beaver was in front of me. I lavished her twat with sucking and licking to the point she couldn't stand much more.

"Put it in me!.. Put your cock in my fuck hole!! .I want your cock inside! NOW".

How could I resist such an invitation? I licked up her long, tight tummy, and sucked her tits. I shared the taste of her sex with her. I lay fully on top of her, my hard cock resting between her legs.

"Come on, now!..Put it in!! FUCK ME!!"

She yelled. I rolled us over, so she was on top.

"Why not put it in yourself?"

I said. She slid back, pushing my swollen prick so it pointed towards my feet, and then sat up on her knees. My cock sprang back and slapped me in the stomach. She reached down and grabbed it, and started to run the purple head between the lips of hr cunt. Her wetness covered it, and she rocked up on her knees. Her pussy was dripping, as she placed the plum at her cunt .

Slowly she impaled herself on me. It seemed like it took forever to get seven and a half inches of cock into that small girl.

"OOOOO.Yeah..Feels sooo good.so full....oh yes.nice cock!"

She started rocking back and forth, making her clit rub on my pubic bone. Then she began lifting off and dropping back down. She put her hands on my chest and started fucking herself. She came down harder and harder. It was almost as if I wasn't there. Her eyes were closed, and she was really concentrating on her movements.

Faster and harder she reamed herself with my rod. I started to match her thrusts, when she settled into a rhythm. Her cunt grabbed me tightly as she rose up, relaxing only slightly as she came down. I was going crazy! My groin began to tighten, and my balls got snug. I could feel my release coming on soon.

"YES BABY! Fuck me, Susie! I'm going to fill you up!!"

" YES, Fill ME put YOUR hot SEED in MY PUSSSSYYY!!"

My cock swelled and she moaned, then liquid fire shot out of me. My cock pulsed jet after jet of cum deep inside her little body. It ran out around me, soaking my pubes. I put my hand on her twat, and pushed her clitty. I rolled it around until she screamed,


She stiffened up, and threw her head back as her own release took over. She fell forward, onto my heaving chest, gasping for air. We collected ourselves, and cuddled on the bed, relaxing in each other's arms.

"Do you want to go check on the others?" I asked.

"No, let's just stay here, O.K.?" She answered.

We dozed off for a while, and woke up to noises in the other room. I slipped away from Susie's arms and went out to the front. Jake was "doggie style" with Laurie, and Rob was reaming Sherrie's back door for all he was worth.

"Oh, God, YESSS. Fill my ass with it!!" Sherry screamed. "Fuck it harder!!!".

"Shit, yeah, I'm gonna cum in your tight ass.......RIGHT NOW!!!"

His butt cheeks tightened up, and he went stiff as he shot loads of cum into her ass. He shot so much, it was running out her hole and down her thighs. They both collapsed in a heap, just as Laurie shouted

"I'm cumming, you prick, oh shit, god am I cumming!!!"

Her hand was frigging her clit so fast, I could barley see it moving. Jake pulled out and jerked his meat a few times, and sprayed her ass crack with a stream of white goo that wouldn't quit. He shot four or five times, and spread the slime around with his cock. Then he wet his finger with the juice, and probed her anus. She pulled away, but slid right back towards him. He slipped the finger into her tight pucker, and she moaned.

"I..I've never done that, before"

"Just relax, you'll like this." He said.

He reamed her butt for a minute, and added a second finger. Laurie started bucking back into his hand with every stroke.

"Yes, that feels good." She murmured.

He pulled his fingers out, and slid his still hard cock into her dripping twat, after getting it lubed, he slid the head to her swollen asshole. As the head eased through the sphincter, Laurie gasped.

"I don't think it will fit!"

"Just push down, like you were taking a shit." Jake told her.

I could see the concentration on her face as she did, and about half of his cock slid in.

"Damn! I've never felt so full!" she groaned.

"Do it again." He said.

She grunted, pushed, and rocked back, and the rest of his cock pushed in up to his balls.

"Jesus! God! It's too big!!!"

"Just relax, you'll get used to it in a second."

He didn't move for a while, getting her virgin ass used to the hot meat buried in her bowels. Then he slowly pulled back about half way and back in.

"Oh Yeah!, That's good! Oh, shit, it feels so great!!" She managed to say between strokes.

Jake reached around her chest, and pulled her up on her knees. They stayed like that for a minute, and Jake leaned back, pulling Laurie with him. He was on his back, with her ass impaled on his rod. About that time , Susie came up behind me, and asked "What's going on?"

"Jake's getting Laurie's asshole cherry." I answered.

Susie grabbed my hard dick, and started stroking it while we watched Laurie fuck herself crazy on Jake's pole.

"This feels sooo good!, If I knew it felt this good, I'd have done it before now!" Laurie panted.

Susie left me hanging, and dropped to her knees, and got a close up look at Jake sliding in and out of Laurie's ass.

"Does it hurt?" she asked. Laurie didn't answer right away.

"Only ..... a..... little.. at first. Now..... it feels great!!!"

Susie put her tiny hand on Laurie's cunt, and rubbed it in time with her thrusting. Laurie jerked with every touch.

"You're going to make me cum!"

Susie put her face at Laurie's snatch, and started licking the length of her slit, nipping at the swollen bud at the top. She stuck three fingers inside Laurie and made her screech.

"Fuck meeee! Jesus!".

Susie held her hand in Laurie, and pulled me over to her. She took me in her mouth, and slobbered my cock with saliva. Then she pulled me down, and aimed me at her friend's wet, swollen gash.

"If you liked that, you'll really like this." She told her.

Susie guided the tip of my cock towards Laurie's fuckhole.

"Put it in her!" she squealed.

I thrust forward and slid balls deep into Laurie in one motion. Her wet, loosened tunnel offered little resistance. I could feel Jake on the other side of the thin skin separating her pussy from her bowels.

Laurie yelled "Yess, God FUCK MEEEE!".

I began thrusting with them, as Jake shouted that he was going to fill her ass with juice. I felt him swell and pulse as he let go. Laurie also let loose at about that time, and that set me to filling her twat with my seed. When we finally fell apart, Laurie was dripping cum from both of her gaping, red holes. It ran down her legs and pooled under her.

Sherry and Susie lost no time in diving down on Laurie, gobbling up all the cum they could from their friend's ass and cunt. They made Laurie cum one more time, before she passed out. We put her on the couch, and the girls brought warm washcloths to clean her up. When she came around she told us she was sore. We laughed, and told her she deserved to be, after that double dicking!

It was late afternoon, when the weather broke, and everybody decided to take off. All the clothes were dry, so everyone changed back to what they arrived in.

"Hey, Let's ride up to that beer joint we went to last week!" Said Rob.

Everyone nodded in agreement, but I said, "Nah, I need to stick around and get some work done. You guys take off, and drink a few for me."

Sherry said she wanted to go party, so I told her to go ahead. Susie looked at Jake, and said "I think I'll stay here for a while."

He gave her a look, and told her "Fine with me. I'll just pack Sherry for a while!"

They mounted their bikes, and roared off down the road, Jake with Sherry and Rob with Laurie.

"Did you really want to work, or can we just go back inside?" Susie said, with a sly look on her face.

We went back in, and showered together, and spent the rest of the day sucking and fucking all over the house.

Sherry and Jake came back a few days later to pick up her stuff, and Susie and I went over to get her things and stayed together for a long time.

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