Rainy Day Rubdown: Cindy's Story


"Nothing's wrong Gina. Nothing, except I want the rest of it. God, it feels so good."

Gina nodded and resumed. With the head fully in Cindy, she leaned on both hands and pressed forward with her hips. Cindy was so wet with her excitement that her pussy had no trouble accepting Gina's intrusion. Rather the opposite, her body all but sucked the dildo deep into her. Finally, with another moan from both of them, Gina's bush contacted Cindy's as the toy completely filled her.

"What now," gasped Gina, who was shaking so hard with excitement that the tremors were raising Cindy to a fever pitch. And Gina was feeling the same too from the quaver in her voice.

"Do whatever your, whatever a guy would do, I guess," instructed Cindy. She shied away from any mention of Tom, knowing it would make them both uncomfortable. "Just do it fast Gina, because, oh lord, I can't wait anymore." Cindy matched her words with another up thrust of her hips.

Gina matched Cindy with a push of her own hips. Back and forth she slid her body against Cindy. Each time the cock rasped back and forth in Cindy's trembling folds. Gina was lying full length along her young lover by now. Their arms wrapped around each other. Breasts strained against breasts, hard nipples against equally erect ones. They kissed each other over and over again and the tempo of Gina's hips became faster and faster.

Gina's knees slid apart to provide a firmer base. Cindy had been raising her legs into the air bit by bit. Now with a choked cry she locked her ankles around Gina's back and lifted herself to meet each penetrating thrust. "Oh God, Gina. Ahhhhhhhhh, please." Her hips bucked with wild abandon as she gave herself totally to the older woman. Her head rolled back and forth, whimpering with the wild pleasure Of Gina pounding her with the hard, deep thrusts of her hips.

Cindy had closed her eyes from the sheer enjoyment of it. She opened them and was transfixed by the sight of Gina. Her lover's breasts bounced with each movement of her body. Her face was rapt with concentration as she sped up the rythmatic penetration of Cindy's body. Suddenly her eyes opened too and she stared with wonderment at Cindy.

"Cindy, CINDY, too much, I can't stand it anymore!" Gina threw her head back and with a long cry slammed herself into Cindy one more time and held herself there. Cindy clamped her legs and screamed in reply as her rushing orgasm met Gina's. For a long shuddering minute they held themselves like statutes and then collapsed against each other.

After resting against each other, Gina rolled away. When she did the strapon pulled out of Cindy with a loud sucking "Pop". Both women looked at each other and burst into giggles. Cindy unharnessed her friend and carefully stowed the toy away in her bag.

After a long snuggle together, Gina reluctantly announced they needed to be headed back home. they packed and went up the trail. Cindy reveled even more in the beauty of the place and secretly hoped they could come back here again. This time there was no hesitation or fumbling. Gina took Cindy's hand and they walked all the way to the parking lot like that.

Gina unlocked the car and opened the windows. Although cool, the sun had warmed the car's interior. She then opened the trunk and Cindy put her bag in beside Gina's. Gina closed the trunk and they stood looking at each other for a long silent moment.

"I love you, Cindy." Gina smiled in the young woman's eyes and touched her face.

"I love you too, Gina."

The two of them wrapped their arms around each other and pulled together for a deep, passionate kiss. They were interrupted by a cough.

"Why, Gina O'Bannion." The two women sprang apart. They looked around and Cindy saw Gina turn completely white at the sight of the well dressed couple standing there. The woman continued, "We wondered where you were in church this morning." The man stood back, looking as though he wished he was anywhere else in the world as she added, "By the way, when is Tom coming back to town? We've ALL missed him." With that parting shot the woman turned, took the man's arm and walked away.

"Who was THAT?" Cindy asked. Seeing Gina was trembling she took the other woman's arm. "Gina?"

"That was Tom's boss and his wife, and she's the biggest gossip in our church," Gina said faintly. Grabbing Cindy's hand she pulled her towards the car. "I've got to get home."

"Oh my God," was all Cindy could think of to say.

(To be concluded)

Sorry to end it there, but the next story needs to come from the final viewpoint involved. Rainy Day Rubdown: Tom's Story will be up soon. In the meantime I hope you've enjoyed this part.

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